After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 051 Shen Yu Arrives In Beijing

“Tao Mu, you finally remembered to find me!” In the luxuriously decorated private room, Long Tianao looked at Tao Mu with a melancholy expression: “I thought you had forgotten me.”

“How is that possible?” Tao Mu smiled, and poured a glass of beer for Long Tianao: “You have helped me a lot. If I have something good, I will definitely not let you miss out.”

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Tao Mu told Long Tianao about FlyNews’ national school beauty and hunk selection: “…..Now we need two mentors, don’t know if Summer Star Entertainment is interested?”

Long Tianao’s brows furrowed, realizing that things were not so simple: “It seems that it is more than that. You have made such a big momentum, not only using a competition mode but also signing to talent agencies and debutting. You neither cooperate with the TV stations but still want to organize netizens to vote. I also haven’t heard that you are in contact with any video sites…..”

Having said that, Long Tianao looked at Tao Mu thoughtfully: “Could it be that FlyNews wants to take this opportunity to launch its own video website? Just like and”

Tao Mu looked at Long Tianao in surprise. When he talked about this with his three roommates, none of them realized this. But just mentioning vaguely to Long Tianao and he could come to the conclusion quickly. Was it that Long Tianao had a keen sense of the entertainment industry, or was it that he subconsciously looked down on Summer Star Entertainment’s rich young master?

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Long Tianao rubbed his nose, and smiled: “After all, my uncle is also a major shareholder of Summer Star Entertainment. Even if you haven’t eaten pork you have at least seen a pig run.” (TN: fig. of speech for “You may not see it, but you ought to hear about it”)

Tao Mu chuckled lightly, and admitted frankly: “I just have a whole new level of respect for you.”

“You think I’m pretty good, right!” Long Tianao chuckled: “I think this is pretty good idea. Don’t worry, I will have Summer Star Entertainment make preparations when I go back. What kind of artists do you want to be the mentor? And do you plan to have FlyNews use Summer Star Entertainment as a sponsor name?”

“Not only Summer Star Entertainment, I also contacted Longteng Entertainment, and they also promised to give me two mentors. Longteng also provided the filming team needed for the filming. Their company has two filming teams that have engaged in talent shows and have some experience.” Tao Mu had reached a private agreement with Luo Xi, so he would not hesitate when using Longteng Entertainment’s resources.

Long Tianao was amazed when he heard this: “Not bad. The relationship between Luo Yang and his sister is not very good but Luo Xi can actually help you like this. It seems that you have spent a lot of effort on her?”

Tao Mu smiled but did not comment. After clinking beers with Long Tianao, he said, “Because there is the talent performance part of the competition, I hope that Summer Star Entertainment will give me a singer or an idol artist for mentor candidates. As for the sponsor name, both Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment can be placed in front of the show’s name for free. Take it as me paying back the favor.”

Long Tianao smiled, and clinked beers with Tao Mu again: “Also, the military uniform promotional event you mentioned to me before on the National Day week, it has to be a two-inch photo?”

“The photo must be formal.” Tao Mu said seriously: “I have completed the program in FlyNews, so photos that do not meet the requirements cannot be uploaded.” was doing positive publicity this time. To make the website cater to the mainstream, Tao Mu must prevent those horsing around and jokester photos. This foundation must be laid, otherwise it would be troublesome in the future.

“Alright.” Although Long Tianao didn’t care, since he already promised Tao Mu, he would do things well——don’t look at his usual smiling and playboy appearance, he was still very reliable when carrying out serious business.

“Also, you must take the photos on National Day. Yiu better not leak the activity plan in advance.”

“Don’t worry.” Long Tianao knew that Tao Mu was guarding against Weibo stealing his idea. Who let the other always stare at FlyNews’ activity. It was estimated that Tao Mu was also very annoyed about this.

After meeting with Long Tianao, Tao Mu also went to discuss with Luo Xi about the shooting team in the evening. In addition, the first batch of recruits by was nearing completion. In the early stage, Meng Qi helped him do the preliminary interviews, but at the last part of the interview, Tao Mu had to choose on his own.

Tao Mu finally selected five programmers, two post-production coordinators, and two art designers. He also asked his brother Yao to rent a villa temporarily as a dormitory for the school beauty and hunk candidates as well as coordinated with Beijing Film to use the school’s theater as a shooting location. During this period, he also did not forget to upload the news that FlyNews was going to hold a national school beauty and hunk selection contest in Beijing to the site.

There were too many things, and Tao Mu was so busy he could barely distinguish night and day. When Tao Mu realized it, it was already the eve of National Day. Many school beauties and hunks selected by their respective colleges and universities took advantage of the school holiday to rush to Beijing together.

But what Tao Mu didn’t expect was that Shen Yu came knocking on the night of September 30th.

At that time, Tao Mu was testing the backstage of the upcoming video network in the dorm when he heard someone knock on the door of 301 and inform Tao Mu: “Tao Mu, someone is looking for you, they’re waiting for you at the school gate.”

“Who is looking for me?” Tao Mu looked over his shoulder.

The classmate standing at the door shook his head: “I don’t know. A pretty looking boy, his family also came with him.”

Du Kang interrupted: “Could it be one of the candidates for the school beauty and hunk competition?”

Tao Mu closed the laptop, got up and went downstairs. The three roommates also joined in the fun and followed behind.

When he arrived at the school gate, Tao Mu saw Shen Yu standing outside the gates looking around, accompanied by everyone in the Shen family, and even Shen Yu’s childhood sweetheart Yao Wenxiao was present.

Tao Mu nearly couldn’t hold back and his face almost turned black face on the spot. “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to participate in the selection of national school beauty and school hunk~” Shen Yu waved his entry certificate printed from, his head tilting and proficiently acting coquettish: “I am the school hunk selected by Shanghai University. You don’t know?”

Tao Mu had a mouthful of old blood stuck in his throat, and almost didn’t suffocate himself to death: “No, you are actually the school hunk of Shanghai University?”

“En.” Shen Yu nodded proudly: “Everyone likes me and they insisted on voting for me. I also can’t help it. But to tell the truth, I am quite happy. Because this event is held by you, I can come to Beijing to play with you.”

At this, Shen Yu looked at Tao Mu with bright eyes: “Tao Mu, you are so amazing. I really like your FlyNews website. I don’t even play Weibo now. I check in on your FlyNews every day. That’s right, Tao Mu, do you know? Weibo is so stingy. Didn’t you post an advertisement on Weibo to promote FlyNews. That ad was blocked by Weibo. I got so angry I decided to never play Weibo again. I also introduced a lot of my friends to come play FlyNews. Say, aren’t I a good boy?”

“Tao Mu, are you happy that I came to play with you?”

“I——” Tao Mu was in a daze, feeling like he had shot himself in the foot. He rubbed his temples which had a headache building and said, “Forget it, let’s not talk about this. The competition will officially start tomorrow night. Are you going to go to the villa to report in first, or do you want to play with your family for a day and report to the villa tomorrow night?”

“This is my first time in Beijing. You aren’t going to show me around?” Shen Yu pouted, looking at Tao Mu pitifully.

“I have too much work, I really can’t spare the time.” Tao Mu said, looking at Wen Shijin who was standing behind Shen Yu: “Mr. Wen is a top agent in the entertainment industry and he used to work in Beijing. He is also familiar with Beijing so just let him show you around.”

“But I——”

“Be good.” Tao Mu rubbed Shen Yu’s head and said perfunctorily: “You also know that will hold the selection of national school beauty and hunk. I have a lot of things to take care of now. If there is an opportunity in the future I’ll team up with you on gameplay.”

Shen Yu was a fanatic gamer. Before he confirmed his relationship with Yan Sheng in the previous life, the two often played games in groups, and their interactions would always cause fans to scream and vomit blood every time. In contrast, Tao Mu’s talent in gaming was very trashy. He was a long-term bronze player no matter how long he practiced. Of course, he himself didn’t have much interest in gaming.

So, if Tao Mu had to choose a way to get rid of Shen Yu, he would choose gaming.

Might as well hurt each other.

Shen Yu didn’t know what Tao Mu was thinking. He was delighted when Tao Mu said he wanted to game with: “You actually know that I like to play games! Be honest, could it be that you secretly peep at my FlyNews account?”

Tao Mu let out a hehe.

The Shen family who had been standing next to Shen Yu this whole time finally had a chance to talk to Tao Mu.

“Mr. Tao is really young and promising. I didn’t expect that the FlyNews website you created by yourself could have such momentum in such a short period of time. This time Xiao Yu came to Beijing to participate in the national school beauty and hunk competition. Originally, our family disagreed very much. But he insisted that since this event was organized by and you are his good friend, he must come to cheer you on.” Shen Yu’s mother embraced her child and said with an adoring smile: ” Xiao Yu has been spoiled by us since he was a child, so his personality is inevitably naive and spoiled. He always likes to cling to friends who he feels he is able to get along with. I know Mr. Tao is busy with work, we really cause you trouble. Our Xiao Yu really likes you, so I can only ask you to take care of him.”

“By the way, your FlyNews website has just started. If you have any funding needs, you can tell us about it. You are a good friend of Yu Yu, so if you need it, we as parents are willing to help out.”

Mother Shen could see that the boy in front of her didn’t seem to like their Yu Yu so much, at least his attitude was not so warm. Although the Shen family also hated the people around Shen Yu who schemed to get close to their baby because of the background of the Shen family. But when Tao Mu really ignored Shen Yu, the Shen family also felt uncomfortable and feel aggrieved for their baby.

Their Yu Yu was so cute and adorable, why would anyone not like him?

“Mrs. Shen doesn’t need to say that. It’s a good thing to be spoiled.” Tao Mu twitched the corner of his lips and said lightly: “I think, with family members like you, Shen Yu’s future will be smooth and easy, so what need is there for my care.”

Hearing Tao Mu’s words, Shen Yu blinked and immediately tried to smooth things over: “Mom, don’t always treat my friends like this. I have already said that Tao Mu is very capable. He is not the kind of person you think. By the way, Tao Mu, this is my friend Yao Wenxiao. He also runs a media company. This time he came along with me to Beijing so that he can discuss cooperating with”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As Shen Yu spoke, he kept nudging Yao Wenxiao’s back with his elbow.

Yao Wenxiao sighed helplessly, and cooperated with Shen Yu: “Hello, I am Yao Wenxiao. It’s nice to meet you.”

Tao Mu looked at Yao Wenxiao’s outstretched right hand and squeezed it firmly: “I am also very happy to see you.”

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