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In the early hours of the morning, whether it was the sleeping emperor and his concubines or the officials who were currently making their way to the morning assembly on the road, they all suddenly heard a huge sound coming from the Crown Prince’s Palace. After more than a year, this familiar sound showed up again. Instantly, everyone’s hearts trembled.

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Li Gaosheng, who was sitting in the sedan chair, jumped with fright and hurriedly lifted the curtains and said to the people outside: “Quickly go back, this official came down with the cold, go back to the manor!”

In Feiyu Pavilion, both Yun Feiyu and Huang Xuan were immediately frightened awake. They hurriedly got up from bed and in the next moment they were taken away by a group of imperial palace troops with solemn and murderous auras.

The entire Qionghua Pavilion had been razed to the ground. Liu Xi knelt on the ground tremblingly. The Crown Prince sat on a chair that had its armrests broken off, his whole person emitting a bloodthirsty aura. His ice-cold eyes looked at the two people who were brought in.

“Kneel down!” The imperial palace guards behind them pressed down on the shoulders of the two of them. Yun Feiyu and Huang Xuan couldn’t help but kneel down. Until now, the two of them have yet to figure out what the situation was, but from the dark face of the Crown Prince and Liu Xi who was trembling like a quail on the side, it was enough for the two of them to understand the seriousness of the matter.

Su Mu controlled his urge to tear people apart, and said with an extremely chilling smile: “You are all indeed really promising, daring to scheme and plot under the eyes of Ben Gong, do you take me for a dead person?” Su Mu stood up fiercely, the chair behind him immediately bursting into pieces. Every piece of wooden shard turned into powerful hidden weapons that shot every which way. Blood began to soak through the clothes on the three of them little by little. Su Mu walked over to the three of them, eyes sharp as knives: “This time it’s erectile dysfunction medicine but next time will be arsenic, is that right!”

The two who finally understood what was the source of the anger immediately begged for mercy: “Your Highness, please forgive us, Your Highness, this official is wrong…..”

“Shut up!” Su Mu raged.

The two of them fell silent immediately, and Su Mu’s eyes swept across the three of them. The expression in them were both angry and disappointed: “All of you, despite being men, actually committed such stupid things that harem women like to engage in. If the poison in Ben Gong is solved, then you will be spared, all of you will get the fuck out of Qing Kingdom. If it can’t be resolved, I will castrate you one by one, take them away!”

“Yes!” The imperial troops guarding on the side immediately took the three to the imperial prison.

Su Mu angrily went back to the bedroom and said, “Cancel the morning assembly today and call over doctor Hu.”

“Bang!” The sound of the iron lock echoed in the cellar, and the three were pushed into a dank smelling cell. After the guards left, Huang Xuan asked the gray-faced Liu Xi with lingering fear, “What’s going on? How could His Highness be poisoned?”

Liu Xi immediately exploded like a lighted firecracker, and said angrily: “It’s all because of your bad idea. Those two didn’t drink the medicine, it was drunk by His Highness instead.”

“What!” Huang Xuan’s eyes widened and angrily said: “How did you arrange things! How could His Highness drink it!”

Liu Xi rushed over to Huang Xuan and accused angrily: “What do you mean! You want to push everything onto me?!”

“It was originally because you made a mistake in your arrangement!” Huang Xuan did not back down.

Yun Feiyu, who hadn’t spoken the whole time, saw that the two of them had the intention to decide the outcome then and there and hurriedly stopped them. He said: “Don’t quarrel, the most important thing is how to eliminate the anger of His Highness.” He asked Huang Xuan: “Does your medicine have an antidote?”

Huang Xuan immediately replied: “Of course there is!” Then he blushed and said with flickering eyes: “It’s just a little troublesome.”

When the two saw his look, they knew that he was concealing something. Liu Xi glared at him viciously: “Just what kind of medicine did you make!”

Yun Feiyu also looked at him with a serious face. Huang Xuan said uncomfortably: “That is actually a kind of medicine that makes the top become the bottom. Only the side effect is erectile dysfunction. His Highness only needs to… it a few times with others and he’ll be fine!”

Yun Feiyu believed himself to be well studied in books and poems and was a well-mannered and cultured person, but at this moment he had the urge to curse out Huang Xuan, let alone the hot-tempered Liu Xi who directly scolded: “Having known you this long, why haven’t I noticed that you are actually such an insidious person? It’s a true waste of that seemingly innocent face. Though, it is a pity that those two didn’t drink it.”

Huang Xuan shrank back in the corner, looking very depressed: “When will we be able to go back, His Highness will definitely not forgive me.”

“His Highness is just driven by his anger at the moment, wait a few days more.” Yun Feiyu comforted.

In the Crown Prince’s Palace, Su Mu sat on a chair with a cloudy expression. There was not even one person in the room, all having been scared away by Su Mu’s powerful aura. Doctor Hu was forcefully pushed in through the door, moving to Su Mu’s side with trembling legs. He stammered: “Your…..Your Highness…..Where are you feeling discomfort?”

Su Mu kept the statue-like posture without saying a word, only stretching out his left hand. Doctor Hu hurriedly reached out to take Su Mu’s pulse, but doctor Hu’s hand shook too much and simply couldn’t take the pulse at all. Su Mu turned his head and shot a murderous look at him, doctor Hu’s body stiffened even more but his hand did stabilize. The only thing was that he had fainted completely. Su Mu’s face became darker and he called out loudly, “Come in!”

A guard walked in and said respectfully: “Your Highness.”

“Carry him out and call Huang Xuan over.” After thinking about it, Su Mu decided to ask Huang Xuan. He really had no face to let more people know about his situation.

After a while, a disheveled and pale looking Huang Xuan was thrown in front of Su Mu. Seeing Su Mu’s beautiful but icy cold face, Huang Xuan couldn’t help shrinking into himself. He knelt on the ground and said pitifully: “Your Highness…..”

Su Mu snorted coldly: “Now you learn to pretend to be pitiful, but you were quite brave when using the medicine.”

Huang Xuan hurriedly said: “The medicine is not a major problem, this official only just wanted to make fun of them.” Of course, he had to pick the good parts to speak.

Su Mu squinted his eyes slightly: “Are you saying that there is an antidote?”

“Yes, yes!” Huang Xuan nodded hurriedly, his face reddening slightly as he said: “If Your Highness does not believe me, this official can immediately heal you.”

“You managed to learn quite some capabilities after just studying for a short period in the imperial medical college.” Su Mu sneered: “You’d better do what you said, otherwise I will have people come in and castrate you right away.”

“Yes, yes, yes. This official will definitely heal Your Highness.” Huang Xuan promised again and again, then secretly glanced at Su Mu, twisting and mincing on the spot: “Your Highness, can we change the location? It’s not very convenient here.”

Su Mu glanced at him and said coldly, “Inconvenient? Could it be that you want Ben Gong to prepare music for you in order to do your work as a doctor.”

Huang Xuan hurriedly waved his hand and said: “There’s no need for music, just a bed is enough.”

“Bed?” Su Mu frowned in confusion: “What do you want a bed for?”

Huang Xuan said in a tiny voice: “Cure the poison!”

Although he said it very quietly, Su Mu still caught it. He instantly slapped the table beside him to pieces, and shouted loudly, “Explain clearly to Ben Gong, just what did you give me!”

Huang Xuan was so frightened that he trembled all over and he could only obediently explain the effect of the medicine. Su Mu’s face shifted back and forth from blue to white after hearing this, extremely colorful indeed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But in order to get rid of the poison, he had to give in and walk into the bedroom. Through the screen, he saw Huang Xuan still kneeling on the ground nervously. Su Mu instantly felt a belly full of anger and yelled, “Get in here.”

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