Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 015 Is This A Pitfall?

The paralysis from the snake venom did not last long, and after half an hour, Ye Han could move freely.

He decided to continue with robbery. This time, he increased his vigilance and did not show himself ahead of time. This way he felt that he would not lose to a sneak attack.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, it turned out that of the three people he encountered in a row, he lost to all of them.

He was left with a newly bruised and swollen face.

Self-esteem having been seriously hurt, he developed a trace of doubt on the truth in Mingyu saying that he was a genius.

How could a genius lose like this?

His power was clearly far better than theirs. How could they be so despicable? They clearly discovered him a long time ago and yet pretended not to have found him, using all kinds of dark-handed means, pretending to be dead or pretending to have lost.

There was not a speck of dignity to be had at all!

Just as he was feeling depressed, a person suddenly appeared in his sight.

The person who he hated so much that he wanted nothing more than to kill off.

The young man who came from afar had a relaxed expression, a handsome face, and an elegant demeanor, completely different from his current sorry looking state. The difference was that of one between heaven and earth.

Silently, the jealousy in his heart sprouted up again, but Ye Han didn’t even know what he was jealous of. He was clearly more talented and had a higher status than him now.

Ye Han very quickly psyched himself up and decided to rob his pouch.

There was an agreement made earlier to avoid him before, but for Mingyu…, not even for Mingyu. His mother said that promises must be kept, otherwise it would always be oneself who regretted it in the end.

Hmmph, I’ll let you go for now.

Ye Han decided to turn around and leave. He looked around and decided to go in the opposite direction of Feng Qingxiu.

But at that moment, a sudden change occurred.

The entire sky of the secret realm was originally clear and cloudless, with more than a dozen light sources that looked like small suns covering the sky, so night did not exist.

But at that moment, the light sources suddenly all snuffed out.

The whole world fell into darkness.

There was not a trace of light at all.

Ye Han could only stumble his way forward. He fell several times along the way and was cut all over by sharp leaves.

Then he was pulled to a stop by a person.

A person behind him took out a spiritual stone. The glow from the spiritual stone was weak, but it was enough for him to see what was in front of him clearly.

What he saw before was a wide stretch of grassland, but what he saw in front of him now was clearly an abyss without an end in sight.

Despite Ye Han’s usual daring, he couldn’t help but feel a little frightened.

Although Mingyu said he would not die, he did not want to fall into unknown depths either.

“Take this.” Feng Qingxiu handed him the spiritual stone.

“I don’t need your help, looking at you, you must only have this one spiritual stone in your possession.” Ye Han said coldly, “I will also save you once in the future, but I will not…..”

“Do we have hatred between us?” Feng Qingxiu finally looked at him.

“Of course, we——” Ye Han paused suddenly, realizing that he really couldn’t find any reason, “It was you who forced Ah Luo to marry…..”

“If I was not engaged to her, would you even have the chance to know her?” Feng Qingxiu asked him.

“…..” Ye Han was startled.

Of course not, if it weren’t for Madam Feng who would often go on outings with the young lady of the Bai family, it would be impossible for him as a slave to know the young lady of the Bai family.

“If you didn’t know her, I would have married her already. Although I am not familiar with her, I believe I would have treated her well.” Feng Qingxiu glanced at him, “Who did she die for? Did her father really want to kill her?”

“…..” Ye Han was struck speechless.

Of course not. Her father threatened her that if she didn’t go back he would kill him, but if she was willing to go back he would let him go. She had agreed, but he himself refused to accept it and took the initiative to charge over with a sword. But at that time he was too powerless, so in order to save him Ah Luo pushed him down the river and took the blow from her father’s anger-filled sword.

“We are now in a secret realm and we are all in danger. We are all disciples of the same sect. Is it embarrassing for you that I saved you?” Feng Qingxiu asked again.

“…..” Ye Han said angrily, “We won’t die anyway, who asked you to save me.”

“Well, actually we can’t get out of the secret realm anymore.” Feng Qingxiu said suddenly, “My talisman is already looking for an exit. The previous one is gone. And the edges of this secret realm are collapsing. Look at the abyss in front of you.”

Ye Han lowered his head and found that the abyss just one step away from him had now reached his feet, and the surrounding land seemed to be gradually swallowed up by the darkness.

He stepped back in a hurry.

“Okay, let’s go.” Feng Qingxiu turned around.

“Where?” Ye Han followed him.

“Go tell the others that it is dangerous here and it is safer for everyone to be together.” Feng Qingxiu explained.

Ye Han stopped talking.

Along the way, Feng Qingxiu seemed to have night vision, finding several fellow disciples before long, and under his guidance, everyone began to search separately.

In a short while, more than a dozen people had gathered around them.

However, Ye Han was the only one who used a spiritual stone as a lamp, while the others were completely unimpeded in the darkness.

So Ye Han quietly went to Feng Qingxiu to ask why it was like this.

“We often have various studies when we are in the outer Sect, not only Daoist spells, but also field practice. This kind of lightless environment is common in mining areas, and we have all learned how to navigate in such conditions.”

“Then them easily ambushing me is also something you all learned?” Ye Han told him about his various defeats from earlier.

“Yes, all kinds of small techniques for finding enemies are taught by instructors who specialize in this. After all, there are countless dangers in the Outlands, and all kinds of monsters and beasts are good hunters.”

As he was talking, a junior brother came over and asked for a few empty talisman papers.

Feng Qingxiu gave him two, and the other thanked him and left.

“Hmmph, you know how to conduct yourself.” Ye Han’s tone was a bit sour when he thought of that group of disciples who had laughed and heckled at him before.

“Ha,” Feng Qingxiu chuckled lightly and suddenly patted him on the shoulder before taking the lead to walk away, “In truth, conducting oneself is also a kind of cultivation.”


“It still won’t let us go in?” Outside the mountain, the stern woman frowned and looked at the young instructor.

“No.” The young instructor’s head was covered in sweat, but his heart gradually felt as if it was dipped in icy waters, “Taiyi Peak’s senior brothers have already notified the master of Taiyi Peak, but this is the secret realm of Daxuan, and towards such changes they can’t figure out how to decipher the magical array so quickly.”

“Can it be entered forcibly?” The stern woman asked.

“No, if we enter forcibly, once the entrance collapses, it will be difficult for the disciples to come out.” A Taiyi Peak disciple hurriedly stopped that suggestion.

“Then who can decipher the magical array?” The woman frowned, “Their cultivation level is still too weak and they must not stay inside too long. The longer this is dragged on, the greater the danger.”

“This…..I am afraid that there is only the Sect Leader.” The disciple smiled bitterly. In this world, if one spoke of the number one rune master, it must be the Sect Leader.

“Then I will go.” The woman turned around and left.

“The Sect Leader is still in Seclusion and we can’t disturb…..” Someone tried to stop her.

“Compared with so many disciples’ lives, so what if I assume responsibility for disturbing the Sect Leader!” The woman turned into light and flew away.

When she arrived at the Sect Leader’s celestial residence, the big magical array instantly blocked her way. She had always been hot tempered, so she directly charged in.


Ji Yunlai was currently sulking.

He encountered a pitfall.

Data recovery could be difficult or easy. Unlike hard disk storage, hard disk deletion was actually just deleting the address of the file. The specific file would still be in place, but the address would no longer be known. It was like the courier not being able to deliver things to people’s homes without their address. What was needed at this time was to circle an approximate range, and then go to each house one by one to look for the correct one, until the right place was found, only then would the file be restored.

The jade tablet was more like a blackboard. Everything you write was on it so deleting meant erasing the written words. Whether you could restore it depended on whether the eraser’s actions were thorough or not.

Regrettably, that person erased everything very cleanly, and there was not a single word left.

After three days this was the only conclusion to be reached, which really made him very unhappy.

But this gave him a hint as well, were there any other jade tablets around him that were deleted?

So he searched every corner of the surrounding rooms, and he really did find a rune pattern on the head of the bed that did not seem so right.

After solving a few common logic problems, he got a jade box.

After opening it enthusiastically, he found a book inside.

What book should be hidden so deep? And not put online and backuped?

He turned the pages of the book.

Blank paper.

Ji Yunlai almost wanted to throw it out the window, however, a thought came to him and he reached out and stroked the blank page of the book.

A slight electric static danced on his fingertips, revealing that this was actually a codebook.

There were a variety of different passwords in the front, and at the end, there were a few lines of scribbled handwriting.

“After a thousand years of dreams and a hundred tribulations, when the deadline is approaching, there is still one person who remembers me.”

“If the past is forgotten, I am me, I am not me.”

“Taishang Ninth Heaven, overcoming past calamities.” (TN: Taishang=title of respect for daoists, Ninth Heaven=the highest of the heavens)

What was this gibberish, Ji Yunlai complained, how come he didn’t know that he was such a fraud?

“Idiot, don’t look for the past, if you find it and forget it again, see if you won’t be troubled to death!”

“Simply put, I met a scumbag, and voluntarily invited myself to be abused, then I came back to my senses, killed him and started a new family again.”


“I can’t hold on anymore, I thought I could.”

“I didn’t leave any trouble behind, I cleaned up all the mess already.”

“There is no need to practice the Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword. We can come up with a better killing method. That was just a choice made out of helplessness at the time.”

“The road to cultivation is very difficult, and once you step onto it you can’t stop at all.”

“I have forgotten what it was like to yearn for knowledge, but you are still whole.”

“I miss the me in the beginning.”

“By the way, artificial intelligence can be made here. But if you recall the whole thing, you won’t want to do it. Don’t say I haven’t warned you. In any case, I have made one already.”

“Don’t ask me where the manuscript is, I am more adept at deleting data than you!”

“The 983-year-old Ji Yunlai’s last words (I have indeed become old).”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


This was the reason for his anger and the cause for his having sulked away half the day.

Then he heard a loud sound.

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