After Becoming The Tyrant CH 037 Immediate Execution

Carry on.

The King’s order was issued.

The county lords who participated in this assembly and were on the list all had pale, frightened faces, but the representatives of the free citizens almost cheered in joy——they originally did not believe that they could really achieve any good results at this meeting, and only came on the order of the King. It was just a gamble, but now the lucky balance was tilting towards their side.

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The discussion started again, but the members of the meeting all knew in their heart——

This was no longer a petition, but an unprecedented impeachment.

It was not uncommon to file a lawsuit against the officials appointed by the King through the convening of the parliament.

Since the Mad King Henry conceded to the parliament in order to launch an expeditionary war against Bressi, Legrand’s parliament had the right to impeach the “unlawful officials”, but this was often a means by the great nobles to restrict royal officials.

For the first time since the establishment of the parliament, civilians were able to make their voices heard on the bench of power.

Although the power behind this voice came from the King, at this moment, the representatives of the free citizens were still very excited. If the King wanted them to swear allegiance to him on the spot now, they could even kneel down and kiss the King’s boots.

A fierce debate broke out in an instant.

The representatives of the free citizens, the judges, the county lords, and the great nobles who were all instigated by the King broke out into non-conceding arguments among themselves. Out of worries that one day such impeachment might befall them, even the great nobles who usually didn’t like each other before had no choice but to join forces now.

But this was all in vain.

The civilian representatives fervently accused the county lords of violating the imperial laws and wantonly embezzling and oppressing the people. Each and every small matter was exposed in detail by them, and the judges who were instructed by the King provided them with strong legal support.

Someone once said that the discussion part of the imperial parliamentary meeting was actually a large-scale bazaar quarrel.

So this time, in this biggest bazaar dispute, it was undoubtedly the representatives of the free citizens representing the King’s will who were the most valiant and triumphant winners. They were simply awe-inspiring, utilizing the detailed investigation data and the many laws and regulations provided by the judges, they closed in on their opponents step by step.

Whereas on the other side, the county lords lost ground steadily.

The King, as the puppet master behind everything that was happening right now, only sat in his place, indifferent to the situation as if he was just an outsider.

He didn’t participate in the debate, he just coldly watched as the verdict of the petitions were quickly decided through discussion——or argument. Those results would be uniformly presented before the King by the Lord Chancellor, and the King would make the final judgment.

The King had a clear measuring stick in his heart.

Legrand’s county lords must undergo a major exchange of blood.

This was not only for the subsequent military reforms, but also for strengthening the royal family’s control over the empire. Hundreds of years ago, the Mad King Henry established the institution of county lords based on the system of “the employee of my employee is still my employee”.

At the beginning, the county lords really did help the king to strengthen his rule over the empire, because the position of the county lord was appointed by the King himself.

However, with the passage of time, earldoms gradually overlapped with the scope of the counties, and the system of county lords originally appointed by the King turned into an invisible “hereditary system of county lords.”

This was not something the King could tolerate.

The Duke of Buckingham, who sat next to the King, felt pride for his nephew.

He knew that if the King had not spent so much effort to conduct such a detailed investigation before, and also personally participate in the entire compilation process, then this scene would not have occurred today.

——A miracle would never come out of thin air.

Soon, this alternative impeachment came to fruition one by one, and the county lords all fell back in their seats, limp and defeated. The elderly Lord Chancellor, holding the final decision of the discussion, walked to the King’s desk solemnly.

The King accepted the parliament’s judgement.

Everyone looked at the King nervously.

The result of the judgment not only deprived the county lords of their posts.

The anger of the representatives of the free citizens had been suppressed for too long. They needed to vent, and the result was severe punishment. According to the severity of the crime, some of the county lords were sentenced to imprisonment, but more were sentenced to death.

The county lords still held onto their wishful thinking in their hearts.

If it was all carried out according to the decision of this parliament, the number of county lords who would be executed would be as many as 56 people, and some of them were earls.

Would the King really execute so many nobles directly?

The representatives of the free citizens came back to their senses from the brief joy of victory. They also looked at the King nervously, for fear that it would be nothing but false joy in the end.

The King looked through the parliament’s verdicts one by one.

Under the harsh breathing of everyone, the King took out some of the verdicts and put them aside. The nobles instantly had triumphant smiles on their faces while the representatives of the free citizens could not hide their disappointment, their hearts sinking deeply. They suppressed their sorrow and watched the King’s actions unblinkingly.

The King picked up a pen.

Unexpectedly, he signed his name on all judgments.

What did the King mean?

Everyone was confused.


The King put down the pen, picked up the pile he pulled out earlier, and casually handed it to the Duke of Buckingham.

“Execute immediately.”

Execute immediately!

It was as if a thunderbolt had exploded in the whole hall immediately, and everyone was stunned by the King’s words. For a while, they couldn’t even understand what the King meant, except for the Duke of Buckingham, who accepted the judgments.

The old duke stood up and showed the pile of special judgments to everyone:

——The ones that were to be sentenced to death.

“Take them out.”

The old duke said in a deep and strong voice.

The door of the Bright Room instantly opened, the cold wind roared in, causing the candlelight in the hall to flicker. Along with the cold air, a group of soldiers filed in. They were wearing armor and swords, their figures enveloped in murderous auras——these were the royal soldiers personally trained by the Duke of Buckingham.

Amid the shocked exclamations of the county lords, they were as cold as steel. They ruthlessly pulled these arrogant fellows from their chairs and dragged them through the gaps between the long tables in the hall like dead dogs.

It was deathly silence at first.

But in the next moment, the representatives of the free citizens all jumped up from their chairs and cheered loudly. They spontaneously bowed deeply to the King.

“God bless my king!”

“God bless Legrand!”

The great nobles were pale as paper amidst this wave of cheers.

They didn’t know that from the moment everyone entered the palace, the scarlet carpet was quickly removed from the front of the palace’s main gate where the warrior queen slaughtered a large number of nobles, and a tall guillotine was quickly built.

All the executioners near Metzl City had arrived at the Rose Palace three days ago.

They had been waiting for the orders for a long time.

Following the warrior queen Eleanor, Legrand’s second massacre against the nobles was staged.

The moment the King’s signature appeared on the paper, the doomsday judgment descended on the county lords who had forgotten their duties.


General Edmund sat in a remote corner and watched all this develop rapidly.

As a representative of the State of Ingres, it was an unprecedented honor for him to step into the Rose Palace, so don’t expect to get a good seat. The fierce controversy just now had nothing to do with him. The State of Ingres had always been in a state of autonomy.

The people of Ingres took pride in bravery and felt shame for cowardice.

But at this moment, General Edmund felt a rare timidity.

A kind of fear bred in him uncontrollably. He saw a terrifying power in the young king sitting at the highest seat in this room. That was the will of the iron-blooded monarch. Perhaps one day, this young king would bring unprecedented changes to the entire world. At the moment when the King’s soldiers walked in, General Edmund seemed to see such a future.

He suddenly felt extremely grateful.

—— Fortunately, the State of Ingres made the right choice as soon as possible.

What chilled General Edmund even more was that it seemed to the King himself, the execution of so many county lords was nothing more than a passing thought.

He calmly announced that the parliament shall continue.

The nobles began to join the following discussion with trepidation.

No one made any criticism of the King’s cruelty just now——they remembered the rumor that the King had compiled a book of taxation and civil administration for each county some time ago.

They didn’t know if their names were also on the booklet, so they could only choose to be silent, hoping that they would not become the next target of the King.

The meeting continued to advance, and the Duke of Buckingham was the next to submit a proposal.

The Duke made a request to the parliament for the expansion of the royal soldiers on the grounds that the Bressi Expeditionary Army had not yet left and there was an urgent need to protect Legrand’s safety.

When Grand Duke Grice fought for the throne not long ago, one of the reasons used was the Bressi Expeditionary Army. Now the Duke of Buckingham once again brought it up at the parliament.

The representatives of the free citizens who had just won a victory with the King’s support almost unanimously passed the bill without hesitation——it was worth mentioning that the King also appointed new county lorda on the spot, and the new county lords were all acceptable choices for the representatives of each county’s free citizens

The nobles cautiously discussed among themselves in whispers for a while.

They held a grudge against the King’s exploitation during this period, but the county lords had just fallen, and no one wanted to be the next.

In the end, some aristocratic representatives chose to abstain from voting, some representatives of the church expressed opposition, while others agreed.

The proposal to expand the royal soldiers was passed smoothly.

The King’s plan was moving forward steadily.

Knowing that the great nobles had been forced hard enough today, and there was a need to stop before going too far, the King stopped participating in the following matters and allowed the great nobles to file lawsuits over territorial disputes.

One unpleasant thing happened during this period.

The nobles represented by the Earl of Consett submitted to the parliament a letter of request to “resurvey the royal forest”, protesting that the royal forest had expanded to three times the size it was back in the reign of the Lion King, and the “Forest Charter” had become empty words. They requested that the royal family provide an explanation and response to this.

Here it was.

General Edmund, who had been observing the whole time, subconsciously looked up at the throne.

Here it was.

The King said in his heart.

He knew better than anyone how much pressure he had exerted on the nobles during this period. And these nobles who had taken root in Legrand for a long time would definitely not allow themselves to be tied up and accept the deprivation of power from the King. It was now time for the counterattack from the nobles.

The Royal Forest.

This was a word that waa easy to give people a misconception. On the surface, it seemed to be just a small forest belonging to the King himself, but that was not the case. The area of ​​the Legrand Royal Forest was extremely vast and it could be said to cover a large area of ​​the Legrand countryside. Furthermore, it was not only the woodland that was classified as the “Royal Forest”. [1]

All this depended on how the King himself and his forest officers defined the term.

During the Pureland period, the royal family’s forest area expanded indefinitely, and now it was indeed as the Earl of Consett said in his admonishment——unprecedentedly vast.

The nobles were putting pressure on the King.

When the King sent commissioners to the counties, they were also not idle. The nobles were also trying their best to collect evidence of the King’s violation of the “Forest Charter”, and also attached a rigorous indictment——the forest officers who sued the King.

The evidence might not be as detailed as the King’s tax book, but it should not be underestimated.

The letter of admonition was sent to the King.

The nobles were ready to immediately make trouble on the judgement of the county lords earlier as soon as the King threw the letter on the floor.

Whispers broke out in the entire great hall.

The King flipped through the admonishment letter. People peered subtly at the King, unfortunately they couldn’t tell from the King’s expression what his mood or thoughts were.

The nobles sat in silence and refused to participate in other discussions as wordless persecution.

Amid the tense atmosphere, the King finished flipping over the entire letter. He didn’t fly into a rage, but laughed: “Did you personally write this admonition? Earl Consett.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: King: The guillotine was prepared for you early. Aren’t you touched?

[1] In the medieval period, the royal family forest covered a wide area, and the relevant regulations were extremely strict. According to the records of the “Doomsday Judgment”, in the period of William I, nearly two-thirds of the 30 territories were classified as royal forests. The parliament and the royal family often had conflict over the royal forest. During the time of King John and Edward I, the nobles once asked the king to make concessions on the royal forest.


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