Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 024 Is This Cultivating?

Jinping Peak was one of the main peaks in Kun-Lai, the mountain where the Synthesis master cultivator Bai Shui Yuanjun lived.

It had always been lively here since other than the fact that Bai Shui Yuanjun’s lectures were easy to understand, the flow of people was also large. So over time, the largest fairy market in Kun-Lai formed at the foot of the mountain.

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Old-timers and newcomers could be found here, and second-hand goods and first-hand goods could be traded here.

The huge flat ground was covered with grass, various shrubs and trees, mountains and streams, and of course, there were also all kinds of strange wooden houses and shops.

The shops were only opened by people with some savings, and as for the young newcomers who just entered the inner peaks and were in need of money, they could only spread a piece of cloth and set up stalls on the ground.

A young man with an elegant demeanor, slender eyebrows and a smile on his face, strolled leisurely in this fairy market while carrying a bird cage. 

“Say, does this place compare with Daxuan’s imperial capital?” Although it had been a thousand years, the enthusiastic Yin Wushe couldn’t help using Daxuan as a reference.

“The imperial capital is majestic and solemn, how can this small hill compare?” Nightingale said proudly in the cage.

“It’s a pity that the Great Priest’s fire back then burned the entire imperial capital to the ground, the once prosperity reduced to a dream,” the young man sighed. “Having been trapped for a thousand years, only to be left in the dust by Yin Xuanjing after finally coming out. My Dao also feels unstable. Say, just why is he so lucky?”

“Lucky?” Nightingale rolled their eyes. “The crown prince Yin Xuanjing of back then is now faced with a destroyed empire and a ruined family, what’s so lucky about that?”

“Didn’t you listen to those survivors? He even hooked up with the Sect Leader of Kun-Lai, the person we saw just a few days ago!” Yin Wushe said with an expression of admiration, “Heavens, even compared to the Daxuan Twelve Human Immortals, Ji Yunlai is also a master at the level of the Great Priest! Yin Xuanjing can actually successfully snag someone like that!”

Compared with him, Nightingale and himself were simply too silly and naive, and even now they still have yet to find a Dao Companion!

If this was not considered being left in the dust, then what else was considered?

“But he was killed with a sword by Ji Yunlai. I heard that it was for his Reincarnation Scripture that Ji Yunlai practiced the Overcoming S Sword.” Nightingale rolled their eyes. The Reincarnation Scripture was the second volume of the Three Lives Three Worlds Spell Code, which could guarantee the soul’s immortality even with the death of the body. Thinking of this Nightingale sighed. The crown prince back then was also a man of heavenly talent, but his fate was not a good one.

Clearly his mother was the Empress, but there was the Great Priest in front, and then there was Celestial Fox Su Wan in the back.

“His Majesty provoked the Empress, then provoked the Great Priest, and later provoked the Su Wan, these three Human Immortals/Great Sages——his son is much far behind, only provoking one Human Immortal.”

“Ai, do you think Yin Xuanjing has retrieved the Book of the Three Worlds and obtained Daxuan’s secret treasure trove?” Yin Wushe was extremely curious, “Otherwise, how is it possible that Ji Yunlai, who possessed four spiritual roots which is basically the same as having no spiritual roots, become a Human Immortal?”

“Do you take the Great Priest for a fake?”

“The Great Priest——Ai, why was His Majesty so foolish back then? How could Su Wan be better than the Great Priest?”

“That’s right, the empire and the beauty, if one chose the empire then there will be no beauty. If one wants the beauty, then there will be no empire or beauty. Woe is us bystanders,” Nightingale tweeted in the cage: “By the way, is it really okay for us to come in like this? This is Kun-Lai Mountain after all!? A sword from that Sect Leader, and this time we might not be able to run away like last time!”

“Didn’t he not kill us in the end last time? The most dangerous place is the safest place, otherwise should we go out and let the Great Priest and Su Wan come after us?”

“…..” That made a lot of sense.


Not far away, Ji Yunlai listened to the conversation between the snake and the bird while strolling the fairy market with Feng Qingxiu.

It wasn’t that he didn’t intend to kill them last time. It was just that he was a little unskilled with using the Overcoming Suffering Sword because of his memory loss. Later, he didn’t chase after them because of Xiao Qing.

What a very chaotic family, but fortunately, the him back then woke up to his senses in time! Staying away from scumbags and starting a new family.

Give himself a thumbs up!

On the side, Feng Qingxiu’s expression was still a bit complicated.

“Why are we going shopping?” His disciple asked.

“To become familiar with the Sect.” Ji Yunlai replied mildly.

“Is it really not that you want to come, so you dragged me along?” Feng Qingxiu asked with a weird look on his face.

“My dear disciple,” Ji Yunlai patted his head, speaking earnestly, “Some words that makes Shizun unhappy, there is no need for you to say it out loud.”

“…..” Feng Qingxiu was silent for a while, and began to compare and analyze the two completely different Kun-Lai Sect Leaders in his memory. After hesitating for a while, he asked, “Shizun?”

“En?” Ji Yunlai was looking at a piece of rag on the ground. He looked at him after hearing his call.

“Nothing, just seeing if you are real.” Feng Qingxiu said.

“How do you see it?” Ji Yunlai asked curiously. A Foundation Establishment seeing through a Human Immortal? This was a bit too much.

“I don’t need to see, just need to know.” Knowing that the Sect Leader he knew now was the Sect Leader he knew before, not the Sect Leader written in the records. Knowing this would let him know how to position himself, “Shizun, I’ll show you around.”

Ji Yunlai: “…..”

“I have been in the Outer Sect for twelve years, and I often organize the Outer Sect disciples to participate in the exchange market. I am quite familiar!” Feng Qingxiu immediately took out the demeanor of the student council president and pointed at the ground stalls to introduce them to his Shizun who had been in Seclusion for many years. “Shizun, look at this area’s medicinal herbs in front of us. The pills and herbal peaks do not accept them so these disciples will sell them cheaply here to see if they can meet some easy marks.”

Ji Yunlai, who just saw some fairy herbs and wanted to buy some for his disciple to play with, subtly put down his hand.

“Doesn’t the Outer Sect have no income?” Ji Yunlai asked quietly.

“But we can collect some scraps to practice with. They often give us things that no one wants to buy for free.” Just by looking at Feng Qingxiu, he was someone who often came here. “Every time I have a little bit of money, I would come here to find some cheap and useful things, collect some materials that they don’t want but are useful to us.”

Then make some small things for their family or sell it to fellow Sect disciples. Through accumulating little by little, they would eventually have a little income.

“Is that so…..” Ji Yunlai decided to speak less so as not to reveal his ignorance.

“Shizun, look at those two spiritual demons, just looking at them they must be newcomers, and will definitely be treated as easy marks!” Feng Qingxiu reached out and pointed at the young man who was carrying a bird cage.

Over there, the person and bird were still whispering to each other.

“I already asked, Kun-Lai’s fairy markets are open to the outside every time there is a big celebration, and the major demonic races in the Outlands are all prepared to sweep the goods. Countless Nascent Soul and Golden Core Formation spiritual demons would come so no one pay attention to us.”

“…..Can you really get better?” Nightingale asked a little worriedly. In the previous battle back in the secret realm, Yin Wushe’s tail was cut off, and his soul was severely damaged. Now he was barely hanging on to the Nascent Soul Stage. In Kun-Lai Mountain where there were human cultivators everywhere, he was feeling a little timid.

“Without at least a few hundred years I won’t fully recover. That’s why I have to come here to find some natural treasures to restore my soul.” The young man looked at the surrounding stalls with piercing eyes, his eyes gleaming, “Do you see that? Wangzhi grass is the main ingredient of the Forging Soul Pill, a truly rare treasure of heaven and earth. Quickly, we must buy it immediately.”

“Really——wait, why is his stall covered with Wangzhi grass, is it fake?” Nightingale asked suspiciously.

Hearing that, the young man’s heart also jumped slightly and he walked over carefully.

“Wangzhi grass, three hundred spiritual stones each, one free after buying ten, if you buy a large amount, you will get a bottle of pure pill liquid, how much do you want?” The stallowner glanced at him, then bowed his head and pinched the jade tablet in his hand, not looking very hurried or eager at all.

“It doesn’t seem to be fake…..” After analyzing it, the young man asked Nightingale.

“It seems to be real. Give me ten Wangzhi grass!” The young man paid for the medicinal materials. Overcome with the ecstasy of picking up treasures, he directly bought all the herbs on the stall.

The stallowner glanced at him again and asked: “My junior brothers also have many kinds of medicinal materials, do you want them?”

“It depends on what kind.” Yin Wushe said with a smile.

The stallowner called a few junior brothers over.


After a quarter of an hour, Yin Wushe touched his pouch that had been completely replaced with spiritual herbs, his voice slightly disbelieving: “It seems, that something is not right?”

“Newcomer, right?” A hawk spiritual demon next to him looked at him pityingly, “I see that the ingredients you just bought are all for the Forging Soul Pill, in fact, if you take two more steps, the stall over there that sells pills also have the Forging Soul Pill, just one hundred spiritual stones for a bottle, which is much cheaper than the ingredients you bought.”



“Does Qingdi Peak grow a lot of spiritual herbs?” Ji Yunlai, who almost became an easy target as well, was feeling a little timid. Back then, these herbs were really treasures of heaven and earth. Every time he passed by the medicinal shops, he would avoid looking so as to avoid being hurt by the sky-high price.

“Shizun, don’t you remember?” Feng Qingxiu’s expression became proud. “When the Medicine School had not yet ascended the mountain, you told the Medicine School that as long as it is a plant, it can be cultivated from even just a torn leaf or flower fragment. From reproducing the whole plant and increasing the quantity of medicinal materials!”

“That…..I definitely didn’t elaborate on the process?” Ji Yunlai recalled back on that bit of biology knowledge, and replied a little unnaturally.

The plant tissue culture method had only been studied in biology class back in school, but the biology class would definitely not talk in depth about the principle of how to prepare the culture solution.

“You have already pointed out the direction, if you have to explain everything then what is the use of the Medicine School!” Feng Qingxiu said righteously. “It took only a little more than a hundred years for the Medicine School to have accumulated a large number of cultivation methods and figured out how to cultivate a large amount of spiritual herbs. Over the years, the output has increased so much, the prices have long since fallen. Except for those rare 10,000 year spiritual herbs, most spiritual herbs are not lacking at all.”

“Then the same is true of Shennong Peak?”


Ji Yunlai finally understood a little bit. Unlike the humans on earth whose life span was limited, it was nothing for the humans of the cultivation world to live hundreds of years. Researchers spend 40 years hybridizing rice only yield one or two generations of superior rice seed each year. Whereas here, even just a Golden Core Formation cultivator who grew flowers for a hundred years could easily clarify the characteristics of a kind of spiritual herb.

“By the way, Shizun, you have been in Seclusion for many years, and it has been a long time since you gave pointers to the various schools…..” Feng Qingxiu looked at him with bright eyes, his eyes gleaming.

Ji Yunlai instantly felt a lot of pressure.

As if he could give pointers…..These hundreds of years have long been hollowed out!

So he changed the subject.

“There are so many things here, what do you want?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Nothing.” Feng Qingxiu was completely broke, but he was unable to do something like ask his Shizun for money.

“This is for you.” Ji Yunlai smiled and gave him a jade tablet. “The net is connected. You can buy anything you want, but don’t rely on this thing too much. In addition, don’t call me a thief anymore. “

Feng Qingxiu’s face flushed.

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