After Becoming The Tyrant CH 034 Lunatic Academy Of Sciences

“Please step here, Your Majesty.”

The warden of Metzl Prison respectfully led the way for the King. He was a young man. This was the first time he had seen Legrand’s most noble person, and his voice trembled slightly with excitement.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Metzl Prison was located in the capital, and the environment was much better than that of Mohn Tower, where the Duke of Buckingham was once imprisoned. Although the air was slightly turbid, at least the sanitation was kept clean——of course, some of the credit went to temporary overtime cleaning.

After the “talents” the King wanted to see were found by the Gelug family, they were escorted to the capital’s prison in Metzl Castle.

Yes, that’s right, the capital’s prison.

Because these fellows more or less had committed certain crimes. They were all fellows who dealt with evil characters such as devils and witches in the eyes of ordinary people. Some of these people were accused of committing “corpse desecration”, some were accused of worshiping witches, and some were accused of preparing poisonous medicine…..

In short, they were all people who should be burned at the stake.

“Get up! You slackers and bastards!”

The warden led the King all the way to the innermost cell. Along the way, the young man who practically straightened his back as upright as a ruler instantly had a dark expression when he saw the situation in the old cell.

He stepped forward quickly, scolding, wanting to tidy up the situation before the King saw it.

But the King had already seen the situation in the cell clearly.

There were a total of seven people, all concentrated in a large cell. Some were leaning lazily against the wall, some were curled up and lying on the cold floor, and some were facing the wall with a pensive look…..all seeming to look like they had some mental related problems.

“Your Majesty.”

The Master of the Households spoke in a low voice.

“The crimes they are accused of include insanity, and likely making deals with evil forces.”

The King who sold his soul to the Devil himself let out a single hum, but did not comment.

“Open the door.”

The Master of the Households reluctantly carried out the King’s willful orders.

After General Sheehan pledged loyalty to the King a few days ago, the negotiating delegation returned to Metzl Castle smoothly.

The Master of the Households was almost speechless when he saw the King again. He knelt on the ground, lips trembling for a long time, and no one could understand what he said. In the end, the King sent him off to go deal with the affairs accumulated in the palace during his absence this period of time.

——My dear Master of the Households, our Lord Duke has been dealing with trivial matters for you for too long, so you know what you should do.

——Yes, Your Majesty.

The gratification the Master of the Households felt lasted only a few days, and he was soon defeated by the King’s all sorts of weird demands.

Holy Lord! Your Majesty actually came to this dirty place in person.

The Master of the Households felt a familiar and faint feeling of helplessness.

The prison door was opened, and the talents with yokes on also stood up under the whip of the warden. The King looked at them, and they looked back at the infamous tyrant as well. They had restrained their arrogance a little bit, as geniuses——or lunatics——could instinctually sense their own kind.

They could vaguely feel that the young King who stepped into the prison possessed a certain equally dangerous aura.

The King reached out to the Master of the Households who then handed over several files to him.

“I am very pleased to see you here, and not at the stake.” The King smiled as he opened the files, “I think, you all must definitely feel that you are bound to die, right?”

“Are you willing to give us a way out?”

A tall and thin middle-aged man dressed in a hemp garment spoke up.

The King noticed that his fingers were very thin and long.

“Could it be that only those who feel that they are bound to die can be so calm? Towards you gentlemen’s talent and willingness to devote your lives to science, perhaps later poets will write a few odes in praise?” The King matched the information on the file with the person. “Oh, Mr. Jacob, you have thrice in succession dissected your neighbors who were just buried….My God, why are you so obsessed with your neighbors? Wouldn’t it be good to change to the corpses found in the wilderness instead once in a while?”

“Because they have just been buried and the body has not yet been corrupted so the blood vessel structure can be seen more clearly.”

When speaking of this, the face of the middle-aged man known as “Jacob” was full of fanaticism.

“Oh, so you were accused of killing your landlady on that last time.”

“I didn’t kill her!” The mad anatomist became angry. “She was already dead at that time! But I believe that blood can still circulate in the blood vessels when a person just dies…..How hateful, only just a little bit! Only just a little bit and I would have been able to draw a complete diagram of the blood circulation of the heart.”

“So when the landlady’s son arrived, he saw you leaning over his mother, cutting her up. Poor man, he fainted directly when he saw his mother’s cut open stomach.”

The King spoke lightly.

“His mother has already died, but the science of life will continue to develop.” The crazy anatomist replied nonchalantly.

The warden turned pale when he heard this, almost vomiting up his last meal. The Master of the Households glanced at the King, guessing at His Majesty’s intention, and had the warden go out first.

“Alright, it seemed to be a matter of course that you were thrown into jail.” The King turned over the file, “Next… are accused of killing the carpenter’s daughter. Mr. Pharmacist.”

“I was trying to save her. I believe that there are some things that can affect human life in places that we can’t see with the naked eye…..The damn stupid doctor used an ointment to treat her that smelled even worse than the ditch! Just look at the ointment he used——made with the blood of a newly born puppy, lily flower oil, turpentine and earthworms…..My God! Does that idiot think he is cooking Easter dinner??” The pharmacist cursed eloquently.

“So you sneaked into Miss Ilya’s room, threw away her ointment, and tried to fill her with potion?”

“Yes, I was saving her.”

The pharmacist emphasized.

“Alright, you being convicted of murder and rape is also a matter of course it seems. Come, the next good gentleman.”

The expression on the Master of the Households’ face looked more and more ugly, and he wanted to beg the King to throw these fellows onto a burning stake. Meanwhile, the King continued to ask after each one at a time.

The seven people included:

An anatomist who persisted in dissecting his neighbors, a pharmacist who hated all idiots, a doctor who tried to cut open the human skull with a knife, two chemists who worked together to study gunpowder only to cause a fire, an architect who tried to use violence in order to make the town dwellers plan and build houses according to his wishes——the King felt he should cooperate with these two chemists, one in charge of persuading, and two in charge of setting fires.

The last one was an astrologer——now that was truly rare.

According to what the King learned from the former Templars, the astrologers should have all submitted to the Holy Court.

But when the King turned over the files and found that this fellow used the cross as a measuring tool, he understood why this fellow did not dare to cross the Abyss Strait.

After searching the entire territory of Legrand, only seven people were found. According to the King’s thinking, this was still too few.

But actually, the Gelug family had originally found “talents” far more than this number, but after being screened by the Duke of Buckingham at the King’s request, only these seven people were left.

The others were all thrown onto the guillotine.

“You are all very good indeed.”

The King closed the file and praised sincerely.

“In all aspects. Should I say that geniuses and lunatics always go hand in hand? Gentlemen.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Your Majesty.”

The pharmacist accepted the King’s praise without any guilt.

Judging from the looks of the other people, they also seemed to feel that the praise was well-deserved.

The King applauded them: “Excellent, gentlemen. Then, one question, are you willing to prove to the world that you are geniuses and not lunatics?”

“What do you mean?”

Even in prison, the architect did his best to keep himself neat and tidy——his obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsession with cleanliness seemed to be quite serious.

“A very simple matter.” The King said briskly, “I am interested in the ‘truth’ that you speak of. You now have a chance to continue to live, which is to prove to me that what you insist on is correct…..What do you think? Do you feel you are right or wrong?”

“The truth cannot lie, and the goddess of knowledge and wisdom has given me enlightenment.”

The architect replied decisively——he was actually a heretic.

“So, soon someone will take you out of here, and you will have a bright and spacious room——in your terms it is called a laboratory. There will be as many corpses as you want to dissect, and there will be as many minerals as you want to experiment with…..But how do you plan to prove to me the truth in your beliefs?”

The King raised his head slightly, as if thinking about something.

He was born good-looking as well as possessed a noble and distinguished aura, appearing very much like a bastard who could throw countless golden pounds into the water.

“How about this,” The King said in a negotiating tone. “A truly accurate diagram of the human anatomy, a report of what the microorganisms that cause disease are, a sufficient and feasible city plan——I need it to be able to change those messy sewage systems, gunpowder that can at least give you time to escape, a celestial body movement chart. What do you think, gentlemen, will you turn out to be geniuses or idiots?”

In response to the King’s contemptuous and mocking tone, the seven people accepted the King’s challenge.

The King glanced at the Master of the Households.

The Master of the Households called the warden over and told him that someone would come and take them away.

“I hope your research goes smoothly.”

The King smiled and said goodbye to the seven “geniuses”.

“After all…..if you fail, you really will have to ‘dedicate’ your life to science.”

There was a nastiness in that smile.

Afterwards, the seven people who were taken out of the prison understood the meaning of the King’s parting words.

They arrived at a surprisingly big house, but the Royal Guards blocked off the house tightly. The most important thing was——

At the front entrance of the house, a row of stakes were erected.

Seven, no more, no less.


When the seven “geniuses” were taken to their residence, they passed by the tower of Metzl Castle.

The Duke of Buckingham and Queen Mother Eleanor sat in the tower of the palace. The two people looked down from a high window and saw this scene.

Eleanor’s current identity was the chief commander of the hidden guards who were hidden in the dark of the palace——this was not due to the Duke of Buckingham using his power to avenge any private wrongs, but her own choice. She couldn’t walk into the light right now, so she was willing to stand in the shadow to guard her child.

After they passed, the two returned to the table in the tower and sat down.

The Duke of Buckingham and the Queen Mother Eleanor discussed the King’s trip to the prison.

The Queen Mother Eleanor sat opposite the Duke of Buckingham, examining a sword in her hand.

The arc sword used by the King to kill Grand Duke Grice.

The Duke of Buckingham borrowed it from the King according to her request.

The Queen Mother gently stroked the hilt of the sword. The Duke of Buckingham looked conflicted——he was accustomed to seeing this woman’s madness, or the violent brutality from before.

“His iron cavalry will kick up wild gales, and his fleet of ships will weave an unbreakable net. His power will shake the four seas, and he will be the ruler of the world.” The Queen Mother slowly drew out the long sword. “You don’t need to tell me what he did, you just need to tell me what he needs.”

She watched her child die in front of her time and time again, but she was powerless to stop it at the time.

But everything is different now.

She was able to overcome obstacles for her child, as well as shelter her child from wind and rain. She was finally able to offer her shoulders, and before he fully grew up, she would hold up this sky covered by dark clouds for him.

So what about housing a few lunatics?

If those madmen did not listen to orders, then she would use the heads of those madmen to sharpen her blade.

Her child, whatever he did was justified.


“I don’t quite understand, Your Majesty.” The Master of the Households followed the King out of the prison. “What are you going to do with them?”

“I intend to have them form an academy of sciences.”

Said the King.

He walked a few steps forward and found that the Master of the Households did not follow. He turned his head and saw that the Master of the Households was looking at him with a very strange expression.

“Are you serious?”

Even though it was considered offensive, the Master of the Households could not help but ask.

Holy Lord, just look at what those guys were?! An academy of madmen and perverts? What scientific academy was that? Lunatic Academy of Sciences?

The Lunatic Academy of Sciences had yet to be established, but the Master of the Households already felt that he would go crazy first. The distance between his thinking and that of His Majesty seemed to be that of the entire territory under Legrand.

“Don’t be so nervous.” The King seemed to not notice the mental breakdown the Master of the Households was having. “It’s just an attempt. If they can’t prove that they are geniuses and not lunatics, then I can only start over with the Royal Academy.”

Start what? Start ravaging those old scholars?

The Master of the Households seemed to see the scene where tragedy befell the Royal Academy.

In truth, the King originally wanted to start with the Royal Academy.

The Black Death would come in a few months, and the King did not place all his hopes on the Devil. And even if the Devil could really solve this disaster, what about the next time? Relying on external forces would only bring more serious consequences. What the King hoped was to prevent and solve these problems from the root.

This was not an easy task, it would take time, courage and experimentation.

The King knew some general directions, but he was the King, not a doctor and not a researcher. It was naturally impossible for him to do everything himself, and there were more things to do than to study one or two anatomical structures. There were more things that required the King to make decisions on.

To use an analogy, Legrand was like a huge ship. The King was the one who decided the ship’s travel route. What he had to do was to change and regulate on the macroscopic level, to decide which old things on the ship should be replaced, and the direction of the ship’s travel. How to adjust the screws, how to build a replacement plank…..those details were what the people underneath needed to be responsible for.

Knowing what one should do and what one should not do made a qualified King.

During the conversation, the King and the Master of the Households walked passed another cell.

The fellow detained inside caught the King’s attention——his cell looked extraordinarily comfortable.

“That’s Dunati Ross.”

The Master of the Households noticed the King’s gaze and explained.

“Ross…..I remember, he is the chairman of the Five Port Alliance Brotherhood. It seems that the Five Port Alliance is headed by him.” The King stood in front of the cell, watching the fellow inside sleeping deeply on the comfortably spread straw, “Is this his son?”

“His bastard son. It was he who robbed the royal merchant ship last time.”

The Master of the Households was about to loudly call over the warden and scold him.

The King stopped the Master of the Households and continued to walk straight forward. Bribery was the norm in prisons. As the oldest member of the Five Port Alliance, the Ross family naturally had the abundant economic power to reach into Metzl’s prison and reprimanding a warden was to no avail.

“Your Majesty, the Five Port Alliance has not been peaceful lately.” The Master of the Households followed behind the King, “Do you want to give them a warning?”

“On the contrary.” The King revealed a meaningful smile, “I do hope they are up to something.”

“Are you…..” The Master of the Households looked at the King carefully, “Are you deliberately forcing their hand, Your Majesty?”

“If there is no excuse, then there is no reason to deal with them, yes?”

The King asked back.

Of course, the King was deliberately ignoring the Five Port Alliance.

Don’t forget how poor the royal family was. If the Five Port Alliance was willing to cooperate 100% with the King’s subsequent reforms, then it was not a must to deal with them. However, this was impossible. The Five Port Alliance had existed for too long. They were too dazzled by the glory of the past, and even lost their rationality in the face of huge interests.

“Don’t you worry about them linking up with other nobles and causing new turmoil?”

The Master of the Households took a risk and spoke out his worries.

After returning to the Rose Palace, he suddenly found that more people were loyal to the King. This gave the loyal Master of the Households who regarded himself as the King’s number one subordinate, a rare sense of crisis. For this reason, he was as busy as a spinning top during this period, not only filling in the blanks left from his absence from palace life before, but also actively following all the current news in Legrand.

The King’s preparations before his great purge were naturally within his scope of attention.

The Master of the Households was worried that if at this juncture the Five Port Alliance instigated trouble, it would cause a chain reaction.

“No. It’s not like that, my dear Master of the Households.” The King was not angry. He continued along the icy stone path, a hint of mockery in his tone. “The Five Port Alliance has taken root in the southeast for too long. They are too arrogant. So much so that they have forgotten their initial caution. They even forgot to share the soup with others.”

“Just watch.”

The King chuckled lightly.

“If the Five Port Alliance falls into trouble, there would be more than enough people who will kick them while they are down and try to take their place, rather than provide help in their hour of need. There are too many people eyeing such a big piece of fat meat.”

There was a frightening aspect in the King’s mocking words.

He saw many things clearly, so that when he spoke, he always sounded indifferent.

“Get in touch with Ingres.” The King calmly said, “They have been poor long enough. I imagine they will want to come and get involved in this matter.”

There were many mountains and forests in the Ingres State, which meant that they had abundant timber resources. If the King was willing to set a price and relax some terms for them in some respects, Ingres would be very happy to provide the materials needed for building castles and even act as transportation escorts.

“You sound well prepared.”

The Master of the Households was a little shocked and couldn’t help but exclaim.

The King reached an agreement with the State of Ingres before the civil strife was put down. At that time, the King only borrowed the cavalry of the State of Ingres. But who could have thought that the King had already set his sights on the timber resources of the Ingres mountains as early as that time?

The King smiled.

A vow of loyalty, a quelling of chaos, a single cavalry. Just that in exchange for the status enjoyed by the people of Legrand? Don’t get him wrong, the King was not so generous. Before General Edmund of the State of Ingres reminded the King of the contract, the King was already thinking about how to obtain greater benefits from the State of Ingres.

The knight commander’s familiarity with the State of Ingres was the basis for the King’s plan.

Facts prove that the King’s early planning was not in vain. Didn’t they come in handy now?

The King walked up the cold stone steps of the prison one by one.

He wore exquisite black boots with gorgeous gems inlaid on them. As the King walked, the gems on both boots shone like the stars. The King walked firmly and decisively with every step. Looking at his back from behind, he was like a blade that was forever advancing courageously forward.

“In January, the merchant ships of the Five Port  Alliance refused to accept a search by the Governor of Customs.”

“In February, the Five Port Alliance sub-cities privately traded wool.”

“In March, the Ross family of the Five Port Alliance ordered their ships to attack passing ships.”

“In April, the Shard County merchant ship was detained after passing the port of Koszoya due to not lowering their insignia flags.”


“In September, the Five Port Alliance and Grice smuggled the Gulundi heavy cavalry into the borders.”

“In October, the Five Port Alliance joined the Rose Crisis.”

The King’s voice got colder and colder. His tone was steady, but anger brewed under the calm icy surface.

The Five Port Alliance might not know what they have accomplished——they had completely provoked the murderous intent of a king with a shockingly good memory. All the things they did, every single one, the King remembered them all clearly.

“The Uncrowned King of the Sea and Commerce?”

The King laughed lowly.

The meaning hidden in that laughter chilled one to the bones.

With a sharp tap, the black boots stepped onto the last step. The King raised his head and his eyes swept across the snow-covered ground, the cold wind howling past.

“On my land, where is there a second king?”

The King stepped past the last step and out of the shadows without hesitation. The sunlight instantly fell down on him.

The cold wind howled past, and the King’s eyes were illuminated with a dazzling light.

The scarlet robe announced the determination of the iron blooded emperor.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The throne of the Rose family towered majestically on the land of Legrand, therefore, there could only be one will and one voice on the land of Legrand, and only one flag could be hoisted on the ships sailing across the Abyss Strait.

Grand Duke Grice tried to set foot on the throne, only to eventually have his blood dye the King’s robe red.

Now, the King was determined to sink the old giant ship that was the Five Port Alliance, the “Uncrowned King of the Sea” into the Abyss Strait.

The throne will not tolerate provocation!

AN: Tyrant: DomineeringCEO.jpg

Congratulations to the little king for possessing a before-its-time…..Lunatic Academy of Sciences (?)


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