After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 050 College Enrollment & National School Beauty and Hunk

Because Luo Yang and Gou Rixin happened to be hospitalized in the same hospital, after leaving Luo Yang’s ward, Tao Mu also went to Gou Rixin’s ward to pay a visit to Gou Rixin who was about to undergo surgery. When he returned to school, it was already 12:30 noon.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu randomly ordered a bowl of beef noodles in the cafeteria. After eating the noodles, he went to the admissions office to inquire about the admissions to private universities. Many public universities were affiliated with a large number of private colleges. Beijing Film was no exception. Tao Mu wanted to ask about admittance to a private university for Feng Yuan.

Feng Yuan was only a few months younger than Tao Mu, and this year he was also a senior high school graduate. It was just that Feng Yuan was different from Tao Mu. He didn’t study well since he was a child, and he scored only around two hundred points in the college entrance examination. In his previous life, Feng Yuan didn’t go to college after graduating from high school, so he became Tao Mu’s personal assistant. At that time, Tao Mu had just returned to the Shen family’s house and everyone looked down on him. He had no people of his own so he took Feng Yuan with him.

Tao Mu thought at that time that with Feng Yuan following him, even if he had no academic qualifications, so long as he worked for him he would still have a good future. At the very least, he could work as a talent agent in the entertainment company under the Shen Group. However, he did not expect that in the end, Feng Yuan was implicated by him——after he was expelled from the Shen family, in order to help him, Feng Yuan ran to Shen Yu’s crew to beat him up, but in the end he injured Yan Sheng who stood in front of Shen Yu. Yan Sheng, who was already very famous and popular in the entertainment circle, won the favor of all netizens and fans once again because of this saving the beauty scene as well as successfully embracing home the beauty. However, Feng Yuan was sentenced to three years for intentional injury.

In this life, Tao Mu must make good plans for Feng Yuan. So attending university was a must. Considering Feng Yuan’s IQ, coupled with Tao Mu’s business——something like financial stocks could be crossed out but film and television production, marketing and planning, or news media were possibilities.

Of course, the teacher at the admissions office knew Tao Mu, one of the 2008 freshmen. Hearing Tao Mu inquiring about this, she suddenly smiled and said, “We do have some affiliated private colleges and universities under Beijing Film, and they also have this career major. Are you helping others to inquire? But since school has been in for so long, why did you think to ask about this?”

“Speaking of this, I am quite ashamed.” Tao Mu looked embarrassed, directly playing his familiar pitiful act: “…’s for a friend of mine from the orphanage, just a few months younger than me. He also graduated this year and took the college entrance examination, scoring around two hundred points. He has no time to repeat his studies, and no money to go to college. Now, he is working random jobs every day, either serving dishes in restaurants or moving bricks on construction sites or going to places like bars and nightclubs to serve as a security guard. I feel distressed seeing this so I want to ask around for him. If possible, can I pay the tuition and let him study with the school? This way he can also get a diploma and it will be easier to find a decent job in the future.”

After a pause, Tao Mu lowered his eyes slightly, and said with some disappointment: “Teacher, you don’t know. Orphans like us, without the help of parents, we can only help each other. Otherwise, why else do they say people rely on their parents at home and when outside rely on friends. We don’t have that condition, so we can only be responsible for ourselves. I am also afraid that he might be infected with bad habits having been out in the society for a long time. After developing bad habits it will be difficult to change even if he wanted to.”

The director of the admissions office was a female teacher in her forties. Hearing these words, she couldn’t resist her natural feminine softness and maternal love. She took over the matter that originally did not meet the procedures in one sentence: “Student Tao Mu, how about this? We also have specialized training schools under Beijing Film, and this year’s student roll is full. If you don’t mind, I can let your classmate follow the class for now, and when we enroll students next year, let him retake the college entrance examination. As long as he has passed the culture class, he may take undergraduate anew, or he can make up his registration as a current student. It’ll depend on the situation.”

Tao Mu immediately showed a surprised expression. He looked at the director of the admissions office, his eyes bright as if there were little stars in them: “Definitely. Teacher, thank you so much.”

“No problem. Find a time to bring your classmate over to see what major he is suitable for.” The director of the admissions office waved her hand at Tao Mu, and then inquired about FlyNews. Tao Mu was not allowed to leave until the class bell rang.

Tao Mu knew that the reason why the director of the admissions office could speak so well in front of him was because he created FlyNews by himself, which had become so popular on the Internet recently. This definitely had a lot of positive effects. The entertainment circle could be said to be very big, but also could be very small. FlyNews had just launched, but it could get the full support of two major film and television talent agencies, Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment. This matter was seen in the eyes of the entire industry so naturally, Tao Mu’s contacts and potential could also be measured.

People of this world admired the strong and pitied the weak. Even if they didn’t need to ask for help at the moment, they still liked to make friends with capable people. And if there was spare capacity, they were also willing to help the weak. The director of the admissions office granting Feng Yuan a visiting student qualification not only did not violate the school’s rules and regulations, but also expressed goodwill towards Tao Mu. Although this decision was also affected by the “weak, pitiful and helpless” atmosphere that Tao Mu deliberately exaggerated. But in general, she was still optimistic about Tao Mu’s own potential. As for Tao Mu, making all the connections that he might need was originally his habit in both of these lifetimes.

One party deliberately expressed weakness and the other expressed goodwill. The two hit it off and both thought it was a very cost-effective favor. At least both parties were particularly satisfied.

Tao Mu left the admissions office and called Feng Yuan.

At this time, Feng Yuan was riding a little motorcycle all over the alleys——helping Song Ji deliver food. Hearing Tao Mu telling him to clean up and prepare for school, his face suddenly became reluctant, even forgetting to pretend to be cool and aloof: “Mu, brother Mu, I don’t want to go, to go to school. I’m different from you. I don’t, don’t, don’t have the talent to study. I also can’t learn, learn. I have a headache as soon as I go to class, and I want to sleep as soon as I read a book. I, I feel, I’m fine helping out at Song Ji. You, if you have anything that needs my help, you can call, call and tell me. I’ll directly help you——”

“You have no education and no ability, what can you do for me? Can you help me with stocks or take care of my FlyNews site? You brash kid who doesn’t even know how to drive a car!” Tao Mu was especially cruel and ruthless, burying Feng Yuan into a hole with a single sentence: “Stop talking nonsense. Do what I ask you to do. Come here quickly. Do you think just anyone can come to Beijing Film? If it wasn’t for the teacher pitying you for not having parents, they wouldn’t give you this opportunity.”

According to what you said, it would seem that if I have parents then I wouldn’t be able to get in! Feng Yuan slandered fiercely from the bottom of his heart. But since he was a child, he loved to cling to Tao Mu, and was most afraid of angering his brother Mu. If you let him talk back in person, he really wouldn’t dare.

“Brother Mu, Mu, don’t, don’t be angry. I’ll go!” Feng Yuan scratched his head: “Then, when, when should I be there? I am helping Song Ji, deliver, deliver food.”

In case of any change in the situation, Tao Mu said with promptness: “I will help you pay the tuition and reserve a dorm spot. You come over tomorrow morning, first say hello to the teacher, and then go straight to class. Remember, when you are at school be good, be obedient.”

“Relax!” Feng Yuan replied confidently. It must be said that the children who come out of their orphanage may not know anything else, but they were all professionals in playing the sweet obedient orphan. They were definitely strong actors among strong actors.

After finishing class that afternoon, Tao Mu rushed to the bank to withdraw 20,000 yuan for Feng Yuan to pay the tuition, miscellaneous fees and accommodation fees. Tao Mu reported to Feng Yuan that he would be majoring in management, focusing on film and television production, distribution and projection, and talent agency.

The director of the admissions office had long known that Tao Mu was a swift and decisive person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to make FlyNews so popular in just one month. So she also did not delay, directly helping Tao Mu complete all the procedures.

The next morning, Tao Mu brought Feng Yuan to see the admissions office teacher. Only then did she learn that Feng Yuan also had a stuttering problem and was a bit troubled. However, Feng Yuan was extremely humble, shy and polite in front of the teacher. Appearing like a delicate child, thin and small, his words thoughtful and extremely concise. People who were not paying attention really couldn’t notice any issue at all. They would just think that this child was naturally aloof and did not like to talk.

The director of the admissions office changed her mind and thought, after all, this child was just a visiting student. It was better to take a look first. A year later he could get a higher vocational college diploma, and no one could say anything. Besides, Feng Yuan studied management and nit acting. So long as he passed the professional course, they didn’t need to be too demanding on his speaking aspect.

Thinking about it this way, the director of the admissions office felt less psychologically burdened.

Later, Tao Mu thought of a way to return the favor of the admissions office teacher. As a result, the two interacted increasingly more. Under Tao Mu’s deliberate acquaintance, the director of the admissions office almost recognized Tao Mu as a godson. She also took the initiative to help Tao Mu solve several problems relating to distribution channels. But this was something to be brought up later.

At noon that day, Tao Mu took Feng Yuan to see his three roommates. The several of them had a meal of mutton hot pot in Wen Juxiang. Tao Mu introduced Feng Yuan to his three roommates and asked everyone to help take care of his little brother.

Wen Bao and the others were extremely bold and cheerful. Hearing Tao Mu’s entrustment, they agreed without hesitation. He also asked Tao Mu: “No need to ask. We will take care of everything that should be taken care of. But you, the selection of school beauty and hunk of major universities have now finished. Didn’t you draw an alluring picture for everyone at the beginning, selecting national school beauty and hunk across the country or something? It’s almost October 1st, what are you planning to do?”

Tao Mu smiled mysteriously at the three roommates. Regarding this matter, he had already made a plan and was preparing to talk to Luo Xi in detail. Didn’t  father Luo let Longteng Entertainment cooperate with FlyNews in all aspects of publicity. Of course he would not let such a good opportunity pass.

“Just watch, you guys. I’ll give you a big one when National Day comes.”

The three roommates looked at each other, and Du Kang asked, “What are you going to? Tell us first?”

Chu Sui’an also echoed: “Yes. We are all roommates. Are you afraid that we will reveal it to others?”

That was not the case. Tao Mu had a lot of trust in the characters of his three roommates. So he no longer continued playing mysterious and said with a smile: “I am planning to join Longteng Entertainment to launch a seven-day national election for school beauty and hunk. The flight ticket and board and lodging expenses will be reimbursed by FlyNews, so that all the selected school beauties and hunks of all the colleges and universities in the provinces will gather in the capital. We’ll host a reality show competition. Have all the school beauties and school hunks who come over to receive training, and then perform talents, and finally be voted by netizens to eventually pick the national school beauty and hunk. The selected national school beauty and hunk will also get a reward——they can play supporting male and female roles in urban idol dramas invested by Longteng Entertainment. Or sign directly into the talent company.”

In fact, Tao Mu was also planning to drag Summer Star Entertainment to undertake activities together. After all, Long Tianao helped him so much, so as a matter of paying back the favor, Tao Mu would not forget Summer Star Entertainment. But he didn’t know how much influence Long Tianao had in Summer Star Entertainment, and whether or not he could speak up on such serious matters. Besides, what did the senior executives of Summer Star Entertainment think of this event? Maybe they didn’t want to bother with this at all. If that was the case, Tao Mu would also not shamelessly insist.

The three were very excited, but Du Kang was a little confused: “Are you talking about letting netizens vote? Are you still going to cooperate with the TV stations? Otherwise where will the netizens across the country watch the talent show of the contestants?”

Tao Mu only smiled. Let’s not mention that he had no personal connections and influence to temporarily insert programs on TV stations. But just speaking of FlyNews engaging in the promotion of the selection of national school beauty and hunk for nearly a month, Tao Mu would not hand over his fruits of labor for free.

Of course, this kind of good thing must not be given to outsiders.

While talking, they heard a knock on the door outside the private room. Wen Bao’s father walked in with a smile and added a few plates of meat for everyone. On the way, he also asked Tao Mu about how old man Song was doing, expressing that he wanted to visit the Song family, but was afraid that the old man would not want to see him.

Tao Mu couldn’t decide for the old man, so he could only say tactfully that he would help Wen Aiguo convey his wish to visit. As for the old man’s answer, he was unsure.

When Wen Aiguo heard this, he sighed sadly: “I also understand that Mr. Song is still very hurt by the past and doesn’t want to see us old people again. He can’t get through this hurdle in his heart. But I also really want to go visit Mr. Song. No matter what, I learned my craft from the Song family. As a person, one should not forget his roots.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu had no words. That night, he began to secretly collect information about the Sheng’an Group. He also searched his memories form his previous life on what big projects Sheng’an Group participated in——

If trouble could be stirred up, it damned well should be stirred up.

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