Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 070 Big Brother Bodyguard

Yan Shun, the capital of Tang State, was also the political, economic and military center of Tang State, with a population of over one million.

Wei Di’s Dongsheng Shangfu was located in the valley outside Yan Shun City, his territory stretching tens of miles. In addition, he had businesses and properties in Yan Shun City as well as in all the largest cities across the country. Although he did not reach the level of being as rich as an entire country, his wealth was still definitely extraordinary.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Dongsheng Shangfu occupied a vast area and was heavily guarded. It had a training ground inside which specially trained expert masters for the royal family.

Wei Di took Nie Bufan into the manor and arranged for him to settle in the room next to his own. This move caused everyone in the manor to feel incredulous. One must know that Wei Di had never allowed anyone to set foot in his personal space. Except for a few servants, there were almost no other people near his bedroom.

This time, he actually let a person stay so close to him. It could be seen that this person was highly valued.

There was another reason Wei Di put Nie Bufan close by his side, and that was to prevent him from causing trouble or running away. He specially arranged several attendants to take turns to take care of him day and night, disallowing any error to show up.

Nie Bufan was strictly guarded. Although he was allowed to wander around the entire valley casually, he was not allowed to be alone.

In the first few days, Wei Di was busy dealing with affairs and did not harass him, and he himself was also very interested in touring the valley and seeing the scenery. But after three days, he lost interest. Dongsheng Shangfu’s supremely rich and imposing style was unattractive to him. He prefered the refreshing feeling he got when standing on the top of the mountain and yelling “I am the king of Chicken Nest Village”.

The reason for his obedience these few days despite the boredom was that the young eagle, Big Weapon, had sent him a message that the people and animals in Chicken Nest Village were currently making their way over.

On this day, Nie Bufan sat leaning against a willow tree fishing, a bodyguard standing behind him and guarding him loyally.

Nie Bufan yawned and patted the position beside him, saying to the guard: “Big brother bodyguard, are you tired, come and sit for a bit.”

The bodyguard remained unmoved and said, “It’s fine for this subordinate to stand, at your convenience, gongzi.”

“I’m not at convenience at all!” Nie Bufan harrumphed, “I have to raise my head to talk to you, my neck is sore.”

Your Excellency was clearly only leaning on the tree trunk and squinting at him out of the corners of his eyes. How could it be sore! The bodyguard kept a wooden face but slandered the other in his heart.

“Come here.” Nie Bufan beckoned at him.

The bodyguard reluctantly moved a few steps closer and stopped more than one meter away from him.

“Sit down,” Nie Bufan said again, “Let’s talk about life.”

The bodyguard’s mouth twitched a few times and stared directly at the lake, pretending not to hear.

Nie Bufan persevered, stretching out his leg and rubbing it against his boot. He continued: “Don’t be so boring, you can easily turn into a zombie face from being expressionless all the time.”

The bodyguard stepped back subtly, just out of reach of his feet.

Nie Bufan suddenly grinned at him, causing his hair to stand on end.

He then saw him stand up, twist his neck, stretch his arms, stretch his body, and made a series of weird movements.

“Okay!” After shouting the word, Nie Bufan stepped forward and charged towards the small lake at a speed of 100 meters, as if he was about to perform a reckless water diving action.

The bodyguard was shocked. This guy had a criminal record. He would definitely jump when he said he’d jump, without any hesitation at all.

He hurriedly used his qinggong to chase after him, hooking his waist and pulling him back, falling to the ground with him.

“Huh? Looking carefully, big brother bodyguard is actually quite handsome.”

As soon as the guard regained his senses, he came face to face with Nie Bufan, who was pressing down on him, close enough to hear each other’s breathing.

“Has big brother bodyguard married yet?”

“No,” he replied stiffly.

“Do you have anyone you like?”


“That’s right.” Nie Bufan propped his face on one hand, without any intention to get up at all, and continued, “Following Wei Di, where’s the chance to meet a good girl.”

“Gongzi, may I trouble you to…..”

Before the bodyguard finished speaking, Nie Bufan asked enthusiastically: “What do you think? Do you want me to introduce you to one?”

“Uh, no need.”

“How can it not be necessary?” Nie Bufan exclaimed righteously, “You tell me, do you like men or women? What kind? Do you have any special preference in relation to figure and appearance?”


“No? That is to say, there is no restriction on gender, no restriction on species?”

“…..” The bodyguard was dumbfounded.

Nie Bufan turned over and sat up, naturally sitting on the belly of the bodyguard, with his legs crossed, arms folded over his chest as he pondered.

The bodyguard half supported his upper body, looking at Nie Bufan.

With sweat on his forehead, he said lowly: “Gongzi, may I trouble you to…..”

“Big brother.” Nie Bufan put his hands on his shoulders and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I have great taste, and I will definitely help you choose a good partner!”

The bodyguard restrained himself with difficulty, and squeezed a few words from the gaps between his teeth: “Thank you for your concern, can I trouble you to get off now?”

“Why?” Nie Bufan looked on with sincerity. “You finally got a chance to sit down and have a good chat. It’s a rare opportunity.”

Who could bear sitting like this? The bodyguard roared in his heart. 

In order to prevent being discovered by the Master, he must get this person down and off him as soon as possible.

The bodyguard stood up abruptly, thinking that he could get rid of him in this way. Who knew that Nie Bufan actually clamped his waist with his legs and hung onto him, with his arms around his neck. How did he manage to do this kind of difficult movement? Must his flexibility be so superb?

The bodyguard wanted to cry but he was without tears. Looking at a complete loss as he fumbled clumsily at the person hanging on his body in an attempt to get him off.

But Nie Bufan clamped on too tightly, his legs were like a pair of iron tongs, and continued to speak in a lecturing tone: “How much better it is to sit and talk like just now, why did you have to stand up. Could it be that you like this position more?”

The bodyguard was a little frustrated, his cold expression almost distorted.

“By the way, I don’t know what big brother bodyguard is called yet.”

The bodyguard pursed his lips and said nothing, determined not to reveal his name.

“Do you want to keep it secret?” Nie Bufan nodded his head in understanding, “Fine, I will call you Wei Seven from now on. I have given Wei One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six to others before, so I have to wrong you to be number Seven.”

The big brother bodyguard resisted the urge to kill, paying attention to the surrounding area. Finding no one else to be around, he was secretly relieved. He then quickly moved to a relatively hidden place, and stepped up his efforts to pull off the person on his body.

“Ah!” Nie Bufan felt a bit of pain, and hugged him tighter, accusing in a dissatisfied tone, “Can’t you be more gentle?”

The bodyguard’s face was dark, being gentle with this fellow was being cruel to oneself. This big brother realized in a short period of time the wise saying that was regarded as the norm by the whole Chicken Nest Village.

“Will you get off or not?” The bodyguard finally couldn’t help his temper and roared.

“No.” Nie Bufan said firmly, “I am in the mood to have a good chat today, I insist that we talk until sundown!”

“Then just talk, is it necessary to keep this position?”

“Don’t you think this position helps to bring us closer?”

“We simply have no distance at all now!”

“Yup, there is no distance, no barriers, we can speak freely.”

The bodyguard looked up to the sky and screamed silently.

“I beg you, gongzi, let go of this subordinate.” The bodyguard finally bowed his head and gave in, almost crying, “If the Master finds out, I won’t have enough lives for him to kill!”

Nie Bufan was silent for a while before looking behind him and saying calmly: “I must regretfully inform you that your Master has found out.”

The bodyguard turned around in horror, and saw Wei Di striding over here with a dark expression on his face.

His whole body tensed up, and there were only two words in his mind: It’s over!

“What are you doing?” Wei Di glared viciously at the two people hugging, gritting his teeth as he asked.

Without waiting for the bodyguard to reply, Nie Bufan chuckled and said, “We are exchanging feelings.”

Wei Di circled his arms around Nie Bufan’s waist, grabbed him from the guard and threw him on his shoulders. He then said to the bodyguard, “Go and receive the punishment yourself.”


Nie Bufan was carried on his shoulders, but he didn’t forget to wave his hand at the bodyguard: “Sorry, I don’t have time today, we’ll chat next time.”

Please no more!

The bodyguard disappeared so fast as if he was running for his life.

Wei Di’s eyes were on fire. He kicked open the door and threw Nie Bufan on the bed, saying angrily: “You actually went and provoked my guard?”

Nie Bufan sat up and shrugged: “What are you talking about? Don’t I have the freedom to chat with anyone?”

“Is that called chatting?” Wei Di instantly became agitated when he recalled their ambiguous position.

“What else could it be?” Nie Bufan asked, “Are you thinking too much?”

“I think too much?” Wei Di lifted him up, “Do you have any awareness of being mine?”

“No.” Nie Bufan answered without hesitation.

Wei Di took a deep breath, trying to suppress the urge to strangle him.

Nie Bufan asked with puzzlement: “You arranging guards by my side, isn’t it so they can relieve my boredom?”

“Relieve boredom?” Wei Di’s voice rose.

“Yes,” Nie Bufan replied naturally, “all of them are physically strong, their martial arts extraordinary, hardworking and without any complaints, they are really good playmates.”

Wei Di couldn’t be sure what kind of “play” mate he was referring to.

“Don’t worry.” Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder, thanking him, “I will not disappoint your generosity, and I will treat them like my closest mates.”

Wei Di’s next inhale got stuck in his chest, unable to exhale even if he wanted to.

After a long while, Wei Di said sinisterly: “It seems that I am too indulgent with you.”

“This is also called indulgence?” Nie Bufan asked incredulously, “I’m already very obedient.”

Wei Di ignored him and continued, “I will have the guards stay a hundred meters away from now on. Within a hundred meters around you, there can be no living creatures except me.”

“Are you sure? What about the beautiful sisters who are in charge of my daily care?”

“Every day an auntie will bring you food and water. You can take care of other things by yourself, or I can help you personally.” Wei Di hooked a finger in his belt and smiled lightly, “I am happy to undress you. “

Nie Bufan said indifferently: “Uncle Wei, unless you imprison me in the room and do not allow me to step out of it, you can’t stop me from making friends.”

“Oh? Are you suggesting that I should imprison you?”

“If you really imprison me,” Nie Bufan said solemnly, “I will definitely die very quickly.”

Wei Di’s eyes narrowed, not giving much regard to this sentence. Given this guy’s deep-rooted bad habits, one out of ten sentences being truthful was already really good. But having said that, he wasn’t really willing to restrict the other too much either. His carefreeness and innocent liveliness brought happiness to everyone around him.

Wei Di even suspected that he was born with such a beating inducing face. Did he ever feel sad or pained?

Although he did not imprison him, Wei Di still ordered the guards to be arranged a hundred meters around him.

The hundred meters around Nie Bufan became no-man’s land, as if he was wearing a protective shield, all living creatures on the front, back, left, and right were blocked off.

Life was as lonely as snow! Nie Bufan held his fishing rod and sat fishing alone by the lake.

Just as he was nodding off, a head covered in a lotus leaf suddenly emerged from the water, and a pair of blue eyes looked up at Nie Bufan.

“Hey, brother Tai Bai, you’re not a fish demon spirit are you? You always pop out of the water everytime I see you.” With the previous experience from the last time, Nie Bufan remained calm this time.

Tai Bai’s mouth was still underwater, bubbles blowing in the water, not knowing what he was saying.

Nie Bufan knew that he was concerned with the guards in the distance, so he asked, “How did you come here? Is the lake of Dongsheng Shangfu connected with the valley outside?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tai Bai quietly raised a thumb at him.

“Brother Tai Bai, is there a way to take me out?”

Tai Bai blinked and sank into the water, but left the lotus leaf in place.

Nie Bufan picked up the lotus leaf and saw a line of words written on it. He didn’t recognize the others, but he did recognize a time: Tomorrow night at haishi (9-11pm). 

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