Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 019 Is This Bullying?

Qingdi Peak was one of the seventy-two main peaks of Kun-Lai Mountain. Connecting the sky and the earth, the peak was spring all year round, with spiritual birds and immortal cranes hovering. If one must speak of the peak that looked most like paradise in Kun-Lai, it must be Qingdi Peak.

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This peak and Shennong Peak were from the same vein, but while being of the same peak, the disciples who grew rice and those who grew medicine had totally different incomes.

Over time, the competition for resources and talents in the Sect naturally led to many scuffles, and the elders who could not stand it anymore had the Yao School ascend to their own mountain peak, Qingdi Peak.

After the Yao School ascended, it was like a fish in the water and soon became one of the most powerful main peaks of Kun-Lai. However, it didn’t take long for the alchemy branch of Qingdi Peak to feel that it was more superior. After a quarrel, the alchemy branch ascended to the peak known as Danding Peak, and thus also became one of the main peaks.

It was also rumored that the inner alchemy and outer alchemy factions in Danding Peak have been arguing again recently…..

The reason why he thought of this was because when Feng Qingxiu woke up, he found that he was on Qingdi Peak.

With him were the senior brothers and junior brothers who entered the secret realm together.

And his room was actually a private single room that allowed for only one person to stay in.

“This is incredible!” The senior sister pet the little red snake and said while eating melon seeds beside him, “I heard that there are many patients in Qingdi Peak, and the healing wards are limited. Only the Nascent Soul elders have single rooms. Even Golden Core Formation elders must stay in a shared three person room. As for us little Foundation Establishment disciples, we just camp out on the floor. Not even money could buy a bedspot!”

While talking, the senior sister stretched out her lovely little hand towards the clothes placed by his pillow.

Only to be blocked by an expressionless Feng Qingxiu.

“Oh, don’t you be so stingy!” The senior sister looked aggrieved, her eyes pitiful, “This time the number one spot must be yours! Just let me touch it to rub a little bit of immortal energy~”

Feng Qingxiu refused.

“The Sect Leader already embraced you, and yet you won’t even let me rub off some immortal energy. How could there be a junior brother like you~ Come, eat some melon seeds…..” The senior sister stretched out her hand and took out another bag. “The seeds of Sticky Cloud white melon are the most valuable essence of melons. You can’t even buy a catty with a hundred spiritual stones outside, let me tell you!”

Feng Qingxiu looked at her resentfully, and almost clutched at his heart with distress.

This was why he wanted to hit the wall after waking up!

He was knocked out by the tail of that huge snake! He completely lost consciousness!

Sect Leader! The real Sect Leader!

The Sect Leader who even Nascent Soul elders haven’t ever had the chance to see!

The Sect Leader actually caught him!

But he actually! Did! Not! Know! Anything!

No feeling at all!

For a mega-fan, encountering this kind of thing was simply worse than death!

And this group of people still rushed in and asked him about his feelings!

What damn feeling!

Did the feeling of wanting to slam one’s head to death count?

And also, those who wanted to come in and touch his clothes——how could this be allowed!

That was touched by the Sect Leader!

He hadn’t even touched it enough himself! And they even wanted to touch the position of the belt!

Go away! That’s where the Sect Leader had held him with his arms, no one was allowed to touch except him!

“Senior sister Tu, your time is up.” Feng Qingxiu switched on the shooing visitor mode.

Qingdi Peak’s private rooms were only allowed to be visited by one person at a time, and there was also a time limit; the privileges were just that remarkable.

“Someone else will still come when I’m gone.” The senior sister was very sad, and both of her long white ears drooped down from her head. Finally she reached out and pinched his face in complaint, “The clothes are not allowed to be touched, but your person should be okay, it’s still rubbing off immortal energy even if just a little bit.”

Feng Qingxiu didn’t refuse this, allowing her to touch without care. Though he didn’t say that the last senior brother who wanted to touch him was beaten up by him and had to be carried out——after all, Peak Master Tu of Shennong Peak, who had taken care of him, was senior sister Tu’s father.

When the senior sister walked away resentfully, someone else soon walked in.

Feng Qingxiu’s injury was not yet healed completely, so he didn’t get up to greet him——this time he was injured quite seriously, but if not a fatal injury, the medicine that Qingdi Peak that could cure instantly must be paid for. He couldn’t afford it for now.

The things he got from the secret realm had to be ranked, and it was temporarily unavailable. He also did not want to affect his ranking because of this.

But the person who came in turned out to be Ye Han.

The gloomy young man came in and stood there without speaking, and the air was suddenly filled with embarrassment.

Feng Qingxiu gently asked him about his recent cultivation.

Ye Han did not answer.

Feng Qingxiu thought for a while and asked: “It’s different from what you imagined, right?”

Ye Han was silent.

Feng Qingxiu smiled: “When I was a child, I heard a lot of stories and envied the cultivation of immortals. I always felt that after I began to cultivate, I would be the number one in the world and the world would be at my disposal. But I found that it was not the case when I really stepped onto the path of cultivation.”

Ye Han raised his eyes to look at him.

“Although the road to cultivation is wide and our generation of cultivators wander through it, the truth is that every step is difficult,” Feng Qingxiu told him briefly, “This was why the Sect Leader founded the three outer gates peaks back then. Among the three gates, our temperament is nurtured. No matter how impulsive, reckless and lazy, such traits are diluted at the outer peaks. Only those who have a satisfactory temperament can stay.”

Ye Han lowered his head again.

“Kun-Lai Mountain is shaped like a horseshoe and surrounds the Central Continent. It has many conflicts with the Outlands. It is not uncommon for deaths and injuries every year. If you wait until entering the inner peaks to learn fighting skills, it will be too late. Therefore, for you not to know how to cooperate with us is natural. There are too many key points, and there was no time to elaborate them with you one by one. Besides, after we came back, did the senior brothers and sisters of the peaks blame you?”

As for being scolded at the time——no kidding, he didn’t just want to scold him at the time. If it wasn’t for the critical situation, he even wanted to beat him up. But now that they were back, thinking back about the situation at that time, everyone would definitely no longer mind. At most there might be a few words of sarcasm in private. After all, it was not like he did it on purpose, so they would only appear stingy by scolding him. In addition, the ranking was also being carried out and no one would stir up trouble.

Ye Han’s clenched fists finally loosened a bit. He said, “I didn’t get the first spot.”

“Is it important?” Feng Qingxiu asked him.

“I promised Mingyu.” But he didn’t hold up to his promise, so now he didn’t even dare to see her. Ye Han felt disappointment in his heart, thinking that he had messed up again.

The Sect Leader must have definitely seen his performance as well.

How could he possibly accept him as a disciple now?

“Fairy Mingyu is the only disciple in Kun-Lai who hasn’t entered the outer peaks.” Feng Qingxiu thought for a while, but couldn’t think of any words of advice, so he said straightforwardly, “Brother, I really can’t help you with this, the thoughts and feelings of girls, I have no contact with.”

There were a few girls who wanted to hook up with him in the outer peaks, but he rejected them——after all, he was a person with a fiance at the time.

Ye Han nodded: “I understand. Many thanks.”

After a pause, he spoke again, “I’m sorry for the previous thing.”

Then he left.

Wait, what do you understand?

Feng Qingxiu looked confused, did I say anything?

After sorting his mind, he placed his previous clothes under his head.

He also needs to breathe in immortal energy, as for everyone else, don’t even think of breathing it!

He was still feeling a bit sad that he didn’t even see the Sect Leader.

“Is the injury better?” A familiar voice asked, the visitor was clad in obsidian black robes and had long white hair, appearing soundlessly. But that demeanor and graceful bearing, just a glance and no one would ever forget.

“Why are you here!” Feng Qingxiu looked at the person in obsidian black robes who suddenly appeared next to him, so startled he hugged his clothes tightly, “This is Qingdi Peak!”

Unlike the retirement resort that was Shennong Peak, Qingdi Peak was the place with the most traffic in Kun-Lai, and the master of the peak was one of the Synthesis elders!

If caught, there would be many on Qingdi Peak who could deal with him!

The medicine sections on the Spell Net were full of test reports of their cooperation with the Mountain Patrol Bureau Prison.

“So what?” He replied casually.

“You are too bold! There are Synthesis elders here!”

“You and Ye Han are really two ends of a balance.” Ji Yunlai laughed. “He firmly believes that he is the son of destiny. You think that all master experts are not kind. If you both can complement each other, it would be much more balanced.”

“When I entered the lower gate, the instructor told us countless examples of deception from high level cultivators. Kun-Lai has always been the focus of those little sects to steal people!” Feng Qingxiu said seriously, “so I won’t fall for it.”

Ji Yunlai smiled but did not say a word.

“Thank you for teaching me the runes this time, I will definitely repay you, just leave quickly!” Feng Qingxiu felt a headache, painstakingly persuading, “I will not be your disciple, I can basically guarantee that I will be able to stay in Kun-Lai this time! I don’t want to go to other places.”

“Really?” Ji Yunlai laughed and began to look forward to tomorrow’s ceremony.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“More real than crystal rice!” Feng Qingxiu replied decisively!

Ji Yunlai laughed happily.

AN: Sect Leader says he feels very happy when bullying his disciple.

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