After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 052 Impact On One’s World View & Collision Of The Protagonist’s Halo

After the two hands squeezed vigorously, they let go very quickly.

Yao Wenxiao put his right hand behind his back and rubbed his fingers with a little disgust.

As Shen Yu said, besides accompanying Shen Yu to participate in this so-called national school beauty and hunk competition, he also had another important purpose for coming to Beijing, which was to find a social platform to collaborate with.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But unlike Shen Yu’s wishful thinking, the business partner Yao Wenxiao wanted was not Tao Mu’s FyNews, but the Weibo platform.

There were several reasons for this. For example, the capital behind the Weibo platform was stronger, and Yao Wenxiao placed more value on Weibo. In Yao Wenxiao’s view, although FlyNews could always come up with some gimmicks to attract the attention of netizens from time to time, the overall strength of FlyNews was too weak. If it really competed head-on with Weibo, the chance of winning was too small.

Weibo was different. No matter what innovative gimmicks FlyNews came up with, Weibo could always draw lessons from FlyNews’ experience. Yao Wenxiao didn’t think there was anything wrong with borrowing. On the contrary, Yao Wenxiao believed that so long as he had the ability, the student becoming superior to the master could create a better publicity effect.

So in Yao Wenxiao’s view, Tao Mu was a competent planner, but as for being Yao Wenxiao’s business partner, FlyNews was not qualified.

Of course these were all excuses. Putting aside these grand-sounding principles and interest related motives, only Yao Wenxiao knew that the fundamental reason was that he had a grudge against FlyNews.

This ill-feeling came from Shen Yu’s excessive attention towards Tao Mu. Of course, another reason was because Tao Mu suppressed the news leak he private messaged FlyNews Entertainment. This caused Yao Wenxiao to be very dissatisfied. Later, Yao Wenxiao asked around and found out that Tao Mu had a good relationship with Luo Yang. He suppressed the news he had sent to FlyNews Entertainment, and used it as a bargaining chip in exchange for the goodwill of the Luo family and the strong support of Longteng Entertainment. Only then did FlyNews have the spare capacity to undertake hosting the national school beauty and hunk competition.

——Actually willing to shake hands with a person like Luo Yang and make peace for the sake of profit.

Yao Wenxiao had investigated in detail, and naturally knew that Luo Yang had made it difficult for Tao Mu in H Town. He didn’t expect Tao Mu to be such a vulgar person who could throw aside his pride for the sake of profit. After learning the truth, Yao Wenxiao suddenly felt sick like he had swallowed a fly.

How could their Shen Yu want to make friends with this kind of person? While Yao Wenxiao was indignant, he also looked down on Tao Mu. He didn’t want to collaborate with such a person at all.

But in front of Shen Yu, Yao Wenxiao would naturally not say anything. In fact, he even showed the appearance of “I am very optimistic about you”. But Yao Wenxiao’s acting skills were not good, at least Tao Mu could clearly see Yao Wenxiao’s disgust and contempt. As for Shen Yu, he still wishfully felt that his best friend and the person he was optimistic about would also be able to be friends, so he was very happy.

“By the way, I heard that Luo Yang was beaten by his father and he is now in the hospital. Why don’t we go and see him?” Shen Yu felt that Luo Yang was also a good person. They had a lot of fun together back in Shanghai.

Shen Yan suddenly smiled and put her arms around Shen Yu, rubbing his head: “My brother is too kind. So long as it is a friend who he has met several times he is always concerned about. No wonder everyone likes you so much.”

There was no doubt that these words were also spoken to Tao Mu.

Unfortunately, Tao Mu suffered from selective deafness and turned a deaf ear to Shen Yan’s remarks.

“Luo Yang was hospitalized in the No. 1 People’s Hospital. You’ll know when you get to the hospital. I think he’ll be very happy to see you.” Tao Mu waved his hand at Shen Yu, very happy to dismiss this person so easily.

Shen Yu pouted, looking at Tao Mu unwillingly. He also wanted to have a meal with Tao Mu.

“I’m not in a hurry. How about you take me around your school? I have never been to Beijing Film. Are there many big stars here?” Shen Yu looked at Beijing Film behind Tao Mu with a curious expression. He also wanted to see Tao Mu’s dorm.

“I think acting is very fun now. If I knew earlier I would have also applied for Beijing Film. We would even be classmates.” Shen Yu sighed. He felt that the literature major he was studying was particularly boring. Unlike Tao Mu——

“By the way, what do you study in the drama department? Do you usually rehearse and act out dramas or something? I really want to see Mu Mu acting.” Shen Yu said a lot of things on his own, and then asked Tao Mu: “Who is the school hunk chosen by your school? Is it you? It must be you, if it is someone else, I will not be convinced.”

“It’s not me. This program was originally organized by FlyNews. It is not appropriate for me to participate. Besides, we Beijing Film don’t place too much importance on looks. Our school voted for a senior with very good acting skills, his talent is indeed very impressive. He won the Golden Crow Award for Best Actor in the first movie he shot in his junior year. He is very amazing.” Tao Mu didn’t want Shen Yu’s irresponsible nonsensical words to provoke enmity for himself, and explained very seriously.

Tao Mu was originally one of the most outstanding and attention attracting 2008 freshmen. Tall and handsome, good personality, talented photography skills, and created such a cool website like FlyNews. He was simply a textbook-level campus version of domineering CEO male lead. So he had won the favor of Beijing Film’s female classmates and the admiration of male classmates.

So the Shen family talking with Tao Mu at the school gate for so long naturally attracted the attention of the students coming and going. Hearing Shen Yu’s enmity attracting remarks, many students just felt a little uncomfortable, but they didn’t think too deeply. After all, what Shen Yu said was the truth. Tao Mu was originally very excellent, especially in terms of appearance——it was said that during the art test interview, the three chief examiners all gave full marks.

But after hearing Tao Mu’s explanation, all the students suddenly realized. No wonder Shen Yu’s words sounded a bit wrong. That’s right, their Beijing Film was not such a superficial school. They not only look at appearance but also look at acting skills and talents. The senior who was voted as the school hunk by everyone was a Golden Crow film emperor. In Tao Mu’s words, possessing good looks and strength. Although he was not as good-looking as Tao Mu, he was also a particularly excellent talent. After all, wasn’t Tao Mu also sincerely convinced and ready to concede himself?

What Shen Yu said, sounded as if Beijing Film had no one else except Tao Mu. Was this a friend or an enemy making a stab under the guise of a friend?

Seeing that there was something wrong with the surrounding atmosphere, Shen Yu squeezed his sleeves nervously, raised his face and asked Tao Mu: “Did I say something wrong?”

Tao Mu nodded at the classmates around him and smiled helplessly: “Okay. I know you didn’t mean anything bad. Just pay attention from now on.”

Shen Yu took a deep breath in an aggrieved manner and nodded obediently.

Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan suddenly became a little unhappy. They felt that Tao Mu was too harsh on Shen Yu. Shen Yu was still a child, and was usually spoiled by the family. How could he possess any scheming and shrewdness. Naturally, his speech would not be as flawless as Tao Mu’s. Couldn’t Tao Mu just let it be?

Yao Wenxiao couldn’t help but let out a snort and support his childhood friend: “I think Xiao Yu is very good just like this. Innocent and romantic, saying whatever is in his heart. He really feels that you are very good, and is better than others, so he said so. Don’t you think this is very valuable?”

After a pause, he also couldn’t help but say sourly: “If it was me Shen Yu admired so much, I would definitely be crazily happy.”

Tao Mu: “…..” He also felt that he was going to go crazy too.

“It’s late. If there is nothing else, you can go back and rest.” Tao Mu was too lazy to take care of these uncommunicable plot characters and directly shooed them.

Shen Yu was still looking at Tao Mu pitifully: “Aren’t you going to take me around your school?”

“It’s already dark.” Tao Mu felt exasperated: “In this darkness we can’t see anything at all. If you want to take a tour it should be during the day. Besides, your family accompanied you all the way and must definitely be tired. Why don’t you rest with them first, okay?”

So you also know that we are tired from traveling all the way? In order to come to see you, the instant Shen Yu got off the plane he didn’t even stop at the hotel and went straight to Beijing Film to see you. But this is how you treat our Yu Yu?

Everyone in the Shen family didn’t expect Tao Mu to be so ignorant and tactless, and became angry at that moment.

“Xiao Yu, since he doesn’t welcome you, let’s not stubbornly pester him. Aren’t you going to see Luo Yang? Brother will accompany you.” Yao Wenxiao’s eyes flickered, feeling wronged for Shen Yu while also at the same time pushing Shen Yu into the car. But in his heart he was thinking of how to teach Tao Mu a lesson, so that this poor bumpkin boy would know not to act so arrogant just because he created a website. Actually daring to ignore their Shen Yu?

As if you are even worthy!

Yao Wenxiao angrily stepped on the accelerator, and with a “roar”, the car drew angrily away, even the car exhaust appeared particularly angry.

The classmates who had been onlookers instantly surrounded him. Someone asked Tao Mu: “Who were those people? Their noses were practically sticking up to the sky.”

Tao Mu came back to his senses and said with a smile: “The young son of Shanghai’s Shen Group and his family. He is the school hunk chosen by Shanghai University to participate in the national school beauty school hunk selection contest.”

“Oh, the rich. No wonder.” The person chuckled: “Just looking at their aura, they’re not the same as ordinary people. Even their words hold a trace of arrogance.”

Tao Mu agreed in his heart. Suddenly, he felt something was wrong. He looked at the classmate who was talking to him, blinked subtly, and tentatively said, “Why do you say that, don’t you think Shen Yu is innocent and cute?”

“He does seem quite simple.” The classmate chuckled dryly, thinking that Shen Yu was Tao Mu’s friend, so he was embarrassed to say anything straight. But looking at the faces of the Shen family and Tao Mu’s response, they didn’t seem like it. He could only say vaguely: “If a person has a good family background and is also pampered, he’ll have a source of confidence. If he wants to be simple, then he can be simple, if he wants to be straightforward, he can be straightforward. This is not something we can get just from being envious.”

“…..Actually, you don’t need to be envious either. We all think you’re pretty good. Although we have no money and power, we have acting skills. Besides, your ability is not small either. Just started school and created such an interesting website. The way I see it, you not only want to be an actor, but also be your own boss, right?” The classmate threw his arm around Tao Mu’s shoulders in a brotherly manner, patting Tao Mu’s chest and comforting: “Cheers. We are all optimistic about you.”

Tao Mu subconsciously thanked him. Feeling rather dazed, his thoughts too messy to make sense.

Why were everyone’s reactions so different? He remembered that in his previous life, when he had just transferred to Shanghai University, everyone supported Shen Yu no matter what. No matter what Shen Yu said it was always right, no matter what he did it was never wrong. It was in that kind of extreme atmosphere that Tao Mu fell deeper and deeper, the more he struggled the crazier he became.

But now…..Shen Yu hadn’t changed, the attitude of the Shen family hadn’t changed, and Shen Yu’s admirers were still the same as well. So why was the reaction of Beijing Film’s classmates so different?

Could it be that Shen Yu’s protagonist halo had geographical limitations and time limitations? Only in the place and time period where the plot was concentrated could it have the greatest influence——such as Shanghai City, and H Town, as well as the several film festival awards and afterparties held in Beijing and Hong Kong that had clearly appeared in the book.

Outside of the time and place delineated in the plot, everyone was actually relatively normal? In fact, normal feelings of indifference and even disgust towards Shen Yu was possible instead of just blind pampering and flattering.

If this was the case, did it mean that the space he can move around in was actually larger than he thought, and he could do more things than he expected?

But to what extent could he do things so that it would not cause a backlash from the plot?

Tao Mu was completely dazed, feeling that his worldview was once again overturned.

Tao Mu felt a little psychologically unbalanced, floating back to the dormitory in a trance. He then unconsciously turned on the computer and entered the backend of FlyNews. Before Shen Yu came, he had been checking the function of the video network and the voting by netizens.

Unlike the Oscars and other award ceremonies, most of the domestic reality show competitions’ voting process generally did not bother to do notarization. Of course, this was also because the organizers of many of these shows have to operate the rankings to maximize their profits.

In fact, the selection of national school beauty and hunk organized by FlyNews also did not invite anyone to do the notarization. It was not that Tao Mu wanted to do something hidden——originally this was an activity for self-entertainment among netizens and Tao Mu intended to use this activity to promote FlyNews. He had no direct interest in any of the contestants, and of course he couldn’t play any tricks to ruin the reputation of FlyNews.

But now, as if he was bespelled, Tao Mu had an inexplicable urge to manipulate the voting algorithm so that he could tamper with the background data at any time.

Tao Mu sat in front of the computer expressionlessly, appearing as if he had a hatred for the computer. It was strange enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Du Kang, who was teaching Wen Bao to play a video game, couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong? Who did you just go out to meet? What is that expression? Did you have a fight with someone?”

“Nothing.” Tao Mu came back to himself. For a moment, he even had an urge to shuffle Shen Yu down the rankings even if he had to tamper with the background data.

Fortunately, Du Kang interrupted his thoughts. Tao Mu came back to his senses and realized that he had no need to do such an irrational thing that could possibly even drag the newly developed FlyNews down into the water just because he hated Shen Yu.

Sure enough, was the IQ lowering buff from the protagonist halo that powerful?

Even if Shen Yu’s IQ lowering buff could not affect outsiders for the time being, he still had a very strong and subtle influence on him, a former plot character.

Maybe, this was what the saying ‘the players seeing less clearly than bystanders’ meant!

Tao Mu took a few deep breaths and calmed down his emotions slowly. Then he did one more thing, which was to find DB, one of the big four accounting firms, to do notarization overnight.

——He would rather spend a little more money to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the selection activities, then to let his IQ run freely while being under the influence of the IQ lowering buff.

Maybe he should really hurry up and fly to country M. Not only to discuss with Li Xiaoheng about the launch of FlyNews in country M. More importantly, he could take the opportunity to avoid Shen Yu’s protagonist halo.

After putting down the phone, Tao Mu tapped on the desk thoughtfully.

If he left China now, who should he leave FlyNews’ activities to?

Tao Mu first thought of brother Yao and brother Xiao Qi. But no, these two were both plot characters. Tao Mu could not guarantee whether Shen Yu’s halo would not affect Liu Yao and Meng Qi in advance. Especially in the case when these two men were helping him.

Besides Liu Yao and Meng Qi, who else could he call?

Luo Xi was not suitable either. The Luo family’s eldest miss had good abilities, but a so-so temperament, Tao Mu did not dare to trust her. As for Long Tianao, don’t even think about it. Even if this kid’s ability and character were okay, his IQ was not reliable at all. With the past episode back in H Town, Tao Mu really didn’t dare to trust him.

——Even if Long Tianao was not a plot character in his previous life, he and Shen Yu still spent some time together in H Town. Tao Mu couldn’t guarantee that with Long Tianao’s IQ, just how much was affected from long-term bathing in Shen Yu’s protagonist halo.

As for Da Mao, Xiao Pang and Feng Yuan. In the plot, they were basically cannon fodder characters who were worse off than him. It was likely that their heads would become dazed when they saw Shen Yu’s face. In truth, old man Song was a very worthy choice. However, the old man was getting on in the years and he didn’t know anything about things like the Internet.

There were his three roommates. Tao Mu thought for a while. Too little time had passed since they had met, and the three roommates did not show any talents and abilities other than acting or directing. Although Du Kang had a strong sense of variety show workings, he had not yet experienced much and had not become the hell-raising director of later years. Thinking about this, he felt a little worried about handing over such a responsibility.

At this time, Tao Mu could see that his contacts were still lacking. If he knew earlier then when he was hiring before, he should have hired a reliable professional manager as well!

Tao Mu was racking his brains anxiously, when from the corner of his eyes, he accidentally glanced at several popular medical science magazines on the shelf.

His eyes suddenly lit up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu subconsciously picked up the phone and dialed Yun Yi’s number.

After three beeps, the call got through. Tao Mu said with a smile, “Big brother Yun, there’s something I need your help with~”

China’s future richest man! Possessing IQ, ability, good luck, and good ethics. This was a man worthy of trust!

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  1. I say, despite being in the entertainment industry, Shen Yu can stay ignorant and innocent (i dont think he really schemed) because the has the capital and the background to do so. I understand. But I’m still angry ofc! Justice to our Tao Mu mu’s life.

    Anyways, I don’t know what situation I will be more angry of… is it when the enemy purposelly targets and harms you, or when they don’t mean harm at all but everything or at least most of the things that happened— is because of them.

    Sigh… What a complicated world! >:0

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    1. I get your point and if we weren’t seeing the whole plot through the eyes if MuMu I might of been more moved by the halo. But Shen Yu is so annoying like a green tea b*tch but at least green tea has substance no Yu must be annoying as heck and so utterly ignorant I wonder if he is actually a freshly harvested cabbage brought to life. Manslaughter is still a crime and lets treat the situation like typhoid mary. It might not be his ‘fault’ but he worsens the situation and so for the sake of all our sanity KEEP HIM AWAY

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  2. Big Brother Yun is lovely if our ML wasn’t so well matched with our Phoenix then I would be tempted to ship… but alas at least I get to love Yun without regarding CPs.

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  3. Repeating: “Why do the people around this Shen Yu have to be so annoyingly unbearable?” I rolled my eyes so much in this chapter that I even lost count… 🙄😒
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  5. Shen Yu’s mom complaining that Shen Yu is just a child meanwhile they’re both the same age, literally born on the same day, so why does Tao Mu has to pamper and give way to your baby? -.- Karen parent.


  6. Holy 💩 the plot almost got Tao Mu! At first I thought he was planning to experiment with the voting to check if Shen Yu’s halo can work outside the predetermined plot points. Only later did I realise that his “daze” was not due to surprise but due to the plot buff. He really needs to stay away from Shen Yu. They just talked for 5 minutes and he’s already become a big target. It will only get worse unless he gets away asap.


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