After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 043 Mutual Reporting

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As soon as these words came out, the entire police station suddenly fell silent. Especially those veteran policemen who had rich experience in handling cases. They all seemed to smell a trace of crime.

Of course, this kind of thing was useless just by guessing. So the police immediately dispatched police forces, and based on the clues provided by the dragon tattoo brother, they planned to immediately arrest Yu Mei, who had absconded with a huge amount of money.

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Because of the clues provided, dragon tattoo brother, who once again became an informant, also got in the police car, being responsible for showing everyone the way. Before getting in the car, dragon tattoo brother said proudly in the police station: “Comrade police, don’t worry. When I came, I already left people behind to keep watch downstairs. That little lady will definitely not be able to run.”

The police were amused: “You actually know about tailing?”

“Of course.” Dragon tattoo brother patted his chest: “We have a previous experience of catching bad guys before after all.”

Tao Mu looked at the dragon tattoo brother and found that this person was the one who was impressed by his cooking skills at the dinner table and wanted to recognize their old man Song as godfather. Tao Mu remembered that the last time they went to the Longmen Inn to inquire about Yun Duo’s case, it was also this brother who found the first clues. The police were taken to a courtyard residence outside the city where the traffickers were caught in time.

Tao Mu discovered that this person was quite talented! But how could such a talented person be a cook! It would be a waste! He should just devote himself to the great cause of entertainment media!

Tao Mu thought of his FlyNews website, and in the future he would definitely establish a FlyNews Entertainment Department. When he looked at the dragon tattoo brother again, his eyes took on the light of a connoisseur.

Because the intensity of the arrest was different from the previous one, Tao Mu and other idlers did not need to follow. They only needed to stay at the police station and wait for news. During this period Tao Mu asked Qin Miaoru about dragon tattoo brother. Qin Miaoru was always eager to answer any of Tao Mu’s questions, and immediately said, “You mean Da Fei! I heard that when he was a child, his mother often sent him to follow after his dad secretly to see which friend’s house his dad went to gamble money at, and which woman he was fooling around with. After so many years, he has accumulated a lot of experience. He has also been a bodyguard before. But because he can’t keep his mouth shut, always willing to talk about the boss’s gossip, he was eventually fired.”

But then again, Zhang Fei also wanted to leave himself. So he deliberately found something to make the boss fire him. In his words, the previous boss was not a very good person, and he was unwilling to help a villain do evil——out of sight, out of mind.

When Tao Mu heard Zhang Fei’s name he was once again delighted, and felt that not only was this person interesting, but his name was also interesting.

Tao Mu was thinking about Zhang Fei while waiting for officer Yao and the others to come back. But before the police had yet to come back, another person came in to make a report.

After the person reported his name, everyone was stunned to discover that this person turned out to be the “Da Xiong” Zhang Fei mentioned before!

What was this situation?

The group of people looked at each other, instantly bewildered.

It was Tao Mu and a few experienced old policemen who vaguely guessed Da Xiong’s intentions.

A police uncle expertly picked up a notebook to record his statement.

Da Xiong’s real name was Xiong Zheng. Like Gou Rixin, he was a martial arts extra and because he had spent a long time in the H Town Studio City, he had made a wide range of contacts, and was now a small group extra leader.

According to his own account, he and Yu Mei met in the summer two years ago. At that time, they both had gone to participate in a dinner party organized by the assistant director of a crew.

“…..It’s called a dinner party, but in fact everyone knows the truth. This kind of gathering involves that kind of relationship. The assistant director relies on his own power in the crew to obtain sexual favors from actresses. There are also a few lighting techs and videographers. Some beautiful actresses were also willing and wanted to suck up to the assistant director so as to add a few more lines to their parts or when filming, have the cameraman capture them in a more flattering angle. It’s all done willingly. Yu Mei often goes to that kind of party.”

Xiong Zheng confessed, while blackening Yu Mei’s person from inside to outside: “…..She can drink and have fun with everyone. So after a few times we got together. After that, I would often introduce her to some acting roles which were all roles with lines.”

“Then do you know about Yu Mei and Gou Rixin being together?” The police comrade suddenly interrupted Xiong Zheng when he heard this.

“I know.” Xiong Zheng was hanging his head. He raised it again and stared at the police scorchingly: “But it’s not illegal, right? The two of us are unmarried. Besides, it was Yu Mei who took the initiative to hook up with me.”

The police nodded, without commenting on the incident, and said in a deep voice, “Continue.”

Xiong Zheng looked at the police comrade with some anxiety. But the police comrade did not say a word, nor did he show any expressions. Xiong Zheng felt even more nervous.

He confessed honestly: “In fact, people in our circle are almost like this. Yu Mei and I dated on and off several times in the past two years…..Her man keeps a tight hold on her and doesn’t like her to go out. Yu Mei also always complains to me that her man has no ability and yet likes to boss her around. She wants to break up with her man and stay with me. Of course I don’t care. After all, Yu Mei is pretty. With such a girlfriend, I don’t lose out. But later, she suddenly stopped talking about breaking up, and said that she would not see me any longer in the future, that she plans to marry her man. It didn’t matter to me. But I really didn’t expect what happened next. She suddenly came to me yesterday afternoon with a big bag full of a million yuan in cash. This really frightened me. I asked her what’s going on…..”

“She said that the money was paid by the insurance company for her man’s accident. She also said that her man would not survive this time. The doctor said that even if the operation is successful, it is most likely that he would still have high-level paraplegia. She said that she wants to break up with her man and that this one million yuan was compensation for her loss of youth during the many years she had been with him. It was her break-up fee. But I thought, this is a scam! Her man is still lying in the hospital bed…..”

Xiong Zheng flushed down to his neck in his excitement, looking very honest and dutiful: “I was terrified and felt that this was wrong. So I came here. I say, comrade police, you must believe me. I know that intervening in their relationship is not good of me. But I am definitely a law-abiding citizen. I don’t do anything illegal. Yu Mei is too ruthless. You say, she was with her man for so many years, same as husband and wife. But she actually ran away with the money needed to pay for her man’s medical treatment at this critical juncture. Isn’t this the same as forcing Gou Rixin to die!”

It was probably because Xiong Zheng appeared too sincere and eager, so including Qin Miaoru and the others, everyone felt that this matter might really have nothing to do with Xiong Zheng. Although his moral quality was not very good, casually intervening and messing up the couple relationship of others. But he really didn’t look like he could do something illegal.

But when Tao Mu observed Xiong Zheng’s expression, he couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong.

The policeman responsible for recording the confession did not look up, and continued to ask: “Do you know Gou Rixin?”

Xiong Zheng bowed his head and nodded dejectedly: “I know. H Town is only so big of a place, and we are all martial arts extras. How can we not know each other? It’s just that we don’t have a close friendship or anything like that.”

The experienced old policemen looked at each other and smiled. Xiong Zheng’s words sounded nothing wrong at first. But there was no mention of the fact that Gou Rixin was Yu Mei’s boyfriend. As a male adulterer who intervened in the relationship of a couple, it was impossible for Xiong Zheng to not know the identity of Gou Rixin. But when recording his confession, he subconsciously wanted to distance the relationship between him and Gou Rixin.

Therefore, the police comrades could not help but to be curious. Xiong Zheng came to the police station to report Yu Mei. And even kept expressing sympathy for Gou Rixin. So why did he subconsciously want to distance himself from Gou Rixin?

“As far as we know, there have been some conflicts between you and Gou Rixin. And this time after Gou Rixin’s accident, his role was replaced by you.”

Da Xiong’s expression changed: “Comrade, comrade police, what do you mean by this? Are you suspecting that I did anything? That would be too unjust. I say, comrade police, you have to pay attention to evidence when handling a case. How can you suspect me without evidence?”

“Please calm down. Who suspects you.” The police comrade in charge of recording the confession tapped the notebook with a ballpoint pen, and continued to remain expressionless: “I just stated an established fact. Why are you so excited?”

Da Xiong looked like he had choked on air and he quickly explained: “No. The point is that I am afraid.”

“You haven’t done anything wrong, what are you afraid of?” The police comrade said with a very serious face: “Don’t worry. Us police will definitely handle the case based on evidence, and will not wrong a good person or let a bad person go.”

Xiong Zheng appeared sheepish, and nodded in agreement: “Yes, yes, I believe the police will not wrong me. By the way, Yu Mei is at my house now. Go and arrest her. Don’t let her run away.”

The police comrade continued to ask without expression: “Since Yu Mei came to you yesterday, why didn’t you call the police yesterday? Afnd instead calling the police after a day’s delay?”

“In the beginning, I didn’t know what was going on. It took a long time for Yu Mei to tell me the truth. It was already late at the time, and then I had to keep her steady. I couldn’t let her find out that I called the police and let her run off. If that was the case wouldn’t I be unable to explain myself?” Xiong Zheng replied smoothly, as if he had rehearsed several times in advance.

The police comrade raised his eyelids and glanced at Xiong Zheng. He didn’t say anything. Suddenly they heard a loud noise coming from outside, which included the shrill screams and crying of a woman.

——It was officer Yao and the rest who had managed to arrest Yu Mei.

Yu Mei, who had always had heavy make-up on and dressed exquisitely, now appeared with dishevelled hair, sandwiched between two policemen. Following behind them was Zhang Fei and a policeman carrying a bag.

Seeing Xiong Zheng in the police station, Yu Mei, who was crying, was suddenly taken aback. She immediately understood and began to struggle to break free from the restraint of the police comrades. Instantly a high-pitched scream sounded: “Xiong Zheng you bastard, you are a man without balls. You actually betrayed me.”

“Comrade police, I also want to report.” Yu Mei broke away from the police like a crazy person, and rushed to scratch at Xiong Zheng’s face with her long nails. Xiong Zheng slapped her away, the momentum causing her to fall on the desk and nearly hitting her forehead.

She covered her forehead with a hostile face: “I want to report Xiong Zheng, it must be him who fiddled with the wires and caused Gou Rixin to have the accident. He did this to take over Gou Rixin’s role. I report! I report!”

Yu Mei threw herself at the police like a lunatic, viciously accusing Xiong Zheng, appearing as if she wanted to drag him to death with her.

Compared to Yu Mei’s reaction, Xiong Zheng was much calmer: “I say, Yu Mei, don’t wrongly accuse others. Gou Rixin’s incident was an accident. Didn’t the insurance companies all determine that it was an accident? Otherwise, how could Gou Rixin claim compensation?”

“No!” The shrill voice seemed to want nothing more than to shatter all the glass in the police station, and Yu Mei pointed at Xiong Zheng with crimson eyes and snarling lips: “You did it. You must have done it. Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental, I just told you Gou Rixin was going to audition, and then he had an accident within half a month. And it coincidentally happened when he was in the same crew as you. If not you then who else?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Don’t be fooling around, okay? The police only deal with evidence.” Xiong Zheng said, and looked at the police confidently: “Comrade police, if you don’t believe me, you can investigate. Gou Rixin’s accident really has nothing to do with me. It’s his own bad luck. When filming the movie, he happened to encounter the breakage of an old wire. Although this kind of thing is not common. But it is not uncommon in our martial arts body double business. Originally, being a martial arts body double is a high-risk job and accidents happen quite often. Especially for stuntmen.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and investigate!”

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