Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 021 Is This Teasing?

Feng Qingxiu was actually very excited.

As a diehard fan of the Sect Leader, he had been looking forward to this today since who knew how long.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He heard that the Sect Leader was dignified and majestic, profound and erudite, and cold as the moon. He had outlined the appearance of the Sect Leader countless times in his mind, and today he could finally see the real person!

May the heavens bless…..bless…..

Feng Qingxiu couldn’t help rubbing his eyes.

Regrettably, the eyesight that had been strengthened by the cultivation exercises was extremely accurate. Even if the distance expanded the entire one hundred meter length main hall, he could still clearly see what the Sect Leader looked like.

The young man sitting high up in the center of the hall had white-hair flowing down obsidian black robes, exactly as cold and aloof as was written in the records. Like the bright moon, he resided high up in the distant Celestial River. You knew how far he was, but you couldn’t tell just how far and how high he was.

You knew that he was very close, but you dared not even entertain the thought of moving closer to him.

He and the rest of the world were separated by the entire Celestial River.

But! But!

If his eyes were not blurred nor blind, and his brain was not damaged by the hit from the snake…..He saw him yesterday! ! !

No, no——

Feng Qingxiu could only feel his brain buzzing, completely blank of thought, unable to even hear what the elder above was saying.

He couldn’t help taking a step back.

He had asked about his injury just yesterday!

Could it be that that person just disguised himself to look like the Sect Leader in order to deceive me…..

Yes, yes, it must be so. How could the Sect Leader come to me and say that he wanted to accept me as his disciple?

How could I have refused the Sect Leader twice?

I mjat have got it wrong——

Suddenly, noise returned to the whole hall.

Senior Sister Tu, who was next to him, also pinched his arm severely, and said in a low voice, “What are you doing? What are you doing acting so crazy? Just look at where this is!”

She was really scared just now. Just now, junior brother not only took a step back but also stood in a daze. This was Kun-Lai’s great hall. The people who came here were all bigshots who could crush them with just a raise of their pinky finger. Provoking any one of them would result in being kicked out of the Sect!

Feng Qingxiu returned to his senses in a dazed manner, barely managing to steady his mind, and took a breath: “Thank you, I understand.”

He bowed his head and shrank into himself. He no longer had the courage to look up again.

At this time, Elder Yan Zhao’s barely suppressed excited voice sounded: “Sect Leader, did you just say, that you want to accept a disciple from the ones present here?”

Accepting a disciple…..

Feng Qingxiu seemed to be stabbed by a needle, and his whole person trembled and faltered, nearly unable to stand upright.

“That’s correct,” The familiar voice said.

The entire hall was shocked again, and the surrounding elite disciples could not restrain the excitement in their hearts even if they tried. Everyone’s eyes burned with murderous intent as they looked around them at their competitors.

“This, Sect Leader, this matter is too big, should we discuss this some more…..” Yan Zhao was also startled. He glanced at the junior generations and asked with worry.

He was justified in worrying. After that incident, the Sect Leader no longer accepted disciples, and none of them even dared to mention accepting disciples so as not to stimulate their senior brother. But now their senior brother suddenly decided to accept a disciple without any warning at all. What exactly happened?

“En?” Ji Yunlai glanced at him.

The eyes of the surrounding peak masters and disciples also fell on him——these were all chickens, completely inconsequential, and could be glared back at with just a glance. The real pressure that Elder Yan felt came from the light glance of the Sect Leader.

Forget it, so long as their senior brother was willing, it was also good to be able to let go of the past.

“Then, Senior Brother, please announce your conditions for choosing a disciple.” Yan Zhao was the first to be unable to hold up to the pressure and bowed his head.

Ji Yunlai stared at the people in the great hall, and naturally saw that after just a glance at him, that young man became stunned on the spot and was at this moment, looking like he would faint in the next second.

Eh, even his eyes had reddened…..

“There are no conditions.” In Ji Yunlai’s heart he corrected, after all he was only going to choose a certain person. It had nothing to do with other people so what conditions were evn required.

“Then are us spiritual demons okay?” The meat mountain that was Peak Master Tu plucked up his courage to ask, taking advantage of the fact that he was the first spiritual demon cultivator accepted by the Sect Leader way back when the Sect Leader first established the Sect.

“Kun-Lai’s head disciple is the choice for the successor of the Sect Leader, how can it be handed over to a different race? This is simply wishful thinking!” A coldly beautiful woman on the side interrupted angrily.

“Xing Dao Master, I have a nephew who is extremely talented…..” Even the guests who came to attend the ceremony couldn’t help taking a step forward.

“Piss off, your son is trash, our Kun-Lai talents are enough!” Bai Shuixian glanced at him coldly, but didn’t slap him across the room for the sake of the ceremony.

“Our Kun-Lai has seven junior generation disciples who are very outstanding. Don’t know which one will enter the sights of the Sect Leader.” Someone whispered.

“It must be Yimeng Qingnu. She has already established her own school at such a young age. I heard that she doesn’t want to inherit Qingdi Peak and wants to ascend up a mountain.”

“Not necessarily, Eight Sword You Jia, can kill an enemy of a higher cultivation level despite still being a Nascent Soul. His talent is peerless enough to be the top choice for inheriting the Overcoming Suffering Sword!”

“You Jia is after all of the spiritual demon race, I say that Yimeng Qingnu has a better chance of being chosen…..”


For a while, there were a lot of discussions in the great hall. A group of young people standing in the hall exchanged looks with each other, and all saw the strong fighting spirit in each other’s eyes.

“Sect Leader above, You Jia recommends myself as a disciple, I only beg for some pointers.” The young man in golden robes suddenly kneeled down first. Kun-Lai’s spiritual demon group had always been weak in power and speaking rights. The younger generation was led by him, and he knew that his chance of being chosen was not big, but it would be a pity if he didn’t try even once.

If he could become the Sect Leader’s disciple, there would definitely be a change to the current situation of the spiritual demons who have been ostracized in Kun-Lai these many years.

Moreover, he had visited the Liujian Lake in the main mountain countless times to observe the sword intent left by the Sect Leader back then. He knew deeply that when it came to the summit of sword cultivation, no one could compare with the Sect Leader.

The woman in green robes next to him looked coldly at him. As two of the most outstanding younger generations of Kun-Lai, they have been fighting and competing with each other for more than a hundred years. So of course, she refused to show any weakness at this moment.

If the Sect Leader accepted him as his disciple, the balance between the two would collapse instantly.

“Sect Leader above. Senior brother You has a good reputation and superb swordsmanship. He is the best choice for the head disciple.” Yimeng Qingnu knelt down gracefully, seemingly speaking for her fellow sect member without any trace of scheming.

But she knew in her heart that with just a glance from the Sect Leader, he would be able to see through to the roots of a person. Towards a spiritual demon who was excluded and ostracized the Sect Leader might accept as his disciple but towards one who had a lot of support the Sect Leader would have to consider the threat. And she who showed support for her fellow sect member despite being equally talented and at the same cultivation level only emphasized her magnanimous character. This was the best way to present herself.

You Jia cursed inwardly.

Sure enough, discussions sprang out above, all saying that a spiritual demon was not acceptable.

A girl in yellow robes not far from Qingnu raised her head. Seeing that the Sect Leader remained completely unmoved, she continued to stand still in place. The Sect Leader adhered to his own laws and principles. How could he be affected by a little bit of scheming and manipulation? Whether the position of head disciple was hers or not, she was still herself.

The several other proud young talents also did not move from their spots. Although there were indeed meat pies that would fall down from the sky in this world, this time it all depended on heaven’s will and had nothing to do with manpower.

So it was better to wait for the result.


The quarrel below did not affect Ji Yunlai. He just watched Feng Qingxiu standing in the back, silently shrinking into himself in the shadows, like a little rabbit that was abandoned by him.

Everyone was focusing their attention on the changes in the hall, and no one was paying attention to him.

Ji Yunlai pondered silently in his heart, feeling that something was a little wrong. He seemed to not feel as happy as he had thought, but rather a bit distressed.

Although this child’s blindness could compare to Ye Han’s stupidity, he was still a child after all, and it was normal for him to be a little more wary. Besides, based on his understanding of him, he was very likely to not only feel regretful for not recognizing him but also reproachful that his idol pretended to be a loser to lure him away…..

This time it should have taught him enough of a lesson.

Then that was enough.

Taking a look at the hall which was still noisy, Swct Leader Ji swept his gaze over them and successfully silenced the surroundings once again.

Was he about to accept a disciple?

Wasn’t this too fast?

Won’t you consider some more?

The surrounding elders waited for the decision like a defendant would wait for judgement. The disciples of the sect even held their breath.

Then they heard him plainly saying: “Today, I have accepted the 49th generation of Kun-Lai’s Foundation Establishment disciple Feng Qingxiu, to be recorded in the Dao Disc.”

! ! ! !

What? ? ? ? ?

In an instant, the whole hall fell silent for a moment, and then exploded once again into noise.

The eyes of all the people who knew him fell on Feng Qingxiu, and the eyes of those who did not also followed these gazes and landed on him.

Oh my god, this little unknown disciple actually entered the sight of the Sect Leader?

What was special about him?

Did being rescued by the Sect Leader count?

Medium qualifications (among all kinds of geniuses), born poor (among various backers), and low-key. Such a person could be seen everywhere in Kun-Lai!

How could the Sect Leader abandon all kinds of proud talents and choose such an ordinary disciple instead?

But under the prestige of the Sect Leader, no one dared to disagree.

Feng Qingxiu raised his head blankly, the shock in those reddened eyes unable to be hidden.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What is it?” Ji Yunlai’s voice was slightly careless, and he asked indifferently, “Do you want to reject me for the third time?”

One must not repeat the same mistake more than three times, my silly little fool.

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