Bird Dude Nie Bufan 068 Spending The Days With Wei Di

Nie Bufan woke up in a daze, feeling that his body seemed to be shaking, his lower half full as if invaded by a hard object. There was also a slapping sound echoing in his ear.

He opened his eyes abruptly, and immediately came face to face with Wei Di’s big face that was full of desire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You…..” He only just spoke, but was immediately interrupted by his fierce attack.

Nie Bufan grabbed the sheets and tried to stabilize his body. After scanning around, he found that it was a strange room, small in size, with wooden structures on the top and bottom, and the ground was also slightly shaking. It felt like he was in the cabin of a certain boat.

“Awake?” Wei Di stopped and stared at Nie Bufan, a pair of eagle eyes colored with desire and anger.

Anger? He should be the one angry, right?

Nie Bufan didn’t pay much attention to the intimate position of their two bodies. He just asked, “Where is this? Why am I here?”

He was watching the guards putting out the fire, but then suddenly felt a pain in his neck. The next thing he knew was waking up like this.

“I brought you out.” Wei Di replied naturally. “We are now on the way to the capital.”

“The capital?” Nie Bufan was displeased. “Why are you taking me to the capital? I won’t go.”

“Hmph, this is not up to you.” A sharp light shot from Wei Di’s eyes.

Nie Bufan directly covered his head with a pillow, punched him twice, and then began to struggle.

Wei Di tore off the pillow angrily, pressed his hands, and then thrusted in hard.

“Ah!” Nie Bufan bent his leg and directly greeted Wei Di’s face with it.

Wei Di pushed away his feet and continued his rampage.

“Help, murder, murder!” Nie Bufan shouted tragically.

“Shut up!” Wei Di roared angrily. The whole ship could hear that damn shouting.

“I won’t shut up!” Nie Bufan said indignantly, “I want everyone to know your, Wei Di’s, evil deeds!”

Wei Di sneered and snapped out sharply with a finger. Nie Bufan’s shouting came to an abrupt end, only his eyes remained moving.

He actually sealed the pressure point for his vocal chords! Nie Bufan thought that this kind of thing didn’t exist at all, because other people in Chicken Nest Village had never used it on him.

“You were much more docile that night.” Wei Di sighed.

Docile your head, this village head was fed aphrodisiac that night! Nie Bufan protested silently with his eyes.

Wei Di seemed to understand what he meant. He clasped his chin and said, “You lying guy, who was the one who said that they have a ‘strange disease and cannot marry in their life. Every time they have sex their life will be shortened by several years’?”

Nie Bufan harrumphed and turned his gaze to the side.

As Wei Di moved he continued: “I really thought you were clean-living and honest, but you were already involved with others long ago.”

Nie Bufan did not reveal the guilty conscience of one being caught, and instead looked directly at Wei Di.

Wei Di spoke again: “But it’s fine, I won’t let you have the opportunity to be with other men in the future.”

Nie Bufan was still for a while, then suddenly hooked his finger at him, motioning him to come closer.

“What are you doing?” Wei Di raised an eyebrow.

Nie Bufan could not speak, so he continued to hook his finger.

Wei Di lowered his head suspiciously.

Nie Bufan raised his head and bit Wei Di’s nose ruthlessly.

“Ah!” Wei Di cried out in pain. When he moved away, there were two rows of obvious tooth marks on his nose, which was also faintly red, like one who drank too much alcohol. It added a bit of comic effect to his originally handsome face.

Nie Bufan opened his mouth and laughed, his throat making weird cackling sounds, and one leg was even swaying triumphantly in the air.

Wei Di was furious, pressing him down for another fierce attack.

This little beast with bared teeth and claws, he must be taught a good lesson!

Facing Wei Di’s offense, Nie Bufan felt like he was a boat rocking in a violent storm, his mind gradually becoming dazed and feeling like his body no longer belonged to him.

At some point, his pressure point was unsealed, and he let out intermittent moans in accordance with Wei Di’s rhythm.

Wei Di’s heavy breaths also passed into his ears, his wet lips leaving light red marks on his skin.

In the chaos, Nie Bufan accidentally caught a glimpse of his face close to his and couldn’t help snickering. The sexy mood was instantly shattered by his laughter.

Wei Di’s face went dark, his nose started to ache again, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of powerlessness when he looked at this little bastard under him.

Was there a serious mistake in his original understanding of this guy?

By the time they finished, it was almost dusk.

After taking a bath, Wei Di looked at himself in the mirror. His nose had begun to bruise, and the tooth prints were still visible.

He had never thought that he could look so ridiculous before, and he really couldn’t go out and embarrass himself with this face. Coupled with Nie Bufan’s screeching just now, he was afraid everyone on the boat now thought he was a beast. In truth, he did overdo it a little too much, climaxing several times but still forcing his exhausted body to plow on stubbornly.

Nie Bufan smiled carefreely, a leg waving in the air as he said: “If you don’t let me go back, I will continue to bring disaster to you.”

Wei Di glanced at him, not taking him seriously.

Nie Bufan said again: “Don’t blame me for not letting you know, the cost of kidnapping this village head is very high.”

“Oh, how high can it be?” Wei Di replied mildly.

Nie Bufan turned and leaned on the small window and looked up at the sky. He watched the sky dyed with sunset red, an eagle soaring by.

He said lightly: “You’ll know in the future.”

The ship Nie Bufan was on seemed to be a private ship, and it was quite luxuriously decorated. There was a wealth of food stocked on the ship, as well as a dedicated chef and attendants serving daily.

Standing on the deck one could see the undulating mountains on both sides of a river that was full of clear river water. The breeze blew by, causing one to feel refreshed.

This would be a good trip if the people and animals in Chicken Nest Village were also present. It’s a pity that standing next to him was Wei Di, who was currently holding a fan to cover his face.

The journey went smoothly, and the ship docked three days later.

Nie Bufan followed Wei Di and the others into a prosperous big city——Jinyuan City.

The group found an inn to settle down.

Wei Di and Nie Bufan shared the same room. The attendants who were accompanying them already knew their relationship well, and they didn’t show any expression.

Entering the room, Wei Di closed the door, then pulled Nie Bufan over and began to touch him all over.

“What are you doing?” Nie Bufan said angrily. “It’s nearly mealtime. Do you have to be so sexually dissatisfied?”

Wei Di ignored him, swiping away the money bag around his waist, the stash of gold leaf in his sleeves, the jade pendant on his belt, and even tried to take off his boots.

Nie Bufan immediately squatted down and hugged his legs, refusing to give in: “You robber! Why did you take all my things?”

“I will keep your things temporarily, lest you sneak away.” Wei Di remained unmoved and continued to pull at his boots.

“What does that have to do with my boots? They are innocent.”

“Hmmph.” Wei Di snorted coldly, “Don’t think I don’t know how many banknotes you have taken from me in the past few days.”

“What are you talking about? How could someone honest like me take your banknotes?” Nie Bufan retorted without shame.

“Then take your hand away and let me check.”

“You say check and I should just let you check? I can’t be so unprincipled.”

Wei Di’s eyes sharpened, and he suddenly lifted him into his arms and threw him onto the bed. Immediately, he grabbed one of his legs and pulled off a boot.

“Ah——” Nie Bufan let out a scream that was even more tragic than the screams he let out when they were making love.

He clung to the leg that still had a boot on, raised his head and shouted: “I, have, stinky, feet!”

Wei Di was shocked by his roar, his mouth twitched and his shoulders began to shake slightly.

After a while, he regained his stern composure and approached him again.

Nie Bufan shrank in the corner of the bed like a little sheep about to be ravaged, staring at Wei Di with teary eyes.

Wei Di was instantly tickled by this appearance, but his expression became even more fierce, pressing closer step by step.

Nie Bufan grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, he quickly jumped out of the bed, trying to pass by him.

Wei Di hooked an arm and pulled him back.

Nie Bufan raised a foot to step on him. Wei Di nimbly stepped away, but the person in his arms fled again.

As soon as his hand touched the doorknob, Wei Di was already there, turning his body around and pressing him against the door. He said in a low voice, “Have you played enough?”

Nie Bufan’s cheeks were flushed slightly, and his eyes were full of vigor, revealing a stubborn and determined aura.

Wei Di’s eyes darkened. He lowered his head and kissed him, his tongue opening his lips and intruding domineeringly between his teeth.

“Wu…..” Nie Bufan couldn’t breath well. He wanted to use his tongue to drive the invader out, but it was firmly trapped and entwined.

Wei Di’s dark eyes gradually showed arousal. He was originally a person with strong sexual desires. After tasting him, it was as if he had become addicted and could not extricate himself anymore. So with such provocation, how could he stand it anymore?

As a result, he went to untie his belt and his lower half was also pressed tightly against the other, directly between Nie Bufan’s legs.

Feeling Wei Di’s fiery desire, Nie Bufan’s hair stood on end. Taking advantage of his lips shifting away to another battlefield, he wailed: “Uncle Leader, if you really want my boots, I will give it to you. Don’t be so impulsive.”

Wei Di paused, glancing at the sorrowful and reluctant expression on his face, and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

This guy was really…..for the first time Wei Di felt that his vocabulary was lacking.

Through the thin barrier of clothes he thrusted a few times as if venting, then pulled him to the bed. Without hesitation he tore off his boot, and pulled out a stack of banknotes from inside. After counting it, there was no more, no less, the exact amount lost before.

Wei Di looked at Nie Bufan who was sulking, and thought privately that he should be penniless now.

“Tell me what you want, and I will prepare it for you.” Wei Di raised the banknotes and said, “So, these things are unnecessary for you.”

Nie Bufan muttered: “Isn’t this imprisonment in a disguised form?”

“How can this be imprisonment?” Wei Di comforted, “It should be more appropriate to say being kept.”

Was there any difference? Nie Bufan glared at him contemptuously.

Wei Dian touched his head and spoke in a way one would tease a pet: “Be good and clean up, it’s time to eat.”

“What’s there to clean up?” Nie Bufan spoke with loose hair, messy clothes, and only cloth stockings on his feet. “I’m going to eat like this.”

Wei Di narrowed his eyes and threatened: “Don’t even think about eating unless you clean yourself up.”

“If you let me go hungry, I will run around naked!”

Wei Di felt silent and ​​stared at him, as if trying to penetrate his inexplicably structured head.

After a long while, Wei Di flicked his sleeves and opened the door to order: “Bring dinner in later! We will eat in the room today.”

Nie Bufan flopped on the bed, pulled the quilt over his head, and wailed silently: He really wanted to beat him to death!


AN: A small skit——

Gongs: “Nie Bufan, how come you spared Chen Muran, the beautiful and unparalleled gongzi, from your evil clutches?”

Village Head Nie: “Beautiful and unparalleled? I think he is like a grass mud horse.”

Gongs: “…..”

Chen Muran ran away in tears.

Gongs: “Then what do you think of us?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Village Head Nie pointed at them one by one: “Snake (Si Chenyu), Leopard (Li Yi), Peacock (Li Huai), Loyal Dog (Zhang Junshi), Bulbul bird (Wang Shichan)”

Gongs: “…..You have it quite difficult, actually having such hardcore taste as bestiality.”

Village Head Nie was puzzled: “Beastiality? I always thought it was beast on beast.”

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