After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 036 Arrangements

In order to make a big splash, Tao Mu specially chose to put FlyNews online at 12 o’clock at midnight on September 9th.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In fact, before going online, through the efforts of dorm 301, all the freshmen of the 2008 Beijing Film class, including some senior students, all knew about this.

So on the night of September 9, 2008, almost all of the Beijing Film students who possessed a computer waited in front of their computer to enter the website at first notice.

It was the first day of the website’s launch and the only activity that was up on the website was the polling for campus belle and campus hunk. Since Tao Mu only got photos of the 2008 freshmen, it seemed that for now it was more appropriate to call it class belle and class hunk.

At the same time, in order to attract more students to register on the website, Tao Mu also encouraged older years to register for an account to upload photos and join in the competition.

“Ao ao ao ao, I want to vote for our Mu Mu, where is the photo of our Mu Mu~~”

In Beijing Film dorm 002, a girl sat at her desk, registering an account as quickly as possible, and directly entered the voting area. She wanted to vote for her heart’s choice for school hunk. But it turned out that she couldn’t vote directly. Instead, it was a multiple choice format in which users had to compare two photos and slowly choose until they reach their Mr. Perfect!

The reason Tao Mu chose this algorithm was mainly to increase students’ sense of participation. After all, they were all classmates, and whether it was out of a mentality to join in the fun or to give him face, participating was the same as supporting him.

Tao Mu didn’t want to put up distinct barriers like those voting idol shows, at least initially. The main concern was that if the number of votes was clear at a glance in the form of a bar graph from the beginning, those with a large number of votes would naturally be pleased, but for students with few votes or none at all it would be too hurtful.

Taking into account the issue of getting along in the future, Tao Mu decided it was best to put up a harmonious facade at first. At least after the end of the first round of votes when the boys and girls who made it to the finals all have a certain popularity base and support rate, then in the next round of competition the votes could be shown clearly.

In this way, ordinary students would have a sense of participation, and even if they were not voted into the finals for the ultimate selection of campus belle and hunk, they would still come away with some degree of recognition among all the students. And the students who made it into the finals would have established a basic popularity value. And finally, the website would subtly enter the life of Beijing Film students.

But in the eyes of the students who don’t know the truth, Tao Mu’s behavior was simply the most shameless way to deceive clicksヽ(`Д′)?︵┻━┻┻━┻

Of course, there were also many girls in the 2008 class who entered the voting area as soon as they registered their account, but for a different motive from the selection of campus belle and hunk——to search for their own photos: “I just want to see what kind of photo Mu Mu took for me?”

In order to collect more photos of the new students, the photos of the boys were taken with the help of the three roommates in dorm 301, while the female classmates were left to Tao Mu to personally convince. Considering Tao Mu’s appearance and affability, almost no girls refused.

However, in order to maintain a sense of mystery, Tao Mu did not let the girls see these photos in advance. Instead, he had everyone search on FlyNews on the first day of its online launch.

In view of the fact that Tao Mu was too handsome——handsome enough to be the most wanted man to be kept by the 2008 class girls. So even if Tao Mu resorted to using such a beating inducing method for increasing website traffic, the girls resisted the desire to beat him up and waited patiently for the day when the website went online.

“…..Acting so mysterious for just taking a photo. Say, could it be Tao Mu is not good at taking pictures, so that’s why he doesn’t dare show it to us and come up with such a trick instead.” Beijing Film dorm 002, a girl with a beautiful face and white skin wearing a bunny ears headband sat chattering in front of the computer. Her hand holding the mouse was so tense that the palm began to sweat: “Let me tell you, if Mu Mu took an ugly picture of me and also have me appear ugly in front of all the students in the school, then, then I must have him treat me to dinner to compensate for my psychological distress——”

“Wow, it’s so beautiful!” Before the girl finished her words, her roommates standing behind her had already called out in surprise. They couldn’t help nudging the roommate sitting in front of the computer: “Yao Yao, look, this photo of you is so beautiful, it’s actually more beautiful than you in person.”

“Mu Mu is this good at taking pictures. This light! This angle! This snapshot! How did he do it! So beautiful!”

“Ai?” The girl who was grumbling earlier was stunned. Did Tao Mu really take a good picture of her? It couldn’t be, Tao Mu was a boy!

The girl thought this in her heart and looked at the computer screen suspiciously——

On the computer screen, she saw a girl with long and fluttering hair wearing a military uniform and looking over her shoulder at the camera with a smile. The strong afternoon sunlight which poured down from the upper left of the photo, rendered the entire back view brighter. The girl stood in the bright circle of light, looking back and smiling, her long hair fluttering, was so beautiful that it was almost suffocating.

“Definitely worthy of a handsome guy who used to be a part-time photographer. Our Mu Mu really has a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty. I can’t take it anymore, I have to see how he photographed me.”

Another girl said, squeezing away her roommate sitting in front of the computer, and eagerly searched for her own photo. Then clicking it to enlarge——


In the enlarged photo, a girl in a military uniform with short ear length hair stood under a camphor tree. The bright sunshine rendered the lush camphor tree leaves into a more fresh and green color. The girl had an arm slightly raised to cover her forehead, eyes slightly squinting mischievously as she raised her head slightly to smile at the camera. The sunny smile appeared to be even brighter than the sun.

“It’s so beautiful. I didn’t expect Tao Mu to take such a beautiful picture of me.” The girl clasped her hands together in disbelief and covered her mouth, saying in a particularly surprised tone: “Back then it was because I saw our Tao Mu looking so handsome so I didn’t refuse when he came over with a camera.”

After all, it was a handsome guy who wanted to take their pictures; such a thing gave one a lot of face.

But now it seemed that Tao Mu’s photography skills could crush 80% of professional photographers. So this photo taken not only had face, but also substance_(:з)∠)_

Moreover, Tao Mu not only knew how to take photos, he also knew how to photoshop. All the photos he took of the girls of the 2008 class were beautified even more with photoshop!

The beautiful and fresh artistic style immediately attracted all girls who love beauty.

Soon afterwards, the other girls also eagerly searched for their photos.

In the photos, a girl was bending a leg and leaning on the trunk of a tree while looking up at the dappled sunlight through the leaves, or lying on the lawn looking up at the sky, or sitting next to the lotus pond and gently kissing the lotus petals, or sitting on the balance bar of the track field, head bowed and smiling…..

All in all, every photo was very high-quality, depicting beauties of every type, such as delicate and pretty type, gentle and graceful lady type, or pure and lively girl next door type, or cool older sister type, or charming, or glamorous…..such superb photography skills instantly captured the hearts of all the girls in the 2008 class.

“What are you all doing?” Probably because the buzz in the freshmen’s dorms was too big, the senior sisters who lived upstairs and downstairs came over to visit. After seeing the photos that were comparable to professional stills, they also couldn’t help but agree that Tao Mu’s photos were very beautiful.

When they learned that they were selecting the campus belle and hunk, the senior sisters joined in the fun and followed the selection for a while. When they went back to their dorms, they immediately opened their computers to register for a FlyNews account. Of course, at first they were a bit embarrassed to upload their own photo directly, and instead uploaded a photo of a roommate or best friend, or uploaded a photo of their heart’s choice for school hunk to the website, and then entered the voting area.

Then in the voting process, all the senior sisters were conquered by Tao Mu’s superb photography skills without exception.

If the response from the girls was very enthusiastic. Well, among the boys from Beijing Film, the response towards this campus belle and hunk competition activity could be said to be explosive.

Whether it was an otaku or a jock, it seemed that guys were always more excited about these things than girls——this could be seen from the wolf howling that bursted from several male dorms from time to time.

“No way, no way, this one is too cute!”

“Wow, this senior sister is simply the goddess of my dreams. Ahh, I must vote for her!”

“This junior sister looks very gentle at first glance. She can still look so beautiful in a military uniform. I can’t wait to see her in person.”

“Damn, the number of registered users exceeds 500!”

“The number of hits has exceeded 1,200!”

“The number of registered users has increased again, and it is now 602.”

“The number of hits has exceeded 2,000.”

“The number of registered users exceeds 1,000!”

“Mu, you are too awesome. We have only around 3,000 students in Beijing Film. Your website has covered one third of the school.”

In the 301 dorm, three roommates had their faces stuck to the screen, occasionally clicking on their computers to vote for the campus belle, while also craning their heads to look at Tao Mu’s computer. Their appearance that of extreme excitement.

Tao Mu said with a smile: “Thanks to you guys for helping me promote among our classmates. Otherwise, there would not be such high traffic.”

The three roommates turned their heads to look at Tao Mu and squinted their eyes: “Although we want to say you are welcome, this is what we should do. But Mu, why don’t you seem excited at all?”

“Your website attracted one-third of Beijing Film’s students to register on the first day it went live. The number of hits exceeded…..” Chu Sui’an glanced at Tao Mu’s computer: “It’s now over 5,000.”

“Hnn.” Tao Mu nodded. Could he say that he was waiting for Beijing Film’s server to crash? Just like in the movies. Speaking of, he had even prepared the hype announcement. But the result——

Tao Mu glanced at the computer screen. Only five thousand hits!

Ai! Worrisome!

Tao Mu propped his chin on his hand and looked at the computer screen pitifully. Speaking of, would he even be able to witness Beijing Film’s server crash today?

——The answer was obviously no. By 6 o’clock in the morning, FlyNews had more than 1200 registrations and more than 50,000 hits but Beijing Film’s server was still running well.

“I only learned today that Beijing Film, as an art college, actually has such a good quality server.” Tao Mu was still sighing when he walked out of the door of the dormitory building: “Our school must be very rich.”

“Of course our school is rich.” A voice suddenly sounded from behind, responding to Tao Mu’s words.

The four roommates of dorm 301 turned their heads and saw a handsome boy with a dignified bearing standing behind them. His gaze fell on Tao Mu: “This is Beijing Film after all. There are often senior brothers and sisters who come back to donate after they have made it outside. Our school has an education reserve fund that is specifically used to encourage students to create their own movies. The annual funding amount is in the millions.”

After the boy said this, he paused slightly and smiled as he stretched out his right hand: “You are Tao Mu, right? I am Liang Chenyi. I played FlyNews the whole of last night. It was very interesting.”

Tao Mu looked at this familiar face, smiled and stretched out his own hand to shake Liang Chenyi’s hand: “Nice meeting you.”

Wen Bao and the others stood beside Liang Chenyi, looking at Liang Chenyi’s military training uniform, they asked curiously: “You are also a freshman of ’08 class? Just came to report? Why haven’t we seen you before during military training?”

“I went out to play with my friends during the summer vacation and accidentally met with an accident. I just left the hospital.” Liang Chenyi explained with a smile: “But I think I came back at the right time.”

“Then did you participate in the voting for campus belle and hunk competition?” Du Kang smiled like a thief: “Although you missed the unified registration time. But you can still upload your photo by yourself.”

Liang Chenyi laughed heartily: “Of course.”

As he spoke, he looked at Tao Mu again: “I heard brother Boyuan mention you. He said you are very amazing. And after seeing you today, I have to say it is a fully justified reputation.”

“Oh, brother Boyuan is Wang Boyuan. Our two families have been neighbors since childhood. His dad and my dad are old classmates, so we all know each other. This time when brother Boyuan came back from filming he often praised you in front of us. He said that you are around the same age as me but is very mature and steady and even suggested it would be good for me to learn from you.”

Tao Mu was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect that Liang Chenyi already knew Wang Boyuan at this time. But thinking about it carefully, that Liang Chenyi could be the lead actor of that movie two years from now as a junior, it made sense to have already known Wang Boyuan and Cheng Baodong.

But this way, things have become more interesting.

The corner of Tao Mu’s mouth curved upwards, showing a meaningful smile.

Obviously, Liang Chenyi didn’t know what Tao Mu was smiling at. However, he received Wang Boyuan’s advice, and he obviously wanted to establish a friendly relationship with Tao Mu. What’s more, the creation of FlyNews also proved that Tao Mu really had the value of making connections with.

“Are you going to have breakfast? Mind if I join you guys?”

Faced with Liang Chenyi’s goodwill, the roommates of dorm 301 also responded with enthusiasm: “Of course we don’t mind, we are all classmates after all. It’s just a meal.”

So on the way to the cafeteria, Liang Chenyi once again witnessed Tao Mu’s popularity. Almost every freshman wearing military uniforms would greet the four people of dorm 301, especially Tao Mu and Du Kang, whose popularity was as good as that of campus celebs.

“Because the two of them made their debut in the C position!” Wen Bao laughingly teased. Before he finished speaking, he saw Du Kang flap his hand again and again: “You can just talk about our Mu, as for my glorious deeds please just forget about it.”

“Oh?” Liang Chenyi looked back at Tao Mu and asked curiously, “Is there any glorious deed of Tao Mu that I still don’t know?”

Tao Mu, who was walking on the campus grounds, suddenly felt a vibration in his trouser pocket. He stopped and took out his cell phone. It was a call from Feng Yuan.

“You guys go ahead first. I have to answer the phone.”

The three roommates nodded, and Chu Sui’an asked: “Are you still red date porridge with custard bun?”

“No. I want to eat egg and lean meat porridge with egg pancakes today.” Tao Mu thought for a while: “Get me a potato pancake also.”

Chu Sui’an smiled and responded with an affirmative.

Tao Mu walked to a remote place with his mobile phone in his hand, and answered the phone: “What’s wrong?”

“Brother, brother Mu, you, you told me to keep watch on that, that guy has left Beijing. Should I continue to follow?”

Tao Mu said: “No need. Safety is the most important. By the way, how is the collection of photos?”

“About, about all of it. Brother, brother Mu, who is he? His private, private, private life is so messy.” Feng Yuan frowned. These past two days he listened to brother Mu and followed surname Luo around. What he saw had him really disgusted.

“A disgusting person.” Tao Mu said with a smile: “Xiao Yuan, you have been working hard these days.”

“No, it’s not hard. It’s just too, too, too expensive.” Feng Yuan’s face fell. In the past few days, in order to follow surname Luo, he had either squatted at nightclubs or KTV every day. The money used was also brother Mu’s money. Those kinds of places do very black business. A glass of ice-cola could be sold for 20 yuan.

There were also many high-level clubs that only members could enter. Feng Yuan couldn’t get in at all. However, Tao Mu considered Feng Yuan’s safety and refused to let him go in anyway. He just had him follow from a distance and seize the opportunity to take a few photos of Luo Yang fooling around with men.

“That’s right.” Feng Yuan suddenly remembered something and said: “When, when I was following surnamed Luo I think I saw Da Hui as well.”

Tao Mu felt his heart jump: “Did you maybe see wrong?”

“No, I didn’t.” Feng Yuan said affirmatively: “It’s him.”

Da Hui was Liu Yao’s most respected and trusted subordinate. He and Luo Yang had never met. But now Feng Yuan, who had been following Luo Yang, found that he was also following Luo Yang. Then it could only be one case.

Tao Mu ended the call and quickly called his brother Yao. After three rings, the call was connected. On the other side of the receiver, Liu Yao was in a good mood and joked: “Why did you remember to call me? Do you want to bring your classmates over to play?”

“Brother Yao, did you have brother Da Hui follow Luo Yang?” Tao Mu asked straightforwardly, not bothering to talk nonsense at all.

Liu Yao was silent for a moment, and then sneered, “Why, that little guy bullied my person, can’t I find someone to get back at him?”

“How did you know?” Tao Mu felt a headache, for fear that his brother Yao would act impulsively: “Did Da Mao and Xiao Pang tell you?”

“You’ve already spoken ruthlessly with them, how could they dare to say anything?” Liu Yao coldly snorted, “Don’t wrong them. I sent someone to H Town to inquire about it. Such big news has already spread throughout H Town. If I didn’t send someone to find out, I wouldn’t have known you were so bullied. Since surname Luo dares to pluck the tiger’s hair then if I don’t give him a bit of a lesson he’ll think I, Liu Yao’s people are that easy to bully.”

“Brother Yao!” Tao Mu frowned, he really didn’t want Liu Yao to intervene in this matter: “Brother Yao, don’t take action. I will avenge my own hatred.”

Liu Yao was very distrustful of their puppy: “How do you plan to avenge? How long has it been already——”

“Brother Yao, you have to believe me.” Tao Mu softened his tone and patiently persuaded: “How do you think I knew you sent brother Da Hui to follow Luo Yang?”

Liu Yao didn’t say a word.

In order to appease his brother Yao, Tao Mu could only reveal a little bit of his plan: “Don’t worry. I have arranged everything. Brother Yao, please have brother Da Hui withdraw. Don’t let him be discovered. “

Liu Yao was silent for a while: “Can you really do it?”

Tao Mu replied: “You still not assured about me handling things?”

Liu Yao was silent for a while again: “Okay. I’ll wait first. I’ll give you half a month. If surname Luo is still safe and sound…..”

Tao Mu frowned: “All right.”

After hanging up, Tao Mu called Feng Yuan again and agreed to meet up at the orphanage at night. Counting his two lifetimes, Tao Mu had always believed that it was never too late for a gentleman to avenge himself. Luo Yang played such tricks on him like that in H Town, it was impossible that Tao Mu would just brush it aside.

Besides, Luo Yang was Shen Yu’s suitor, and Tao Mu, because of old man Song’s relationship, would definitely come head to head with another suitor of Shen Yu in the future. This group of people did not believe that one should hold oneself solely responsible for what one has done. They liked to gang up instead. If one didn’t know better one would think they had extremely good relationships with each other. Sometimes it was even hard to believe that these people were actually fucking love rivals.

But having said that, Shen Yu’s ability to turn all rivals into friends and maintain a friendly relationship was really impressive. Don’t know if it was due to plot halo or protagonist halo.

All in all, in order to carry out the subsequent plans more smoothly, Tao Mu could only strike first and gain the upper hand. Before this group of people united, he planned to weaken their individual influence and provoke animosity among them. The more chaos they faced, the more time and leeway was left for Tao Mu.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu suddenly took out his mobile phone and took a selfie. He then uploaded it to Weibo, promoting FlyNews in passing.

Tao Mu had not opened his Weibo since he returned from H Town. The fans who stayed had long been waiting to be fed. Seeing that Tao Mu took a rare selfie, they immediately began to simp over his face with excitement. After simping they curiously clicked the link to FlyNews. All of a sudden, they saw the hot campus belle and hunk competition at Beijing Film School on the website.

This was really a carnival for simps!

In a short time, Tao Mu’s Weibo immediately boiled with excitement. The Weibo friends who have been following Tao Mu also noticed that Tao Mu went online. They forwarded Tao Mu’s Weibo and left comments.

The Young Master Who Owns A Mine At Home: “As expected, my brother Mu is so talented. This website turned out to be made by my brother Mu himself. Also, the girls from Beijing Film are so beautiful. I think each one is a campus belle. Of course the campus hunk must be my brother Mu.”

Melon Eater Official: “I particularly agree with the statement on the right.”

Young Master Of The Shen Family: “Ying ying ying, Mu Mu, you finally showed up. Did you change your phone number after you returned to Beijing? Why can’t I contact you?” (TN: ying ying ying=sound of crying)

Ye Yao: “Tao Mu, you kid! Is this you taking the road of domineering CEO? And, can Yan Film graduates also join in your campus belle selection? By the way, I have already registered a FlyNews account and uploaded my photo, please let me participate in the competition, I also want to be a campus belle.”

Gentle Little White Rabbit: “Damn. As expected of the man I admire, he is so talented from the inside out. Your photo has been downloaded and printed and hung on the bedside. From now on, I can realize the happy life of you being my first and last sight every morning and night!”

Long Aotian: “Wtf, you are finally online. Do you know that I was waiting at the airport until midnight on the 24th. You dared to stand me up! And you also didn’t tell us that you changed your number after going back to Beijing? Do you not want to live!!!”

Hedonistic Son Young Master Luo: “…..You actually already returned to the capital? When did you come back? And you didn’t even tell me. I still want to call you out to play!”

Tao Mu scrolled down until he reached Luo Yang’s comment, the corner of his mouth curving upwards, and then exited his Weibo.

When Tao Mu walked into the cafeteria, the three roommates and Liang Chenyi were almost finished eating. Seeing Tao Mu’s unhurried look, they frowned: “Why so slow? The porridge is already cold.”

“The phone call took a long time.” Tao Mu said with a smile.

Liang Chenyi was a little curious: “Girlfriend?”

“No.” Tao Mu shook his head and sat down for breakfast.

This morning, Tao Mu, who had just launched FlyNews website and promoted Beijing Film’s 2008 campus belle and hunk selection activity, deservedly became the most well-known among all freshmen. Even many senior brothers and sisters ran over to the field to watch Tao Mu during break.

There were even senior sisters who came to send water and towels during military training. While expressing their affection for Tao Mu, they also begged Tao Mu to take pictures for them when he had time.

“We also have to hand out our resumes when we are out auditioning. If the photo is beautiful, the chances of passing the screening will be higher. Brother Tao Mu, you are so good and kind, please help us.”

What could you do when beautiful young ladies surround you pretending to be pitiful and using gentle tones to request for a favor?

Tao Mu’s smile was warm and gentle: “If it’s an everyday photo, I can do it at any time. If it’s a professional photo, you need to arrange a photo studio, or I can arrange it. But you need to pay for this cost yourself.”

“No problem, no problem, this is how it should be. Thank you so much, brother Tao Mu.” A beautiful long-haired senior sister said and took the initiative to give Tao Mu a hug. Seeing this, other girls followed suit.

All of a sudden, those single bachelors who still stayed on the field and paying close attention to this side all became crazily jealous.

“Damn! It’s just a picture! He just look a little bit handsome! Why don’t I have this treatment. I also want a hug from senior sister——”

“I want a hug too——”

“So shameless, they actually dared to take the opportunity to hug our Mu Mu. Us ’08 girls haven’t even hugged Mu Mu yet!”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s simply too hateful!”

At noon, classmate Tao Mu, who caused the anger of boys and jealousy of girls, suddenly didn’t want to eat in the cafeteria: “The military training has left me too tired in recent days, I want to eat lamb.”

Wen Bao heard this and immediately said: “Okay. Then let’s go. In fact, I have long wanted to eat our shop’s lamb. Just worried if you guys might feel that it’s too greasy.”

“You are too modest, young master Wen. How can we feel that such delicious lamb is too greasy!” Classmate Du Kang immediately rubbed his hands and said with a smile: “In fact, I really want to eat it too.”

Chu Sui’an, who was not very talkative, nodded shyly. He also craved it too.

So the four of them decided. Taking advantage of the lunch break they immediately went outside the school. But just as they left the school gate they came face to face with a global limited edition red sports car parked arrogantly outside the gate.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A rich young master dressed from head to toe in brand-names and big movie star sunglasses stood leaning against the car door. After seeing Tao Mu, he took off his sunglasses and walked over like a peacock showing off its tail feathers, asking in a proud tone: “How about it? Even if you ignore me, didn’t I still find you?”

“Treat you to dinner tonight, you coming?”

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