The Cruel Tyrant CH 072 Old Man

After Su Mu returned to the imperial city he devoted himself to all kinds of busy political affairs without even a day’s rest, so he did not have time to pay attention to those two in the harem who fought for favor whether obviously or secretly. Su Mu felt that the few days he spent in Lingxiao Peak had left an indelible mark on him. He needed some peace to himself, but this decision soon flew up into the clouds when he saw Huang Xuan’s large, clear and bright eyes that look so plaintive and aggrieved. Su Mu led him to the imperial gardens to admire the budding lotus flowers. After dismissing the servants, he squeezed Huang Xuan’s chin and teased, “What’s the matter? Who has bullied you for you to have such an unhappy look.”

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Seeing the Crown Prince teasing him like a hoodlum teasing a good woman, Huang Xuan was a little speechless. But who made him take the silly white sweet route, so he was very cooperative, instantly putting on a pitiful expression and saying: “Your Highness, you haven’t spoken to me for three days.”

Su Mu leaned forward and rubbed his tender lips: “Am I not here accompanying you now?”

Huang Xuan asked happily with an innocent look: “Your Highness, can I accompany you tonight?”

Su Mu’s body stiffened: “No.”

“Your Highness…..” Huang Xuan said aggrievedly.

Su Mu pretended not to notice, and changed the subject: “How is the imperial medical college?”

Seeing that the Crown Prince did not intend to continue that topic, Huang Xuan had no choice but to restrain his expression and reply: “Very good, Doctor Hu has taught me a lot.”

Su Mu looked at the budding lotus flowers in the pond and said: “Doctor Hu’s family has practiced medicine for generations. It is indeed good for you to study with him more, but the imperial medical college is not a place to stay for long.”

The imperial medical college was not a place to stay for long. This provoked some thought. For a medical student, the imperial medical college was the best place to go. Did the Crown Prince want to dismiss the imperial medical college?

With a turn of his thoughts Huang Xuan soon guessed the Crown Prince’s intention. These imperial doctors were originally raised to serve the royal family and various nobles. However, the Crown Prince had already planned to get rid of most of the nobles. By then, there would be no need for the imperial medical college to exist. But most of the imperial doctors, after all, possessed real talents and could not be easily let go. The Crown Prince attached great importance to the common people’s livelihood, so the result must be that the imperial physicians would soon face the common people. A new institution would be born, and the Crown Prince planned to let him carry the banner.

Huang Xuan looked at Su Mu firmly and said: “Your Highness, please rest assured, this official will not let you down.”

Su Mu pulled him down to sit at the stone table and said, “You don’t have to be too anxious. Due to many other affairs, I have no time to intervene in the imperial medical college now.”

“Then this official should even more so share in the worries of Your Highness.” Huang Xuan said with an expression of adoration.

Su Mu pinched his smooth cheeks and said, “How sweet.” After saying that, he jumped and flew across the water like a dragonfly. When he landed in front of Huang Xuan again, a fresh and elegant fragrance permeated the air. Su Mu reached out and lifted a budding lotus up in front of Huang Xuan, saying: “It is as sweet and lovely as you.”

Seeing Huang Xuan staring at the lotus in front of him, Su Mu asked a little strangely: “You’re not going to accept it? This is the first time I gave someone a flower.”

Huang Xuan smiled with a little difficulty, and recalled his father’s words “relying on beauty will not last long”. He reached out and took the Crown Prince’s hand, plucking up the courage to ask: “Your Highness, if…..I am not young anymore, will you still like me?”

At this time, even a fool knew how to answer. Su Mu smiled and said, “Of course I will like you. I like you not entirely because of your face.” This was true, but it was indeed this face that attracted him at first, but Su Mu was not so stupid to say this. Su Mu slowly leaned forward and kissed him. He said, “Holding the hand and growing old together.”

The bright eyes were instantly misted over. Huang Xuan held Su Mu’s hand holding the lotus and kissed back vigorously.

Outside the imperial gardens, Shi Yan strode forward towards the eunuchs who were guarding the entrance: “Please inform the Crown Prince, this official has important matters to report.”

The eunuch spoke in a troubled voice: “Lord Shi, His Highness and Huang Gongzi are inside, you…..could you come back later?” The eunuch’s tone was a bit uncertain. After all, everytime the Crown Prince fooled around it always took a long time, and right now barely any time had passed.

Shi Yan was loyal to the Crown Prince, but he also knew what the Crown Prince was like. He clasped his fists and said, “I have troubled gonggong, I will come back later.”

The eunuch said in a hurry: “I don’t dare, Lord Shi, please walk slowly.”


Immediately after Shi Yan took a few steps, the voice of the Crown Prince sounded from behind, and everyone hurriedly knelt down and said, “Greetings to Your Highness.”

“Rise.” Su Mu walked towards Shi Yan and said, “What’s the matter?”

Shi Yan bowed and said: “Your Highness,  the person is found; he is currently in the study.”

Only then did Su Mu recall that he had asked Shi Yan to find a person. The procession made their way to the study. As soon as Su Mu opened the door, he saw an old man with white hair and white beard, looking a little like a beggar and was currently tied to a chair. At this moment, the old man was blowing his beard and glaring in Su Mu’s direction. Su Mu walked calmly to the desk and sat down. Although the old man was very angry, he did not curse and swear. It seemed that Shi Yan had taught him well in advance. Su Mu nodded with satisfaction and cast an appreciative look at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan remained expressionless without a trace of emotion. He stood in front of Su Mu and introduced: “This is a scholar from the Jin kingdom, Jiang Rende, fifty-eight years old. He has no wives, children, or students. He wrote the book “Benevolent Integrity” to teach the world. But no one appreciates it and he is often in a destitute state.” After speaking, he presented the book that he had been holding to Su Mu.

Su Mu opened the book and looked through it. It was a little different from the Qing kingdom’s text, but it was still understandable in context. It was indeed about benevolence and integrity. Su Mu roughly flipped through the book before closing it and indicating Shi Yan to untie the ropes. Looking at the old man who had an expression of displeasure, Su Mu said: “Mister has great talent, this book should be something to be handed down the generations.” Everyone loved flattery, especially this kind of literati who thought highly of himself but lacked any success for decades.

Sure enough, the displeasure on the old man’s face disappeared a lot as soon as Su Mu finished speaking, but his face still looked a little angry. His expression obviously revealed a contempt for nobles like Su Mu who oppressed the common people.

Su Mu smiled and said: “I didn’t know that Mister had such talent before. Please forgive me if I have offended you.”

“Hmmph!” The old man let out a cold snort and looked at Su Mu silently.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu smiled at him and said to the old man: “Mister, Ben Gong must confess to being anxious to invite Mister to come to discuss some matters related to the great cause of the future.”

When talking big one must talk as big as possible in order to bluff the other first.

Sure enough, the old man appeared willing to give him a chance to talk.

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  1. Goooossh i’ve been reading this non-stop since chapter one.
    Isn’t this Fang… i don’t remember the whole name.
    And that flower scene, Su Mu can get chessy huh! (just imagine the others’ faces when they know HAHA!) xD
    Thanks for all the chapters~!


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