Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 016 Is This A Trial?

When already in a state of anger and annoyance, feeling someone trespassing on his magical array would undoubtedly make him even more unhappy.

He wanted to kill that lowly ant as soon as he raised his hand.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But fortunately, he did not.

On the contrary, he calmed down.

This idea of ​​easily stomping someone to death was wrong, even if it could be done with just a flick of a finger it was still wrong.

So it seemed that although the memory was gone, many of the things that had been changed still remained?

He looked at his slender fingers and seemed to detect a faint bloody scent on them.

The greater the ability, the more one must practice restraint, just like what he did in his previous life.

Thinking of this, he decided to go and reprimand this disciple who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Was this a place one could come and go so casually?

The big magical array was made by the predecessor, and if one carelessly entered, only bones would be left.

He stretched out his hand and pressed a finger somewhere on the side of the bed. Fortunately, he already understood the usage of this magical array.

A disheveled woman in a sorry state staggered from the void and almost fell in front of him, but was supported up by an invisible force which disappeared soon afterwards.

He looked at her lightly.

He did not speak, but he also did not restrain his aura.

The true aura, belonging to Kun-Lai’s Sect Leader.

Regardless of status or demeanor, the cultivation of the Master of the Western Continent was definitely not something that ordinary cultivators could look directly at.

Under such pressure, the woman barely dared to raise her head as she knelt in front of him. She prostrated herself three times, and knocked her head on the ground thrice at each prostration. Only then did she barely manage to say: “This disciple has been negligent, and the hundreds of Foundation Establishment disciples of the Sect have fallen into danger in the secret realm. Please forgive us, we hope that Sect Leader will undertake the task of rescuing them.”

Is that so? Then it was excusable.

After Ji Yunlai’s divine consciousness swept the area, he found a bunch of people surrounding a celestial flying peak that was next to Yangshuo Peak. They were discussing anxiously, saying that it had been three days of not knowing what was going on inside.

It had been three days? This kind of thing should have been made known to him earlier, why had it been delayed for so long?

Practically without a second thought, Ji Yunlai was already there.

Pulling his aura into himself, he walked to the entrance of the secret realm. Behind a pavilion, the rocks were as flat as if it had been shaved by a knife. From the texture of the surface left after splitting the mountain, he could also see the cultivation level and technique as well as deduce the posture of the method used.

And the rune patterns on there were similar to the rune patterns he had learned.

After reading the rune patterns making up the magical array at a glance, he got a good idea of their function. This array was triggered by a defense mechanism due to internal reasons.

It was likely those children did something inside to result in this effect.

It was not difficult to crack, but damage to the data was inevitable if done forcibly, and in order to solve it, permission was required.

One Trojan was enough.

The hardware was right there, so there was no need to send the Trojan horse to the console.

Ji Yunlai stretched out his fingers and drew in the air, embedding hundreds of new runes in the original magical array of runes.

After a small flash of light, the entire array seemed to be infected, the color changing from black to blue and spreading across the whole array.


The entrance was opened again.

Ji Yunlai walked in.

He didn’t realize that a large bunch of people were already kneeling around the area.

“Did you record it down! Did you record it down!” A daoist stabilised the hairpiece that had slipped down, and roared at the disciples around him.

A middle-aged disciple supported knees that could hardly stand up, and smiled bitterly, “I only managed to record the part written on the left by the Sect Leader.”

“What I recorded is the one on the right.” Another disciple smiled bitterly.

“Xiao Ting, you are the most talented, how much did you record?” Daoist Yi asked his last direct disciple.

“I recorded two-thirds, but some of the runes seemed to be new, I mostly paid attention to those…..” The young disciple responded a little guiltily.

“Quickly, we must match our results.”

“Um, shouldn’t we send people in for rescue?” A disciple asked weakly, and pointed to the entrance that had been opened.

“Sect Leader has already gone inside, what need is there of us?”


In the secret realm, Feng Qingxiu glanced over and saw that there was only a small area of the secret realm that could be stood on. He frowned slightly.

This whole time, they cooperated more and more tacitly, killing all the monsters and the like that had fled over, but many of them were still injured on their side.

The senior sister from Yushou Peak looked at her red snake with the tip of its tail cut off, and shed tears of distress.

Several junior brothers were seriously injured and unconscious, and were placed on the ground under the care of other junior brothers.

As for the others, they all had varying injuries.

After all, hundreds of fierce beasts in desperation were not easy for Foundation Establishment cultivators like them to deal with. If they didn’t cooperate with each other, it would definitely not just be a matter of coming away injured.

The only exception was Ye Han.

It seemed that the fierce beasts didn’t even see him, passing by him as if he wasn’t there. He killed many fierce beasts along the way and saved several senior brothers and sisters, which caused the others to change their negative opinions of him.

However, the secret realm had almost completely collapsed now, and there was only a small stable spot remaining. If they stayed any longer, they would be completely swallowed up.

His butterfly talismans had gone under the abyss more than once, but there was no news coming back, which caused him to not have much hope that they could survive.

This place they stood was the last place where the secret realm had yet to collapse, but they still didn’t have a clue on how to escape.

Fortunately, they were all disciples chosen out of thousands. Only a few of them had to be knocked out due to emotional breakdown, while the rest were still able to persevere.

After all, everyone could feel what it was like to wait for death.

Feng Qingxiu suddenly thought of something and looked at Ye Han.

Ye Han’s hair stood on end: “What are you looking at?”

Feng Qingxiu suddenly held a sword and made a bloody cut on his hand, letting the blood fall to the ground. The ground became slightly wet, but nothing else was unusual.

Then he grabbed Ye Han and made a bloody cut on his hand regardless of his struggle.

“What are you doing, are you crazy?” Ye Han said angrily.

Then he paused, finding that everyone around him was looking at him.

“Your blood…..” Someone spoke up.

His blood dripped to the ground and disappeared without a trace, as if it had never landed on the ground in the first place.

Ye Han felt a little spooked.

Feng Qingxiu thought about it, calculated where the center of the spot of land was, and pulled Ye Han over.

As the blood fell, several runes slowly emerged.

There were finally clues! Everyone was overjoyed, and several seniors smiled as they drew their swords and walked towards Ye Han.

“Alright, the disciples good with runes come here, let’s decipher the runes here first, this should be the core of the secret realm.” Feng Qingxiu only tried it after seeing that Ye Han was ignored by the beasts and his blood would not show up on the ground. But who knew that it worked!

He had always had prestige among his peers so more than a dozen disciples soon came over.

But the magical array obviously surpassed their beginners’ expectations, and progress was slow.

Two hours later, their spot shrank even more.

Several senior brothers inevitably looked at Ye Han’s wound again, and wondered if it was a little too small.

“Are you even able to solve it!” Ye Han was also anxious, having encountered this situation for the first time.

The equally anxious senior brothers around him glared at him, and if they weren’t worried about distracting Feng Qingxiu, they would go over and beat him up.

Feng Qingxiu discussed with a few disciples of Taiyi Peak, and finally smiled bitterly: “We can only gamble, this should be the way to other secret realms.”

“Just don’t know where it leads.” The person next to him continued, meaning that all they could do was to hand over their lives to fate.

“But if we want to open the channel, it needs more spiritual power, but we don’t seem to be enough.” Someone spoke with worry.

“Let me try.” Feng Qingxiu thought for a while, and finally took out a piece of talisman paper.

The snowy white talisman paper was smooth like white jade, and the red runes on top shone brilliantly. Just looking at it caused one to feel carefree and relaxed.

“This——” A female Taiyi Peak senior sister almost screamed, “This is a Zhen rune talisman!”

Zhen rune, she had only seen it once in the main hall, and one must pay spiritual stones in order to have a chance to observe. It was extremely expensive, but the number of people lining up to observe it was still amazingly large. The queue was so long, she had yet to reach her turn despite waiting a month!

“Junior brother Feng, who wrote this?”

“Junior brother Feng, sell me it for ten thousand spiritual stones, my family is rich!”

“Junior brother Feng, don’t listen to them. If you sell it to us rune disciples, Taiyi Peak will provide you with free talismans for your entire lifetime!”

“Junior brother Feng, can you let me see first?”

“Please let me have a touch of immortal breath!”

“I want to touch immortal breath too!”


“What time is it now!” Feng Qingxiu scolded angrily, and then paused. He did not expect this piece of paper to have such an origin, let alone explain the source of it, so he just stuck it on the entrance.

As if hearing the instructions, huge spiritual power poured in, and the entrance that shone with starlight opened.


They all rushed in.

In a matter of seconds, the remaining spot was left completely empty.

Only a mess of leftover cups and plates that they had no time to pick up could be seen left remaining in the collapsing secret realm.

In the next second, a figure in obsidian robes appeared silently.

He looked at the entrance that was closing, feeling slightly satisfied.

That child was quite clever, he only taught him a bit on identifying and modifying runes and he managed to absorb the essence of it.

Although his techniques were still a little green, it was full of potential.

The thinking of those people outside the realm door just now was too rigid, unable to even find a BUG after so long, and it was likely that they usually engaged in conventional development.

This little child had just studied with him for a day, and yet he had figured out deciphering and code cracking methods. Although he relied on the tool he gave, it was still very remarkable.

Back in his previous life, this child would be senior engineer material!

He couldn’t help but smile. However, the foundation needed to be strengthened and strengthened.

He raised his head and glanced up at the sky.

In the next second, it was as if a switch was pressed, and the light sources in the sky suddenly lit up.

The entire secret realm was restored as if it had been rewinded. The land gradually recovered and spread to the surroundings, but the previous green grass, birds and beasts were gone.

This was always the case, lifeforms could not be copied.

Such a feeling suddenly showed up in Ji Yunlai’s heart.

This was an ordinary secret realm of Daxuan, but also not ordinary.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If one was of the royal family, one could escape through this realm, and at the same time destroy the secret realm and block any pursuers.

He should go and bring them back.

He walked into the entrance.

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