After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 048 Coming Up With A Plan & Black Belly

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Tao Mu slept until the next morning. When he woke up, he suddenly remembered what he seemed to have promised the night before.

“Promise to study driving with us!”

“Promise to sign up for the freshmen welcome party show!”

“Answered a phone call, and promised to create a visual chat function!”

Yes, this was it!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu quickly found the information he wanted from a bunch of true or false responses. Then he picked up the phone and called Mr. Business Partner on the other side of the ocean again: “Brother Li, what you said last night, I think we need to discuss it more in detail.”

At 7 o’clock in the evening, Li Xiaoheng, who was still reading through some documents in the study, smiled slightly and picked up his mobile phone. He walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows opening out onto the balcony, looking at the beautiful and magnificent skyscrapers outside the window, and his figure reflected on the glass windows. The contours of a face that had always been cold and hard was much softer under the intersection of light and shadow, and the dark eyes also showed a warm brilliance. He smiled softly and asked, “You were drunk last night, did you get a headache in the morning?”

“Huh?” Tao Mu was stunned for a moment before reacting, and quickly said, “I’m fine.”

He asked again: “I was drunk last night, I didn’t interfere with work, did I?”

“How was the market situation last night?”

“Everything is as you expected.” Li Xiaohang responded with a smile: “Don’t worry about it. I just want to ask how you are and if you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, make yourself a glass of honey water to ease it. Don’t take me as the grinch, even questioning my partner on something like going out to have a meal and drink with a friend. I’ll feel sad.”

Li Xiaoheng’s slightly softened tone came from the other end of the line, inexplicably laced with a sense of coquettish feeling. Hearing this, Tao Mu was startled into a quiver and embarrassedly explained: “That’s not what I meant…..I just feel that, since this is something we agreed on already, but on my side there is always trouble because of personal reasons——”

“That’s not something you could help after all.” Li Xiaoheng smiled and interrupted Tao Mu’s words: “There is a twelve-hour difference between us and the work time on my side happened to be the rest time on your side. Speaking of which, is this considered the furthest distance in the world?”

Tao Mu paused slightly, and a little poem came to mind inexplicably. He shook his head quickly, feeling that he was really too drunk and not yet fully awake: “It probably counts. We are two hemispheres apart.”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly. The light and airy sound traveled through the phone and into Tao Mu’s ear. It seemed as if he was scratched by a feather, feeling slightly itchy.

“Brother Li, thank you for your understanding.” Tao Mu scratched his ears. Adhering to the principle that politeness is never too much, he apologized and expressed his position. Then he turned the topic to business matters: “…..As you said last night, I think it’s particularly good to add the visual chat function in the communication section of FlyNews. However, considering the network environment of China and the current situation of FlyNews, I am afraid that the rented server cannot afford such a data-consuming function. Besides, FlyNews has so far only me as the back-end maintainer. Of course, I have been busy hiring programmers in the past two days. But even if I hire people, we are separated by more than half of the earth. If we want to launch the video function, can this network speed support it? Wouldn’t it lag into a PPT? And the professional skills required for this transoceanic video function are too high-end, I also can’t hold it.”

After saying this, Tao Mu’s eyes suddenly brightened and he asked Li Xiaoheng: “Or, brother Li can help me recruit two first-rate programmers who graduated from Stanford, and have them come to China to help me?”

Li Xiaoheng lowered his head and chuckled: “We work hard together, and we’ll definitely have this opportunity in the future.”

Tao Mu touched his nose, knowing that he was a bit whimsical. Pulling his thoughts back to earth, Tao Mu continued: “Actually, I also thought about the function of online video calls on FlyNews. But my idea is to wait until external conditions permit, and the web version and mobile version will then be launched together.”

“Now that the first generation of smartphones has just come out, the hardware of the mobile phone cannot support the APP version of video calls. I think brother Li’s suggestion is very good but it is not suitable at this time. Because the hardware does not support it, even if we managed to introduce the video call function it would only be of dubious worth. It is better to wait another year or two for the hardware configuration of the smartphone to keep up. Then we’ll synchronize this function again. What do you think?”

Tao Mu had a systematic plan for the future development of FlyNews. So when he talked to Li Xiaoheng about this matter, he also talked in a methodical manner. After rebirth, Tao Mu knew better than anyone the development potential of mobile clients in the next ten years. Therefore, Tao Mu had always focused on the core technology of FlyNews on the mobile client. In the planning book he secretly wrote that only he could understand, Tao Mu had enumerated in detail how to develop the promotion of the FlyNews mobile client at every step. Now everything was ready and all he needed to do was wait for the Internet speed upgrade and next generation of smartphones.

It was just this kind of thing, Tao Mu couldn’t explain it in detail to Li Xiaoheng.

Li Xiaoheng liked Tao Mu’s seriousness and concentration in everything he did. He listened to Tao Mu’s voice, and in his mind he depicted Tao Mu’s frowning slightly as he tried to come up with a solution and couldn’t help smiling.

“I think your idea is very good.” Li Xiaoheng copied Tao Mu’s way of speaking, first affirming Tao Mu’s thoughts, and then offering his own: “But I still think that we can also let the programmers develop this function first and then the two of us will use it first. Don’t they say that a website needs an internal test before a new feature is available? It just so happens that the two of us can serve as internal testers.”

After all, Li Xiaoheng was still not satisfied with just talking on the phone. He wanted to see Tao Mu with his own eyes, trace the silhouette of the other with his eyes, and appreciate Tao Mu’s ecstatic and energetic appearance when discussing his career. Instead of like now, only able to listen to the voice and guess the other’s expression.

“Actually, have you ever thought about the simultaneous implementation of FlyNews overseas.” Li Xiaoheng suggested with ulterior motives: “I also signed up for an account on FlyNews. After playing with it these days, I think the social concept of FlyNews is very good and caters very much to the social mentality and social needs of college students. Moreover, if FlyNews can be promoted in universities in country M, it will also be a kind of publicity for FlyNews’ promotion in China.”

It must be said that there was indeed a phenomenon in China’s consumer market that “foreign monks can recite sutras”, “foreign moons are rounder”, and “fragrant flowers bloom outside the walls”. As Li Xiaoheng proposed, if FlyNews could open up the market among universities in ​​country M, then just speaking of publicity, Tao Mu would have one hundred publicity plans that could arouse national self-confidence.

But the key point was that——

“Aren’t all college students in country M now using Facebook and Photo Albums. The promotion of local social software is already in full swing. As a foreigner, I have no foundation and no staff. I’m afraid it won’t be possible, right?”

Of course Tao Mu was very tempted by Li Xiaoheng’s proposal. But he was also very self-aware: “FlyNews is not as confident as Facebook and Photo Album in terms of technology or capital. I don’t think those foreign students will abandon their own social software and use ours instead.”

The most important thing was that if Tao Mu chose to launch FlyNews in country M, then the pace of the step-by-step development of FlyNews that he originally planned for China would be disrupted. In order to compete with Facebook and Photo Album, Tao Mu must put some publicity methods and new features online in advance. Tao Mu didn’t know whether or not this kind of growth was a good thing for FlyNews.

Of course, the core issue was still that FlyNews had no foundation in country M.

Tao Mu’s brain was operating rapidly, and he was wondering how to tactfully and firmly reject Li Xiaoheng’s whim.

Having advanced gradually, Li Xiaoheng finally had a chance to perform in front of Tao Mu: “What do you think of me?”


“In fact, I am personally very optimistic about the potential and future development of FlyNews. If you can trust me, you can leave the promotion of FlyNews in country M to me. It will be the National Day on the 11th, and your school should be able to take a seven-day holiday. Why don’t you use these seven days to come here and have a chat in person. And when you arrive in country M, you can also take a feel of the atmosphere of the international crude oil market up close.”

Li Xiaoheng deliberately and methodically plotted and finally brought up the topic he wanted to talk about the most.

“But…..” Tao Mu’s thinking wasn’t able to follow for moment. He was a little uncomfortable with Li Xiaoheng’s pressing every step of the way.

“This is too much trouble for you.” Tao Mu said euphemistically, he did not have any intention of sharing ​​a piece of the pie that was FlyNews. At least not yet: “You are in country M alone. It is already very hard just to keep an eye on the international crude oil market. I think that FlyNews has just been established and there is no need to consider such a long-term matter yet.”

“I think it’s a good opportunity now.” Of course, Li Xiaoheng raised this matter not on a whim. He also deliberated carefully before speaking: “You haven’t come to country M, and you don’t know the situation here. Because of the economic crisis, the entertainment industry in country M is now developing very well. The public urgently needs more and more novel things to attract and distract them in order to relieve the pressure in everyday life. Although FlyNews is not part of the orthodox entertainment industry, its social philosophy is very suitable for college students and those who have just entered the society. Let me help you analyze it, now country M…..”

Li Xiaoheng directly gave Tao Mu a research report on the phone, and finally concluded: “…..So I think that with the current situation of country M, it is a very rare opportunity for FlyNews. We should seize this opportunity. Of course, you don’t need to worry too much. You are my most promising partner. It is my honor to be able to help you in your career. If you are really feeling that guilty, why not think about just how much profit you helped me make on the futures market. Or when FlyNews wants to ring the bell on Nasdaq, you can give priority to Xiaoheng Capital and let us help FlyNews to raise funds and go public.”

It must be said that Li Xiaoheng’s answer perfectly solved all the worries Tao Mu had lingering in his heart. So Tao Mu was unable to refuse any longer.

“Okay, then. When it’s National Day, I will fly to country M. Let’s talk in person.” Tao Mu was feeling a bit helpless. But he was even more grateful for Li Xiaoheng’s kindness.

Even if Li Xiaoheng’s ultimate goal was still to inject capital into FlyNews. That he was able to unreservedly give selfless help when FlyNews was just starting out, and also admitting his needs frankly. This approach was much better than those capitalists who didn’t know anything about technology and only knew how to smash people with money, everyday scheming about how to kick the founding team out of the company.

Tao Mu once again felt that he had found a very smart partner that also suited his tastes.

Before he finished feeling touched, Tao Mu received a call from Luo Xi.

“Are you in Beijing?” Luo Xi on the phone made no secret of her self-satisfaction and Schadenfreude amusement: “If you are, you can come to the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department 304 Ward of the No. 1 People’s Hospital of Beijing City. Luo Yang had his leg broken by Dad. I think he may need the visit and encouragement of his friends.”

Tao Mu: “…..”

“By the way, I forgot to tell you.” Luo Xi smiled slightly: “According to the base prices you gave me, I added another 10 million. The bid was successful, and the Luo Group has successfully obtained the land in Shanghai. Although the bidding price is a bit higher than the original budget, after careful consideration by the board of directors, the group believes that this price has a very large profit margin. So the next step of the company’s focus is to develop the land. Because I turned the tide on the bidding, the board felt that I can be the person in charge of this project.”

When Luo Xi said this, she paused slightly: “If you don’t mind, I didn’t tell the board of your role because I really need the approval of the board. Don’t worry, I will compensate you in other ways. No matter what FlyNews wants to do, Longteng Entertainment will unconditionally cooperate with FlyNews’ publicity work. Of course, if Mr. Tao has any personal requirements for me, you can also speak out. I will do my best to satisfy any requests.”

“I think, our cooperation will be a very happy one. And, I personally look forward to having more opportunities for cooperation with Mr. Tao in the future.”

Tao Mu understood that this was the exchange of benefits that Luo Xi could offer. She wanted to use the bidding to convince more shareholders of the board to support her, so she swallowed all of Tao Mu’s credit without hesitation. But she was also worried about inciting Tao Mu’s dissatisfaction, so she prepared to go to great lengths to meet Tao Mu’s requests.

But she didn’t know that Tao Mu himself did not want this matter to be known to more people. Of course, Tao Mu mainly considered that he was still a fledgling and did not want to attract the attention of the Shen family and those who admired Shen Yu. But this did not affect Tao Mu’s acceptance of Luo Xi’s favor.

“I also look forward to cooperating with Ms. Luo very much.” Tao Mu smiled warmly, and very simply accepted Luo Xi’s show of goodwill.

On the other end of the call, Miss Luo, who was holding her breath, finally breathed a sigh of relief. Luo Xi had already seen Tao Mu’s value just from the two matters of international oil futures and Shanghai city land bidding. She didn’t want to offend Tao Mu. She even thought that if Tao Mu expressed strong dissatisfaction after hearing this, she would rather tell the truth to the board of directors.

But now it seemed that Tao Mu was very empathetic and easy-going. That being the case, Luo Xi also felt that she had to let Tao Mu see her sincerity.

“If FlyNews wants to use Longteng Entertainment’s artists for publicity, whether it is online or offline promotion, I can make the decision and let all the artists cooperate with FlyNews’ promotional activities.” Luo Xi knew that Tao Mu valued Longteng Entertainment’s resources so she offered very generously: “If you need other authorizations, please tell me directly. I will do my best to help you. As for the price, you don’t have to worry. I will take care of it on my side. “

Tao Mu liked this kind of smart people the most: “Then thank you Miss Luo. If I need anything, I will tell you directly.”

“You’re welcome, this is what I should do.” Luo Xi paused slightly, and then asked, “Will you come to the hospital to visit Luo Yang?”

“Of course.” The corner of Tao Mu’s lips curved up, smiling very brightly: “I think, I should pay a visit indeed.”

Luo Xi didn’t know much about the relationship between Tao Mu and Luo Yang. Hearing this, she immediately smiled and said: “That’s right. You two are good friends. I think Luo Yang would be very happy if he could see you in the hospital.”

Is that so?

Tao Mu raised an eyebrow. Whether or not Luo Yang would be happy to see him, he didn’t know.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu only knew that when he politely arrived holding a bunch of flowers and carrying a basket of fruits into the ward and saw Luo Yang, who was lying on the bed with a plastered leg, his mood was extremely refreshed.

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