After Becoming The Tyrant CH 041 Approaching Storm

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“The Ancient Holy Fire, it’s the Ancient Holy Fire.”

The Duke of Buckingham muttered to himself watching the fire burning on the ice lake. His pale hair was blown into flight by the wind, and his steel-blue eyes were a little moist at that moment.

“It’s been a thousand years.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Why did the proud family of Rose bow to God for a whole thousand years?

They were clearly deranged psychopaths who dared to build a mortal palace in the heart of the dragon!

Everything was ultimately blamed on the “Battle of God’s Punishment”. Legrand’s battleship was burned under the hymns of the Holy Court, and mortals have since been marked as servants of God.

Legrand was almost destroyed by that battle.

Before the Battle of God’s Punishment, Legrand was a unified and powerful empire, and all the people surrendered where the emblem of the Rose family passed. When other countries were afraid of the power of the Holy Court, they could proudly refuse to accept the charity of God. Legrand’s warships could cross the seas——in that era, it was Legrand who launched expeditions against Bressi.

Nearly a thousand warships were burned on the sea, destroying Legrand’s most important military force. It was Legrand’s most elite knights who were buried in the flames with the three princes. After the “Battle of God’s Punishment”, the Legrand empire split and separated. Taking advantage of the Rose family at their most vulnerable, the lords of various places rebelled——behind them were surely the shadows of the Holy Court and other countries.

The empire fell apart overnight.

At the most tragic moment, the members of the Rose family used the palace as the last standing castle, and they fought for three days before the reinforcements from the north came.

In that kind of situation, being able to guard Legrand’s existence was already an incredible achievement.

The empire was divided.

There were many states, and the land of Legrand was swept into a long-lasting chaos.

“At that time, many people thought that the Rose family would gradually disappear after this, but we survived.” The Duke of Buckingham put his hand on the King’s shoulder, and at this moment, he was like the King’s father, slowly telling his child of the ancient history and grievances and then handing over the responsibility, “The Rose family guarded the throne…..using our blood, our bones.”

Overcome it, and then work hard to regain the past glory little by little.

Conquer the divided states little by little. At first, there were more than 100 states, and then gradually became less than 100, and then thirty-six. In the end, the initial reunification was completed under William III.

A whole thousand years of shame and bowing, a whole thousand years of accumulated strength.

“The end of the betrayer will finally come, and the Rose family will eventually regain its glory.”

The Duke of Buckingham slowly knelt down in front of the fire burning on the icy water. He touched his head close to Legrand’s ground, and the blood that had been dripped on the ground for generations dispersed their hot temperature.

The King stood behind him, quietly gazing at the gradually rising fire.

“In the future, it will be us who will rule the ocean.”

He accepted what was entrusted by the Duke of Buckingham.

Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, the Holy Court used this fire to burn the pride of the Rose family, so now they would also use new flames to burn the glory of God.

Eye for eye.


After the King and the Duke of Buckingham witnessed the ignition of the ancient holy fire in the hands of mortals, they also observed the research results of the two chemists——changing the gunpowder from powder form to granular form.

As the two chemists said, the power of gunpowder changed into granular form was much greater than before.

“It is still unable to break through the stone walls of the castle.”

The Duke of Buckingham pondered for a while and shook his head.

The King was not disappointed either: “But they are correct, aren’t they? As long as we find the right direction and go step by step, we will eventually be able to get what we want.”

“You are right. Your Majesty.” The Duke of Buckingham laughed. After seeing the Ancient Holy Fire, he relaxed a lot, like a cloud that had been suppressed in his heart was dispelled, and his expression became radiant, “It can’t be used now but in the future it is definitely possible. If you really want it to be able to exert its power on the battlefield, then you have to solve one problem…..”

“Fine, I know what you are going to say.”

The King sighed.

Saltpeter, saltpeter, that damn expensive saltpeter that needed to be imported…..and sulfur.

“I now feel that it is understandable that the Five Port Alliance often carry out piracy.” He had a headache, “Robbery is much cheaper than importing.”

“It seems that you already have an idea? Towards the Five Port Alliance.” The Duke of Buckingham asked.

“It is difficult for the main port to accept our regulations——the Free Trade Act leaves no way for them to survive.”

The King and the Duke of Buckingham returned to the Rose Palace together. As for the chemists, they had already left smiling with the research funds granted to them by the King.


The King paused.

“Kill them.”

The Duke of Buckingham was not surprised by this answer.

“Do you plan to start a war?”


The King acknowledged.

This idea came after seeing the Ancient Holy Fire.

The King’s previous thoughts were more inclined towards dismantling the business foundation of the Five Port Alliance and forcing them to collapse in an invisible war. However, judging from the reaction of the patriarch of the Ross family during this period, this road still led to force in the end. It was just that the buffer period was longer.

But if they used the Ancient Holy Fire, things would be different.

“What do you plan to do?”

The Duke of Buckingham did not oppose the King’s decision.

“First mobilize the royal fleet…..After the remaining chambers of commerce withdraw from the Five Ports Alliance, the number of ships owned by the main port will be greatly reduced. The Port of Koszoya is the only place where they can hold guard against a siege, so arrange for ships to arrive nearby. Let the governor of customs in the southeast search their ships and arrest their merchant ships for smuggling wool.”

Having said this, the King smiled sardonically.

“They strictly forbid other chambers of commerce to engage in wool trading, but they carry out wool smuggling transactions by themselves…..Do they think the royal family is blind? Thanks to them, Legrand’s customs wool regulations are a laughing stock.”

“What if they refuse the search? Your Majesty.”

“That is treason.” The King replied coldly, “Any traitor shall be met with death.”

“I believe someone can help you.” The old Duke smiled.


The foreign aid mentioned by the Ross patriarch came from overseas.

The Holy See and the Holy See Empire that was directly controlled by the Holy See.

If analyzed carefully, the Five Port Alliance and the Holy See still had a certain relationship. Because the initial stage of the formation of the Five Port Alliance was established with the support of the local monastery. However, in the later period, the Mad King believed that the influence of the monastery was too great, so he withdrew their privileges and replaced it with the local nobles.

Some of the original monastery documents were also stored in the archives of the Five Port Alliance.

One of the files recorded that when the monastery controlled the port area, it had been trying its best to collect holy artifacts. But before they could complete the collection, the Mad King cancelled their privileges and even found an excuse to move them to another place.

There was such a holy artifact in the hands of the Ross family.

He was willing to take it out for the Five Port Alliance and serve it up to the Holy See in exchange for military assistance from the Holy See. However, the holy objects belonged to the Ross family before this, so he asked the other families——other than the Dawson family who remained silent so far——to advance and retreat with him.

“The Holy Court rarely dispatches their warships directly.”

The poisonous spider lady in a black dress still raised her doubts in an unhurried manner.

“The Pope’s special envoy landed at the port of Koszoya.” Patriarch Ross did not answer directly. Instead, he talked about the civil war initiated by Grand Duke Grice. “He is only twenty-seven years old, but he is already a cardinal, do you think this is normal?”

“Maybe he has excellent talents.”

“He is the Pope’s favorite illegitimate child.” The Ross patriarch mildly stated the taboo secret that no one dared to say, “His mother has a part of the Ross family blood.”

Everyone looked at the Ross patriarch in surprise.

Some clues were finally put together completely.

The person who connected Grand Duke Grice and the Holy Court…..was the Ross family.

They had a certain extent of blood relationship with the illegitimate son most favored by the Pope. They had taken refuge with Grand Duke Grice early. Only the Ross family could understand the needs of the Holy See and Grand Duke Grice at the same time, as well as build a bridge between them. If Grand Duke Grice really succeeded, then they would have won the gamble!

The Holy Court would not forget the contributions of the Ross family, nor would Grand Duke Grice forget their contributions.

An inexplicable chill slipped down everyone’s back.

How long had the Ross family plot and schemed?

This was definitely not just a decision made recently. It was very likely…..The Ross family must have stepped onto such a path when that cardinal was just born. Therefore, the Ross family in the Five Port Alliance would be the most unyielding to the royal family.

They were expressing their stance.

To the Holy Court, to Grand Duke Grice.

“The Holy Court influences the trade of the most important port on the Abyss Sea. Sanling Bay is known as the Pearl of the Abyss, a bridge between the various continents. As long as we can get the support of the Holy Court and rely on the entire Abyss Strait, no one can take away our things.” Patriarch Ross said in a deep voice, “Come, if you agree, we will form a true alliance.”

“When will the fleet arrive?”

Patriarch Nieus, whose emblem was the flamingo, asked in a deep voice.

“I have sent someone to deliver the holy artifact.” The Ross patriarch smiled coldly, “It should have been delivered to the Pope at this time, and the fleet will arrive in at least one week.”

“Alliance with the Ross family does not sound like a good idea.”

Madam Poison Spider sighed quietly.

“But who let me have no other choice.”

She stood up, her figure shrouded in black was slender and glamorous, and the lady who was well-known as a “femme-fatale” smiled slightly: “So be it.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Abyss Strait was shrouded in wind, and the waves rolled continuously.

The King’s governor was currently requesting a search of the Five Port Alliance’s merchant ships. The royal family’s fleet was also gathering quietly.

The storm was approaching.


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