After Becoming The Tyrant CH 042 Blood, Fire, Fury

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Winter night, the port of Koszoya.

It was completely different now from the usual. The center of maritime trade was now shrouded in solemnity, and the peninsula that stretched out to the sea had been permeated with a tense atmosphere since a week ago. The Five Port Alliance had rejected the governor’s search, and the main port ships except the Dawson family began to converge towards Koszoya.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The main port forces headed by the Ross family tried to preemptively complete the preparations before the King’s war order was issued.

A total of forty-seven ships, large and small, were moored on the dock of Koszoya Port. Among them, the most dazzling ones were the four big ships of the main port families.

But these days of preparation were not so happy.

With the promulgation of the Trade Law, the alliance cities separated one after another, and the reputation of the Five Port Alliance plummeted.

Pirates who used to fear them had become rampant during this period of time, looting ships in the main port unscrupulously. Since the Ross patriarch gathered the ships controlled by the main port to Koszoya in preparation for war, the pirates took advantage of the night to sail small boats to attack them every day.

Those pirates were very cunning. They only attacked the small ships near the entrance to the sea and never provoked the big ships of the main port families.

In order to stabilize the hearts of the people, and to show that the Five Port Alliance was still inviolable, the Ross patriarch ordered the ships to prepare. Once the pirates reappear tonight, they would launch an attack immediately and have these fellows pay the price for wanting to take a bite after scenting blood.

The port looked the same as the previous few days, and the ships were mooring quietly in the shadows.

When the sailors gradually lost patience, the shadow of the pirate ships appeared on the sea, their boorish whistles coming from afar.

When the pirate ships approached, the sound of sharp arrows breaking through the air suddenly sounded.

In the darkness, the port was lit with the light from the flames.

The Ross family’s large ship “Lavelle” was already called to stop at a place closer to the sea in the evening. After the pirates approached tonight, from the embrasures on the Ross family battleship arrows immediately flew into the sky. The rain of arrows fell on the pirate ships that dared to come.

The frivolous whistling of the pirates came to an abrupt end, and they began to curse loudly, mixed with shouts and wailing of pain.

In the darkness, the lighthouse of Koszoya Port lit up, the light flickering, followed by the long sound of the whistle from the “Lavelle”, sharp and piercing. The originally serene and tranquil port awakened in an instant, and ships of various sizes that had been frustrated for several days were lit with torches at the same time.

The sailors on the “Lavelle” shouted in unison, and the white sails were raised in an instant. The huge ship was like a beast awakened from a deep slumber, breaking through the calm sea amidst the noise and shooting out of the harbor.

The pirates who saw this devolving situation turned the bow of their ships, wanting to take advantage of the speed of their ships and quickly leave as soon as possible.

However, Koszoya Port had made sufficient preparations to vent its anger tonight. One by one, the warships left the harbor and sailed into the sea, opening a pocket-like encirclement, and gradually enclosing in on the pirate ships.

The sailors, who had been frustrated for several days, shouted in unison, cursing at the pirate ships that they had never held much regard for.

“Sink them down!”

The Ross patriarch stood on the upper floor of the “Lavelle” ship, looking coldly at the small ships gliding on the sea, and ordered.

As the most powerful family of the Five Port Alliance, the iconic battleship of the Ross family, the “Lavelle”, was definitely one of the most powerful battleships today. This was a three-mast multi-sail giant ship, the mast was composed of pine tree cores, and the diameter was up to one meter. Three giant sails were hung on each mast, and there was a neat long row of giant oars on both sides of the hull. Even without the help of wind, it could still wreak havoc on the sea.

The wind was strong tonight, and the sails were bulging like shells. The oarsmen shouted in unison. The “Lavelle” left a long white streak on the sea. In such a short time, the speed was amazing, actually managing to gradually catch up with the pirate ships famous for their speed.

The distance was close, and the trebuchet loaded upstairs was ready to shoot.

With an order from Patriarch Ross, huge stones replaced the iron arrows, smashing into the pirate ships in front of him accompanied by a howling wind.

The sea water splashed high and the sound was shocking. The unlucky pirate ship was overturned and sank into the sea. The shocked and fearful hollering of the pirates remained in the air. The Ross family used a ship version trebuchet that could be called a killing machine, and the other two main port ships that came out together were also not far behind.

For a time, it was like a shower of meteors whistling past and falling, huge rocks raining into the sea.

In order to avoid the rocks, the pirate ships no longer bothered to flee along the familiar coastline, but blindly rushed straight forward. But the remaining warships in the main port have gradually gathered.

Except for Madam Poison Spider’s ship guarding the Port of Koszoya, the other ships in the main port all joined the siege against the pirates. This was a one-side massacre. What they wanted was to reestablish their prestige and vent their resentment. This was not uncommon at sea.

The remaining warships began to surround.

Most of the warships that sailed out for the battle were single-deck galleys. They were not as big as the big warships of the main port, but they were definitely better than those of the pirates. After they gathered, each ship was like a sword. The ships rushed forward through the waves, their sharp bows ramming into the pirate ships in an attempt to sink these sorry looking pirates with the usual domineering attitude of the Five Port Alliance in order to vent their hatred.

The encirclement was formed on the large expanse of sea, the black waves rolled, and the icy water splashed and poured down like heavy rain.

The sailors of the main port clamored loudly, taking revenge on the insults they had suffered a few nights ago.

They believed they would see the enemy trembling and pleading.

The bows of the ships crossed, and the merchant ships of the main port stabbed into the pirate ships like sharp knives. The sailors who had prepared for an entire day cheered and eagerly stood up on the deck, drawing their swords as they prepared to jump onto the other’s ships to kill those hateful enemies.

However, even more arrogant boorish laughter rang out.

Their enemies were also laughing out loud.

The pirates jumped up from the ship, completely uncaring that their ships were knocked over and tilted, the seawater flooding their means of livelihood. Under the horrified eyes of the sailors, they threw out the iron chains and hooked them onto the warships of the main port.

Seeing the iron chains that were as nimble as snakes being thrown over one after another, the faces of the more knowledgeable old sailors changed in an instant.

“Walway Pirates!”

Don’t know who first yelled in fear.

Suddenly, this kind of shouting spread across the sea.

Patriarch Ross on the “Lavelle” snatched the torch of the deputy next to him. He stood on the bow and threw the torch down to illuminate the overturned pirate ships underneath: “What is this!”

He roared in disbelief.

Although most merchant ships now also worked as part-time pirates, there were still some more thoroughly professional pirates on both sides of the Abyss Strait.

One of the best was the Walway pirates who were best at using iron chain hooks as their sign.

They were active on the coast of central Legrand and were recognized as the most terrifying pirates on the sea.

The Walway pirates were a gang of rogues. They were not like other pirates who always go ashore to commit robbery. They considered themselves ravagers of the sea and hardly stayed on the coast. They were integrated with the sea, and even if it stormed, they still sailed out on the sea.

They were the specters that drifted on the sea.

Every Walway pirate was the best sailor and the most ruthless butcher.

However, there had been no conflict between them and the Five Port Alliance. The scope of activities of the two parties was not in the same place. So why did they suddenly appear here and attack the port in disguise as ordinary pirates for several days?

“Something’s not right!”

Patriarch Ross realized in shock. He roared out, ordering all the ships to disperse immediately. How could the Walway Pirates be surrounded by them so easily?!

“Withdraw! Withdraw!”

The sea gale howled, and the splashing sea water caused by the collision of the ships fell down like cold rain. There was noise all around, and the shouts of Patriarch Ross were drowned out by the noise, but he recovered and blew the whistle as a signal hard, sharp and anxious.

But, it was too late.

One after another pirates emerged from the seawater, gleaming daggers held between their teeths.

The huge rocks thrown by the main port ships just now had actually failed to bury them under the sea! These guys just took the opportunity to dive into the sea and swim the whole way to pierce the board of the ships under the water. These insidious guys especially picked the smallest ships to start, succeeding with the fastest speed.

“Archers, archers!”

Patriarch Ross gave an order.

There was a growing anxiety in his heart.

The fierce pirates threw out chain after chain, the chains criss-crossing by, all with a cold iron hook on the ends. The main port warships that pierced into the pirate ship pile like sharp knives were instantly locked in place with the series of chains. Patriarch Ross had no time or desire to care about the lives of the sailors on these ships, only urging the archers to shoot arrows.

They must break out of here quickly, otherwise more terrible things would happen.

The sailors on the big ships had already been stunned by this series of changes. They originally thought they were the hunters tonight, but the facts tell them that they were just other people’s dishes. Under the urging shouts, the crew hurriedly removed the trebuchet, replaced it with a longbow, and started shooting arrows downwards.

Immediately after the longbow was pulled, the Wolway pirates who suddenly appeared all flipped over and dived into the cold water again.

There was a loud thunderous noise.

A dark red light lit up in another part of the darkness.

“Holy Lord!”

The sailors stared dumbfounded in the direction of the sound. Someone’s longbow fell on the deck.

Holy Lord! What on earth was that!

On the sea, without anyone noticing, a new team of ships had arrived. As they exhausted their energy to force the pirate ships together, these ships had also quietly surrounded them too. If they had just left the port, the main port fleet would not be afraid of these warships, but they had already been firmly manipulated by those damned pirates.

The loud noise was emitted by the iron cannon mounted on the largest enemy ship.

The crude artillery had no offensive power, but the sound was loud so it was used as a signal at this time.

The torches were lit on the warships that sailed out of the darkness. In the light of the fire, Patriarch Ross saw the sail flags flying on the warships.

——It was a huge scarlet sail, with iron roses blooming brilliantly on the dark red background.

Rose, Rose!

“The Royal Fleet!!”

Patriarch Ross staggered back two steps, leaning on the cold railing, iciness overcoming him.


Disordered thoughts filled the minds of him and all the members of the main port——

Why did the Walway pirates who were active on the coast of central Legrand appear here? Why did the royal fleet appear even before the Holy Court’s battleships? The royal fleet was such a large target on the sea, so why didn’t the Port Koszoya report anything?

Seeming to also be aware of their questions——

The pirates emerged from the sea water in front of the warships flying the Royal Rose banner. They laughed loudly and tore off the clothing covering their chests. Under the clothes emblazoned with the skull symbol, which was often used to designate their pirate status, was the Royal Rose pattern.

These unruly pirates were sent by the King!

The King——

He sent a gang of rogues!

Two men whose hair seemed to have been burnt by fire stood by the cannon on the main ship of the royal fleet. They turned a deaf ear to the noise around them, and instead squatted in front of the cannon, muttering under their breaths.

Standing next to these two people were the King’s governor-general of the royal navy, and a pirate wearing a tattered jacket and a black hat which sat rakishly on his head.

The royal fleet was approaching.

The warships of the main port were thrown in a panic, trying to break free from the iron chains. However, the small ships had already been pierced through and the sea water had poured in, causing them to sink rapidly. And the larger ships which were connected with them by the intercrossing iron chains were also gradually tilting. The core ship of the main port, “Lavelle” was also trapped in the very middle, like having slipped into a bog.


In the wind, the black-hat pirate standing on the main ship of the royal fleet yelled.

“His Majesty asked me to convey a word——”

As his scratchy hoarse voice sounded, the sailors on the royal battleships appeared on the bow carrying buckets of unknown substance.

The governor-general raised his hand high and waved downward forcefully.

The sailors poured the thick black liquid in the buckets into the sea water.

The pirates pulled the ropes hanging down and quickly climbed onto the royal warships. They stood on the deck and shouted in unison with their leader:

“Is this fire big enough for you?”

The sound of the wind shattered their shouts into fragments. These rogues, who were also covered in blood, shouted and laughed over and over again.

Under the laughter, the royal fleet quickly evacuated backwards.

The pirate captain and some sailors pulled a longbow, the arrow on the string alight with flames. The fiery arrows flashed through the air and fell into the water.

Amidst the wild laughter, the fire roared and surged.

The sea wind was fierce, and in a few blinks, the fire was already raging like the fires of the apocalypse. The red fire spread rapidly across the sea, and in a blink of an eye it became a lake of fire, a vast ocean of purgatory. The black smoke fluttered upward, hovering like poisonous snakes.

On the overlooking tower of Koszoya Port, the Madam Poison Spider was holding on to the window sill and looking out at the looming fire from a distance.

“What a terribly frightening Majesty.”

After a long time, this poisonous spider lady known as a “femme fatale” said bitterly.

Even she did not expect that the King would use this method in the end.

Was it enough to burn up one Five Port Alliance in the fire that finally erupted after these thousand years?

In the wind, the pirates represented the King, who was far away in the Rose Palace but whose will still shrouded this area of the sea, to convey the answer:

“——Far from enough.”

The fire was raging, and the white sails of the ambitious Ross family curled in the flames.

On the royal battleships that were gradually sailing away, the high-hanging flag of the Royal Rose was reflected with bronze-like ancient glories. Little by little the old giant ships were burned to ashes in the flames. The “divine punishment” spoken by the Holy Court was ultimately controlled by the Rose family.

In the winter when the snow fell, the first fire ignited in the southeast sea of ​​Legrand.

From then on, there was no longer any “Uncrowned King of the Sea and Commerce”.


The resistance movement of the Five Port Alliance was over.

The reason for the end was simple——the Five Port Alliance no longer existed.

The nobles in southeast Legrand were likely not to be able to sleep well during this period.

They only just slept a night and when they woke up the next day, they discovered that the royal battleships had been docked in various ports including Koszoya, the Royal Rose flag flying in front of their eyes.

Holy Lord! Could anyone tell them what was going on? Why did the world turn upside down overnight?

The nobles and the chambers of commerce who had withdrawn from the alliance watched with horror as the royal battleships swept away the remnants of the Five Port Alliance. They couldn’t understand what was going on even after thinking fiercely. In this purge, only Madam Poison Spider and the Dawson family remained of the five main port families.

But they obediently handed over the port they controlled.

When the ships flying the royal flags appeared in his field of vision, Patriarch Dawson was relieved——his choice this time was not wrong.

“What a cruel and terrifying King.”

He let out the same sigh as Madam Poison Spider.

The young Patriarch Dawson thought of the previous parliamentary meeting.

He personally set off to participate in the parliament that time, in order to see with his own eyes the young king who he had only heard all kinds of rumors about before. In front of the guillotine where the county lords died, Patriarch Dawson finally made up his mind——that was a monarch with a heart that was as cold and hard as steel. He absolutely didn’t mind throwing another Dawson family on the guillotine.

Patriarch Dawson saw the King.

He knelt on the ground on one knee, requesting that all the wealth of the family be exchanged for a chance at keeping their lives.

“Perhaps you have misunderstood?”

To this day, Patriarch Dawson still remembered the King’s soft but shudder inducing voice.

“As long as the Dawson family ceases to exist in this world, won’t your wealth also belong to me?”

“Tell me your value, sir.” The King said slowly, “Something more valuable than directly possessing the wealth of the Dawson family.”

“I can convince someone for you.”

He thought for a while and then responded.


Rose Palace.

“They are even better than you said.” The King read the letter from the southeast and exclaimed, “It would be great if the sailors of the royal fleet could be as skilled as them.”

“That’s because you gave them the opportunity to perform, Your Majesty.”

The Duke of Buckingham replied.

On that day, the Duke of Buckingham mentioned the famous Walway pirates to the King——they were indeed notorious, but merchant ships of this era were willing to engage in piracy so long as they had the opportunity. The difference was that the Walway pirates were more conscientious in the profession of “pirates”.

To some extent, their reputation among the general population was even better than that of the Five Port Alliance.

Because the Walway pirates did not intercept and kill the common people.

——Although this was purely because the common people were too poor, they were not within the target range of such thieves.

The Duke of Buckingham asked whether the King could accept a pirate captain as his official.

The King who listened to the Duke of Buckingham’s story about the Walway pirates replied:

“As long as he can destroy the warships of the Five Port Alliance and protect the port from being damaged, even a pirate is eligible to serve as a naval general.”

The King knew exactly how capable the royal fleet was.

Even if the Five Port Alliance collapsed in the end, the royal fleet would still have to pay a huge price if it wanted to completely destroy these “Uncrowned Kings” who traversed the entire Abyss Strait all day long.

The pirates wandering on the harsh sea got a letter of appointment from the King and set off along the coast.

At the same time, the Dawson family, who had been silent the whole time, was instructed by the King to patrol the outer waterway of Koszoya.

The ship sent by the Ross family to transport the holy object was intercepted by them. Even if Patriarch Ross waited for another two weeks, he would still not be able to wait for reinforcements from the Holy Court.

When Patriarch Ross gathered all the remaining ships in the main port and prepared to stalemate with the King until the Holy Court arrived, an invisible blockade was quietly being pulled open on the sea.

The most brilliant part of the night battle was thought of by the pirate captain.

The King did not feel that he could beat the experienced navy governor-general or the notorious Walway pirate in this regard. He gave the governor-general of the royal navy enormous power——the battle plan was decided jointly by him and the pirate captain.

The King believed in the ability of the Walway pirates who were able to continuously escape from being hunted down, and at the same time believed in the loyalty of the navy governor-general who was one of the Royalists.

In this situation of inconvenient transportation and slow communication, if the King in the palace had to give out orders and intervene in the battlefield in the far southeast, there would be no good results.

So the King only did one thing.

He sent the two chemist brothers to the navy governor-general and the pirate captain.

The cooperation between the royal battleships and the pirates was originally incredible to the extreme, with the King adding two lunatic scientists into the mix…..

The situation became even more exciting.

The relationship between the Walway pirates and various ship merchants was terrible, and almost all chambers of commerce classified them as enemies. However, even in this case, they were still able to traverse freely and unrestrainedly at sea.

They were rogues but they were also crafty and cunning.

The speed of the pirate ships was faster than that of the royal fleet. After they arrived near Koszoya, they did not act directly. Instead, they waited for the arrival of the royal fleet while occasionally harassing the warships of the Five Port Alliance.

One of the purposes of harassment was to understand the main port’s power, and the other was to get in touch with Madam Poison Spider.

Madam Poison Spider, who was instigated by Patriarch Dawson, won the security and keeping guard duty, and it was she who concealed the news that the royal battleship had arrived in the nearby waters.

After getting in touch with Madam Poison Spider, the pirates passed the information to the royal fleet. The fleet then quietly approached Koszoya while the pirates pretended to arrogantly attack at night again. Finally, Patriarch Ross, who was frustrated by this, made a plan for the attack.

Madam Poison Spider managed to pass the plan to the pirates.

So these ruffians also came up with a brilliant plan.

——The pirates pretended to flee which led the main port battle fleet out of the port. Then they abandoned their pirate ships and used the iron chains when the ships on either side collided at the time of the battle to bog down the main port fleet in place. This was a bold plan, and no one could do it except for these rogues who were extremely skilled in the water.

Fortunately, they succeeded.

These unruly pirates proved to the King that they were indeed strong enough to get away with spitting on justice this whole time.

“God is the righteous judge, and what He lets loose are fiery arrows, which grants infringers with punishment…..Say, how do you think the Holy Court would react if they knew that their divine fire of punishment was used by mortals?”

The King looked through the battle report, and he seemed to be very interested in this question.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Probably similar to the people’s reaction when they discover that the newly appointed admiral is a pirate.”

The Duke of Buckingham replied.

It was time for the King to see his general.

A pirate general.

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