Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 074 Snake Kiss

The next day, for once Nie Bufan did not go out to wander around, the day passing by peacefully and without any mishaps.

As he guessed, Wei Di had a meeting with friends tonight, thus once again creating perfect conditions for escape.

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The night was silent. At this time, there were a total of eight guards guarding the south courtyard, and every once in a while they would use secret codes to contact each other. Wang Shichan must use this spot of time to knock out the guards and notify Tai Bai to rush to the agreed place as soon as possible.

Originally, this would not be successful in normal times, because these guards hiding in the dark, their positions changed every day, and it was difficult to sneak among them without alerting them. But with the help of Lady Flower and a few fighting chickens with keen sense of smell and special skills, no one could escape their notice.

Wang Shichan knocked out the eight guards smoothly, and at the same time sent a signal to Tai Bai.

Tai Bai slipped out quietly from the window and Wang Shichan pointed in a direction downwards and said to him, “Follow it, and it will take you away without alerting the other guards.”

Looking in the direction he was pointing, he saw a black chicken standing quietly beside him, staring at him with beady eyes.

“It?” Tai Bai couldn’t believe it.

“There is no time to explain, hurry up, we will meet you in the valley.” As soon as his voice fell, the person had already disappeared.

Tai Bai looked down at the black chicken again, and the black chicken squinted up at him before running forward in the dark place with a leap of ita body.

Tai Bai hurriedly followed, and for the first time he found out that a chicken could run so fast. He almost broke out into a sweat chasing it. Moreover, this chicken kept taking the hard routes, crawling and jumping up and down. When he finally arrived at the agreed place, Tai Bai appeared with leaves in his hair, twigs on his clothes, and a face covered in scratches.

Nie Bufan pointed at him and laughed soundlessly, then patted him on the shoulder to express “You have suffered.”

The two were ready and didn’t dare to delay, diving into the water quickly.

Tai Bai noticed that the black chicken had already disappeared, and he couldn’t help but sigh secretly. Truly, it was a godly chicken that came and went like the wind.

In order not to be discovered like the last time, Tai Bai said that they must dive a little further this time. After leaving Dongsheng Shangfu, they would enter the hiding spot through the bypass in the river, so Nie Bufan had to hold on for an extra half incense stick of time.

Nie Bufan naturally had no complaints.

The two followed the route last time and swam smoothly into the main river of the valley through the waterway. At this time, Nie Bufan felt a little out of oxygen, but he still followed Tai abai closely.

Tai Bai took his hand and shot through the water like a swordfish.

As soon as they entered the fork in the river, he found that Nie Bufan’s swimming speed was gradually slowing down, and even struggling occasionally.

He had a bad feeling, so he increased his dragging force, his swimming speed also increasing a bit.

When they finally arrived at the entrance of a narrow tunnel, Nie Bufan stopped moving. Tai Bai hurriedly slipped his arms under Nie Bufan’s underarms, passed through the tunnel, and quickly swam upwards.

With a splash, the two came out of the water.

Tai Bai pulled Nie Bufan out of the water, took off his mask airbag, patted his face and shouted, “Hey, hey, wake up, we’re here.”

He held his fingers under his nose and was relieved to see that he was still breathing. Only then did Tai Bai relax slightly.

They were now in a hidden cave, which could only be accessed through an underwater tunnel, so they should be safe now.

“Ah-choo!” Nie Bufan woke up from a sneeze, shivered a few times, and muttered, “It’s so damn cold.”

Looking around, only to see pitch blackness, Nie Bufan asked, “Where is this?”

“A cave.” Tai Bai’s voice came from behind him, “From here it leads to the waterfall outside the valley. Let’s continue walking and get out of the valley before dawn.”

“En.” Nie Bufan stood up, following Tai Bai’s voice, he looked in his direction and was immediately horrified.

Was this fellow so dark? Standing in front of him, he could only vaguely see a piece of clothing.

The “clothing” began to flutter in a certain direction, and Nie Bufan quickly followed.

“This place is rocky, so be careful of bumping your head.” As soon as Tai Bai alerted him, he heard Nie Bufan cry out, obviously having bumped into a rocky protrusion.

Immediately, he felt the hem of his clothes being pulled by someone, and a warm body was pressed close to his side.

Tai Bai’s heart jumped and he stretched out his hand to support the other’s shoulder and lead him along.

Nie Bufan went further and hugged Tai Bai’s waist directly. It was as if Tai Bai suddenly had a sloth hanging on him and every step he took was heavy.

“I say, how can I walk like this?” 

“Aren’t you walking quite well?” Nie Bufan said indifferently, “You have to be considerate of the difficulty of being blind.”

Tai Bai was speechless, he had never seen someone be so shameless in such a bold and confident manner!

Tai Bai stopped suddenly.

“What’s the matter?” Nie Bufan asked in a low voice.

“There are snakes.” Tai Bai said solemnly, “more than one.”

Nie Bufan listened attentively, and there was indeed a crawling sound that could be heard in the quiet cave.

“Be careful.” Tai Bai reminded and continued on, but this time the speed was much slower.

Nie Bufan kept his eyes wide open but still couldn’t see the surrounding environment. It was too dark.

However, the two of them were lucky and did not encounter a snake kiss the whole way. A few dim rays of light gradually appeared in the front, which seemed to be coming from a phosphorescent substance. The rumbling of a waterfall also reached their ears.

“We’re almost at the exit.” Tai Bai couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

At this time, it was about yin shi (3-5am), and there was still more than two hours before dawn.

When they came to the exit, Tai Bai said, “Let’s take a break first. It’s basically safe here. We can go out of the valley and meet the other people at dawn.”

Nie Bufan immediately sat down without any care for his image, and Tai Bai also sat not far from him.

Neither of them brought any fire starting tools and the damp cave was very cold. Nie Bufan schooched to Tai Bai’s side and hung the other’s arm around his neck. He said with a smile: “The time to display friendship has arrived. In this environment, it’s a must to keep each other warm.”

Tai Bai looked up at the sky. If your excellency was a beautiful woman, he would definitely have no complaints, but unfortunately he was a dude.

But…..hugging this guy felt quite comfortable, curling into a ball in his arms, like a lazy bear.

Just as he was distracted, Tai Bai suddenly felt a pain in his calf. Don’t know when but a snake had gotten close and bit him.

His face changed and he quickly tore off the snake, throwing it in the direction of the waterfall.

Immediately, he rolled up his trouser legs and saw two tooth marks on his leg. The surrounding skin was purple, and the wound burned painfully.

At this time, Nie Bufan quickly unfastened his belt and wrapped it tightly over Tai Bai’s wound a few times, then helped Tai Bai to the opening of the cave. He had him straighten his leg, and rinsed the wound with the water from the waterfall. Immediately, he fumbled for a piece of jade that had relatively sharp edges from his clothes——this was pried from Wei Di’s fancy dressing screen. He then used it to make a cut on Tai Bai’s wound before leaning down and using his mouth to such out the snake venom.

“What are you doing?” Tai Bai was shocked and hurriedly pushed him.

Nie Bufan slapped his hand away, and said in anger: “Don’t make a noise, I’m busy!”

Tai Bai was taken aback by his attitude, and his voice couldn’t help lowering a bit: “Do you know what poison this is?”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of poison it is, we have to suck it out first.” Nie Bufan spat out a mouthful of blood and continued to suck.

Tai Bai really didn’t expect that this unreliable guy would help him suck out the snake venom without hesitation, without considering his own safety.

He looked straight at Nie Bufan, feeling his heart soften, but he didn’t know that what Nie Bufan was currently thinking was: Before, he always watched various scenes of sucking out snake venom with the mouth in TV dramas, and today he finally had a chance to experience it. This kind of noble sentiment of sacrificing one’s life to save others suited him too well!

Poor Tai Bai was so touched that his heartbeat accelerated——actually this was just a chemical reaction caused by the snake venom…..

After cleaning up, Nie Bufan showed a satiated expression as if he was full on food and drink. Tai Bai felt very touched but he couldn’t help asking, “You didn’t suck the snake venom into your stomach, right?”

Nie Bufan gave him an eyeroll: “Do you think I’m a fool? Don’t worry, I sucked without leaking a drop of blood.”


At this time, Nie Bufan suddenly furrowed his eyebrows, and said with some embarrassment: “Heihei, I seem to have been bitten by a snake too.”

“What?” Tai Bai widened his eyes, unable to believe it. “You were also bitten? When were you bitten? Where?”

Nie Bufan turned around and patted his butt, “Here, while helping you suck out the venom.”

Tai Bai swept his gaze over, and just saw a snake retracting into the gap of rocks, the same species as the snake that bit him just now.

“Let me take a look!” Tai Bai stretched out his hand to pull Nie Bufan’s pants, his face full of anxiety.

This guy actually didn’t say a word when he helped him suck out the snake venom just now!

“Don’t, it’s embarrassing.” Nie Bufan held onto his loose pants.

“How can you dawdle at this time, hurry up and let me see.” Tai Bai’s voice sounded extremely angry.

Nie Bufan had to lie down obediently and let Tai Bai take off his pants. As expected, two dazzling tooth marks appeared on his right butt, and his skin was black and purple.

“Are you crazy? Not even saying a word when you got bitten!” Without a word, Tai Bai got down to suck the venom for him.

Nie Bufan hurriedly rolled aside and stopped him, “It’s okay, I’ll be fine.”

Tai Bai was angry: “Of course nothing will happen to you when you’re dead.”

He directly pulled the person onto his lap, pressed his back with one hand, and held his waist with the other. He then lowered his head to suck on the skin of his right buttcheek.

Nie Bufan really wanted to tell him that without doing any foreplay before sucking, most people would have been poisoned long ago.

He relaxed and lay on Tai Bai’s legs, and began to count the gravel on the ground out of boredom.

When he was bitten just now, the pain was a bit painful, but he also knew that no matter how toxic it was, he would not die.

No one knew that his physique was different from ordinary people.

Don’t know how much time had passed, but Nie Bufan felt that the person behind him suddenly stopped moving. Looking back, he found that Tai Bai’s head was buried in his buttcrack, having completely fainted!

Hey, it couldn’t be? The venom had yet to be sucked out? At least give him a beginning and an end! He was so heroic and righteous just now, so what was with him fainting on his own!

Nie Bufan rolled his eyes, face full of contempt. He reached out and pushed his head away, pulled his pants and stood up.

Although Tai Bai’s complexion was a little bit worse off, his breathing was still steady. He touched his forehead and felt that it was a little feverish.

Nie Bufan pushed opened his mouth and saw that there was still residual venomous blood in his mouth. He helped him clean it up with his tongue, then turned around and rinsed his mouth with water.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The moisture near the entrance of the cave was too heavy, so Nie Bufan dragged the person into the cave and made various noises to check if there were any venomous snakes around. After confirming that everything was fine, he lay down beside Tai Bai and hugged him with all four limbs to share in the warmth of the other’s body. After having tired himself the whole night, everything must wait until he finished resting. Don’t know what happened on Wang Fifth’s side…..

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