Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 018 Is This Saving The Beauty?

Taishang Ninth Heaven, crossing all kalpa. (TN: kalpa is a long period of time (aeon) in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, generally between the creation and recreation of a world or universe)

To overcome suffering.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was the most famous killing sword after the ancient mythical times.

It was not to overcome people, but to overcome oneself.

It was neither gold nor stone nor wood, but was based on the endless extraterrestrial celestial demons, using one’s own soul to temper the essence of these demonic souls into a sword.

Celestial demons were pervasive and ubiquitous, and if cultivators were even just a little careless in their cultivation, then they would be invaded by inner demons and fall into the demonic way.

Therefore, what was cut out was not a sword of gold and stone, but a soul blade made by the condensing of invisible and intangible celestial demons.

It was not the flesh but the soul that would be injured from a cut of this soul blade.

In front of this sword, all spells and defenses were as thin as rice paper, and all laws were demolished.

Cultivating this sword was practically equivalent to invincibility in this world.

Whether one was a Nascent Soul cultivator, whether one was a Demigod cultivator, or Synthesis cultivator, all would not be able to escape the word ‘death’. It was simply not up to discussion.

Every time this sword came into being, it was always a catastrophe.

It sounded very mysterious, but it was simple to explain. Basically, the cultivator could invite a celestial demon into his sea of ​​consciousness for a one on one duel (any inner demons and evil thoughts could attract them when meditating). And if the cultivator manages to defeat it, and collect its remaining essence, then invite another one, defeat him, and collect again…..If the cultivator felt that it had been collected enough, then the next step was to condense the essence and turn it into a sword of consciousness. The more one collected, the stronger the sword.

Of course, if you felt that you possessed a strong mind and strong ability, you could also invite ten or a hundred for a fight. The more you killed, the more you would be able to temper the sword.

But there was one thing, if you happened to be killed by a celestial demon, your body would belong to it from then on, and it would naturally use your body however it wanted to.

What was most important was that the more celestial demons came, your body would have their mark, and as a result more and more powerful celestial demons would take the initiative to find you.

Of course, the sword would become more and more sharp, hurting others, and hurting yourself.

No one knew the limit.

No one had truly cultivated this sword.

Perhaps there were some with such a special talent who could cultivate it for a while, but the celestial demons were endless, and they would not be afraid or retreat. No matter how powerful the human soul was, it could not withstand invasion day in and day out. When the human soul was finally weakened and unable to bear it, the celestial demon would enter the body and take over the body. You would no longer be you but a terrifying monster that only knew how to kill and bring catastrophe to the innocent.

Therefore, the young man and Nightingale were not at all embarrassed of being fearful.

Those who cultivated this kind of sword were either lunatics among lunatics or desperate gamblers. These kinds of people could not be offended.

After a brief silence, the other finally spoke.

“The Daxuan royal family?” The visitor asked casually, his eyes as clear as water, dark and deep, but as icy cold as a blade, cutting straight into the hearts of people.

“Daxuan was destroyed long ago. What kind of royal family is there?” The young man sneered, “Though, there is a person with pure royal blood among your disciples, but besides opening this secret realm, what use is it?”

Naturally, he saw that the other’s cultivation method was in the same vein as those teenagers.

“Don’t speak then.” Ji Yunlai raised his hand. He had heard him mention “Yin Xianjing” before which was why he had bothered to ask. The information he learned said that in order to avoid being pursued and killed, the Daxuan Dynasty royal family changed their surname from Yin to Li. Therefore, Xianjing might be referring to Li Xianjing.

But after being shamelessly threatened by himself, he was no longer obsessed with gaining back his memory.

Since this demonic spirit wanted to eat his disciples, there was no need to let him stay alive.

A spot of light condensed on his fingertips, and in the instant the light flickered, the entire secret realm vibrated.

Even his own consciousness could feel that dustructive, domineering and indomitable killing intent.

“You broke into our mausoleum and also intend to kill us. Isn’t it just for the Book of the Three Worlds? You won’t even ask?” Nightingale flew up in anger, “You cultivators who want to kill us, how different are you from the Daxuan back then?”

Ji Yunlai did not waste time. The glimmer of light passed by, as if out of annoyance he waved his hand casually.

There was no way to avoid, no way to hide.

After the sword light passed, the two demonic spirits had disappeared.

Ji Yunlai frowned slightly.

His sword was not complete. The problem of his memory had left a trace of missing connection, revealing a gap, therefore he just managed to injure them badly.

He was about to make another sword, but then his spiritual consciousness discovered that the disciples had met with a problem.

He stared briefly at where the demonic spirits were located, and then disappeared.


Above the blue lake, a giant snake stood upright, roaring and spewing countless venom.

The Kun-Lai cultivators worked extremely hard to defend against it. This was not a Foundation Establishment level monster, but a Golden Core Formation.

“Dodge! Maintain your spiritual body armor!” Feng Qingxiu tried to land on the back of the monster, but the opponent’s speed was beyond his reach, and as a result he was viciously knocked away.

Everyone had learned this body armor protection method that only lasted a few seconds. The effect was surprisingly good against venom, flame, stone rain and other long range skills. But just using it once meant a large loss of spiritual energy, and it was difficult to use it again in a short amount of time.

It was a life-saving skill.

Except for Ye Han.

Fortunately, he was lucky and the poison didn’t spray on him.

Feng Qingxiu made a spell gesture and several butterflies passed by, incinerated at the same time. Several runes flashed brightly and formed an extremely simple magic array of entrapment. However, the giant snake just struggled once, and the runes began to fall apart. He reached out and threw out that Zhen rune talisman.

The light of the talisman flashed, forming a huge sharp pyramid and imprisoning the giant snake, the vertex of which was where the Zhen rune talisman was located.

The giant snake struggled frantically, throwing itself against the countless lines of the magic array.

“Superposition!” Feng Qingxiu felt his spiritual energy being consumed wildly, almost drying out instantly.

A disciple immediately stepped forward, placed a palm on his back, and transferred his spiritual energy, but was immediately frightened by the speed of absorption: “Not enough, come quickly!”

As a result, more disciples stepped forward, each placing their palm on the back of the person in front of them.

“Not enough, more support!”


After just a few breaths, almost everyone had come forward and entered the chain of spiritual energy transference. From a distance, it looked like a human chain, their breathing completely blending into one being. Obviously this was not the first time they had done this.

Ye Han also leaned forward and transferred his spiritual energy.

“Your grandma! Get away!” The disciple who he had placed his palm on was shocked, “You can’t do it!”

Ye Han was furious, what right do you have to look down on me! Like a long river, his spiritual energy flowed into the chain.

However, as soon as he input his spiritual energy, the pyramid formed from the talisman magic array immediately had a crack. The giant snake’s pupils dilated, seizing the opportunity and hitting against the crack with all its strength!


The magic array bursted into pieces.

Under the huge countershock, the entire human chain instantly broke apart.

“You haven’t cultivated the Gui Yi spell, so why did you go ahead and join in!” The disciple roared, “The talisman magic array can only be supported with one kind of spiritual energy, and if there is more than one kind inputted it would fall apart. Don’t you have any common sense!”

“Be careful!” Someone next to him pushed him away, avoiding a splash of venom.

Ye Han was both aggrieved and angry. He did not argue back but raised his sword and rushed towards the giant snake.

Feng Qingxiu dodged the giant snake’s killing move with some difficulty. He had received the greatest countershock force from the breaking of the magic array. If it weren’t for his shadow helping him out subtly, just standing up would have been a problem now.

Even so, his internal organs were already badly injured and on top of that he had managed to attract the greatest hatred of the giant snake.

What alternatives were there now?

“Who still has poison pills?” He asked loudly.

The surrounding disciples threw at least a dozen of them over and he grabbed all of them into his palm.

At the same time, the giant snake also threw itself at him, its jaw wide open and intending to swallow him in one bite.

The snake’s tongue was smelly and flexible; Feng Qingxiu slashed at it with a sword only to be catapulted away.

So instead he charged into the snake’s mouth.

Gathering spiritual energy in his palm, he blasted the poison pills down into the snake’s throat.

The giant snake’s pupils dilated, as if it had eaten something dirty. The mouth of the snake stretched wide open, and with a roar it squirted out the snake venom and the objects in its throat.

This method was also useless…..

The disciples around couldn’t help but despair in their hearts.

“Retreat separately!” Feng Qingxiu shouted sternly.

This snake would definitely chase after some, but it was better than all of them dying here.

But before he finished speaking, he was suddenly whipped by the snake’s tail and sent flying far away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Senior brother!” Someone screamed.

However, in the next second, he fell into the arms of a person.

The newcomer glanced at the giant snake calmly.

Its body instantly froze.

In the next moment, it shattered into pieces and the sky seemed to rain blood all over.

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