The Cruel Tyrant CH 075 Jealousy

Although Madam Shen still had yet to receive an official title, she was already the Crown Prince’s woman for certain, at least in name. Needless to say, those in the harem could not help but gnash their teeth in jealousy.

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Ye Qingfeng, who received the news while still far away in jianghu, almost died of anger. He was here working like an ox for that heartless man, while that heartless person in question was surrounded by beauties and now even had a child. Ye Qingfeng angrily kicked the door open and walked out of Xuefeng Villa with a dark face. Seeing that something was wrong, the maid immediately reported the matter to the master, his wife, and Ye Qingfeng’s eldest brother, Ye Qingchen. The three of them quickly came to stop Ye Qingfeng.

Ye Haolin looked at his young son whose eyes were practically spitting flames in anger, and asked in confusion: “What’s wrong?”

Madam Ye looked at Ye Qingfeng with worried eyes and asked with concern: “What happened, my son?”

Looking at Ye Qingfeng, whose face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, Ye Qingchen probably guessed that it should be the one in the imperial city who once again did something to his little brother. Ye Qingchen was very dissatisfied with this. Although that person was the Crown Prince, he was cruel and lustful. Though recently he had shown big changes, it couldn’t be ignored the fact that he still had a harem of men. Why should his little brother, handsome and suave with high martial arts, be such a man’s male pet?

Ye Qingchen opened his mouth and said: “Such a dissolute person is not worthy of your cherishment. Moreover, the emperor is heartless, no matter how much you do for him, you will not be able to compare with his imperial power and empire in the end.”

Originally, Ye Haolin had thought that Ye Qingfeng involving in jianghu affairs was because he had decided to sever his relations with the Crown Prince only to now find out that was not the case. He was so furious he scolded: “You… are a grown man and yet you throw yourself at another man over and over again, do you have any shame? Because of you, your old man doesn’t even have any face left to show the people of jianghu! Even if you like men, you should find someone more reliable. What is so good about that Crown Prince that you insist on following him so loyally, you… are angering me to death! You stay at home and don’t you dare go anywhere.”

Ye Qingfeng kept his face calm and didn’t speak. Taking advantage of his father’s emotional state, he jumped onto the wall and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ye Haolin was so angry that he pointed in the direction where Ye Qingfeng had disappeared and yelled: “Don’t you think of coming back, ever!”

Madam Ye hurriedly consoled Ye Haolin, and then looked at the direction of Ye Qingfeng’s disappearance with a worried look. She didn’t know what went wrong when Ye Qingfeng was born. Her eldest son and youngest daughter were clearly so well behaved, so why did she raise such an oddball like Ye Qingfeng.

On the other side, Gu Yunzhou, who received the news at the same time, looked silently at the sunrise that painted the sea of ​​clouds golden. There was no expression on his face, but Xiao Yi, who reported the news to him, had already broken out in a cold sweat. He edged back silently and subtly, praying that the boss would not vent his anger out on him.

However, a cracking sound immediately caused the hair on Xiao Yi’s whole body to stand on end. He looked down at the ground where spider web cracks spread out on the hard rock surface with Gu Yunzhou at its center. The cracking sound stopped. Xiao Yi raised his head and looked upward to see that Gu Yunzhou had long since disappeared. Xiao Yi wiped away his cold sweat and murmured with lingering fears: “This Crown Prince is too incredible. He actually dared to have an affair with someone behind the boss’s back. I hope he won’t be taught a lesson too badly, otherwise there won’t be anymore interesting shows to see.”

And Su Mu, who was discussing political affairs with Yun Feiyu, Lin Siyuan and the others in the Crown Prince’s Palace, looked up and saw Ye Qingfeng, who appeared at the door with a black face. He decisively dismissed the crowd. 

Yun Feiyu casted a mild glance at the other when he passed by Ye Qingfeng before he quickly evacuated with the others.

Soon, only Su Mu and Ye Qingfeng at the door were left. Su Mu looked at him strangely: “Why are you here?”

Ye Qingfeng’s face turned darker and stepped into the room before closing the door. With an expression of one being cuckolded by his wife, he accused: “What’s up with that Madam Shen?”

Su Mu said: “I need an heir.”

Ye Qingfeng’s eyes went red and he clenched his fists tightly, but he didn’t know what to say. He was the Crown Prince and he really did need an heir, but this fact only caused Ye Qingfeng to be even more angry in his heart, wishing nothing more than to choke his neck and kill him.

Su Mu saw that he was so angry that he wanted to tear him apart and finally understood where Ye Qingfeng’s anger was coming from. He explained: “I haven’t touched her. That child is my brother or sister.”

He originally planned to find a way to control this heartless thing in his grasp even if he was resented by the other, but suddenly a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Ye Qingfeng felt his eyes brighten but he still asked in disbelief: “Really?”

Su Mu glanced at him contemptuously: “If I wanted to find a woman to give birth for me would I have waited till now.”

The anger dissipated and Ye Qingfeng instantly regained his usual self. He approached Su Mu with a roguish smirk on his face, and said, “Darling, this husband has wronged you. To make up for the mistakes I made, I have decided to spend the whole night making it up to you.”

Just as Ye Qingfeng’s claws were about to reach Su Mu, he suddenly felt a murderous aura, and then in the next moment a huge sound rang out. The valuable hard wooden door instantly shattered into pieces, and Gu Yunzhou appeared murderously in front of Su Mu. Su Mu rubbed his forehead while thinking about the possibility of making Gu Yunzhou pay compensation, and said: “Madam Shen is my father’s woman, and the child in her belly is also my father’s. But I needed an heir so I snatched mother and child over.”

Only then did Gu Yunzhou’s expression look much better. He glanced at Ye Qingfeng, who stood with a hostile face by Su Mu’s side, and commanded domineeringly: “Get out.”

Of course, Ye Qingfeng would not pay attention to him, but rather stabbed back in a cold voice: “What do you think you are, don’t think I really can’t do anything to you!”

Gu Yunzhou just looked at him, come and fight then!

Upon seeing this, Su Mu immediately interrupted the two who were about to duel, and said with a headache: “You are not allowed to fight here. I am very busy now and have no time to entertain you both, so go and play by yourselves.”

After speaking, he picked up the memorial and looked over it pretentiously. He really didn’t know how to deal with these two people. Ye Qingfeng couldn’t be caught. Gu Yunzhou couldn’t be defeated. The both of them also couldn’t beat each other. So in the end, they could only accompany Su Mu like this.

Gu Yunzhou stood in front of Su Mu silently, as if he was a piece of wood without any intention to move at all. Ye Qingfeng glared at him in vexation but was completely ignored. After an hour, Ye Qingfeng proposed a bad idea that he had been conflicted over for a long time. He said to Gu Yunzhou angrily: “I stay today, and you stay tomorrow, how about it?”

Gu Yunzhou glanced at him but still didn’t have any intentions of leaving, but Su Mu was so shocked he choked. With a face that was slightly red, he gave Ye Qingfeng a fierce look. When night came, Su Mu planned to ignore the two stalkers and prepare to go to sleep. Only to be deeply shocked by Ye Qingfeng’s shamelessness. He actually stripped off his clothes in front of him and Gu Yunzhou, and looked at Gu Yunzhou with provocation as he said, “Your daddy, I, will sleep naked sleep here tonight! If you have the balls then do the same!”

“Clang.” Gu Yunzhou’s iron sword was unsheathed. Although Su Mu also wanted to beat up Ye Qingfeng, he immediately moved to Gu Yunzhou’s side and pushed the iron sword back. Glaring at him he said, “If you demolish my house again I won’t be done with you.”

Even an easy going person could become angry. Seeing Su Mu “protecting” Ye Qingfeng, Gu Yunzhou was immediately ignited with anger, but he didn’t show any signs of it on his face. He glanced at the triumphant Ye Qingfeng and quickly caught Su Mu by his slender waist, and then threw Su Mu and himself onto the bed. In the next moment, the bed drapes were lowered, and Su Mu’s angry yet tempting voice suddenly came from inside.

“Ah Gu Yunzhou, let me go…..don’t…..”

Ye Qingfeng was dumbfounded and words couldn’t describe the shock in his heart.

@#¥% even more roguish than him! No, this was a beast! But beasts have meat to eat! Ye Qingfeng gritted his teeth and rushed into the bed drapes.

The next day, Liu Xi, who received the news, smashed everything in his room angrily, cleaned it up, and then walked out the door.

Inside the Feiyu Pavilion, Liu Xi, dressed in flamboyant, gorgeous robes, charged into everyone’s field of vision domineeringly. He walked into the main room and met Yun Feiyu who came out of the inner room. Liu Xi raised his brows and turned on his taunting skills: “Doesn’t Yun Gongzi usually have contempt for us male pets? Why are you still staying here? This is the place where only the Crown Prince’s concubines can live, that is, only male pets can live. Isn’t an outsider like you who has separated from the Crown Prince living here not afraid of criticism? You are the leader of all the scholars in the imperial city. You have to respect yourself!”

Yun Feiyu looked at him and said mildly: “You are in the way.”

The fist having landed on cotton, Liu Xi’s beautiful eyes flashed with anger, and he warned: “If you know your place, move out from the Crown Prince’s Palace quickly. Don’t shamelessly refuse to leave, or I’ll show you just how wrong you are.”

Yun Feiyu said: “It is not up to you to decide whether I move out or not. Instead of targeting me, it seems that Ye Qingfeng and Gu Yunzhou are your biggest opponents.”

Although on the surface it seemed that he was no match for either of them, Liu Xi still gritted his teeth and said viciously: “Don’t treat me like a fool. They are opponents but aren’t you as well? Don’t tell me you are a friend instead!”

Yun Feiyu smiled gently and said, “We can cooperate without being friends.”

“Cooperation?” Liu Xi looked at him like he was looking at a fool and said: “You and me? In what capacity are you cooperating with me?”

“It doesn’t matter what capacity, the important thing is that we don’t want these two people to appear next to the Crown Prince.” Yun Feiyu said.

“Count me in.” Huang Xuan’s voice sounded outside the door. He put down the medicine box in his hand and said to the two in the main room: “There is no need for unnecessary people to appear next to the Crown Prince.”

Liu Xi sneered and let out a snort. He was very disdainful of Huang Xuan’s habit of pretending to be pure and innocent in front of the Crown Prince. However, there were currently two more powerful competitors in front of him. In any case, there was plenty of time to deal with him.

Liu Xi asked him: “What can you do?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Huang Xuan opened the medicine box and took out an exquisite porcelain bottle. He looked at the two and said, “This is what I made…..erectile dysfunction medicine.”

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  1. Who knows what will happen to this woman? She could die due to ” birth complications” haiii, he only needs the child


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