After Becoming The Tyrant CH 043 The Pirates’ Little Problem

“Hi, old mate, I thought you had already forgotten how to contact me.”

The pirate captain with a black hat walked briskly into the King’s study as if dancing. There was a slanting scar on his face, a cowhide wine flask hung on his waist, and a still lingering scent of alcohol on his person. It was difficult to tell how old he was from his appearance, possessing the typical unruliness of a pirate.

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Normal people couldn’t do something like wear ragged clothes to see the King.

The expression on the Duke of Buckingham’s face broke for a moment: “I thought it was Charles who was going to come see His Majesty? Didn’t you swear not to set foot on land forever?”

“How can this be? After all, Walway’s nominal pirate captain is still me!” The pirate captain replied with a grin. He took off the black hat that hadn’t been washed for who knew how long, and bowed to the King like a circus performer.

“Do you know each other?”

The King looked at the Duke of Buckingham.

“No, I don’t know.”

The Duke of Buckingham replied decisively.

“Oh oh oh! I just knew you aristocrats could be more hypocritical and deceitful one after another!” The pirate captain yelled like a rooster crowing, “God, my noble lord! When you were still a prince back then, how pleasantly you spoke! What ‘I appreciate your freedom and fearlessness!’ What…..”

“Shut up.”

The Duke of Buckingham scolded sharply.

He began to regret it.

What had Charles been doing these many years? How could he not keep a close eye on this neuropathic that pollutes the earth? No, to be more precise, why didn’t that group of pirates kill this guy? If he had known that it was him coming here to meet the King, the Duke of Buckingham would have stationed dozens of royal guards at the gate of the palace.

Don’t even think about stepping into the palace, let alone meet the King.

“Your Majesty, I will introduce you to a more suitable admiral, let the guards come in and drive out this gibberish guy.” The Duke of Buckingham said, raising a hand and preparing to call the soldiers to come in.


The pirate captain widened his eyes and looked at the Duke of Buckingham in disbelief.

“My dear brother! When you urged us to hurry up and come over from Walway, you spoke so nicely and amiably! Saying something like Legrand needs our courage and blood. But now that we cleaned up the trash that is the Five Port Alliance for you, you turn your face and deny knowing us? If you’re on the ship right now you’ll definitely be tied and hung up on the mast.”

All right then.

Now, the King also knew just where the Duke of Buckingham’s disdain of this guy came from…..When he used his hoarse scratchy voice to speak in the tone of an aggrieved noble lady complaining about her lover, it was enough to pollute his hearing and vision.

It was really not something ordinary people could do to seamlessly switch between an undulating tone and a crazy display.

“My dear Majesty, you wouldn’t be as ruthless as your uncle,  would you?” Seeing the guards really push open the door, the pirate captain turned his eyes to the King.

The King waved his hand and motioned the guards to go out: “I thought the rumors about me should not include anything like mercy?”

“Okay, okay.” The pirate captain looked even more resentful. “Another William, another Rose family member…..Seriously, knowing the rascals of the Rose family is definitely the biggest failure in the wise and illustrious life of the one and only Captain Hawkins. “

“You make me feel that you shouldn’t be standing here, but should be staying with my gentlemen scientists instead. Now, Mr. Heroic Pirate Captain, please tell me about the past while my patience is still present.”

The King interrupted the pirate captain.

“Let me recount it.”

The Duke of Buckingham took over the stream of conversation.

He really didn’t want to hear that bastard talking nonsense to the King in front of him, he knew too much about this rascal of the sea.

“The royal family actually maintains a certain degree of contact with the Walway pirates.”

When they were young, the Duke of Buckingham and William III, for some reason, spent a period of time on the Walway pirate ships and befriended some pirates.

When the King took the throne at a young age, Bressi crossed the sea on more than one expedition.

The most dangerous time was when the Duke of Buckingham had to face the domestic rebellion and expeditionary army at the same time. That time he had to secretly send a letter to the Walway pirates. After receiving a secret letter from the Duke of Buckingham, the Walway pirates ambushed and delayed Bressi’s expedition to a certain extent out on the sea as they did a few days ago.

Frankly speaking, compared with the Walway pirates, the royal fleet commanders of the Legrand royal family were nothing but a waste of space.

The Walvey pirates, supported by the weapons of the Rose royal family, exhibited their experience at sea to the fullest——Of course, part of the reason was that these pirates had no moral limits and no chivalry. They fought for the Duke of Buckingham to gain precious time from the Bressi expeditionary army.

Since then, the royal family secretly provided some support for the Walway pirates.

After all, the Walway pirates were not sea monsters that really lived in the sea. They still needed to obtain supplies from land on a regular basis. The royal family regularly prepared supplies for them on certain uninhabited islands. The Walway pirates thus avoided the danger of being discovered and hunted down to obtain supplies. It was precisely because of this that legends about them had become more and more fantastical.

In the end, they even became specters on the sea.

For their part in this mutually beneficial partnership, the Walway pirates would provide the royal family with some information they had observed at sea. As a result, the Duke of Buckingham succeeded in arresting some overseas spies from other countries.

To some extent, the Walway pirates could also be regarded as a shadow blade of the Rose family along the coast. Although not considered all that obedient.

However, as the royal family’s conspiracy with pirates would not result in a good reputation, it could not see the light of day.

Before this, because of other considerations, the Duke of Buckingham did not reveal this to the King. It wasn’t until the Duke of Buckingham saw the King’s plan to reform the military system, coupled with the Five Port Alliance rebellion, that he finally decided to let them appear in the King’s field of vision.

After listening to the words of the Duke of Buckingham, the King fell into thought.

If this was the case, it made sense why the Duke of Buckingham was able to contact the Walway pirates who wandered the sea without a trace.

Towards the royal family and the pirates maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership, the King didn’t care at all.

“My dear old mate, how come when spoken from your mouth, our great friendship is only left with cold and business-only cooperation! Are we helping you time and time again just for those supplies? I will tell Charles about everything you said just now! Too hurtful, you are!” The pirate captain sighed sorrowfully.

The Duke of Buckingham wanted to throw him out again.

“Alright, sir,” the King said gently, “I believe you did help Legrand out of a sincere friendship. I will not insult your noble character. Later I will tell people to stop transporting supplies to the islands, the position of admiral will also be reconsidered.”

“Wait, Your Majesty.” The pirate captain put on a serious expression, “This noble spirit is for knights. But for pirates like us, please continue to insult our character with gold coins.”

“I want to talk to this gentleman alone for a while.” The King turned his head to look at the Duke of Buckingham

“Although I disagree very much, your will shall always be my will.” The Duke of Buckingham glanced warningly at the pirate captain who stood without any sense of propriety, “I will have Charles come over as soon as possible.”

“You are too heartless.”

The pirate captain mumbled.

Only the Ming and the pirate captain were left in the study. The King did not speak, but looked at the pirate captain calmly.

“Damn.” The pirate captain sighed helplessly, “You and William are so alike…..To be honest, you are very different from the rumors, you are too keen, Your Majesty.”

“I am happy that my uncle has a true friend.”

The King revealed an light smile.

The King saw that this mad pirate captain with no sense of propriety unexpectedly took his friendship with the Duke of Buckingham and William III to heart. The reason why he was willing to break his oath and set foot on land was probably not just because of the supplies provided by the royal family.

It was this friendship that made the pirate captain unwilling to discuss matters that really involved interests with the Duke of Buckingham’s nephew in front of him. Therefore he had been jesting and full of buffoonery this whole time.

“Unfortunately, as you can see, he doesn’t seem to think so.”

The pirate captain complained.

“This is something you need to reflect on yourself.” The King said bluntly.

“You are the third interesting person I have seen recently——and the most interesting one.” The pirate captain said with emotion, “The Rose family is really full of talents.”

“I am a little curious about who are the first two you speak of?”

“Your gentlemen chemists, they are currently experimenting on how to use limited-power artillery at sea.” The pirate captain said tentatively, “If they are on my ship, I would definitely be willing to entertain them with butter and spirits. They will be the best gunners.”

“Oh, this won’t work, sir.” The King replied, “Allow me to remind you of one thing. You are now a navy admiral of the royal Rose family.”


The pirate captain widened his eyes and pointed at himself.

“Are you kidding me? Am I not enough to dispel your confidence in the Walway pirates?”

“No.” The King laughed lightly. “On the contrary, you have made me more confident in the Walway pirates.”

The expression of the pirate captain was dazed for a moment.

The King touched his fingers against each other, and he looked at the pirate captain with interest: “Before I saw you, I might still believe that you really came for the letter of appointment. But after seeing you, I had to overthrow my previous assumptions——If this was really your desire, you would have become an admiral at the time of my father’s reign.”


The King smiled.

“Let me guess, why are you willing to show up in Koszoya even though you obviously don’t need a naval position?”

“You have met with a spot of trouble.”

The King said softly.

His icy blue eyes seemed to penetrate through everything.

“A spot of trouble that only I can solve.”

The pirate captain was silent for a moment, and then became angry: “I’m going to kill those nonsense and rumor spreading bastards! Who the hell told me that you are an incompetent tyrant! Are all their eyeballs thrown into the Abyss Strait? ? Or do they have no brains at all?”

“Be quiet, sir.”

The King leaned back and placed his arm on the back of the chair.

“Now, let’s talk about what troubles you have encountered.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: In history, Britain often appointed pirates to participate in foreign wars. In the British-Spanish War of 1588, the Royal Navy’s battleships were actually very few, accounting for only 18%. Corsair ships became an important force in this war. Drake commanded the Royal Navy ship “Vengeance”, Hawkins commanded the “Victory”, Martin Frobicher commanded the “Triumphal”…..the pirates did much better than the royal fleet -cough-


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