After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 041 Going To H Town Again

“Don’t panic, tell me slowly.” Tao Mu frowned and calmed the other patiently.

Da Luo on the other end of the phone seemed to be at a complete loss. A grown man, squatting in the hospital corridor, crying and sniffling: “Brother Gou had an accident while hanging on the wires. He fell and broke his waist. The doctor said that he must have an operation immediately. But Yu Mei, that stinkin’ bitch, actually ran away with the money…..And the hospital won’t do the operation without the money, brother Gou’s mother is also nearly sick with panic…..Tao Mu, what can we do…..”

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Da Luo was crying on the phone, and his speech was also not very clear. Tao Mu listened for a long time. During this period, he kept interrupting Da Luo’s crying to chase the key point. It took more than half an hour to finally make sense of it all.

——Similar to Tao Mu’s memory in his previous life, Gou Rixin really had an accident while hanging on the wires. He fell from a height of more than six meters and broke his waist directly. Because the injured place was too close to the lumbar vertebra, the doctor said that even if the general operation was successfully completed, it was very likely to become high paraplegia. Unless he went under an operation with a particularly complicated name, if the postoperative recovery was good, he might recover into a normal person again. However, this kind of surgery alone cost more than 500,000 yuan for the initial surgery, plus various postoperative rehabilitation treatments, so based on a conservative estimate, the total cost would be about 1.2 million yuan.

Because Tao Mu had bought accident insurance for Gou Rixin before, he could afford the one million yuan. Coupled with the fact that Gou Rixin had some savings as a martial artist extra for so many years, he did have the money for the operation. Da Luo and the whole gang of brothers felt very fortunate and so they quickly called Gou Rixin’s family. Gou Rixin only had his mother left, and mother Gou rushed over as soon as she received news. The claims settlement also went very smoothly, and the group of brothers thought that there would be no problem.

“I accompanied brother Gou’s mother to the insurance company that day to settle the compensation. But Yu Mei also insisted on following. Since brother Gou had the accident, this woman had been busy waiting on and taking care of all of his needs. Helping with sanitation, feeding him meals and wiping his body clean. Everyone thought she had changed her ways and was really ready to spend the days with brother Gou. We were all quite happy for brother Gou.”

“After finishing settling the insurance, I wanted to send mother Gou and Yu Mei back to the hospital to pay the operation money. But I got a call halfway through, saying that something happened to our crew and insisting that I had to let go back. Yu Mei said to give the money to her and she’ll take mother Gou back to the hospital to make the payment.”

At that time, Da Luo didn’t think anything about it, so he directly handed over the bank card to Yu Mei. As a result, when Yu Mei arrived at the hospital, she left mother Gou in the ward, saying that she would go through the payment procedure while mother Gou took care of Gou Rixin.

Mother Gou waited in the ward all afternoon, but 

Yu Mei still did not return. Feeling something was wrong, she went down to investigate and found that Yu Mei didn’t go to make the payment at all. She actually ran away with the bank card.

Mother Gou panicked. She didn’t know how to use the phone, nor was she familiar with Gou Rixin’s friends. In the end, she begged the nurse at the nurse station to call with the contact information that the nurse found. Only then did Da Luo and the rest learn that Yu Mei actually took the money and ran away: “…..You say, isn’t she too cruel? Brother Gou has been so good to her for so many years. Before the accident, he even wanted to marry her. You say, how could she do this kind of cruel thing? She is basically forcing brother Gou to die!”

“It’s my fault too.” Da Luo cried on the phone, slapping himself with his other hand: “I shouldn’t have gone back to the crew. How could that mess be as important as brother Gou? Tao Mu, you say, what can we do now?”

“It’s alright.” Tao Mu had a headache from Da Luo’s crying, he soothed the other while saying, “I’ll make a call first and see if I can transfer brother Gou to Beijing’s hospital. After all, Beijing’s medical level is definitely better than H Town’s. Even if he needs to go under surgery, there is more guarantee about doing the operation in Beijing than in H Town. As for the money, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Tao Mu asked again: “Has Yu Mei’s matter been reported to the police?”

“Huh?” Da Luo was stunned for a moment, and then said with some embarrassment: “Would brother Gou let us?” His woman ran away while he was sick. Such a shameful thing, with Gou Rixin’s temperament, he would want nothing more than to cover it up, so how could he have someone call the police?

“Who cares if he is embarrassed or not at this point. This is a crime.” Tao Mu was so angry he wanted to crawl over the phone line and beat Da Luo up: “In short, call the police first. Wait for the police to file a case and catch the person. “

After a pause, Tao Mu asked again: “The incident involving the wire accident…..”

“What?” Don’t know why but despite Tao Mu being so much younger than them, after this large group of older brothers listened to Tao Mu’s instructions, they all seemed to have found their pillar of support immediately. Da Luo held the phone and listened with great focus. When Tao Mu suddenly stopped talking, he couldn’t help asking: “What’s the matter? Tao Mu, what do you want to ask?”

“Nothing.” Tao Mu originally wanted to ask whether Gou Rixin’s wire accident was man-made or a real accident. However, considering the IQ of Da Luo and the rest, he probably wouldn’t know even if he asked: “Let’s talk about it when we meet.”

Gou Rixin’s injury was the most urgent thing at the moment.

After putting down the phone, Tao Mu immediately found Yun Xingjian’s contact information.

As the director of the Beijing No. 1 People’s Hospital, Yun Xingjian had a clear grasp of the internal situation of the Beijing medical system. For example, for the operation of Gou Rixin, which hospital’s relevant department was the most authoritative, which chief surgeon was the most skilled, and which chief surgeon was best at rehabilitation…..

Gou Rixin was also one of Yun Duo’s life-saving benefactors. After receiving Tao Mu’s call for help, Yun Xingjian immediately prepared the procedures for the transfer to Beijing’s hospital without saying a word. He also personally called the H Town hospital to learn about Gou Rixin’s situation and coordinate the transfer.

On this side, Tao Mu had to ask for leave from the school. He really didn’t feel at ease about leaving Da Luo and the rest to their own devices, and planned to go to H Town to personally handle the transfer of Gou Rixin as well as Yu Mei’s case.

Asking for leave at the beginning of the semester would inevitably leave a bad impression on the school. However, Tao Mu had a credible reason, and his creation of FlyNews also gave him a lot of impression points. The school didn’t make it difficult for him, and gave him leave happily.

Tao Mu took the plane that night and arrived in H Town early the next morning. Qin Miaoru, who had long received the news, drove their inn’s van to pick him up and send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Gou Rixin’s gang of martial arts brothers were all in the hospital, and there was also an old lady in her sixties in the ward, her face full of tears, eyes so swollen from crying they almost went blind. She was also continuously blaming herself.

“It’s all my fault, I should have followed that girl. If only I had kept an eye on her…..”

Gou Rixin was lying on the hospital bed. He was originally a burly person but in just a few days, he lost a shocking amount of weight. His complexion was also very pale and looked very bad: “Mom, don’t cry. It’s not your fault. “

“Mom, I don’t feel good. Don’t cry——”

Before he finished speaking, Qin Miaoru’s excited voice interrupted: “Tao Mu is here!”

“Tao Mu?”

“Taozi is here, that’s great! You tell us quickly, what should we do now?”

“In the afternoon the hospital told us that they would be transferring brother Gou to the Beijing No. 1 People’s Hospital. Did you help with this matter?”

“We have already called the police for Yu Mei’s matter. The police have also filed the case. The officer in charge of this case is the officer Yao from before. He has been promoted. He also said that he will try his best to help us catch Yu Mei.”

The arrival of Tao Mu turned the panicked ward into a noisy ward. The martial arts brothers headed by Da Luo rushed forward and surrounded Tao Mu. It was so noisy that Tao Mu had a headache.

He frowned and walked over to the hospital bed. He first greeted Gou Rixin’s mother, introduced himself, and then said to Gou Rixin, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

With just a few words, Gou Rixin, a tough northeastern guy who was more than 1.8 meters tall, bursted into tears.

Gou Rixin held Tao Mu’s hand tightly. He had suffered too much these days. From being valued by the Hong Kong director and being able to audition for the second male lead, as well as about to prepare for marriage with Yu Mei, to the possibility of being paralyzed for the rest of his life when the wire snapped and he accidentally broke his waist, as well as learning that his fiance ran away with all the money. The ups and downs during the past few days had directly crushed this upright man.

His mother was in her sixties, sitting in front of his hospital bed all day long and crying, blaming herself; his brothers were also panicked and ran around everywhere to raise money. But this large group of martial arts brothers who only knew to enjoy the moment when they had any money in their hands, and from time to time even having to rely on his help. It was impossible for them to have much savings on hand. After running around for a long time, in the end it was Qin Miaoru who finally helped raise 300,000 yuan. But this was already the limit.

Gou Rixin was usually the big brother and leader in front of his brothers. So even if he had frustrations and sorrow deep in his heart, it was not easy to talk about it with his brothers, so he could only suffer it on his own. After holding back these few days he had nearly gone crazy. So now seeing Tao Mu——even though this kid was only eighteen this year, a decade younger than him, Gou Rixin felt that Tao Mu could hold up against anything and understand him.

Tao Mu looked at Gou Rixin who could barely breathe from crying so hard, stretched out his other hand and patted him on the shoulder. Without saying any comforting words, he simply explained what he had done during this time. “…..I have already contacted director Yun Xingjian who will help to complete the operation procedures. The best expert in the country was invited to perform surgery for you. Follow-up rehabilitation treatment has also been arranged. When we fly over there, you will be hospitalized for observation for two days, and if there is no issue the surgery will directly be performed.”

“Don’t worry about the money issue. Just take it as me lending it to you. Don’t think too much, just take care of your health. When the time comes you can make money from filming, so you will soon be able to pay me back——I will give you an interest rate that is the same as the bank’s. So you don’t have to worry about rushing to repay the money.”

Before his words even finished, Gou Rixin’s mother had already grabbed Tao Mu’s arm in excitement and was about to kneel. Tao Mu quickly grabbed onto her: “Auntie, what are you doing? I am friends with brother Gou, and this is just something that I should do. Brother Gou also helped me a lot before.”

“Young man, I thank you very much. If not for you, our family would be completely finished. You say, I only have one son, Xiao Xin, my entire life. If he… would I explain to his father?”

Tao Mu had no parents himself, so he felt especially emotional when he saw other people’s parents caring about their children. He quickly soothed and said: “Auntie, don’t worry. It’s going to be alright. As soon as director Yun heard about brother Gou, he immediately called the best expert in the country to take care of brother Gou. You don’t know, this director Yun’s daughter once came to H Town and was deceived by some bad guys. It was brother Gou who helped rescue her. So brother Gou is a good person who will definitely be fine.”

Gou Rixin’s mother cried silently, continuing to hold onto Tao Mu by the arm. Tao Mu patiently comforted mother Gou. Gou Rixin also cried and looked at Tao Mu with tears and snot. Tao Mu pulled a piece of tissue and handed it to him in some disgust.

Gou Rixin blew his nose loudly, and only then did his emotions finally calm down: “Tao Mu, thank you. If not for you, I really don’t know what to do.”

Seeing that Gou Rixin and his mother’s emotions finally stabilized. Tao Mu then went to see Gou Rixin’s attending doctor, wanting to understand Gou Rixin’s condition in detail.

The hospital where Gou Rixin stayed at was the hospital that received Yun Duo and the other human trafficking victims. The doctors and nurses here still remembered Gou Rixin and Tao Mu, and of course they also had a very good impression of them. So even if Gou Rixin had no money for surgery, his medication was still the best. The hospital also wanted to maintain Gou Rixin’s physical condition and increase the success rate of Gou Rixin’s surgery in Beijing.

After Tao Mu learned about Gou Rixin’s condition in detail, he went to the local police station to consult on Yu Mei’s situation. He was received by officer Yao, the officer who had helped them on Yun Duo’s case the last time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Officer Yao explained to Tao Mu that the police had just opened the case and were investigating the whereabouts of the suspect in all aspects. According to the surveillance of the hospital, they had tracked Yu Mei getting into a taxi. Knowing the license plate number of this taxi, someone had already been sent to investigate further. There was no news yet.

While talking, they saw Qin Miaoru rushing into the police station with her group of brothers. She said breathlessly: “I, I want to report! I have some clues!”

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