The Cruel Tyrant CH 068 Love Rivals

Yang Zifei hurried back to the manor. Seeing his father was like seeing a life savior. He rushed forward and grabbed Yang Hanbo, incoherent words coming out in a panic: “Dad, escape, we have to escape…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yang Hanbo was shaken dizzy by the other and quickly ordered a servant to pull him away. Looking at an obviously overwhelmed and frightened Yang Zifei, he reprimanded unhappily: “What kind of demeanor is this, weren’t you going to arrest those two filthy commoners? Well, where are they?”

“Dad…..” Yang Zifei tremblingly said: “We are in big trouble!”

Yang Hanbo said disapprovingly: “What trouble, isn’t it just two filthy commoners?”

As a senior provincial official of a whole county, it was not an exaggeration to say that he was the local tyrant of the area. There were only a handful of people in the Qing kingdom that could scare him. Yang Hanbo said with seeming confidence: “Speak, what are the backgrounds of those two.”

“Crown Prince…..” Yang Zifei replied with a look of fear: “Dad, one of the two is the current Crown Prince, dad, we have to leave! Or else it will be too late, the Crown Prince might even be on his way here to kill us.”

Crown Prince!

Hearing these two words, Yang Hanbo’s pupils dilated, his whole body feeling as if it had fallen into an ice cellar, his hands trembling uncontrollably. He tried to calm himself, and scolded: “Nonsense, how could the Crown Prince come to Anyang County? This must be a fake.”

It was not that Yang Zifei didn’t think of this, but if this really was the Crown Prince, wouldn’t they be facing a dead end? Yang Zifei persuaded: “Dad, let’s escape now. If he is really the Crown Prince then by staying here there will only be death. And if it’s a fake then it’s not too late to come back for revenge.”

Yang Hanbo struggled for a while, after all, he couldn’t just easily let go of his life’s hard work here. Yang Zifei saw his hesitation and immediately ran inside to pack up his things.

“Dad, I don’t want to die, I’m going to go ahead first.”

Yang Hanbo bitterly scolded “unfilial son”, and hurriedly followed. In the end, life was more important. But before the two of them even left the manor they were surrounded by soldiers led by Zhao Yuanshan.

Yang Hanbo and his son were brought to Su Mu. Su Mu ignored this pair of father and son’s begging for mercy. He just lightly ordered them to be escorted to the imperial city for processing by the Ministry of Justice and didn’t bother with this matter anymore.

The people around all retreated under Su Mu’s orders. The shameless guy, Ye Qingfeng, seeing that Su Mu was now free, siddled over with a look of evil intentions: “Darling, your business is done, isn’t it? It’s my turn now.”

Su Mu glanced at him and suddenly said, “Go and become the Wulin leader of jianghu!”

“What?” Ye Qingfeng was confused by Su Mu’s words that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Su Mu picked up the teapot and poured two cups of tea, saying: “Jianghu is also a huge force to be reckoned with and needs to be in the hands of reliable people.”

Ye Qingfeng wiped away the smile on his face, frowning as he said: “Darling, the people of jianghu are used to being free and loose. I am afraid it won’t be so easy to get them to listen to you. Besides, many jianghu people are actually very disgusted with the imperial court. Recruiting them is not very possible.”

Su Mu put down his teacup and glanced at Ye Qingfeng’s rarely serious face and replied: “Who said I want to recruit them, didn’t I ask you to go? You have a lot of connections in jianghu made over these years, so you coming forward would be the best solution.”

Ye Qingfeng hesitated: “But…..”

Su Mu raised his hand and interrupted him, “I know what you are worried about. Although the people of jianghu are dissatisfied with the court, so long as they don’t openly rebel, I won’t take action against them. Asking you to manage the people of jianghu does not mean I want you to use them. I only want you to keep watch on them so they don’t just fight and kill all day long. Jianghu people possess hostility towards the court so I don’t plan to send someone to manage them directly. In addition, the New Laws have just been implemented. I don’t have that much spare energy to suppress the fighting and conflict among the factions and sects, so that’s why I need you to watch them for me.”

Ye Qingfeng finally felt reassured. He really thought that Su Mu was going to take action against jianghu. It was really difficult to choose between his lover and friends. Ye Qingfeng was relieved, but his face showed a sad expression: “Darling, I hate managing this kind of troublesome thing the most.” Then he changed his tone, sweeping Su Mu up and down with thief eyes: “But, darling, if you compensate me enough, I can consider it.”

Su Mu lifted his eyes and glanced at him deeply, a smile appearing on the corners of his mouth as he said: “When things are done, then we’ll talk about compensation.”

“No, I have to collect my deposit first.”

Ye Qingfeng was helplessly seduced by Su Mu, eagerly throwing himself at the other. But unexpectedly, a sharp sword energy attacked him from out of nowhere, causing Ye Qingfeng’s hair to stand on end as he hurriedly avoided it.

With a ‘bang’, the wooden table was cut in half, the cut so smooth as if it had been polished.

Gu Yunzhou suddenly appeared in the room, looking at Ye Qingfeng with eyes full of murderous intent. Ye Qingfeng stood opposite Gu Yunzhou and stared at him with equal hatred. Love rivals see red the moment they meet. Neither of them gave ground, wishing nothing more than for the other to disappear immediately.

The atmosphere in the room became more and more tense, like a bowstring stretched to a breaking point. Su Mu sat on the stool and looked at the two with a slightly guilty conscience. Seeing that they were about to come to blows, Su Mu had no choice but to toughen his skin and cut in: “Uh, let’s sit down and have some tea.”

The two turned their heads at the same time when they heard the words. Ye Qingfeng had an accusing expression on his face as if looking at a heartless slag while Gu Yunzhou had no expression on his face, but the sorrow in his eyes was quite obvious. He looked at Su Mu earnestly and said: “Come with me.”

Su Mu felt a pain in his heart but before he could say anything, Ye Qingfeng on the side instantly cut in: “Delusional!” 

Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu angrily and said, “If you dare to leave, I will die in front of you!”

Su Mu glared at him speechlessly. 

Gu Yunzhou’s voice sounded again, slightly hoarse. “Come with me.”

Ye Qingfeng was well aware that he couldn’t beat this guy in martial arts. He stared at this pair of adulterers bitterly. He grabbed Su Mu’s hand and walked towards the door. Su Mu was violently pulled up by Ye Qingfeng but he only just gained his footing when his other hand was also caught. One person was trying to pull him out towards the door, while the other person inside the room kept his other hand in a death grip.

Seeing this scene straight out of a TV drama suddenly showing up in real life with him as the protagonist, Su Mu wanted nothing more than to beat some IQ into these two guys. He circulated his inner force and broke away from the two people’s restraint.

As a result, the two of them looked at him with wounded expressions before disappearing one after the other, one through the door and one through the window. Su Mu looked left and right, conflicted on who he should chase after. In the end, he slammed the door with a belly full of anger and took up the documents on Anyang County brought over by Zhao Yuanshan.

Hmmph! Business comes first.

But Su Mu only just read for a short while when he heard the voice of a soldier coming from outside the door, saying: “Gongzi, there is a girl outside the door requesting to see you, saying that she has come to thank you for saving her yesterday.”

Su Mu recalled the two girls who fell into the lake yesterday, but Su Mu was not a fool and naturally realized that one of them was interested in him. He didn’t want to give her the wrong message, so he said to the door: “Tell her I am feeling unwell and have her go back.”

“Yes.” The soldier hurriedly replied, and after a while he came back again and said, “Gongzi, the girl said that there is a man named ‘Fan Qiang’ who is plotting against you and to please be careful.”

Fan Qiang? Su Mu didn’t recall any person with this name. Anyway, he had countless enemies so Su Mu didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he asked, “Where is that girl now?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

She had specially come here to report this to him, so it wouldn’t be good to completely ignore her.

“The girl has already left.” The soldier replied.

This was also fine. In any case, he didn’t know how to interact with the women of this era.

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