Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 076 No Good Village Head

When they arrived at Yunlai Inn, Tai Bai still persisted on asking, “What the hell is going on? Speak clearly!”

“What can I say?” Nie Bufan gave him an eyeroll, “The doctor says whatever and you believe it. Do I look like I’m dying?”

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“Who can I believe if I don’t believe the doctor?” Tai Bai continued, “How about we go and see other doctors?”

Nie Bufan waved his hand: “Forget it, we don’t have enough money. We should save on using the money, don’t just waste it.”

“How is it wasteful to see a doctor?” Tai Bai really wanted to cut open this guy’s skull to see if everything inside was normal. “He said you only have one year to live, one year! How can you be so calm?”

“Who said there is only one year? I shall live two more years just to show you!” Nie Bufan leaned back on the chair, with the aloof look of one overlooking all measly beings, as if he could live as long as he wanted.

Could this sentence be any more comforting? Are you aware of the seriousness of this matter? Tai Bai asked the sky silently.

“Alright, just believe me, I haven’t lived enough yet.” Nie Bufan said with a serious face, “If I die, I will definitely notify you.”

How could you notify me while dead? Through a dream? Tai Bai roared wildly in his heart. He and Nie Bufan didn’t actually know each other all that long, and he had yet to gain a deep understanding of his nasty habit of not really speaking truthfully. After being so nonchalantly tricked with a few words, his suspicion that he would not be long for this world began to waver.

If Wang Shichan and the others were present at this time, they would definitely question him to the end. They would definitely believe the doctor’s words, and not Nie Bufan himself.

The two bought some simple clothing, disguised themselves a little, and also wore a straw hat when they went out in order to avoid being spotted by the guards. Wei Di was still focusing on searching the outside of the capital city. Wang Shichan and the others were under his supervision, and as a result the situation inside the city was neglected.

What Nie Bufan and Tai Bai had to do now was to wait low-key at the Yunlai Inn to meet up with everyone.

On the other side, Wang Shichan and the others were speechless when they saw the two words written in shocking red blood on the letter sent back by Big Weapon.

“Say, who do you think wrote these two bloody words?” Zhang Junshi asked hesitantly.

“It’s definitely not him.” Li Yi replied without hesitation.

“En.” Wang Shichan nodded, “These two words are written vigorously, full of sadness, anger, helplessness, and sorrow. It’s truly not the crazy style of a certain someone’s demonic looking handwriting.”

Zhang and Li both looked at him at the same time, feeling deeply that Wang Shichan’s eyesight had been trained to the point that mortals could not reach. He could actually see so many complex emotions in two simple words. In truth, just by looking at the font, they knew that it was not a certain Nie person, so did you really need to analyze it like this?

“We can’t enter the city for the time being, otherwise Bufan’s hiding place will be exposed.” Zhang Junshi muttered, “But staying here is no solution either.”

Li Yi said coldly: “The capital is not a place where only Wei Di has speaking power. The ancestral homes of our several big families are here, and any one of the families can keep him safe.”

“The problem is,” Zhang Jun tapped his forehead, “We need time to arrange things.”

This time they had come over hurriedly, and haven’t had time to contact their families.

“It’s best not to directly use the power of your families.” Wang Shichan said, “The power structures in the capital are complicated. A little carelessness can pull Bufan into the center of it all.”

“That is true.” Li Yi nodded in agreement.

“You are all nobles, but I am not.” Zhang Junshi smiled, “My family’s merchant caravan is spread all over the country. We can send him to other towns first, and then detour back to the village.”

Li Yi pondered for awhile: “Although we should not use the power of our families too much, it is fine to provide a cover for brother Zhang’s merchant caravan.”

“Then we must get moving. Let’s go back to the city together. Don’t meet with Bufan for the time being, but go home first and make preparations.”

After the three finished discussing, they no longer delayed, each one of them getting into action.

After spending two days at the Yunlai Inn, Nie Bufan felt itchy again.

Yan Shun, as the capital of Ming State, was naturally on another level of prosperity when compared to a small mountain city like Xishan City. Just the gathering of various snacks from all regions of the kingdom was enough to dazzle. So long as Nie Bufan saw what he wanted to eat, he would buy it without hesitation. In less than two days, there was not much money left on him.

In truth, with Big Weapon present he could ask for enough money from any one of Zhang Third, Li Fourth, Wang Fifth at any time. But considering himself to be a person of good character, Village Head Nie determined to be self-sufficient in the end.

He asked Tai Bai: “Do you have any specialties?”

” Water diving.”

“Other than diving?

“Catching fish, picking pearls.”

Nie Bufan glanced at him contemptuously, and continued to ask: “I mean, do you have any specialty that would help in making money here?”

“Make money?” Tai Bai was confused, so, “We need to make money?”

“Why don’t we need to?” Nie Bufan said boldly and confidently, “These days you ate mine and wore mine, the money is almost all spent.”

You spent most of it, okay? Tai Bai was depressed.

“Why don’t you ask that brother Wang for help?”

“Do you think that just because my face is whiter than yours that means I am a small white face? As a man, how can I just ask for money from others?” (TN: small white face=usually derogatory term similar to pretty boy that refers to men who are like gigolos)

Tai Bai expressed his silence.

Nie Bufan thought for a while, and suddenly slapped the table: “I have a way!”

Tai Bai was startled, and asked in fright, “What way?”

“Hehehehehe.” Nie Bufan touched his chin, revealing a vulgar smile.

The next day, two plainly dressed common people with bamboo baskets appeared at the market. They went straight to the livestock market in the eastern section of the city.

“These two big brothers, what do you need?” A brawny man walked over and greeted, “The chickens, ducks and geese here are definitely the sturdiest in Yan Shun.”  

“We are not here to buy, but sell.” Nie Bufan took down the bamboo basket, handed it forward, and asked, “Boss, what do you think of this chicken?”

The brawny man’s enthusiasm cooled down and he looked over carelessly. He found that the chickens in the bamboo basket were indeed of good quality and full of energy.

He picked up one with his hand, but was pecked so hard that he immediately let go of it in pain.

Nie Bufan patted the bamboo basket subtly, warning them to be good.

The brawny man was not angry and checked the chickens again. He nodded with satisfaction, and asked, “How many do you have?”

“I brought 8 of them today, if the boss accepts them, we still have a lot left.”

The brawny man looked the two of them over a few times, and said strangely: “You two are new faces, from another region?”

“Yes, we just moved to a village outside the eastern part of the city not long ago. We had time today so we wanted to come into the city to do some business.” Nie Bufan smiled sincerely, “I will give you the lowest price for the first transaction. I hope we will have more opportunities for cooperation in the future.”

“You are quite good at talking, okay, put the chickens down, I want it.” The sturdy man waved his hand and decided.

Nie Bufan really did give him the lowest price, and said that if there was still stock in the future, it would definitely be at a good price.

After the deal, both parties were satisfied.

Before leaving, Nie Bufan said to the eight chickens in the baskets: “Brothers and sisters, your sacrifice is valuable. Don’t despair, but believe that the future is beautiful!”

The eight chickens clucked and gurgled, and each pair of beady eyes clearly revealed their contempt for a certain someone’s black heart that was utterly devoid of conscience.

The two left the market leisurely with the money they got from selling the chickens.

Tai Bai asked uneasily: “Is it okay to sell them like this?”

Although he didn’t know where Nie Bufan suddenly got so many chickens, the black chicken who helped them lead the way last time left a deep impression on him. It was a shame that such a smart chicken would be slaughtered as food.

“Don’t worry, I have my own arrangements.” Nie Bufan revealed a look of confidence.

Next, Nie Bufan collected another group of chicken brothers who were hiding in various places and headed towards the west market to continue his big chicken selling plan. It wasn’t until all the markets in the city had been devastated did he finally stop with satisfaction.

Nie Bufan, this guy seemed to be able to conjure up countless chickens. With a single wave of his hand, a large group of chickens would run over from all directions to their deatha. Tai Bai, who had been following him, gradually went from shock to numbness, feeling that the world was too fantastical!

Back at the inn, a certain unscrupulous village head began to count the money with a wretched expression and also not forgetting to praise his genius from head to toe in his heart.

Tai Bai silently struggled alone on the edge of having his outlook on life collapse.

It was night. In a shed in the eastern market where live birds were placed, a chicken cleverly hooked open the cage with its claws, and then filed out of the cage with its companions.

This action alarmed other poultry in the shed, and they all began to make a racket.

A certain chicken let out a high crow, and immediately the shed fell silent, with some even shivering in place.

The released chickens shook their feathers and loosened their muscles and bones. They then somehow communicated with each other before finally dispersing to open all the cages one by one and releasing all the poultry inside. They were like knight-errants, leaving in a confident and unrestrained manner. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that ordinary poultry simply did not have their abilities at all. Even if they got out of the cage, they still couldn’t get out of the shed. They could only move and jump around in the enclosed shed, creating a mess of flying feathers all the while.

The same thing happened in several other markets. All the chickens sold by Nie Bufan escaped without a hitch.

They rushed back to the inn aggressively and mightily, jumping into the inn like a tide sweeping by, and then entering through the window one by one.

Nie Bufan counted them and then praised: “Not a single one missing. You are all worthy of being the chickens of our Chicken Nest Village. Such ability!”

All the chickens that had been sold looked at him contemptuously.

Tai Bai looked at the dozens of chickens that suddenly emerged in their room, and was shocked again.

Then he heard Nie Bufan say: “Don’t be angry, I will definitely make compensation in the future, you must trust your master’s integrity.”

Trust you, even chickens would laugh at this!

The little monkey jumped on the bed, looking very happy. It had followed the flock of chickens along the way, and witnessed Nie Bufan’s entire black-hearted business process.

“Okay, let us change the chicken breeds the day after tomorrow, and we will sell again.” Nie Bufan clapped his hands and decided.

The chickens looked expressionless but their aura was full of murderous intent.

Suddenly, a chicken flew up high and then kicked Nie Bufan midair. Its action was like a signal. The other chickens all smashed at Nie Bufan like bouncing balls, each leaving their personal trace of indignation on him. And then one after another they jumped out the window, abandoning him mercilessly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

With a chicken nest for hair, a sorry looking face and ripped clothes, Nie Bufan shouted: “Don’t be like this, we can discuss any problems, it’s wrong to use force. How about we change to another method? What do you think of performing on the streets?”

The flocks of chickens didn’t even bother to spare him a look. They left cleanly and decisively, leaving only a floor of chicken feathers and chicken shit. As well as a Tai Bai standing motionless on the side, still not recovered from the shock.

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