The Cruel Tyrant CH 069 Assassination

Su Mu quickly forgot about the news that someone was plotting against him, because he had more difficult things to deal with.

The moon hung high up in the night sky. Su Mu sat on the side of the bed with a grumpy expression, looking at the two demons of pestilence standing in front of his bed, and said angrily: “I need to rest, can you two not show up?”

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It had been three days. Whenever Ye Qingfeng found a chance to appear in front of Su Mu, he would be sent flying by the omnipresent Gu Yunzhou and his sword. Of course, so long as Gu Yunzhou tried to be alone with Su Mu, Ye Qingfeng would also show up and follow close behind, causing Su Mu to not only be unable to do business, but also unable to take a good rest.

Ye Qingfeng looked at him with a sorrowful expression on his face and said, “Darling, I’m here to accompany you to rest, but this annoying guy is being an eyesore. Can you please drive him away.”

Gu Yunzhou glanced murderously at him, the iron sword in his hand ready to be unsheathed.

How could he be able to sleep in such a situation! Su Mu rubbed his temples. Suddenly, he changed into a smiling expression, stood up and walked to the two unsuspecting men, and quickly snapped out his hand to tap their pressure points. He then walked out the door with a dark expression.

He must find a place where the two of them wouldn’t be able to find him and take a good rest. The cutting night wind outside blew by, cold and bitter. Su Mu psused, not knowing where to go at that moment.

The city of Anyang at night was quiet and gloomy. As Su Mu flew across the roofs he looked at the piles of rubbish and dilapidated houses and frowned deeply. It was not like a city at all, lying on the street everywhere were sleeping beggars. If Anyang City still possessed a bit of liveliness during the day, it was like a dead city at night.

It seemed that Yang Hanbo had robbed the people clean of anything he could. Su Mu stood on a tall building. This place should belong to the rich and powerful. It stood in sharp contrast with the low houses next to it. Light could be seen from a section of the street not far away, the bright lights lighting up the streets and highlighting the moving human shaped shadows. Su Mu circulated his inner energy and was about to make his way over when suddenly a dozen people in black charged up from the courtyard under his feet to surround Su Mu.

Su Mu stood in place, not at all surprised, his eyes cold and emotionless. These black-clothed men surrounding Su Mu had high martial arts skills. Without saying a word, they raised their weapons and attacked Su Mu, aiming at his vital parts.

Like a ghost, Su Mu’s figure flitted quickly among the people in black. Without exception, anyone who was touched by Su Mu instantly stopped breathing. Suddenly, a sharp arrow cut through the air, aiming straight at Su Mu. With a wave of his sleeve, it was directly knocked aside, but immediately afterwards the sound of more arrows whistled through the sky, dozens of arrows aiming towards Su Mu’s vital parts from all different directions. The men in black who were still engaged in combat with Su Mu seemed to completely disregard these arrows, continuing to attack Su Mu with a desperate fervor.

A black-clothed man pierced his sword towards Su Mu’s chest. A murderous light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes and he grabbed the black-clothed man’s wrist and pulled him in front of him. A series of fleshy sounds could be heard and blood sprayed out everywhere. The black-clothed man was shot directly into a sieve. Seeing that more and more people were hiding in the dark and shooting arrows, Su Mu frowned and flew away. But the men in black behind him continued to chase after him. Although they couldn’t catch up to Su Mu, they also couldn’t be rid of at the moment either.

These people were not weak in their martial arts skills so they should not be unnamed nobodies. There was a great possibility that they were from jianghu. Could it be that Fan Qiang mentioned earlier? Su Mu glanced behind him and then accelerated his speed, charging into the dense forest outside the city. A black-clothed man made a gesture, and everyone immediately dispersed and charged into the forest.

But in just a short while, Su Mu appeared silently outside the woods, and flew back towards Anyang City without even looking back. But when Su Mu landed at the entrance of the inn, he saw that there were many more soldiers outside the inn. Su Mu recognized that they were the palace guards. Seeing the different signs on the arms of these people, Su Mu knew who had come.

“Paying respects to His Highness!”

When Su Mu appeared at the door, everyone immediately knelt down on one knee, and the people in the room who heard the sound also immediately rushed out.

“Your Highness!”

Like a blooming flame, Liu Xi rushed to Su Mu with glittering eyes and hugged him regardless of etiquette: “Your Highness, where have you been this whole time? I was so worried about you.”

So many people were still watching! Two grown men hugging and embracing in broad daylight on the streets was too indecent! Su Mu gritted his teeth and pulled away the tight arms around him, and said in a low voice, “Behave yourself.”

Liu Xi retracted his hands aggrievedly. Huang Xuan who followed a step behind wanted nothing more than to poison Liu Xi and disfigure that seductive face immediately. He shot Liu Xi a murderous glare: “Shameless.” Then he walked over to Su Mu and said with a concerned look, “Your Highness, please go in and take a rest.”

Su Mu nodded and walked into the inn, immediately coming face to face with Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng standing in the lobby, both with dark expressions on their faces. Liu Xi walked up behind Su Mu and seeing that these two people were still here, phoenix eyes looked at them with displeasure: “This place is to be the temporary residence of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, idlers shall quickly dismiss themselves.”

Huang Xuan also looked at the two people opposite them with a look of hostility: “His Royal Highness is unwell and needs a good rest, please move aside.”

Ye Qingfeng glanced at the two with disdain and said sarcastically, “Is this any place for you to speak out of turn?”

“Clang.” Gu Yunzhou flicked his scabbard with his left hand, revealing a sharp iron sword, murderous intent permeating his aura.

Su Mu felt a headache. Earlier even when it was just Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng he didn’t know what to do, but now that two more came along wasn’t this just a mess on top of a mess? He rubbed the tip of his nose with his index finger and coughed, saying to the two behind him: “Someone made an assassination attempt on me just now, Liu Xi, go investigate with particular attention on a person named Fan Qiang. Huang Xuan, go and prescribe a prescription for me to calm the nerves and help me sleep. Ye Qingfeng, don’t forget the matter I entrusted you with, Gu Yunzhou…..”

Gu Yunzhou looked at him expressionlessly. Su Mu turned his head to the side and said embarrassedly: “You come with me and help me with circulating the inner energy to heal my injuries.”

With another “clang”, the iron sword was re-sheathed. Don’t know if it was Su Mu’s imagination but he actually saw a smile flash across Gu Yunzhou’s face. Su Mu didn’t dare to stay here any longer. The eyes of the remaining three were causing his hair to stand on end.

Seeing the figures of Su Mu and Gu Yunzhou disappearing upstairs, Liu Xi was so vexed that even the corners of his eyes flushed red. He kicked over the table next to him, and said bitterly, “Why him?”

Huang Xuan flicked his sleeves and snorted coldly before obediently leaving to write the prescription. Ye Qingfeng gritted his teeth and disappeared in a flash. If it weren’t for the fact he couldn’t beat the two of them, he would have chopped Gu Yunzhou into pieces a long time ago, and then forever lock up that heartless little guy.

Upstairs, Su Mu walked into his room, feeling that scorching gaze from behind, and instantly recalled the absurd events of the last few days. His body temperature also increased a little bit, but he was simply too frightened by Gu Yunzhou, so he hurriedly sat on a stool and changed the subject: “Do you have people in the Shi kingdom?”

Gu Yunzhou nodded and said: “Yes.”

Su Mu: “Can you help me investigate a Princess Qingshuang of Shi kingdom? Of course, I will pay the price.”

Towards Princess Qingshuang, Su Mu kept getting the feeling that she was not that simple. According to Shi Ran’s previous actions and behavior, towards the daughter of his brother and enemy, how could he keep Qingshuang alive and confer her the title of princess?

“Fine.” Gu Yunzhou promised very simply and disappeared quickly afterwards.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu breathed a sigh of relief. He was really worried that Gu Yunzhou would kill the others in a fit of anger. After all, in a fight between the two he could only guarantee a tie. Also, towards those three days of being imprisoned by Gu Yunzhou in that mountain cave, every time he thought about it, Su Mu’s face would flush red but at the same time also feel his hair stand on end.

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