Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 067 Committing Something Sinful

Wei Di moving in caused all the males and all the chickens in Chicken Nest Village, except for Nie Bufan, to feel as if a mortal enemy had arrived. This group of humans and animals had never been so unified before, to the extent that they could now even cross the barriers of language and have in-depth eye communication.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Wei Di was faced with such a deep murderous aura, but his expression remained calm and composed. Unfortunately, his cat was not so lucky. Not long after it entered the village, it turned into a chicken when its owner wasn’t paying attention. It was greeted by a group of chicken brothers in the same plight who were grinding their teeth and sharpening their claws. What came after was a miserable chicken screech that echoed across the sky, followed by various clucking sounds and the flapping of wings. The chickens crowded into a pile like they were fighting for food.

But after a while, the flock of chickens dispersed, revealing a half-bald chicken lying on the ground, occasionally twitching.

The maid noticed that Chunjun was missing and immediately reported to Wei Di.

Wei Di indifferently waved his hand and said, “If it wants to come back, it will come back. If not, let it go.”

Ever since it lost face in front of the three chickens, Wei Di had been extremely disappointed in it. Compared with the chickens in Chicken Nest Village, Chunjun’s combat power was really weak.

Hearing what the master said, the maid stopped searching as attentively, but not long after, she would always see a bald chicken passing near the door and windows with a melancholy air…..

On the first day after moving in, Wei Di went to Nie Bufan’s house to mooch for a meal. When he entered the room, he found that the room was already full of people, and there was no place for him to even stand on, let alone an empty stool for him to sit.

Si Chenyu smiled politely and greeted, “Leader Wei, good afternoon.”

The others also said hello, but none of them moved their buttocks.

Wei Di glanced at the maid beside him, and the maid reacted immediately and found a chair for him.

Just as Wei Di took his seat, an unknown object fell from the top, landing on the chair. Wei Di caught a glimpse of it from the corner of his eye, but his person had already sat down. So suddenly there was a feeling of something soft under his bottom being flattened as he sat down, and he even heard a splat sound with his excellent hearing.

His face went stiff, but he straightened his upper body, resisting getting up.

The rest of the people in the room drank tea, read books, ate melon seeds, and all tried hard to pretend that they saw nothing.

Wei Di raised an eyebrow and saw a black chicken standing on the beam with its back facing them. Don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but it shook its butt at him and then disappeared to the other side of the beam.

He took a deep breath, several blue veins emerging on his temples, and the arm of the chair groaned in ecstasy under his grip.

The room fell into a weird silence, and no one spoke.

“What are you all crowding in my house for?”

Nie Bufan’s voice came from the other end of the house where the kitchen was located. He looked at everyone in the room with a strange expression on his face.

Si Chenyu coughed and said with a smile: “We are all waiting for dinner.”

“Dinner?” Nie Bufan’s expression became even more strange, “Isn’t Tu Beng usually responsible for delivering food to you all? With so many people gathering together to eat, how can the table be able to fit so many dishes?”

Wei Di nodded and said: “Village cottages are indeed too simple and small. When we go to the capital in the future, I will gift you a big house.”

“Big house?” Nie Bufan said with disdain, “Can it be bigger than the entire Chicken Nest Village?”

He held a radish up to the people in the house, and said: “If the house can’t fit everyone, then go to the courtyard. The weather is good today, and it will be more comfortable to eat in the courtyard.”

Several attendants and servants arranged the courtyard according to orders, and then respectfully invited these several masters to the table.

Everyone then walked toward the courtyard, only Wei Di was motionless.

Si Chenyu asked seemingly unintentionally, “Leader Wei, dinner will be ready soon, let’s go together?”

“I’ll sit down for a while, Lord Prince, please go ahead yourself.”

“Then I’ll go first.” Si Chenyu opened his fan, covered his lips, his eyes curving into two crescent arcs, and he strolled out leisurely.

Wei Di snorted and with a step of his right foot, his figure disappeared from the room. Immediately afterwards, there was a snapping sound and the chair he had just sat on fell apart in an instant, the sawdust flying every.

When the several people in the yard saw this, they were secretly shocked while holding back laughter. Wei Di’s martial arts skill was indeed not to be underestimated, and his control was very impressive.

When the meal was about to start, Wei Di had already finished changing his clothes. His expression was as usual, and one could not see any embarrassment in him at all.

The simple square table was surrounded by noble and influential people. Except for Tian Nu who did not attend, Si Chenyu, Li Yi, Li Huai, Chen Muran, Wang Shichan, and Zhang Junshi were all in attendance. It was indeed a gathering of gongs, so dazzling they blinded one’s eyes. (Chen Muran protests: I’m not gay!)

At the dinner table, everyone observed dining etiquette and ate gracefully without saying a word.

Nie Bufan finished placing the last dish, but was unwilling to eat with them. He sat leaning against the door of the house with a bowl of rice with meat, teasing Lady Flower and Langya while eating.

When the others saw him having fun, they did not call him to come to the table. They sat upright, and through their movements of eating and picking up food from the dishes, they launched a strange and inexplicable secret battle. At the end of the meal, everyone except Nie Bufan suffered from improper digestion.

It was night, and the moon and stars were scarce.

“Haha.” Nie Bufan laughed with amusement in the bath.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhang Junshi, who was washing his back for him, asked strangely.

“Nothing.” Nie Bufan said with a smile, tilting his head, “I just wanted to laugh all of a sudden.”

“Silly.” Zhang Junshi took a scoop of water and poured it over his head.

Nie Bufan squinted his eyes into a line to prevent hot water from leaking into his eyes.

Zhang Junshi lifted his face and helped him wipe the water away.

“En, Zhang Third, how come you came to take a bath with me today?” Nie Bufan asked with his eyes closed.

“Li Yi has something to do tonight.” In Chicken Nest Village, only Zhang Junshi and Li Yi would openly share the same bed with Nie Bufan. Si Chenyu was one to uphold his dignity and would definitely not take the initiative to “attend” him in bed. Not to mention Li Huai, any bromance was still in the sprouting stage.

As for Wang Shichan, it depended on mood, but when the mood came even the gods and ghosts would not be able to stop him.

“Something? What is it?”

Zhang Junshi mildly uttered two words: “Family affair.”

It was indeed a family affair. Li Yi was very angry about his younger brother involving himself with Nie Bufan. Tonight was when he planned to punish Li Huai by the family law.

Nie Bufan only asked casually and did not delve further.

His body was flushed all over from the hot water, his skin smooth and tender, very pleasant to the touch. So Zhang Junshi couldn’t help but touch a few more times, and along with the touching came the desire to kiss. The longer the kisses lasted, it soon evolved into an activity unsuitable for children.

Since bringing everything out into the open, Zhang Junshi had no more scruples, completely opening up his mind and body to enjoy the days with Nie Bufan.

He believed that Nie Bufan would bring him endless fun even into old age.

“En…..the water is going to get cold, let’s go up first.” Nie Bufan whispered while looking at Zhang Junshi who was gradually becoming more aroused.

Zhang Junshi nodded and walked out of the bath with him.

Nie Bufan put on a long robe at random, and then wiped his hair with a towel.

Zhang Junshi took the towel and had him lie on the bed.

Nie Bufan closed his eyes and comfortably enjoyed Zhang Junshi’s service.

Just as he was feeling drowsy, his eyes were suddenly covered by a hot towel. Nie Bufan was about to lift it up, but then he felt a heavy weight on his body, his lips were also pressed against another pair, a nimble tongue slipping in between his teeth.

A big hand slipped up his robe, stroking over his thighs and waist.

The wet lips moved away, trailing across his chin and down to kiss his neck.

Nie Bufan raised his head slightly, breathing coming slightly faster. His vision was blocked, so the touch on his skin felt more obvious to the senses. The wet tongue licked over his chest, the warm breaths brushing against his skin and stimulating his nerves.

“Ah…..” Nie Bufan arched slightly, a finger having suddenly inserted in the secret place, stroking slowly and patiently stretching the walls.

Despite doing it so many times, Nie Bufan was still tight down there, like a mysterious place that attracted and enchanted.

Zhang Junshi’s eyes were full of desire, his usual gentleness faded away. At this time, he looked a bit wild and unrestrained.

Pulling out his fingers, he then eagerly pushed in hard, driving straight in.

“Ah…..lighter.” Nie Bufan gasped.

The man on his body had begun to move rhythmically. The wide robe covered the two bodies, but couldn’t conceal the lingering and repeated ambiguous sounds.

With a “crack”, something seemed to break suddenly outside the door.

The two who were entangled in each other’s embrace did not pay attention, enjoying this moment of pleasure.

“Damn it!” Wei Di punched the door frame with a fist, his eyes blazing with rage.

“Master, is there something wrong?” The maid asked in a low voice.

“Get out!” Wei Di slammed the door shut.

What did he see just now? He dared to do it with other men!

Wei Di clenched his fists, his expression extremely dark, the killing intent in his heart practically unable to be restrained. He definitely won’t allow others to encroach on the person he liked! Although that time was an accident, he desperately wanted to take him as his own. This desire had become stronger than ever.

Originally he had thought that victory was in his hands, but he didn’t expect that others also coveted what he wanted.

“Nie Bufan, Nie Bufan…..” Wei Di whispered.

The alluring appearance he had just shown under another man appeared in his mind again, anger and desire intertwining in his body. He breathed heavily, his ears seeming to hear the other’s ecstatic moans. The intertwined bodies, the hot breaths, the tightness when entering, the pleasure almost overwhelming.

Wei Di opened his eyes, his turbid thoughts gradually cleared, and his eyes revealed a determination to win.

The next morning when Nie Bufan woke up, he specially ran to see Li Huai, who was said to have been punished with family law by his brother.

With a swollen face, Li Huai said harshly to Nie Bufan, “Hmmph, don’t think I will retreat because of difficulties! I can do what he can do.”

“Have you said this to your brother?” Nie Bufan admired his miserable appearance in a pleasant mood.

Li Huai turned his face away, trying to hide his lack of confidence.

Nie Bufan grabbed his face and turned it over facing him again, prodding his bruises with a finger in a manner of one deserving of a beating of his own.

Li Huai called out in pain, and said angrily: “Don’t think that you can poke indiscriminately when the injury is not on you!”

“Hehe, it’s exactly because it’s not on me that I can poke it indiscriminately.” Nie Bufan stretched out his claws again, “Come, let this brother poke again.”

“Poke your head! Piss off!” Li Huai pushed him out and slammed the door. Nie Bufan was satisfied and walked back with a smile on his face. As soon as he left the yard, he saw Wei Di standing not far away looking at him, his eyes deep.

Nie Bufan waved his hand to greet him without any pressure.

Wei Di flicked his sleeves and disappeared around another corner.

In the next few days, Chicken Nest Village was quiet and tranquil.

Si Chenyu and the others sped up the inventory of the treasures, focusing on looking for Wei Di’s Chun Jun.

The hard work paid off. On the fifth day after Wei Di moved into Chicken Nest Village, the guards in charge of the inventory brought back the sword.

Wei Di held Chunjun in his hand, stretching out his fingers and gently brushing them across the sword, his eyes revealing surprised delight.

He put the sword in its sheath properly, and clasped his fists to everyone: “Words cannot express my thanks, Wei owes you all a favor.”

“Lord Wei is too courteous, we are only returning it to the original owner.” Si Chenyu responded with a smile, but in his heart he hoped that this Wulin Leader would leave quickly. His existence had really brought too much pressure to everyone in Chicken Nest Village. Although Leader Wei had not been alone with Nie Bufan these days, Si Chenyu still felt that something was wrong.

Wei Di retrieved the sword and bid farewell to everyone.

Si Chenyu and the others did not expect things to develop so smoothly. Could it be that he actually had no interest in Nie Bufan and everything was just unfounded worries, just them seeing an enemy when there wasn’t one?

However, they soon stopped thinking that way.

On the night Wei Di left, a semi-abandoned thatched cottage at the end of the village suddenly caught fire, and everyone’s attention was all attracted by the fire. As a result of this moment of carelessness, Nie Bufan was easily spirited away.

When everyone rushed to Xishan City in a hurry, Wei Di had already left a step ahead with his attendants, leaving quickly and swiftly. Obviously, he was fully prepared beforehand and didn’t give anyone any time to stop him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Everyone in Chicken Nest Village was caught off guard by this trick. Not only were they angry with Wei Di’s domineering behavior of just kidnapping a whole person, but they were also worried that Nie Bufan would cause endless calamity. One must know, his “corrupt” power was boundless.

The esteemed Leader Wei, by taking him out, you are committing something sinful, very sinful!

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