After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 046 Walking Into The Trap & Turning Point

After Xiong Zheng was formally arrested, Da Luo and the others clapped their hands and applauded. On one hand they were very happy but on the other they also worried that the insurance company would withdraw the settlement decision after learning the news and demand the one million yuan back. Their mood at the moment was very conflicted.

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Tao Mu simply called the insurance company and asked about this. As a result, Tao Mu learned that according to the terms of the insurance contract that Gou Rixin bought, deliberate injury by others also belonged to the category of accidental injury insurance. After all, this was not deliberately planned by the insuree. However, if the accidental injury was caused by a deliberate fight with others, it would not be covered by the claims settlement.

After hearing this, everyone felt relieved as if they had taken a pill that set the mind at ease. Putting aside how many years Xiong Zheng and Yu Mei, this pair of adulterer and adulteress, would be sentenced to, Gou Rixin could finally prepare for the hosptial transfer with peace of mind.

It was different from the situation where Tao Mu came alone with a bag. When returning to Beijing this time, it was now a large crowd. In addition to Gou Rixin, who could not move, there were also mother Gou who had to go to Beijing to take care of her son, and Da Luo who was clamoring to go to Beijing to take care of his dog brother. Then there were Zhang Fei, who had been recruited by Tao Mu, and the two reporters sent by FlyNews Entertainment. The last addition was Qin Miaoru and her gang of brothers——apparently they had become tired of running an inn in H Town and were preparing to make their way in the big city.

Of course, the current identity of this group of people was the peripheral members of FlyNews Entertainment.

After arriving at Beijing Airport, Tao Mu saw that it was Liu Yao and Meng Qi who had come to pick him up once again.

Having spoken on the phone with Tao Mu a long time ago, they were already prepared for this large group of people. Liu Yao simply had Da Hui drive a bus over. In addition, the Beijing No. 1 People’s Hospital also drove an ambulance to directly take Gou Rixin to the hospital. Tao Mu was stunned to discover that the accompanying doctor was actually Yun Xingjian himself——

“Director Yun, why did you come here in person?”

“Of course I must take care of our family’s life-saver.” Yun Xingjian said with a smile: “It’s still early now. When class is over in the evening, Yun Yi and Duo Duo will also come. Teacher Cheng will be a bit late since she is in charge of senior high school students. By the time she gets home it’s already 10 in the evening.”

Teacher Cheng was Yun Xingjian’s wife and Yun Yi and Yun Duo’s mother.

Gou Rixin and his mother were very touched when they heard Yun Xingjian’s words: “You are too courteous. How can we trouble your family so much.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” Yun Xingjian said with a smile: “If it weren’t for your son, who knows what our Duo Duo would be like now. So between our two families, don’t mention troublesome or not troublesome.”

Gou Rixin and his mother were really honest people. They had many words in their hearts, but didn’t know how to express it all. They could only hold tightly onto the hand of director Yun, their eyes filled with tears.

Mother Gou was worried about her son’s injury and felt uneasy this whole time. Holding Yun Xingjian’s hand, she asked anxiously: “Director Yun, you are the director of Beijing Hospital and a learned person. You say, can my son’s injury still be cured?”

Yun Xingjian allowed mother Gou to hold onto his hand, and continued to console her: “Don’t worry, I will definitely find the best doctors in the country for your son’s surgery. I guarantee that he will be back to health after a few months. It will definitely not affect his everyday life and work.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Mother Gou looked at the circle of people around her, and kept saying: “Our Xiao Xin has really met good people. Thank you all so much, otherwise the lives of us mother and son will be over…..”

“How is that possible.” Director Yun said with a smile and comforted: “You are all good people. Good people should be rewarded, and nothing will happen. Come, let’s get in the ambulance first. Let’s go back to the hospital first.”

When Qin Miaoru saw this, they also got on the bus with their luggage and bags. Tao Mu told them that they could spend these first few nights in the apartment rented by FlyNews headquarters. It was not too late to move when they found a place suitable for opening a store or doing business.

Seeing Tao Mu finish arranging everyone, Liu Yao directly called Tao Mu over to his Grand Cherokee. The passenger seat sat Meng Qi unwaveringly as ever.

After Tao Mu got on the bus, Meng Qi, who had been in charge of FlyNews Entertainment’s related matters this whole time, laughed and said: “Didn’t you ask me to post an announcement to solicit news contributions on the official account of FlyNews Entertainment. Guess what scoop we received?”

After FlyNews and the crew of “Gun King” cooperate to produce a sensational network-wide publicity, FlyNews Entertainment, which could be regarded as the first new media born on an online platform in the country, had now ushered in a maj9r spurt of development. As the temporary person in charge of FlyNews Entertainment, Meng Qi, in addition to discussing interview invitations issued by other crews or talent companies, also began to collect news from netizens in accordance with Tao Mu’s suggestions. The specific requirement was that the disclosed information must be true and reliable, and there must be a detailed chain of evidence. Once reported, generous rewards would be given.

In this way, netizens who were originally just melon-eaters suddenly realized that they could also play the role of participant. But for the vast majority of ordinary netizens, this call for inside scoops had no effect. The people who would break the news to FlyNews Entertainment in private messages were usually gossip paparazzi who play alone, or because the salary given by their own newspaper was too low, so they would rather send the news to the journalists of FlyNews Entertainment, and those who worked in the industry as various assistants and staff.

Occasionally, they would receive scoops from someone with a strong motive. For example, the one that Meng Qi just saw last night——

“A netizen in Shanghai sent me a lot of photos and text materials, which detailed the news that the only son of a chairman of a certain group in Beijing kept and raised boya. Do you want me to send it out?”

Tao Mu’s eyes widened, and he reacted instantly: “Yao Wenxiao actually sent the photos of Luo Yang’s bisexuality to FlyNews Entertainment?”

“Probably because recently, the presence of FlyNews Entertainment is relatively high. The limelight is also stronger than those of paper media and TV media, and it has attracted more attention from netizens.” Meng Qi explained with a smile: “In fact, it is not just FlyNews Entertainment that got this scoop. As far as I know, he also sent a copy to Weibo Entertainment.”

Tao Mu’s face instantly had a weird expression. He really didn’t expect…..what was this, idly poking a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you? (TN: expression meaning unintentional actions may bring unexpected success)

“What do you plan to do?” Liu Yao looked at Tao Mu’s expression through the rearview mirror as he drove, “Are we still following the original plan?”

“That’s not necessary.” Tao Mu quickly accepted the fact that the prey jumped and jumped into the trap by itself: “Yao Wenxiao sending the photos to FlyNews Entertainment actually saves me a lot of trouble. This way I can get involved without having to do it secretly.”

Tao Mu was already thinking about how to dig some news from Luo Yang after calling him.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi smiled at each other. Meng Qi said, “That’s right, because FlyNews Entertainment is developing too fast, we have a shortage of manpower, and there is really no other way. Your brother Yao used money to buy a newspaper company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. This way we can be considered to have an official publication. Later when you have enough money, you can return the money to your brother Yao.”

Tao Mu’s eyes flickered, and he lay on the back of the passenger seat, shamelessly saying with a soft voice: “I have no money.”

“Since brother Yao has acquired the newspaper company, it is considered as brother Yao investing in FlyNews Entertainment. I will have a lawyer to draw up a contract to top up the share allocation.”

“You kiddo, piss off!” Liu Yao snorted and said, “I am too lazy to play with you kids. I will lend you the money to buy the newspaper. You don’t have money now but you can give it back when you go have it.”

Listening to this tone, he seemed to have no intention of ever expecting the money back!

Tao Mu also harrumphed in his heart. Dealing with brother Yao, he had many tricks up his sleeve: “If you don’t want it then forget it. I will give the shares to brother Xiao Qi. In any case, you two belong to the same family. And I must tie brother Xiao Qi down. Otherwise, who will help me manage this big pile of business. I can’t trust the people outside.”

Tao Mu’s words were true and sincere. In his previous life, he had experienced many betrayals——even the lover sleeping on the pillow next to him betrayed him. What a miserable experience! So it was normal to not trust outsiders.

Anyway, no matter what, he would stick on brother Yao and brother Xiao Qi like glue. Speaking of which, brother Xiao Qi was actually a top student in a prestigious university back then. But because his family met with a problem leading to an urgent need for money he went to work in Night. Later, he was lured into brother Yao’s bowl. For so many years, he had been managing bars and nightclubs for brother Yao. Branches opened one after another, from Houhai to the Workers Stadium. How unoriginal.

Liu Yao was about to say something when the corner of his eyes caught Tao Mu’s brief flash of sorrow and was instantly stunned. After thinking about it, their little puppy had been fighting alone this whole time, and there were indeed not many people he could trust. If they randomly recruited talents outside, it was possible that they would bully their puppy for being young and ignorant. Their little puppy finally managed to make a living, and they must definitely not let outsiders turn him into a mere figurehead.

Liu Yao cleared his throat and said impatiently: “Then you discuss it with your brother Xiao Qi. I don’t care about your business.”

Meng Qi looked at their family’s Liu Yao with particular exasperation. Actually falling for the scheme so easily.

Tao Mu smiled secretly, his film emperor acting skills were not wasted, it was all spent on their brother Yao.

Liu Yao drove the car directly to Song Ji. Da Hui drove the luxury bus behind them. At the entrance of the alley, they were unable to fit through, so the group of people got out of the vehicles and walked to the courtyard. Song Daozhen had already prepared the food and was waiting to welcome everyone back.

Qin Miaoru and her gang of brothers acted like they had never seen the world before, looking at this blue brick, that ink tile, and those vermilion gates on both sides. After entering the courtyard house of the Song family, they were even more surprised.

“My goodness, only you live in such a big courtyard by yourself? Uncle Song, you are a real old money gentleman.” Qin Miaoru gave Song Daozhen a thumbs up. The large group of people washed their hands and sat down. After they tasted Song Daozhen’s cooking skills, they all started exclaiming again.

“This is too delicious, right? I thought Tao Mu’s cooking skills are the best in the world. Unexpectedly, Uncle Song, your cooking is even better than Tao Mu’s. How is this the cooking skill of the mortal world? It must be the cooking skills seen only in heaven.” Zhang Fei, who wanted to recognize Song Daozhen as his godfather, began to busily compliment him in every way. Praises spilling out of his mouth: “Uncle Song, can you tell us how you cultivated such cooking skills? This is simply the level of the imperial banquet. It’s so delicious.”

“Speaking as if you have actually eaten an imperial banquet.” Song Daozhen snorted, disdainful of how noisy this group of people were: “Hurry up and eat. Even such food can’t put a stopper on your mouths.”

After a lively meal, Tao Mu, who had long prepared himself, directly called Luo Yang who was in Shanghai, first telling him the fact that someone broke the news on Luo Yang’s private life to deliberately destroy him. In schadenfreude amusement, he asked: “Who on earth did you fellow provoke that they would so ruthlessly expose you over the whole Internet. I heard that your old man is a very old-fashioned person. If this is known by your old man, wouldn’t he break one of your legs?”

“Just breaking one leg is already rather light.” On the other end of the phone, Luo Yang was sweating anxiously: “I say, brother, I beg you, please keep this news down. Otherwise, I won’t have a way to survive.”

“You only have this bit of future prospects?” Tao Mu sneered and asked knowingly, “Do you know who wants to fuck with you?”

“90% sure.” Unsurprisingly, Luo Yang confessed the mess that Tao Mu had known in his previous life.

“You are real capable, aren’t you! Your dad asked you to be responsible for such an important bidding project. But you actually went to Shanghai to get in a jealous fight with a love rival, and even dared to provoke the local tyrant. You are not afraid that they will use dirty tricks in the bidding?”

“What am I afraid of? Our Luo Group is wealthy, even if I tell that Yao Wenxiao our base price, could their Sheng’an Group still have the confidence to compete with me? Aren’t they just a bunch of nouveau riche who run a chain of restaurants. What’s the big deal?” Luo Yang on the other end of the phone snorted, and immediately explained: “Besides, that’s not considered a jealous fight with a love rival? It’s Yao Wenxiao who went around biting people like a mad dog. I’m friends with Shen Yu and it’s easy to talk to him. We just go out for a few glasses of wine, hang out at a bar or something. Even his own parents and brother didn’t stop him, so what’s it to an outsider like him?”

Tao Mu’s heart moved, and his smile became meaningful: “No way? Did you really reveal the base price?”

“It shouldn’t count.” Luo Yang scratched his head and said distraughtly: “Aiya, I just accidentally spoke out of turn. I didn’t say it out loud directly. It shouldn’t be a problem. By the way, I say brother, about the scoop, you must help me cover the matter, and definitely not let my old man know. Brother, this little life of mine is in your hands.”

“I just knew that you are unreliable.” Tao Mu frowned and deliberately said: “I will try my best. After all, they not only sent the photos to FlyNews Entertainment, but also to Weibo Entertainment. If he is persistent enough, I guess that he will even send a set of photos to your family. That I won’t be able to help.”

“What can I do then?” Luo Yang was anxious: “If this is known to my old man, wouldn’t he kill me?”

“If I were you, I would carry out the task well. First, get the bidding done properly. When you come back, you would also have something to say——what men don’t have to deal with social interactions when doing business outside. Everyone is playing around like this, and you were also just following along with the occasion. But if you even mess up proper business, then it’s hard to say.” Tao Mu stood in the courtyard where the autumn scenery was strong, looking up at the old locust tree without expression. In a relaxed tone, he advised Luo Yang.

Luo Yang knew that Tao Mu was Li Xiaoheng’s partner, so he really did rely on Tao Mu: “Then tell me, what should I do?”

“You?” Tao Mu made no secret of his disapproval: “I think that if it was your sister, there would be a chance to turn the tide. Whereas you actually revealed your base price just because of a jealous rivalry. What can I say? Wait for your old man to break your leg when you come back. Just hope your old man cares about your blood relationship with him, and keep in mind that your old Luo family line needs to be continued and won’t break your third leg.”

“I can see it now, you fellow called me just to laugh at me, right?” Luo Yang groaned, “I don’t care! You have to help me with this.”

“If you believe me. Then I will help you. But I have to say in advance, I can do my best to help but as for how things will go, I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Give medicine to a dead horse.” Luo Yang scratched his head: “Ai, I won’t talk to you for now. Yao Wenxiao, that bastard, manipulating me in such a way, I have to go settle this account.” (TN: expression meaning to keep trying everything in a desperate situation)

Tao Mu listened to the beeping on the phone, and said in his heart: you are so stupid like this, who cpuld you even manage to settle accounts with? What a retard!

After hanging up the phone, Tao Mu deliberately waited for a day before contacting Luo Xi.

Luo Xi made a lot of money in the futures market because of Tao Mu’s guidance. So her impression of Tao Mu was very deep. She didn’t hesitate to receive the call and came out immediately.

The two still met at the cafe below the offices of the Luo Group. When they met, Tao Mu didn’t bother going in circles, and directly told her the news that FlyNews Entertainment had received. At the same time, he also did not forget to disclose the fact that Luo Yang had leaked the base bidding price because of a jealous fight.

Luo Xi directly slammed the coffee cup heavily on the table in anger: “This useless guy. I knew it. What does dad even see in him!”

Luo Xi then asked Tao Mu: “I don’t understand, why are you telling me this?”

“Miss Luo really don’t understand?” Tao Mu leaned on the back of the sofa, with legs crossed, and folded his hands on his knees: “Miss Luo is as capable as any man and I have always admired Miss Luo’s intelligence and talent. I believe if Miss Luo can rush to Shanghai at this moment, you will definitely be able to turn the tide. At that time, I believe your performance will add to your status in front of the shareholders.”

Luo Xi paused when she heard these words, and looked at Tao Mu in surprise: “Aren’t you Luo Yang’s friend?”

“I’m a businessman.” Tao Mu smiled slightly: “When doing business, naturally, one needs to find reliable partners. And our previous cooperation was considered pleasant, wasn’t it?”

Luo Xi smiled when she thought of the constantly rolling profits in her account, “Mr. Tao is right. We are all businessmen. Naturally, we must look for smarter partners. But I’m very curious, since the Sheng’an Group already knows about Luo Group’s basd bidding price, and as you said, Sheng’an Group will team up with other partners to bid together and jointly develop this land. In other words, they are already bound to win. Where does Mr. Tao’s confidence come from, thinking that a mere woman like me can turn the tide?”

“After all,” Luo Xi said with a sudden smile: “I can’t manifest money out of thin air.” The Luo Group wanted to win the land in Shanghai no matter what, so the base bidding price given was already all the funds the group could come up with. Any more investment of money would affect the normal operation of the group.

So right now,  Luo Xi really and truly hated Luo Yang, a useless guy who was unable to achieve anything but very good at spoiling things instead. They worked so hard on the early preparations for this bidding project for more than a year, but because Luo Yang couldn’t think before he spoke, everything was completely ruined!

Tao Mu looked at Luo Xi who was so angry that she was swearing inwardly, and smiled slightly. He took out a piece i5f notepaper and handed it over.

Luo Xi opened it in confusion. It turned out to be a series of numbers: “What does this mean?”

“This is the highest bidding price that all companies participating in the bidding will likely give.” Tao Mu’s slender fingers tapped on the table: “One million yuan. You only need to add one million yuan to this string of numbers. And this piece of land will belong to the Luo Group.”

“What do you mean?” Luo Xi immediately exploded and looked at Tao Mu in surprise: “You mean you have inside information? Why should I trust you?”

“Miss Luo is a smart person.” Tao Mu did not answer Luo Xi’s question, but stood up: “It is my business to choose to help you. As for whether to accept my help, to believe me or not, that is Miss Luo’s own business.”

Tao Mu raised his hand slightly: “Farewell.”

“Hey, wait!” Luo Xi looked at Tao Mu’s back and followed Tao Mu to the outside. Through the large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, Tao Mu could be seen standing on the side of the street and waving down a tax before getting in and leaving.

Luo Xi stared at the small note paper on the table, feeling very conflicted. Seeming to wish for nothing more than to stare holes into it. Her expression shifted back and forth, clearly struggling intensely inside.

In the end, the bold and decisive Miss Luo gritted her teeth, picked up the phone and called her assistant: “Book me a plane ticket to Shanghai. I leave right away.”

On the other side, Tao Mu drove straight to the No. 1 People’s Hospital of Beijing to see Gou Rixin, who had just been transferred to the hospital and was about to undergo surgery.

But he didn’t expect to see Yun Yi in the hospital as well.

“Big brother Yun, you don’t have classes today?” Tao Mu asked Yun Yi with a smile after greeting the mother Gou and Gou Rixin.

“I skipped class.” Yun Yi blinked at Tao Mu: “Cultivation of ideology and morality class, I don’t want to go.”

Tao Mu smiled in understanding, he also didn’t like this kind of big class either.

“By the way, when does the doctor say brother Gou can have surgery?”

Yun Yi smiled and said: “Observe for two more days. If there is no problem, he can have the operation. The experts arrived this morning and the consultation has been done. Basically there is no problem.”

Yun Yi paused, and then asked Tao Mu: “I heard that your FlyNews is hiring people. Are you planning to hire a group of programmers?”

“En.” Tao Mu nodded: “I didn’t expect the website to develop so fast. I really can’t handle it alone anymore. I must recruit people in large quantities. Why, brother Yun has good talents to introduce to me?”

“We have to see what specific conditions you require.” Yun Yi smiled and said: “But I really didn’t expect you to be able to create such a big splash in such a short period of time.”

“I’m nothing impressive, I just created a simple social networking site. There are so many foreign social platforms, and there is also the Weibo platform in China. If we are talking about technical skills, my site is not all that high. If it was brother Yun, you would definitely do better than me.” Tao Mu knew that Yun Yi’s ambition was in the medical field. However, he still remembered Yun Yi’s brilliant achievements in the IT field in his previous life and couldn’t help but feel regretful.

Unexpectedly, Yun Yi suddenly said: “Then what do you think of us two cooperating to develop a medical research platform on your FlyNews website?”

“Huh?” Tao Mu was a little confused for a moment: “What do you mean, I don’t understand?”

“It’s just a preliminary idea of ​​mine.” Yun Yi said with a smile: “If you have time, let’s talk about it in detail another day.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu straightened up, and suddenly thought that this might also be an opportunity to bring Yun Yi back to the “right track”. He nodded repeatedly: “I have time, I definitely have time.”

Yun Yi chuckled at Tao Mu’s sudden energetic appearance.

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