After Becoming The Tyrant CH 032 The King’s Commissioners

The idea of ​​reforming the military system came to him when the King was in Truu City.

From the perspective of the King himself, the military system of this era was the same as the Chivalric Code. It should be crumpled and then thrown into the fireplace and burned into ash.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Like most countries in this period, Legrand’s military system was centered on the knight system, and through the land grant tie between monarchs and vassals, a military system in which the cavalry was used to cooperate with foot soldiers in combat was established. The system for levying troops was based on the militia conscription system and mercenary system.

When the King quelled the civil strife, the army borrowed from the State of Ingres was not a normal conscription.

Under normal circumstances, if the King wanted to carry out a war campaign, he needed to issue a conscription order first, and then the nobles in each region would lead a varying number of knights based on their own situation and military service requirements to gather at a location designated by the King. This was the core strength of the King’s army.

However, these people did not unconditionally obey the King’s command.

Their military service duration lasted only forty days, and once it exceeded forty days, they had the right to disperse on their own.

How wonderful!

Could the King tolerate such a terrible knight based military system? An army that was likely to run away halfway through the battle?

Oh, and it was also an undisciplined army, an army that was largely influenced by the commander who was always one of the great nobles.

The King would not deny that these military systems have played a role that could not be ignored in certain specific situations and times, but too bad——

This was his era.

The King chose to let this kind of army and the great nobles be buried in the dust of history.

“I can clear some obstacles for you, but if you still can’t do what I ask despite this…..” The King smiled, “I think, sir, you might as well prepare a coffin for yourself.”

Baron Sheehan looked at the King in surprise. He was already mentally prepared for difficulty in implementing the reforms, but listening to the King’s words, the King seemed to be willing to deal with some of the difficulties for him first.

“For example, some of our county lords who have forgotten their identity.”

Hearing that the target of the King’s cleanup was “Mr. County Lord”, Baron Sheehan couldn’t help but adjust his views of the King again——perhaps the King was indeed cruel and violent, but he was also the son of William III, possessing equally sharp and clear eyes.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

For the first time, Baron Sheehan called the King “Your Majesty” sincerely.

“If these…..uh…..Mr. County Lords are dealt with, the follow-up will be much easier to handle.”

“I thought you weren’t afraid of anyone, Sir Sheehan.” The King seemed to smile, “After all, your courage in drawing the bow was impressive enough, how come even a brave gentleman like you has learned to be tactful?”

Baron Sheehan coughed, not knowing how to respond to the King’s words.

In the past, he did not know how many times he had complained to his subordinates about the greedy county lords appointed by the King, but at this time, these words of complaint and accusation towards the King…..since he was now on the path to survival, why should he run towards death instead?

Fortunately, the King did not intend to pursue the matter.

“By the way,” the King seemed to think of something. “I think, you must have also seen the armors of the Gulundi heavy cavalry? Let me guess, you later took pains to fish them out of the mud? Is that right, sir.”

Baron Sheehan coughed awkwardly.

The King chuckled: “Don’t worry, what I mean is…..if you let me see your determination and ability, then there will be armor and horses. And perhaps you will even be able to use even more powerful and terrifying weapons.”

Our King was indeed talented at using the stick and carrot.

But at least for now, Mr. Sheehan had already willingly jumped onto the King’s battleship. He didn’t know what this terrifying weapon the King spoke of, but as the King was willing to clear some obstacles for him, he already felt the King’s sincerity. The King did not intend to send him off to die in vain.

Rather, he really wanted to push the military reform to the end.

“The Iron Rose cavalry will kick up an unstoppable storm on this great continent; can it be done? General.”

The King wiped away his smile. The sunlight fell on him through the delicate lattice window. His silver hair and blue eyes overlapped with all the great Rose emperors of the past; the majesty of the Rose family was condensed in his person.

William III left a valuable fortune for his son.

Although the people had misgivings about the King’s absurdity and violent temper, when he personally led the knights in armor and carrying a long sword, so long as he revealed even a little bravery and strength, then the people would subconsciously shroud him in the glory of the Rose family and that of his father, and involuntarily give birth to hope and expectations.

This was the case for Baron Sheehan right now.

“It is my honor.”

He clenched his fist and knocked it on his heart, swearing a solemn pledge.

The King revealed a faint smile.

He clapped his hands, and an attendant walked in with an iron rose badge placed in a delicate box.

“Carry it with you, sir.”


Baron Sheehan——oh, perhaps we should call him General Sheehan now——left with joy and nervous excitement.

When he came, his face was solemn, but when he left, his smile was so bright that the court maids couldn’t help but secretly look at the young blond knight. Wearing an iron rose, he hurried to bring his group of loyal soldiers out of the prison.

The King sighed and picked up another list from the desk.

If General Sheehan could see this list with many detailed notes, he would understand that his touched feelings were stirred up in vain.

This romantic idealist actually thought that the King would have such things as “good faith” and “sincerity”.

Of course, the King did indeed plan to clear some obstacles for Baron Sheehan first.

This guy was a military genius but also a political idiot. He had no intentions for his future capable and useful general to die prematurely while exchanging moves with the nobles in this political whirlpool of intrigue. After looking over the list of experienced generals handed over to him by the Duke of Buckingham, the King reluctantly discovered that the most suitable candidate at the moment was still only Sir Sheehan.

It was true that those of the Royalist Party who wore the iron rose were indeed loyal to him, as well as very experienced and talented, but there was one problem——they were almost as old as the Duke of Buckingham.

A thing like reform required young blood in order for there to be any dynamism and drive.

It was better to be kind and let our old generals off the hook.

As for the other younger generations…..coincidentally, most of these wine and meat sacks were on the King’s clean up list.

One must hope that the new system would allow the King to discover more outstanding talents.

The King’s father, William III, once launched a military reform and tried to establish a standing army, but unfortunately, just after some headway was made, William III passed away. The King now intended to continue what his father did not finish.

If one really wanted change to proceed smoothly and get the expected results, then one couldn’t act too hastily, and must make sufficient preliminary preparations. The King was able to conceal the news that he was still alive for up to a month, and did not come back until the last minute, which showed that he possessed a frightfully strong will and endurance when necessary.

According to the King’s expectation, the best opportunity for military reform would be after completing all preliminary preparations and when General Johan returned.

Once General Johan was released, the King would be able to know the details of the Battle of Bouven, and thus have enough reason to stir up the Legrand people’s national hatred against the Kingdom of Bressi…..That would be the best opportunity for the King to make drastic changes.

As the King said to General Sheehan, the target of the preliminary preparations was Mr. County Lord.

Let’s take a closer look at Legrand’s military system.

In addition to the military service of the nobility, there was also a very crucial militia conscription system.

Legrand’s militia conscription system was also called the “convening and investigating system.”

The county lords of various counties were responsible for organizing militias, and all the free citizens who were adults under the age of 60 were within the scope of the conscription. After the militia convened at the designated location, the county lords then selected the number of people specified by the King’s enlistment order. Then the county lords opened the county’s armory, distributed armor and weapons, and then recovered them after the war. During the service, the militia’s military pay and food supply were provided by the King himself.

——Look at how convenient this system was for the county lords to play tricks in!

It was enough to cause any ambitious King to become angry.

Stuffy old things should have the awareness to retire from the playing field.

The King wanted to strengthen central control on the counties, smoothly advance the reform of the conscription system, and prevent his taxes from flowing into the pockets of these greedy fellows——although he took back what they pocketed a few days ago, a detailed investigation and a major injection of new blood must be conducted.

Now was a good opportunity. During the civil war, many county lords also participated in the rebellion.

So, where did one start?

Beginning with Grand Duke Grice.

Don’t misunderstand, Grand Duke Grice could not be more dead, but he left a “generous” fortune for the King. Grand Duke Grice’s wife came from the Gelug family. The Gelug family had been in the land transportation industry for hundreds of years, and because of this, the Grand Duke Grice was able to smuggle a prominent Gulundi heavy cavalry to appear outside the Truu Castle without anyone noticing.

The Gelug family put their bargaining chips on Grand Duke Grice in the civil war, and of course they lost the gamble. However, the patriarch of the Gelug family was a tactful person. He prostrated early in front of the King’s throne, expressing that he and his family longed for any opportunity to serve the King.

Thanks to Grand Duke Grice who still shone brightly after his death.

May the Holy Lord bless him so that in his death, he would not be so angry as to bang on the cover of his coffin…..Wait, did His Majesty the King even bury him?

Ah, this was just a minor detail, completely unimportant, please don’t mind at all.

Now was the time for the Gelug family to make due on their promise to work for the King.


The snow fell and drifted down onto the ground, and the team that was to set off to pay the ransom and welcome General Johan back as well as General Sheehan and his soldiers both set off from Metzl Castle. At the same time, the patriarch of the Gelug family walked into the Rose Palace with trepidation.

Soon, what the King once said came true.

The cold winter had arrived, and it was time for the officials to run their errands.

During this idle winter with nothing to do, the carriages of the Gelug family began to travel up and down the counties of all sizes across the entire empire. Commissioners sent by the King arrived in pairs to each county, gathered representatives among the citizens, and walked the streets conducting investigations. The questions for the investigation were drawn up by the King himself, and these questions numbered in the hundreds.

This was a busy winter.

In addition to that list of questions, there were also some members of the Gelug family accompanying them, and they were also given a task.

They must recruit some talents for the King.

In the eyes of some ordinary people, these talents should be thrown and burned on the stake.

For example, some doctors who loved to cut open corpses, some demonic individuals who indulged in dealing with bottled potions.

The Gelug family didn’t know what the King wanted these “talents” for, but they didn’t dare to ask and could only work harder to ask people about these individuals and their situation.

Ai, at least it was better to be tired than to lose one’s head, right?

Seeing the people of the Gelug family so busy, another group of people could no longer sit still.

The Five Port Alliance.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

These merchants did a lot of “good deeds” for Grand Duke Grice during the civil war, but the King seemed to have forgotten them, and he hadn’t expressed his position on how to deal with them this whole time. On the surface it seemed to be a lucky occurrence, and the King seemed to have forgiven them.


Who would even believe this?

AN: King: My era, I have the final say.

The Gelug family: I dare not say anything, and dare not ask anything.

Grand Duke Grice, who is still shining brightly today: MMP, how is this even humane?


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