After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 039 Luo Xi & The Weekend

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Luo Yang was true to his words and he really introduced Tao Mu to his sister at noon the next day.

The eldest miss of the Luo family, Luo Xi, graduated from Cambridge University. Twenty-eight years old this year, she was a typical Miss Perfect, fair-skinned, rich and beautiful. She had a strong family background and she herself was very famous in the capital business circle.

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Of course, it was expected that she hated her brother and all the people and affairs related to Luo Yang.

When she saw Tao Mu, her attitude was expectedly bad.

“I can only give you ten minutes.” At a cafe opposite the Luo Group, Miss Luo’s had the most simple coffee and sandwich combo set on the table in front of her. She gestured to Tao Mu while eating: “You can start.”

Luo Yang sat on the side, frowning very unhappily: “Sister, it’s fine for you to give me a cold face every day but can you not do the same to my friends? Besides, Tao Mu is a private investment consultant hired by Li Xiaoheng and to Xiao Heng his opinion in finance is very important. You treating Tao Mu like this, isn’t it too much?”

Hearing Luo Yang mention Li Xiaohang, Luo Xi’s attitude shifted and her face eased a lot: “Sorry, Mr. Tao, don’t blame me for having preconceptions. It is really because my little brother is too unreliable, and his friends are all the same. At times it really annoys me.”

Tao Mu smiled slightly and didn’t mind at all: “It’s fine. I can understand Miss Luo’s attitude.”

Luo Yang snorted, as if he was accustomed to the scene before him.

Luo Xi put down the coffee. In just a few minutes, she had completely sorted out her emotions. Looking at Tao Mu with a decent smile, her attitude gentle and polite and her tone approachable with a little curiosity: “Mr. Tao may not know that in the eyes of us rich second generation, the grandson of the Li family has always been a model child. While in his first year of studying abroad at Stanford, he created his own financial capital. Just relying on himself he gained a foothold on Wall Street. It can be said that he is a very proud person in the financial field and only trusts his own vision and judgment. Since Mr. Tao can actually become Li Xiaoheng’s private investment consultant, you must have real talents and learning.”

“It happens that I am also very interested in the international crude oil futures recently. If Mr. Tao don’t mind, could you discuss this topic with a layman like me?”

This was to test him. After all, Luo Xi still didn’t completely believe Luo Yang’s words. She just used another more tactful way to test Tao Mu’s real ability.

Tao Mu smiled slightly, he was not afraid of Luo Xi trying to sound him out. Because while on the one hand, it meant that there was doubt and suspicion; but reading it from another angle it also meant interest as well.

If there was really no interest, then there wouldn’t even be any probing.

“Miss Luo is too courteous. In truth, I am not an expert. Like Miss Luo, I am just interested in this field.” Tao Mu pondered for a moment and took the initiative to ask, “I wonder what Miss Luo wants to discuss?”

Seeing Tao Mu’s confident appearance, Luo Xi took a sip of coffee and asked maliciously: “Is Mr. Tao also shorting the international crude oil market yourself?”

Tao Mu smiled privately. This question was very interesting. If he answered no, it meant that he was just all theoretical and no practical knowledge. Like those so-called financial experts who made analysis in financial columns. They speak beautifully, but they themselves would not personally test their analysis. No matter what they were reluctant to spend a penny and instead focused on making theories and debates, and moreover, their opinions would change along with the changes in the current situation. They belonged to the professional level fence-sitters who would always bend with the wind.

Luo Xi’s unspoken words meant that she was afraid that Tao Mu was also such a person. After all, with Li Xiaoheng’s shrewdness and sophistication, even if Tao Mu talked nonsense in front of him, Li Xiaoheng would not directly slap him in the face. But if this was the case, Tao Mu’s credibility would be greatly reduced.

Now, Luo Xi put emphasis on whether Tao Mu was actually short-selling “himself” with the intention of cutting off any bragging behavior or using Li Xiaoheng’s name to gain profit and benefits.

——After all, Tao Mu was just an 18-year-old college student, and one who majored in drama. It was not that Luo Xi was arrogantly speculating, but it was really unconvincing that a student of this major would have any insightful knowledge of the financial economy. The gap was just too wide.

Luo Xi felt that she didn’t need to put things out in the open to embarrass everyone but just give a hint or two. If Tao Mu was smart, he should retreat in the face of difficulties.

Unfortunately, Luo Xi made the wrong calculation. Tao Mu was truly not the kind of person who would brag and swindle investment money under the banner of Luo Yang and Li Xiaoheng.

In fact, the reason why Tao Mu approached Luo Xi had nothing to do with Luo Xi herself. Even negotiating with Luo Xi to let Longteng Entertainment’s artists enter FlyNews was just an excuse Tao Mu casually made in order to get close to Luo Xi.

Tao Mu’s ultimate goal was just to find an easy to control chess piece that could allow him to take part in the internal fighting of the Shen Group, Sheng’an Group and Luo Group at any time.

It just so happened that Luo Xi had the brains and the shrewdness. The most important thing was——thanks to Tao Mu’s previous life knowledge, he was aware of Luo Xi’s fatal weakness. So Tao Mu was not afraid of Luo Xi going back on her words half-way through.

“I am ashamed. Although the time difference between China and M country is a bit big, I am really interested in the international crude oil market, and want nothing more than to stay up all night and watch the market. So in recent months, my skin condition has been particularly poor. Even my person is not as handsome as before. But fortunately, I have some luck, and I managed to live up to the hard work.”

Tao Mu’s remarks were well versed in the essence of subtle bragging. Sure enough, Miss Luo was interested. She raised a pair of extremely delicately trimmed eyebrows, and asked with a half-smile: “Oh. I wonder if I can take the liberty to ask, how is Mr. Tao’s profit?”

Tao Mu thought about it in his heart, and said with a smile: “So far, the return rate is pretty good.”

Tao Mu reported a number. Luo Xi’s face changed slightly: “This seems to be a higher rate of return than Li Xiaoheng’s?”

Tao Mu smiled suddenly: “After all, I am his private investment consultant.”

The role of investment advisors was to guide buyers on how to choose stocks and how to operate. Therefore, Tao Mu’s personal return rate being higher than that of Li Xiaoheng’s was not something too unreasonable.

Of course, if based on the theory of base capital, Li Xiaoheng’s profit was definitely higher than Tao Mu’s. This was something that could not be helped.

Tao Mu was not afraid that Luo Xi would investigate this matter privately and Luo Xi did not worry that Tao Mu was lying. After all, when Tao Mu withdrew the funds from the futures market, he would have to pay taxes.

It was unlikely that he could be so amazing in the early stage, but at the last juncture, he squandered all the profits. Even if he was that unlucky, there was always a trail to be traced in the futures market exchanges.

Thinking about it this way, Luo Xi’s attitude towards Tao Mu suddenly became more friendly.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Tao to have such a talent at such a young age.” Luo Xi smiled gently, seeming to admire Tao Mu’s talent: “I heard Luo Yang mention that you also created FlyNews website and now the website is developing in full swing. And finding me this time, you also hope to persuade me to let all the artists of Longteng Entertainment join FlyNews. I just don’t know, what benefits are there for our Longteng Entertainment?”

“Miss Luo, please take a look——” Tao Mu said, taking out a publicity plan from his bookbag and handing it to Luo Xi.

Although it was just an excuse to get close to Luo Xi. But with Tao Mu’s shrewdness, Luo Xi would never suspect his true motives. So Tao Mu also carefully made preparations. If Longteng Entertainment agreed to cooperate with FlyNews’ publicity plan, its artists would naturally gain publicity as well.

“Military uniform photo National Day celebration day?” Luo Xi opened the publicity plan that Tao Mu had written overnight, frowning: “This idea is a bit particular. Do you think it will be effective?”

“Establishing a positive image, promoting positive energy, guiding netizens to recall the bitterness and think of happiness, and celebrating the birthday of this country.” Tao Mu said solemnly: “Such a mainstream publicity activity will definitely have a positive response in society. I think no matter if it is for the artists under Longteng Entertainment or for the image of the Luo Group itself this will bring good publicity.”

As for how to make an impact, it depended on how everyone interacted with the media.

Luo Xi asked thoughtfully: “You mean, on National Day, I should also upload a military uniform photo of myself to cooperate with FlyNews’ publicity plan?”

Tao Mu smiled slightly, and hinted: “I heard that Chairman Luo, who founded the Luo Group singlehandedly, is actually a veteran soldier. Chairman Luo can protect his family and the country with his strength as well as lead the economy with his intelligence. He is really a character to be admired by our generation.”

Luo Xi’s slender fingers painted with red nail polish unconsciously flipped through the corners of the plan: “I can’t make the final decision. I have to go back and discuss it with my father.”

Tao Mu smiled: “This is natural.”

Luo Xi looked at Tao Mu and suddenly asked, “You are not afraid that I will reveal your plan? After all, it is not only FlyNews that can initiate this activity on the Internet. As far as I know, Weibo has also recently been trying every means to attract netizens and attract more people to register. If your publicity plan is given to Weibo, I’m afraid it will attract more people’s attention.”

Tao Mu smiled slightly: “I believe that Miss Luo is not that kind of person.”

That kind of person? Luo Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, and didn’t ask any more questions.

In fact, Tao Mu was indeed not afraid that Luo Xi would reveal this plan to Weibo. Because Tao Mu had actually created two plans originally. Plan A was a positive plan shown to Luo Xi, to be used by FlyNews in the absence of any wind and waves. Plan B targeted the possibility that Luo Xi revealed this plan to Weibo, in which FlyNews would launch a counter-attack publicity move——it would not only discredit Weibo, but also use Weibo as a stepping stone to promote his own website.

Of course, it was possible that the latter’s publicity effect would be better. After all, Weibo was a big business and was more famous than the newly launched FlyNews.

Tao Mu always prepared with both hands. As for which hand to use when the time arrived, it all depended on the situation at that time.

Of course, Luo Xi didn’t know that Tao Mu dug so many holes for her. She had a good time chatting with Tao Mu. During the period, she was especially eager to consult Tao Mu about how to start shorting international oil futures if she were to try a hand as well.

The Luo family and the Li family were family acquaintances, and the return rate of Xiaoheng Capital created by Li Xiaoheng had always been among the best on Wall Street. As a business partner of the Li family, the Luo Group naturally also opened an account at Xiaoheng Capital and handed over most of their idle funds to Li Xiaoheng for operation.

However, Tao Mu knew that Luo Xi had set up several shell corporations and personal vaults without the Luo Group and the Luo family’s knowledge. Asking Tao Mu about shorting the international crude oil, she must also want to operate quietly on her own.

Tao Mu was happy to see this too. Luo Xi wanted to make money, wanted to be recognized by Chairman Luo, and wanted to gain a higher position and greater authority in the Luo Group. Then she would definitely have a need for Tao Mu. People who had wants and desires meant they also had weaknesses to be exploited.

Tao Mu was more afraid that Luo Xi would have no wants and desires. So, he began to give Luo Xi some guidance carefully. The advice he gave was both convincingly logical and would yield immediate results. This caused Luo Xi to smile in joy, and when she looked at Tao Mu, it was the gaze of one looking at her own little brother——oh, that’s not right, given the relationship between Luo Xi and Luo Yang, this gaze was one looking at someone even closer than a little brother.

This meal was very enjoyable. When the three of them realized it, the ten minutes that Luo Xi had said had already doubled several times, and it was time to go to work. Miss Luo reluctantly bid farewell to Tao Mu, and left with her fiancé who came to pick her up——in the afternoon they had to go to the second party’s company for inspection.

Tao Mu looked at the back of the two of them leaving, and smiled meaningfully: “Your sister and her boyfriend are really a suitable match.”

“As if.” Luo Yang curled his lips: “That man is my sister’s college classmate. His family is in the countryside and extremely poor. He is basically useless except for that face. His character is also a spineless yes-man. In front of my dad he can’t even say a word. I’m afraid he’ll be marrying into our family in the future as well. I don’t know why my sister has fallen in love with him. And even making a scene and throwing a tantrum if we don’t let her. My father and mother introduced her to so many young talents but she won’t even take a look. It’s simply an embarrassment to our family.”

“Our relatives all say that my sister is too stubborn. But my dad actually let her continue acting out like this. I really don’t know what he is thinking.”

Luo Yang glanced at Tao Mu out of the corner of his eyes, seeing the other’s expressionless face, his heart jumped, and he said, “But my sister, a person who always talks about interests and profits, would actually date her college classmate for so many years and even plan to get married together. Actually, I was also quite surprised. How to say it, it can be considered as deep affection indeed. And most importantly my father and mother don’t really care about it either.”

Luo Yang said, with a look of envy: “If I can marry anyone I want to marry then that would be great.”

A spineless yes-man with deep affection?

Tao Mu thought of the tactics used by Luo Xi and her husband to drive out the tigers and wolves from the Luo Group after the death of Chairman Luo in his previous life.

Tao Mu returned to Beijing Film that afternoon. However, for once he did not go look at financial news and his website, but searched for the recently released movies and restaurants near the movie theater.

The three roommates wiggled their eyebrows and leaned in: “Mu, do you…..have good news?”

“What good news?” Tao Mu was slow to respond: “What is it?”

“That kind of good news!” Wen Bao gestured at Tao Mu’s computer screen with his chin: “For no reason, why are you looking for movies and restaurants? Are you going on a date with a girl?”

“Who is it? When did you meet? We practically stay with you all day, why don’t we know?” Du Kang scratched his chin, and picked through all the information of the ’08 Beijing Film girls in his head. But still he couldn’t think of who actually managed to snag Tao Mu away.

“Is it Kou Xiaona who was the first to yell out about keeping you that day? Or Liu Hai’er, who comes to give you water every time the military training is over? Or——”

“What, no!” Tao Mu interrupted Du Kang’s speculation, feeling exasperated and amused: “A friend of mine came back from M Country for two days, and I don’t know where to go to play. I’m going to accompany him around.”

“Oh?” The three roommates dragged out the syllable and said, “So it’s a childhood sweetheart?”

“A guy.” Tao Mu broke his roommates’ illusion with one sentence: “He can also be said to be the future bankroller of FlyNews——my friend is a financial venture capitalist. If FlyNews can really get listed on the stock market, his help would be indispensable.”

Tao Mu spoke casually, explaining to his friends his relationship with Li Xiaoheng. The three roommates took it seriously: “So, there will actually be a future IT boss in our dormitory?”

“Aiya, then we must not let you slip away. In the future, when we make a movie or TV series or something, we must find you to be the investor!” Du Kang hurriedly massaged Tao Mu’s shoulders. Seeing that Tao Mu was stumped about choosing a movie, he made a friendly suggestion: “I think the “Plan B” released two days ago is pretty good. Hong Kong movie, a police movie starring Zhou Yanqing. Its reputation is pretty good.”

Tao Mu thought for a while, and checked the time and number of movie screenings in nearby cinemas on the Internet. Then he sent a message to Li Xiaoheng: “Is this okay?”

Li Xiaoheng was probably also fiddling with his mobile phone at the time so in a couple seconds there was a response: “Of course. I have troubled you.”

“It’s nothing, you are too courteous.”

This was the first time the two had sent messages since they met each other, and they both could not help but be restricted by social etiquette. Seeming to have considered that Tao Mu did not have a car, Li Xiaoheng also offered to come to Beijing Film to pick him up. Tao Mu knew the location of the Li family manor, which was almost half a city away from Beijing Film. This was future Mr. Bankroller, and he would be too embarrassed to have Li Xiaoheng go to that much trouble.

So the two met directly in the cinema Sunday morning.

On weekend mornings, those who would choose to watch movies as a pastime were usually young couples who were in love. The appearance of the two grown men like Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, immediately aroused the interest of many onlookers. Fortunately, both of them had tough skin and appeared very natural, causing the group of onlookers to feel as if they were making a fuss about nothing. After entering the movie theater, the lights went out and everything was black, so even more so no one paid them any attention.

Li Xiaoheng sat next to Tao Mu and couldn’t help paying attention to Tao Mu’s actions during the entire movie. When Tao Mu just sat down, he took out a small notebook from his pocket. From the beginning of the movie, he had been writing and drawing on that small notebook. What plot point in five minutes, what method did the actor use to show a certain emotion? What kind of meaning did the director hoped to convey through the set furnishings…..

The movie theater was very dark, and the light from the big screen shone brightly on Tao Mu’s face, highlighting Tao Mu’s features even deeper.

In this dim light, Tao Mu sometimes bowed his head to take notes, and sometimes raised his head to seriously observe the actors’ performance.

He truly liked acting.

This kind of comprehension rose in Li Xiaoheng’s heart.

After the movie ended, Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng walked out of the cinema along with the crowd. Tao Mu, who had been immersed in analyzing the plot, suddenly came back to himself and asked Li Xiaoheng with a smile: “What do you think of the movie?”

“Very good.” Li Xiaoheng nodded. In truth, he didn’t pay much attention to the plot, he was not interested in such things by nature. Compared with the joys and sorrows in the movie, he felt that Tao Mu’s various small expressions when analyzing the movie were more interesting.

“I see you took a lot of notes while watching the movie. Is this the legendary film analysis?” 

“Yes.” Tao Mu nodded, feeling that neglecting Li Xiaoheng with his habitual actions when watching movies seemed to be not so good, and then explained: “For those of us studying acting, in addition to practicing our speaking voices and body gestures, our daily tasks also include film analyzing. It’s almost an occupational disease by now.”

In fact, Tao Mu had seen this movie in his previous life. It was just that after many years, he now had a different mindset and different way of looking at things. So after analyzing it again at this moment he learned quite a lot.

Li Xiaoheng smiled and said, “Why do you feel embarrassed? Doing things seriously is a very rare and precious quality. Besides, we are here to watch a movie. But compared to movies acted by others, I look forward to works starring you more.”

Tao Mu smiled upon hearing this: “Then you have to wait another two years. Our school stipulates that students are not allowed to accept acting jobs before their junior year.”

“Aren’t there still stage plays? And there are also presentation performances at the end of each semester at your school.” Li Xiaoheng smiled and said, “When you perform, can I reserve a ticket?”

Tao Mu smiled and said: “It seems that Mr. Li also knows our profession very well.”

“Because my most important partner likes this profession.” Li Xiaoheng smiled: “Let’s go eat.”

“You invite me to watch a movie, and I invite you to dinner. How about it?”

When Tao Mu texted Li Xiaoheng about the location of the cinema and the number of screenings, he did not mention the follow-up meal. So Li Xiaoheng also asked people to search for restaurants near the cinema. Then, very strangely, the two actually chose the same restaurant.

After arriving at the restaurant, Tao Mu told Li Xiaoheng about this matter. Li Xiaoheng also thought it was a special coincidence: “It seems that the two of us are gold medal partners as expected. There is a tacit understanding in work and a tacit understanding in getting along with each other in private.”

Actually there wasn’t. Because of the occupational disease of financial practitioners, Li Xiaoheng did not have much particularity for food. The reason why he chose this restaurant was entirely because of Tao Mu’s taste——the two had a meal in H Town. From that meal alone, Li Xiaoheng basically understood Tao Mu’s eating habits and taste preferences.

Sure enough, after the two got the menu, the dishes Tao Mu ordered were not much different from what Li Xiaoheng expected.

It was because of their “common hobby”, financial stocks, that they got acquainted with each other as well as the fact that they both shorted international crude oil at the same time, the two of them turned to this topic again without realizing it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Xiaoheng already knew from Luo Yang that Tao Mu was also shorting international oil futures, and the return rate was even higher than that of Xiaoheng Capital. This caused Li Xiaoheng to develop admiration for him and become more curious about Tao Mu’s operations in the international futures market. Now that he finally had the opportunity, of course he must discuss it with the other and ask for advice.

It was also to pave the way for his suggestion later.

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