Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 020 Is This A Thunderbolt?

After saving Feng Qingxiu, and after observing him being ruthlessly observed by his senior and junior brothers, Ji Yunlai returned to his old residence in a good mood.

He then discovered that the female cultivator who had reported for help was still kneeling respectfully in front of his bed.

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His mood became displeased in an instant. Although he forgot to let her get up at the time, couldn’t this person be more flexible!

It was as if he had treated her harshly.

After waving his hand to send her back, Ji Yunlai began to look through the clothes in the closet.

He must shock that silly kid into jaw-dropping tomorrow!

He couldn’t help but feel delighted at just guessing at the expression that silly boy would have when he saw him in the great hall tomorrow.

Kun-Lai’s main color was obsidian black but the robes he currently had on were too simple. He must choose the heaviest and most complex one.

He pulled out a four-layered robe, with detailed patterns on the top. It was made from high-grade materials, and each thread was extremely precious and valuable. With just a glance he knew that it would be very suitable for big events.

It will be this one then!

When changing clothes in front of the mirror, Ji Yunlai looked at his somewhat non-mainstream hair and hesitated on whether to dye it black.

Tomorrow is a big occasion and isn’t black hair more solemn and dignified?

Although this kind of white hair with its tips dyed in red looked quite eye-catching, it did not seem to be the style of the leader of a sect.

Forget it, everyone already knew his hair color and dyeing it black would only make him appear to have a guilty conscience. He could just tie it back up and hide the red tips in the hair piece.

But what he didn’t expect was that the moment he tucked the red tips into the white jade crown, faint fluctuations began to manifest around him.

Ji Yunlai grabbed at the air in an extremely familiar manner.

Two screeches dissipated in the air, leaving only two extremely subtle traces of souls which naturally immersed in the palm of his hand.

Ji Yunlai thought back to the cultivation information he had browsed before, and then let his hair flow back down his back.

As soon as the red tips appeared, the surrounding fluctuations disappeared instantly.

There would be no more harassment from the celestial demons.

“The imprint of the Great Celestial Demon…..” Ji Yunlai picked up a trace of hair and fell into deep thought.

Then he raised his head and asked, “Is that you?”

The trace of obsession that entangled him was still in the corner, so faint it could be ignored at any time. It still had the face that he liked very much.

The imprint of the Great Celestial Demon could only be the imprint left by the peerless great demon before its death, and only it could deter the millions of celestial demons.

The hairpiece just now was also a magical artifact which could isolate energies, so after the red tips were just hidden the celestial demons came to him again?

He wanted the trace of obsession to give him a hint.

It was just that the other would never reply to him again.

The previous warning and exchange seemed to have exhausted its last trace of spirituality.

No matter how long the obsession lasted, it could not hold up against time. It seemed to be disappearing.

Ji Yunlai fell silent for a moment, seeming a little sad.

Forget it, he should prepare for the ceremony tomorrow.


The main peak of Kun-Lai.

The ten thousand mile stretch of mountain, surrounded by clouds and springs. But today not even a single bird was allowed to pass by.

The great hall at the foot of the Kun-Lai Mountain originally functioned as a place to issue various missions and resources, but today, everything was delayed by three days.

Because the great hall at the foot of the mountain was the only path to the great hall on the top of the mountain.

It had long been occupied by various mountain patrols.

Except for the Dao soldiers who were indispensable to the defense of all parts of the Western Continent, the rest who could return have already returned to Kun-Lai.

Although there were still seven or eight hours before the ceremony at noon tomorrow, they were already waiting for entrance.

After knocking back a valuable pill, Feng Qingxiu could finally stand in the outer hall.

In order to allow himself to appear at the ceremony on time, he had to reluctantly give up his love and let the senior sister rub some immortal energy. Only then could he have borrowed a Body Healing Pill and entered here.

Just the thought that he was finally about to see the Sect Leader almost caused him to cry.

Although as a Foundation Establishment cultivator he was part of the last group that could enter the great hall, he was still extremely satisfied when he thought of this opportunity.

This was what cultivating the Dao should look like!

Senior Sister Tu, who was next to him, was in the top three of their year and was also eligible to go in. The two naturally stood together.

“I say, Junior Brother Feng, let me touch it again, and I will give you a bag of rice.” The senior sister looked at the various high-level cultivators who had begun to enter in front of them, “We still have time.”

“No!” Feng Qingxiu refused.

“Stingy!” Senior Dister Tu snorted, “Look, the seven senior elders are here.”

Seven sword lights crossed the sky and fell towards the great hall on the top of the mountain.

The main hall on the top of the mountain, which originally blended into the night, was instantly brightly lit. Seven divine lights rose up into the sky, tangling among themselves in the air, and then turned into countless spiritual lights, which fell one after another, like countless stars.

As if igniting a signal, countless spells rushed into the sky, chasing and absorbing the various starlight which reflected the sky with brilliant colors.

“It’s Cloud Reflecting Heavenly Light, bestowed by the elders, quickly!” The senior sister immediately released a spell, and a fat golden rabbit shadow rushed into the sky, chasing the golden lights, “This kind of spiritual light is very good for cultivation. Only Synthesis elders can go up to Ninth Heaven to collect them. Quick, make sure to seize this opportunity.”

“Okay…..” Before Feng Qingxiu’s words fell, he saw his own shadow rushing into the air one step ahead of him, practically catching the most golden starlights at the very top in one fell swoop.

Of course, this provoked public anger.

“Where did such a rude guy come from!” Various divine consciousness collided in the void.

“Surround him!”

“Make him spit it out!”

“Quickly, I’ll block the west!”

“Someone come from below!”

“Damn, this shadow is too cunning!”

“I cut off a piece, hmmph, good for him!”


After a round of fighting, the shadow quietly returned. Feng Qingxiu only felt that there was something extra in his mind. He was a little surprised that his shadow was so capable.

One must know that although they were all Foundation Establishment disciples in this area, there had also been a Golden Core Formation disciple just now.

“Not a bad harvest.” Senior Sister Tu’s golden rabbit shadow came back. She took a small bottle to collect a part of the golden starlight and then absorbed the rest directly into her body.

“Are you going to sell it?” Feng Qingxiu asked.

“This is for you. I didn’t see you absorbing any just now, is it because yiur injury is not yet fully healed, so you couldn’t use your spiritual energy?” Senior sister asked.

“No need, I have collected some. Senior Sister, keep it for yourself.” Feng Qingxiu quickly refused.

“Then I will give it to my sister. KaKa was just born a few months ago. It’s best to use this to awaken wisdom.” Seeing his refusal, the senior sister did not insist.

Feng Qingxiu nodded, silently slandering in his heart that Peak Master Tu was randomly making up names again, not even letting off his little daughter.

As he was thinking about this, a blue light fell from the sky. A female cultivator in green robes with gentle and delicate features, appearance peerlessly elegant, walked forward gracefully and respectfully. Behind her were four similar young cultivators, all wearing green robes which were embroidered with fairy herbs on the hems.

They appeared not far away from them, the surrounding disciples all taking a step back upon their appearance.

“Aiya,” Senior Sister Tu was also taken aback, and instinctively pulled her junior brother back.

“Who’s that?” Feng Qingxiu asked in a low voice, wondering what was so special about the female cultivator in green who managed to frighten so many people.

“The next peak master recognized by Qingdi Peak, Yimeng Qingnu, the head of the Seven Demon Kings of Kun-Lai, remember to stay far away when you see her.” Senior Sister Tu whispered, “She likes to save lives, but her patients are unable to leave her clutches without experiencing death several times over. Even the foreign races in the Outlands call her the Green Witch. If you encounter her in the future, try to avoid falling into her clutches even if you are at death’s door, got it?”

“Okay.” Feng Qingxiu nodded and kept this in mind. In Kun-Lai, these would definitely be people he would come into contact with sooner or later.

After the green robed senior sister walked into the great hall, the people around all sighed with relief and returned to their original positions.

Then a golden light fell down again, and a group of cultivators walked into the great hall, all carrying swords. There were dark patterns of sword light on their golden robes. The young man leading them was extraordinarily handsome, and the hems of his robes had eight sword patterns.

“They are from Wenjian Peak. The one in the lead is Eight Sword You Jia. He rarely appears in public, but I heard that his swordsmanship is very good.” Senior Sister Tu explained to him.

Then there was a red light falling down and then a variety of other colorful lights one after another, a total of a hundred or so people in total.

Finally, the senior brothers from Shennong Peak arrived. Seeing Senior Sister Tu and Feng Qingxiu they smiled and waved in greeting.

“Where are the peak masters?” Feng Qingxiu asked.

“They take the path of the upper peaks, and us disciples arrive from the lower peaks. This is the rule. Guests take the path of the flying celestial peaks and cannot enter directly.” Senior Sister Tu explained to him.

The sky was getting brighter, and finally, it was their turn.

“Let’s go, it’s time for us to go inside the main hall!” Senior Sister Tu said with excitement, knowing that originally she could have only watched the ceremony from the lower peaks, so getting this opportunity was really not easy.

“Didn’t you already see the Sect Leader?” Feng Qingxiu asked, though he did not slow down his steps.

“How is that the same, just one glance, one glance and Sect Leader sent all of us out. I could barely see anything clearly! Only later did we learn from the instructors that that was the Sect Leader! Otherwise, do you think you would have gotten the chance to be injured?” Senior sister snorted.

“Not necessarily!” If he had known that getting injured would result in being caught by the Sect Leader, he would definitely be the first one, and no one would be able to win against him!

Hundreds of years have washed the gates of the mountain. The main hall was simple but not old, majestic but not gloomy. It was worthy of being called the immortal gates.

The huge domed roof reached high up to the clouds, but there was not a single stone pillar supporting the great hall. The flying immortal goddesses and fairies depicted on the walls had already begun to play fairy music, sounding very sacred indeed.

Reaching the corner most part of the main hall, he saw that the elders had already been seated above. Only the main seat was still empty.

A breath later.

All the people had arrived.

Yan Zhao said indifferently: “The 1,469 elites of Kun-Lai have all gathered in the main hall, respectfully welcoming Sect Leader!”

“Respectfully welcoming Sect Leader!”

All the disciples knelt and kowtowed at the same time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Rise.” In the center of the main hall, a mild voice sounded.

It sounded very familiar to Feng Qingxiu.

But he resisted the strange feeling. He then got up with the other disciples, and raised his head very nervously.

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