Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 075 Snake Kiss Aftermath

Not long after Tai Bai and Nie Bufan dived into the water, Wei Di received the news that the two had escaped. He was furious and immediately issued a warning order to Dongsheng Shangfu inside and outside. But this time, he had miscalculated as the cat group did not alert him in time. In fact, they made no sound at all.

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He blew the whistle——this was a signal to call his cat group, but only two or three showed up, while the rest remained missing. Realizing that the situation was not good, he calmed down and personally led his people to search the valley. An hour passed and yet nothing was gained.

Wei Di simmered with rage, and ordered: “Go, guard the official roads leading to all other directions. Don’t let them leave the boundaries of Yan Shun!”

He was positive that this escape was not only the actions of Tai Bai and Nie Bufan, but also included the coordination of the other people, otherwise it was impossible for them to have escaped so cleanly. The chicken feathers and chicken claw prints he found everywhere in the manor and in the valley further verified this guess. In this world, he was afraid that only the chickens of Chicken Nest Village had the ability to come and go freely, as well as completely suppress his cats.

Damn it, so careless!

“Nie Bufan, when I catch you again, I will definitely break your leg!” Wei Di roared.

On the other side, Wang Shichan came out of the valley and joined Zhang Junshi and the others. They were now in a village outside Yan Shun capital city. The place they agreed to meet with Nie Bufan was also here.

“Brother Wang, why didn’t you meet up with Bufan outside the valley?” Zhang Junshi asked.

“I couldn’t find him.” Wang Shichan replied, “He has likely taken another route.”

Li Yi said solemnly: “Are you sure he is safe? Is that Tai Bai truly reliable?”

“I am uncertain.” Wang Shichan said calmly, “but I trust in Bufan’s ability to judge people.”

“Trust him!” Li Yi snorted, “He can’t do anything reliable.”

Zhang Junshi smiled: “There are still four hours until dawn. We should remain calm, there are still Lady Flower and Big Weapon so don’t worry about not finding him.”

The three discussed for a while, and then they dispersed.

Dawn was about to break, and the morning chill attacked.

Tai Bai woke up with a shiver. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Nie Bufan close at hand. He was very close to him, his breathing warm face peaceful.

Tai Bai didn’t disturb him, but quietly circulated his internal energy to flow through his body, making sure that there was no problem. Immediately, he began to check Nie Bufan’s condition and found that he was a little feverish.

He recalled that he was sucking the venom for him before, but he passed out in the middle. In other words, his snake venom had not been fully cleaned out yet?

Tai Bai’s face changed drastically, and he carefully turned Nie Bufan over, pushed his trousers to the base of his thigh, and looked over the wound carefully. He found that the bruise on his right buttcheek seemed to have disappeared a lot, and the original tooth marks also became fainter.

After making sure that Nie Bufan was no longer in danger, he quietly let out a sigh of relief.

He was about to pull up his trousers, only for him to suddenly curl up his legs and coincidentally clamp his hand between his thighs.

Tai Bai’s face became stiff, and he did not dare to move. The hot feeling from the palm of his hand made his heart beat faster and his eyes wandered over that bare bottom uncontrollably. That pink entrance was like the petals of a flower…..

He quickly looked away and scolded himself for acting like a starving beggar, actually being enthralled by a man. There was something really wrong with him!

At this time, Nie Bufan murmured unconsciously: “It’s cold.”

Tai Bai came back to his senses and quickly helped him pull up his pants. He then lay back beside him and hugged him into his arms.

Nie Bufan reached his hands into his clothes, pressing against his skin as he winded his arms tightly around his back. His face was also pressed up against his naked chest, the corners of his mouth rising slightly, seemingly satisfied.

Tai Bai watched in a daze. He had never been so close to another before. The transfer of body temperature between two people was actually this comfortable. When holding him, it was as if all the chill seemed to have been dispelled.

Nie Bufan was completely unaware, his limbs entangled with Tai Bai’s limbs and their lower halves closely pressed together, inevitably rubbing against each other.

Tai Bai felt a rush of heat rushing to his belly, and an inexplicable desire filled his whole body.

As a hotblooded young man with a healthy body and mind, he deeply understood the erection that men often got in the morning, hard as iron and ready to go.

He muttered the Heart-Purifying Mantra silently, trying to distract himself. But helplessly, he realized that Nie Bufan’s movements were too alluring, like a snake, squirming from time to time, and each squirm set Tai Bai a little more on edge. The other’s breathing was hot as it sprayed on his skin, making him feel a burst of numbness.

He was aware of the relationship between Nie Bufan and Wei Di, and that men could also have intercourse with men, but he had never dared to try…..uh, what was he thinking? Tai Bai quickly pressed these thoughts down, blushing but honestly playing the part of Nie Bufan’s pillow.

When Nie Bufan woke up, it was already bright and sunny.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up, asking in a daze, “What time is it?”

Tai Bai replied: “It should be almost noon.”

“Ah, the time agreed with Wang Fifth and the others has passed.” Nie Bufan patted his head to clear his sleep fogged head. He caught a glimpse of Tai Bai lying motionless, and asked curiously, “Why aren’t you getting up? It is not early anymore.”

Tai Bai’s mouth twitched and then he stood up like a zombie. After being hugged by Nie Bufan for about four hours, half of his body had turned stiff.  

And Nie Bufan, this fellow, actually laughed at him: “Haha, I can tell that your sleeping posture is wrong just by looking at you. In the future, practice some more.”

Tai Bai turned his head and shed tears to himself, finally knowing what “inverting black and white” and “the thief shouting to catch the thief” meant.

The two of them washed their faces randomly, crossed the waterfall together, and walked towards the agreed meeting place.

After walking for a while, they suddenly heard a long cry, and then they saw an eagle flying down and landing on a branch not far from the two.

“Big Weapon.” Nie Bufan ran over excitedly.

Big Weapon held its head high, with an expression of “I shall reluctantly give you a bit of face”.

On its leg was tied with a letter from Wang Shichan and the others. In addition to asking about Nie Bufan’s current situation, the letter also told him that the place they had agreed upon had been discovered and monitored by Wei Di’s people so they suggested that Nie Bufan go directly to the city and meet up at Yunlai Inn.

Tai Bai finished reading the letter and asked: Are we going to the city?”

Nie Bufan nodded: “Of course, and also stop by to see the doctor on the way. We still don’t know if your snake venom has been completely eliminated.”

When Tai Bai heard this he could feel Nie Bufan’s concern, so he couldn’t help but feel warm, and replied softly, “You too.”

“Okay. Then please reply to them for me.” Nie Bufan handed the paper to Tai Bai. Wang Shichan and the others had also prepared a blank rice paper for them to write their reply on.

“But, what can be used to write the letter?” Tai Bai took the paper and searched around, looking for anything pen-like.

Nie Bufan suddenly shook his hand and said sincerely: “Little Bai, don’t be afraid, you just need to feel a momentary pain.”

Tai Bai didn’t understand what he meant, and then he felt a pain in the index finger of his right hand. A drop of blood beaded from the prick.

Nie Bufan threw away the thorn he had pulled out from nowhere, and instructed him like a general giving his subordinate an important task: “You can write now.”

Tai Bai’s mouth twitched, was this for him to write a suicide letter? He looked at Nie Bufan, and Nie Bufan gave him a look of encouragement and affirmation. He had to resign to his fate and spread the paper out on a relatively flat rock. He asked: “Write what?”

“Report to them that we are both well first, and tell them we are about to make our way to the designated place. Then ask them where they are now, when they will meet with us, and if Wei Di has made any difficulties for them, do they need my assistance…..”

“Wait.” Tai Bai’s face became greener as he listened, and he interrupted quickly, “With so much to write my blood will run out, can you be more brief? Besides, do they even need your support? You keeping yourself hidden is already the best form of assistance!”

This guy showing concern for him just now was just to pave the way for him to bleed later!


Tai Bai nodded his head heavily.

“Okay.” Nie Bufan stretched out two fingers and said with great pride, “Then write two words——have read!”

Big Weapon flew away.

Tai Bai and Nie Bufan snuck sneakily into the city, making sure to pass the places with most people. Neither of them had any money on them, but luckily Nie Bufan was prepared and had taken the jade pieces that he had pried from Wei Di’s dressing screen with him.

The two got thirty taels at the pawnshop, enough for them to eat and drink at the Yunlai Inn for five or six days without any problem. This was because Yan Shun’s prices were relatively high, and a medium-sized inn like Yunlai Inn was also more expensive than the best inn in Xishan City.

“What is your situation?” In the clinic, an old man with a white beard asked the two young people in front of him. They were dressed in wrinkled clothes and appeared a little haggard.

Tai Bai rolled up his trousers, exposed the wound on his leg, and said, “We were bitten by a snake yesterday. I would like to ask the doctor to check us over.”

The doctor carefully looked at the wound, and then listened to Tai Bai’s pulse. He nodded and said: “The venom was cleaned up in time. If it was even a moment late, then it would be difficult for even the gods to save you.”

Tai Bai felt relieved, and looked tenderly at Nie Bufan beside him. The latter was looking around the layout of the clinic, and was unable to receive Tai Bai’s affectionate look.

“I’ll prescribe a few herbal medicines for you, take them internally and externally to clear the remaining venom in two or three days, and you will be fine.” The doctor quickly wrote the prescription and handed it over to his assistant in charge of grabbing medicine.

“Thank you, doctor. My friend was bitten by a snake too, can he use the same medicine as mine?” Tai Bai patted Nie Bufan.

“Oh? Where did he get bitten? Show this old man.” The doctor looked at Nie Bufan.

Tai Bai hesitated and did not answer.

Nie Bufan said calmly: “Butt.”

“How is the wound?” The doctor also did not have any different expression, and continued to ask.

This time Tai Bai took the initiative to answer: “The injury is lighter than mine, there is no swelling, just a little bruising.”

The doctor nodded and began to take Nie Bufan’s pulse. After a long time, his brows furrowed.

Tai Bai was taken aback, and asked carefully: “Doctor, what’s the matter?”

The doctor looked confused and ignored Tai Bai. Instead he just asked Nie Bufan, “Do you normally feel any discomfort in your body?”

“No.” Nie Bufan shook his head, “I eat well and sleep soundly, no pain in my waist, and no feeling of soreness in my leg.”

“That’s odd.” The doctor murmured, “How come there is such a pulse?”

“What kind of pulse?” Tai Bai said anxiously, “What the hell is going on?”

“This young man is obviously dying. Under normal circumstances, he won’t even live for a year.” The doctor said bluntly.

“What kind of joke is that?” Tai Bai stood up suddenly, with a look of anger, “Doctor, where does he even look remotely like he is terminally ill?”

“That’s why this old man is surprised. His pulse is unstable, heavy, but also strong and vigorous. This is clearly a sign of a person experiencing a dying flash prior to demise.” The doctor shook his head again, “But this young man also said that his body feels healthy without any sense of discomfort. It is really puzzling indeed.”

Tai Bai’s face was pale, whereas Nie Bufan’s expression remained as usual. Unexpectedly, someone was actually able to tell some clues just by taking his pulse. This doctor was indeed an expert master in medicine. He was completely on another level from Doctor Xu back in Chicken Nest Village who couldn’t see any abnormalities.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing him like this, Tai Bai couldn’t help asking: “Could it be you knew this a long time ago?”

“Know what?” Nie Bufan still smiled carefreely.

“Know that you are running out of time!”

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