Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 069 Tai Bai

Wei Di and the others only stayed in Jinyuan for a day before continuing on the road.

In order to carry Nie Bufan, Wei Di specially rented a carriage, and he who always traveled on a horse also rode in the carriage with him.

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Nie Bufan lay sprawled, occupying most of the space in the carriage, weaving grass puppets in boredom.

Wei Di sat reading on the side, but occasionally he would glance at him out of the corner of his eye, wondering in his heart: Why was this guy so quiet this whole way?

Just as he was pondering on this, he heard Nie Bufan suddenly ask: “By the way, where is the egg I gave you before?”

“Egg?” Wei Di paused slightly, recalling that he did indeed give him an egg during the meal they had together back at the inn.

He replied, “I threw the egg away.”

“Thrown away?” Nie Bufan accused, glaring, “Why did you throw it away?”

“It was a bad egg, what would I do with it otherwise?” Wei Di glanced at him strangely, wondering why he was specifically asking about an egg.

Nie Bufan tutted a few times. Not all the fertilized eggs he carried with him ended up hatching. The one Wei Di got was undoubtedly a bad egg.

Ai, one’s character was indeed really important.

At this moment, an attendant’s voice came from outside the carriage: “Master, it’s almost noon, should we stop and rest by the roadside for a while?”

“No, drive at full speed. We must arrive at Yan Shun at dusk.”

Without waiting for the attendant’s response, Nie Bufan interrupted and said, “Wait, my back is sore and I feel tired and hungry. I really need a break!”

Wei Di glanced at him, clearly conveying: You’re just sitting in the carriage this whole time, what is there to feel tired about?

Nie Bufan leaned out the window of the carriage with an expression of pain and looking about to vomit, saying weakly: “If I don’t rest, I will fall apart.”

Wei Di ignored him, turned his head and was about to order to continue on the road when Nie Bufan suddenly threw himself over and hooked his neck with his arms. He glared at him with accusing eyes, and said: “Uncle Wei, one can’t be so unkind, even if you don’t think of my fragile body, at least consider my downcast and gloomy emotions as a hostage. If you push me too far, I don’t know if I will do something terrible.”

“Oh?” Wei Di smirked, “Then I will wait and see what good things you will do.”

“Don’t be like this.” Nie Bufan stretched out a finger to stroke Wei Di’s Adam’s apple, blowing out a warm breath: “Why not get out of the carriage and breathe in fresh air, enjoy the scenery or something? After sitting in the carriage for so long, don’t you feel that your whole body is stiff and your butt hurts?”

Wei Di’s gaze moved below Nie Bufan’s waist, and half-smiled, “Probably only your’s hurt.”

He hadn’t let him go last night, doing it nearly until dawn.

Nie Bufan became depressed. He looked at Wei Di with the gaze of one looking at a heartless man, and complained: “So, you don’t feel guilty at all, or have any desire to make up for it even just a little bit?”

Wei Di smirked, the corner of his mouth hooking up, seeming to enjoy the feeling of the other acting spoiled and coquettish towards him. As the Wulin leader that everyone respected, no one had ever dared to get close to him so casually, without a trace of motive and hypocrisy. He had also never been so indulgent towards an individual before either, accepting him without any qualms.

Nie Bufan was the only one.

“Fine, we’ll stop for a break.” Wei Di finally agreed.

“Yay.” Nie Bufan made a victory sign with his hand and smacked a wet smooch on his face.

As soon as the carriage pulled over, he eagerly jumped out, spreading his arms and inhaling deeply, a satisfied expression on his face.

Wei Di looked at him, a smile appearing in his eyes.

Nie Bufan ran over to a small lake and washed his face. He looked up and saw that an eagle was still flying in the sky.

He lowered his head again and looked at the reflection of his handsome face in the lake, finger combing his messy hair, feeling all kinds of satisfaction.

Just as he was immersed with preening narcissistically, a head suddenly popped out of the lake less than half a meter away from him, the water splashing out with his appearance. In a moment of carelessness, Nie Bufan’s face was also splashed with the water droplets.

The person in the lake wiped his face and smiled brightly at Nie Bufan.

Nie Bufan was shocked, but because his facial expression could not keep up with his nerve stimulation, any feelings of fright or shock were concealed under an unmoved expression.

When his emotions calmed down, Nie Bufan began to examine the man who suddenly emerged from the water in front of him.

Around 25 years old with dark skin, high nose, deep eye sockets, and clear blue eyes. His facial features possessed a bit of Western characteristics, his smile open and sunny.

Nie Bufan subconsciously looked over his back and saw that Wei Di was talking to his attendants and was currently not paying attention to this side.

He then asked in a low voice, “Which master expert are you?”

“I dare not bear the title of master expert, I am Tai Bai.” The man also replied quietly.

Too white? Isn’t it a bit out of place for a dark person like you to take such a name? (TN: Tai Bai sounds the same as the mandarin for ‘too white’)

“Where did brother Tai Bai come from?” Nie Bufan looked at the faintly visible naked body under the water, and continued to ask, “You must be in good spirits, swimming so carefreely in the lake?”

It was already autumn, and most people did not possess the refined and elegant attitude of mind to swim naked in the cold lake.

“Heheheh, the autumn breeze is cool and it’s just the right time for a swim.” Tai Bai laughed contentedly, “Don’t know what this brother is called?”

“Nie Bufan.” He clasped his fists pretentiously. For once he did not use a pseudonym.

“Happy meeting.” Tai Bai responded with his own clasped fists in the water.

Then he turned his head to look behind Nie Bufan, and asked in a low voice: “Why, it seems that brother Nie’s situation is a bit precarious?” 

“Yes, currently I am being taken hostage.” Nie Bufan sighed.

“Do you need a helper?” Tai Bai suggested enthusiastically.

“Of course I need one.” Nie Bufan responded without hesitation, “Do you have any good ideas? The one behind me is not easy to provoke.”

“I know, that is the great Wulin Leader Wei Di. What is your relationship with him?”

“The relationship between kidnapper and hostage.”

Tai Bai was silent for a while, and asked with doubt: “Who are you, why did Wei Di capture you?”

“Probably because he is jealous of my sage-like wisdom and otherworldly beauty.” Nie Bufan’s tone was full of the loneliness of a master expert.

Tai Bai chuckled, revealing two cute eye teeth.

“Brother Tai Bai, do you have any good method to help me escape the clutches of evil?” Nie Bufan humbly asked for advice.

“The method is actually very simple.” Tai Bai mysteriously said, “You dive in the water directly, and I will take you to a hidden place.”

Nie Bufan looked around and wondered, “This lake is only so big, where can it lead to?”

“You don’t have to worry about this. In any case, Wei Di will definitely not find you.” Tai Bai spoke confidently.

Nie Bufan weighed the feasibility and decided to try it. Anyway, he was bored. If he managed to escape then that was luck and if not, it was just a matter of being fucked several more times than usual. In that case, maybe that guy could even be exhausted to death from over-indulgence. Either way, there was not much loss on his side.

Thinking about it like that, Nie Bufan nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Wei Di alao happened to look over just as Nie Bufan jumped into the lake.

His face changed abruptly, and with several leaps he rushed to the lakeside, only to see a circle of ripples on the surface of the lake.

He shouted to his attendants: “All those who can swim, go down and find him!”

After finishing ordering, he jumped down too. In his heart he was very angry, this guy, causing trouble if one didn’t pay even the slightest attention!

Under the lake, Tai Bai led Nie Bufan to swim in a certain direction through the algae.

Halfway through, Nie Bufan suddenly tugged at Tai Bai’s clothes.

Tai Bai turned his head and saw his breathless look. He was privately startled: This guy agreed so straightforwardly just now, so he had thought his underwater skills were very good, but it turned out to only be half-baked. He should have said so earlier!

He was at a loss for a while, but Nie Bufan had already leaned over and hugged him tightly, pressing on his lips and sucking the oxygen from his mouth.

Tai Bai was stunned on the spot.

The tongues and teeth of the two intertwined, their breath flowing into each other. Strands of long hair floated gently, entwining with each other, soft as silk in the deep blue lake.

After a short while, Nie Bufan let go and made an okay gesture.

Tai Bai’s breathing was slightly disordered, almost choking in water. He finally adjusted his breath again, stabilizing his pulse.

He gritted his teeth and continued to swim with Nie Bufan.

He swam very fast, and didn’t look at Nie Bufan again. The sudden kiss just now threw him off and it was difficult to calm down.

When he returned to his senses and turned to pay attention to the person behind him, he found that Nie Bufan had disappeared.

He was shocked, and hurriedly swam back to search. Just after swimming for a while, he found two entangled figures above, the figures of Nie Bufan and Wei Di.

Just now Nie Bufan had just finished inhaling some oxygen from Tai Bai and was about to continue swimming, when suddenly his right foot was caught by a big hand.

Before Nie Bufan had time to struggle, he was dragged by someone towards the surface of the lake. And as for Tai Bai, his figure had already swam into the algae and disappeared.

“Hai, hai.” Nie Bufan coughed out some water and shivered.

“Nie Bufan, do you want to die?” Wei Di’s cold voice sounded in Nie Bufan’s ears.

He wiped the water from his face, and laughed without shame, “Uncle Leader, don’t be angry. Occasionally swimming in the water is good for physical and mental health.”

“Damn it, do you still want to run away from me?” Wei Di growled.

“Actually, I don’t really want to.” Nie Bufan replied with a chuckle, “I’m just bored.”

Wei Di was extremely vexed, his knuckles cracking, as if he was trying his best to suppress the urge to kill. This guy always seemed to be challenging his tolerance limit!

Seeing the angry fire in his eyes, Nie Bufan stretched out his hand to cover his eyes. Saying in a small and fearful voice, “The expression in your eyes is really scary.”

Wei Di didn’t pull his hand away, but said coldly, “Now you know to be afraid, isn’t it too late?”

“It’s not too late, it’s not too late.” Nie Bufan approached him and whispered against his lips, “Seriously, uncle Wei, after covering your eyes, you look much gentler.”

How do you see the high-end expression of “gentleness” from just the nose and mouth?

Wei Di pursed his lips. He was just about to speak when his lips seemed to be touched lightly by something warm and soft, like a dragonfly, light and brief. This small animal-like way of expressing goodwill really made one’s heart feel itchy.

Wei Di pulled Nie Bufan’s hand away and looked at him with bright eyes.

The two remained floating gently in the water, silently looking at each other.

“Uncle, if you want to look, why don’t we go ashore and continue?” Nie Bufan shivered in the water, his whole body pressed against Wei Di, absorbing the heat from his body.

“You still dared to jump into the lake despite being afraid of the cold?” Wei Di reprimanded in a low voice, but his tone already possessed a hint of indulgence and pampering.

Nie Bufan laughed.

Wei Di’s eyes darkened. He held the back of his head and gave him a deep kiss, kissing him breathless before letting go.

“I’ll deal with you tonight!” Wei Di dropped a threat and dragged him to swim towards the shore.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When he got ashore, Nie Bufan looked back and secretly thought: Wei Di obviously didn’t discover Tai Bai. That’s for the better, otherwise he would be implicated in vain. Although he felt that Tai Bai was not an ordinary person, after all, one who dared to go against Wei Di must have some cards up his sleeve. However, it was best if Wei Di didn’t know about him. He just felt like causing Wei Di more trouble.

No matter who or what, he welcomed them all!

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