After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 047 Chatting While Eating & Li Xiaoheng’s Motive

Tao Mu was really eager to discuss the issue of the new platform with future IT bigshot. However, his academic attainments in the field of medicine could not be praised at all. Tao Mu was a person who valued ​​efficiency very much. Without making preparations in advance, he was not prepared to talk aimlessly with Mr. IT bigshot Yun, so as not to expose his superficial ignorance in front of said bigshot and lessen his good impression in the other’s heart.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So Tao Mu took the initiative to ask for three days of preparation time and promised: “Give me three days, even if I can’t fully understand the medical field, but I can write up a plan based on my experience in creating the FlyNews website. I guarantee that brother Yun won’t be let down.”

Originally having wanted to invite Tao Mu to lunch and have a casual chat at the same time, Yun Yi suddenly felt the pressure. Swallowing what he was about to say, Yun Yi smiled and said: “Then I will also go back and prepare. Although I am a medical student, I don’t have any work experience. I don’t know if my ideas are appropriate. “

“It’s definitely appropriate.” Tao Mu was more confident in Yun Yi than Yun Yi himself.

This was China’s future richest man! Any ideas that bigshot came up with…..even if it was not suitable right now, but wasn’t there a planning expert like him on the side?

At this moment, the reborn Tao Mu was no longer fighting alone. He felt that he was shining all over. The talents and wisdom of all Internet elites from ten years in the future seem to have all gathered on him at this moment. And the most shining one was the halo of China’s richest man that shone from bigshot Yun Yi.

Yun Yi smiled faintly, and then couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched Tao Mu’s delighted and dreamy expressions.

“I feel that you are much more lively since you returned to Beijing.” Yun Yi said, and then suddenly remembered that Tao Mu was only 18 years old this year. Like his sister, he was a kid who had just entered university——even younger than him by two years.

Then it seemed that he needn’t be so formal just to have lunch with a younger junior brother. Rather than consider the content of the conversation in advance, it was better to just let things flow naturally.

“Can I treat you to lunch at noon?” Yun Yi smiled and invited: “What do you like to eat? There is a Sichuan hot pot restaurant near the hospital. Are you interested?”

Yun Yi felt that when two people go out to eat for the first time, they should eat hot pot. Hot pot was more lively so even if it was two unfamiliar people, they could still discuss the ingredients. And then slowly transition from ingredients to other topics. This way it won’t be so awkward.

“It’s fine with me.” Tao Mu happily said with a smile: “I like hot pot. I love all kinds of hot pot. By the way, there is a Mongolian hot pot near our school that is very delicious. It’s run by my classmate’s family and their instant boiled mutton is the best. I’ll treat you to it next time.”

Tao Mu did not forget to advertise Wen Bao’s mutton hot pot. He completely didn’t realize that he almost missed out on a lunch meeting with China’s future richest man.

“You mean Wen Juxiang?” Yun Yi also knew about this restaurant: “I know the main branch store over on Wangfujing. My family has eaten it before. The taste is very authentic.”

Gou Rixin, who was lying on the hospital bed, couldn’t help drooling as he listened to them, and cried out in pain: “Don’t say anymore, you two. I’m really going to die, okay!”

Tao Mu and Yun Yi exchanged chuckles. Tao Mu said: “You have to prepare for the operation now and there are too many foods you have to abstain from. When you get better, I will treat you to delicious food.”

Gou Rixin’s eyes lit up: “I want to eat the chicken feet you made.”

“Sure.” Tao Mu agreed. Turning his head, he saw Yun Yi looking at him curiously.

“You even know how to cook?”

“Family background influence.” Tao Mu proudly replied: “I will have to ask you to taste my craft another day.”

“Definitely.” Yun Yi was really looking forward to it: “I also want to try the grilled chicken feet that brother Gou can’t seem to forget.”

“No problem.” Tao Mu was very confident in his cooking skills.

The two stayed in Gou Rixin’s ward until almost noon before leaving. During this time, director Yun came over again and was very enthusiastic after seeing Tao Mu: “If you have the time come over to our place. Our Duo Duo is always talking about you.”

As an elder, director Yun had a very good impression of Tao Mu. Not mentioning the fact that this young man saved his daughter, Tao Mu was also a very talented young man who established his own business just as soon as he attended college——he was smart, had a good temperament, had established his own career, had handsome looks, and had a more mature and stable nature than his peers. Now he also learned that he could even cook, which showed that he knew how to take care of others.

In the words of teacher Cheng, this was a typical example of one who possessed both car and house and whose parents passed away. Simply the best choice for choosing a son-in-law!

Anyway, in the eyes of elders like them, Tao Mu was an impeccable and promising young man. Even if he couldn’t become their son-in-law, director Yun still hoped that his son and daughter could associate with such an excellent child.

Tao Mu was aware of his sexual orientation. Although he wouldn’t spread it far and wide, he also did not want to deliberately mislead girls. Especially as Yun Duo was Yun Yi’s younger sister——he didn’t want to have any misunderstandings that could crop up because of Yun Duo when they cooperated in the future.

It was not convenient to say this in front of director Yun but when eating hot pot, Tao Mu still expressed his attitude very clearly: “…..Our industry is not the same as other industries. The private lives of artists, especially the emotional aspects, are more stringent. Many talent companies and film and television companies even explicitly stipulate when they sign artists that artists cannot date without permission. So you see many male stars, especially male idol stars, won’t get married or date even at the age of 30 or 40 for fear that it’ll affect their future development.”

“And our circle is very messy. Sometimes it is necessary to cooperate with the hype during the promotion period, and sometimes true feelings could give birth during filming. This situation is particularly common. So they say, it is really not suitable for those in the entertainment circle to find outsiders to marry and have children.” Tao Mu put a shrimp into the spicy pot, speaking nonsense with a serious expression: “And I’m so handsome and so young. Right? I haven’t played enough yet. I think by the time I’ve played enough I should at least be around seventy or eighty.”

“I’m just by myself, no father, no mother, and no one to boss me around.” Tao Mu slid the hot shrimp to Yun Yi, smiling carelessly: “No one is urging me to marry and have children. And I don’t need to carry on the family line. Free and unrestrained, it’s not bad.”

Tao Mu didn’t mention Yun Duo from beginning to end. There was no such nonsense as “Yun Duo is a good girl, but we are not suitable”. Yun Yi understood.

Yun Yi sighed silently, looking at Tao Mu with some pity. He didn’t become angry because Tao Mu rejected his sister, but sincerely pitied Tao Mu’s life experience. He felt that such a good person like Tao Mu deserved a good family to accompany and love him.

“Then you can come to our house for dinner if you are free. I will treat you as my own little brother, and Yun Duo will also treat you as her older brother. You saved Yun Duo, and you are the savior of our whole family. We’ll do what we should so don’t distance yourself because of this.” Yun Yi’s response was also very clear. In fact, he had already seen that Tao Mu didn’t like Yun Duo. Although it was a pity, there was no way to force such things like feelings.

Besides, this was not Tao Mu’s fault.

Tao Mu played the pitiful act in a very familiar and skilled manner. Having touched on the topic enough, he switched the topic back to the medical forum that Yun Yi mentioned before: “…..In my opinion, we can divide the entire forum into four sections according to different audiences. On the one hand, it is internal, facing individuals and institutions. On the other hand, it is external, facing patients and large customers who have the intention of cooperation. Then our function mainly has to have a learning section where one can consult the most advanced and cutting-edge scientific research materials and papers in the world, and also communicate with each other. As for patients, we can do consultations and teach popular science…..”

Tao Mu’s Internet awareness could be said to be very advanced after experiencing the influence of the Internet in every industry and all fields in his previous life. Even if he chatted casually, he was still able to touch on meaningful points. Yun Yi was so hooked that he couldn’t help but slap the table, constantly echoing: “My idea is like this. But it’s just not as clear as the way you put it. It seems that asking you about this matter was definitely the right decision.”

Tao Mu chuckled: “Mr. Bigshot, you flatter me.”

As Tao Mu apoke, he poured wine for Yun Yi again. The more they talked, the happier they were, and the more they ate, the more relaxed they became. After Tao Mu’s head was stimulated by alcohol, his thoughts turned at high speed, pouring out some of the experience in running professional forums that he had seen in later generations. Yun Yi also felt that a business partner like Tao Mu was also particularly to his taste, and couldn’t wait to see the new website Tao Mu would help him build. In addition, China’s future richest man was successfully fooled by Tao Mu——agreeing to learn programming and computer science.

Tao Mu’s wish was fulfilled and also gained a new partner-in-crime——he felt that the future of hugging a golden thigh was something he could look forward to.

Thus, Tao Mu believed that his biggest gain from this meal was that he succeeded in bringing the future IT bigshot into his gang, and also facilitated the personal relationship between the two of them.

Anyway, after this meal, Tao Mu, who drank a total of two dozen beers, dared to put his paws on the shoulders of this bigshot and call him his brother.

Afterwards, a slightly drunk Tao Mu stuffed Yun Yi into a taxi and reported the address of the Yun family’s house. After waving his hand and watching Yun Yi leave, he also took a taxi back to school.

After taking a week’s leave, when Tao Mu returned to school again, the military training had completely ended. Wen Bao and the others had already attended class for three days, and were beginning to prepare for the freshmen welcoming party during the National Day vacation.

“Do you want to sign up?” In the dorm, Wen Bao, who was practicing a comic cross talk with Du Kang, raised his head and asked Tao Mu: “You are so handsome. Whether you sing a song or dance, the girls are all looking forward to it.”

Tao Mu squinted his eyes and slumped on the railing. His posture was relaxed, and his voice was soft: “I don’t want to sign up. I am very busy recently.”

“Then are you still going to learn to drive?” Chu Sui’an, who was sitting at his desk reading a book, asked Tao Mu: “The three of us have agreed that we are going to learn to drive during the National Day vacation. Do you want to join us?”

Tao Mu, who was in a slightly drunken state, reacted slowly after a while, and responded, “Yes.”

While talking, Tao Mu’s cell phone rang on the table. Wen Bao picked up the phone and handed it to Tao Mu.

Tao Mu looked at Wen Bao in a daze for a while before taking up the phone slowly: “Hello?”

Hearing Tao Mu’s obviously drunken voice, Li Xiaoheng on the other end of the phone frowned slightly: “Are you drunk?”

“No!” Tao Mu replied decisively: “I just drank a little bit.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m in the dorm.” Tao Mu replied obediently. He squinted his eyes and looked at the time, his mind still able to think: “It is nine o’clock in the morning on your side? The international crude oil market is open? Do you need me to watch the market. Just a sec, I’m going to turn on the computer.”

Tao Mu reached out and knocked on the railing: “Bao Bao, pass zhen my laptop.” (TN: zhen=imperial use of I, only used by emperors)

Wen Bao shuddered when he heard this nickname, and he quickly handed over Tao Mu’s laptop with both hands. Drunk people couldn’t be offended.

Tao Mu sat cross-legged with the laptop on his lap. Holding the phone with one hand and turning it on with the other, he listened to Li Xiaoheng on the other end of the phone sigh helplessly: “I especially want to see what you look like now. Xiao Mu…..”

“Huh?” Tao Mu tilted his head in confusion.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I remember that you made the source code for FlyNews at the time. In fact, you developed two versions, right? One web version and one mobile version.” Li Xiaoheng knew the progress of Tao Mu’s work. Gradually dissatisfied with just talking on the phone every day, Mr. Li warmly suggested: “If I said, I would like to ask my fellow alumni at Stanford to develop a video call function for you on the basis of your web version…..what do you think?”

Tao Mu: “…..Mie?” (TN: sound a sheep makes, In Chinese it’s ‘mie’ rather than ‘baa’)

TN: bonus chapters coming up!

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