The Cruel Tyrant CH 076 Falling Into The Trap

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This was too goddamn vicious. It wasn’t anything fatal to one’s life, but it cut off the root of origin. One might well ask, how could a man complain to his wife that he couldn’t get it up?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yun Feiyu and Liu Xi, both men, immediately understood the hidden meaning when they heard this. They suddenly felt stiff as if a stray wind had swept across a certain part of their lower body. Huang Xuan’s danger immediately increased several levels in their hearts.

Huang Xuan, with a tender and young face, was a bright and sunny looking young man. But who knew that he would come up with such a sinister method. He walked up to Liu Xi and handed the bottle over as he said, “You have more people in your palace, you go.”

Liu Xi snorted and took the porcelain bottle, saying with disdain: “You just want to pull me under the water with you.” He then turned to Yun Feiyu and said, “Don’t even think about shaking off all responsibility. This year’s new tea, you have the most so take it out.”

Since those two people must be removed, then everyone should all go into the water together.

Yun Feiyu smiled and nodded: “Fine.”

In the afternoon, in the study room, a serious-looking Su Mu put down the brush in his hand, and then glanced at the two sticky candies in the room with exasperation: “Are you two that idle?” (TN: sticky candy=metaphor for one who is hard to deal with or get rid of)

Ye Qingfeng’s whole body was nestled on the chair next to him, a few empty wine jars laying on the side. With a slightly tipsy expression, he said to Su Mu: “Darling, I have already sent out hero invitation cards. Just wait three months.” Then he picked up another wine jar and swallowed another mouthful before singing sadly: “The pearl-like tears drip onto the beautiful silk fabrics, how often does the young gongzi turn his back on old favors…..”

Su Mu came out from behind the desk and kicked him: “What the hell?”

Ye Qingfeng lay on the chair and looked up at him sadly: “You abandoned me, so what is the point of living any longer. Just let me die, you don’t care about me anyway, woe is me, traveling thousands of miles and leaving far away from my hometown…..”

A “clang” sounded out and a sword shadow flashed past soon after. In the next moment, the hair under Ye Qingfeng’s body crumbled into pieces of wood shards that flew everywhere. Fortunately, Ye Qingfeng reacted very quickly and avoided Gu Yunzhou’s attack. Ye Qingfeng flipped over and landed beside Su Mu, still holding the wine jar. He pointed indignantly at Gu Yunzhou, “Darling, he chopped apart your chair, kick him out.”

In view of the fact that the dragon bed was dismembered by these two people last night and he had to sleep in the study, Su Mu took a deep breath and gritted out with emphasis on his tone: “I said, no fighting on my territory. Compensate according to the price. If this happens again I will blast you both out.”

Ye Qingfeng spoke in an aggrieved tone: “It’s clearly his fault.”

Gu Yunzhou didn’t even lift his eyelids, as if he was too lazy to even hold any regard for him at all.

At this time, Su Mu’s maid came in from the door carrying a pot of tea. She placed the tea cup in front of Su Mu and filled it with clear tea. The maid’s crisp voice sounded: “Your Highness, please use some tea.”

Su Mu picked up the cup and took a drink before he continued looking at the memorials on the desk. The maid again poured tea for Su Mu, then walked to the left to pour a cup for Gu Yunzhou and then a cup for Ye Qingfeng who was lying on the chair. After finishing, she put down the teapot and stood quietly aside waiting for orders.

Gu Yunzhou had been standing beside Su Mu like a stone statue the whole time, and clearly didn’t have any intention of drinking tea at all. Ye Qingfeng also only cared about drinking his wine. Of course, they were still humans and couldn’t not drink water at all. Huang Xuan and the other two replaced the teacup with a wooden one and found someone to open a small hole in the bottom to fill in the powder and then conceal it back again. In the teacup, a few very subtle holes were concealed within the texture of the wood itself. And then Liu Xi handed the teapot and cups to the maid and told her that the one without poison was the cup to be used by the Crown Prince.

It was already a bit hot in early summer, so Su Mu drank more tea water. Seeing that there was no more tea water in the teapot, the maid took the teapot and went out to add water. After Su Mu finished drinking the tea in his cup, he still didn’t feel his thirst completely quenched, so he picked up Gu Yunzhou’s tea cup and then also took Ye Qingfeng’s cup as well, drinking both before the maid could come back. The three of them had never thought of the possibility that Su Mu didn’t mind that it was other people’s tea cups or that the tea had already gone cold. Although the tea cups weren’t touched at all, most of the upper-class nobles were very particular about this kind of thing, unlike Su Mu who was fine so long as it was drinkable.

The night breeze blew by, and the moon hung high in the sky. Su Mu put down the brush and stood up, stretching his stiff body and walking towards his residence. Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng were like shadows, neither one willing to give in to the other. However, when he arrived at the entrance of his residence, Su Mu suddenly revealed a cunning smile, flying into the bedroom like a specter and quickly slamming the door behind him. The two immediately followed and kicked Su Mu’s door to pieces at the same time, but when the two rushed in, Su Mu had already disappeared. The two exchanged looks full of hostility and then quickly disappeared from each other’s line of sight.

Outside the palace, Su Mu stood with black lines on his face. He got rid of those two but where could he sleep now? He was penniless and couldn’t even pay for an inn room. He wanted to turn back but was afraid of stumbling into those two again. After thinking about it for a long time, Su Mu decided to sneak back to the palace carefully. The Crown Prince’s Palace was so big that he might not be noticed if he secretly slept over at someone else’s residence. Forced to sneak around like a thief in his own territory, Su Mu began to reflect on the disadvantages of having provoked too many people.

The translucent drapes of Liu Xi’s bedroom in Qionghua Pavilion gently fluttered in the wind. Su Mu’s figure suddenly appeared in the room. Fortunately, no one was present otherwise they would definitely be scared to death by his sudden appearance. Su Mu walked into the room and seeing that the bed was empty of anyone, he decisively took off his outer robes and got onto the bed to sleep.

Half an hour later, the door was opened and the candles lit. The eunuch next to Liu Xi was shocked when he saw someone other than Liu Xi on the bed. After a moment of startlement, Liu Xi’s eyes flashed brightly and hurriedly chased the eunuch away before locking the door. He happily approached Su Mu carefully and watched Su Mu’s sleeping face as he lay on the bed in disregard of any noble Crown Prince image. His heart almost jumped with excitement, and Liu Xi took off his own clothes with light movements and slowly lay on the side next to Su Mu, looking at Su Mu’s face with an expression of adoration. He even cautiously leaned over to drop a kiss on him and then gently embrace him. Su Mu only wrinkled his brows slightly and continued to sleep.

Su Mu was awakened by the heat, feeling his waist tightly hugged and a hard object pressing up against his lower half. Su Mu lifted away the hand on his waist with a black face. But the person behind him slipped his hand into Su Mu’s clothes and kneaded his skin ambiguously.

“Your Highness…..” Liu Xi gently licked the tender skin on the back of Su Mu’s neck, and stroked his hands up the front of Su Mu’s chest.

Su Mu took a deep breath and pressed his hand still: “Don’t move.”

Liu Xi pretended not to have heard, retracting his hands and turned Su Mu over to face him, kissing his lips and other parts of his neck. Soon Su Mu also began to feel aroused, his whole body blushing a layer of red, but for some reason he felt that something was wrong, because there didn’t seem to be any response below. If it had been in the past it would have hardened already.

Liu Xi also noticed this, but he thought that Su Mu had not been stimulated enough, so he worked even harder to arouse Su Mu. But still there was no movement even after a long time, and the both of them were even beginning to feel a little panicked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu looked seriously at his place where there was no response at all. Although this thing did not do its job of spreading seeds when it was on him, as a man, he still valued ​​it as much as any other man.

TN: bonus chapter coming up!

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