After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 053 Various Speculations & Experiments On The IQ Drop Halo

“You want me to help you take care of FlyNews’ organization of national school beauty and school hunk selection activities?” Yun Yi said in surprise.

Tao Mu specially called Yin Yi out during the weekend to meet at the private restaurant opposite the No. 1 People’s Beijing Hospital to discuss business matters with him.

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“Yes.” Tao Mu nodded and said seriously: “Didn’t you say you want to set up a medical forum. After the forum goes online, you have to learn how to manage the forum and how to promote the forum. You can take this opportunity to practice and become familiar with FlyNews. When you have adapted to the working mode of the website, you will definitely be able to easily manage your medical forum.”

It seemed to sound quite reasonable. However, Yun Yi’s IQ had not been affected by the plot’s IQ lowering halo and was still online. “What I want to create is a medical forum. You want me to manage an entertainment website. It isn’t the same thing, is it?”

“Why isn’t it the same? Haven’t you heard the saying, grasp one fundamental point and all the rest will follow!” The essence of the acting was that whether what you said was true or not, the performance must be realistic.

Tao Mu was a man who had at least been a film emperor, and this was not a problem for him: “The Internet industry is not the same as other industries. No matter what content your platform wants to host, the basic structure of the website is the same. Promotional techniques and product operation are basically similar. Whether it is an entertainment website or a medical forum, it is essentially a social platform. If you don’t believe this, then when your medical forum goes online, I’ll help you run it a few times and you’ll see.”

“Besides, I’m going to fly to country M soon. If I don’t find someone to help me keep an eye on things, I really won’t be at ease. But I don’t know anyone else. I believe only you can help me. In fact, you also don’t have to worry about the specific operations. The production team of Longteng Entertainment will be responsible for the specific operations. They are all professionals, so we don’t need to worry much about it. You only need to help me control the general aspects, make sure that the results are absolutely fair and prevent anything fishy from happening. And most importantly, don’t let the staff take advantage of their positions to do anything that does not meet the rules of the competition.”

For example, colluding with the candidates, deliberately engaging in bias when editing final film shots, or secretly tampering with background data or something.

“I have hired auditors from DB to be responsible for the notarization. You only need to keep an eye on them when it comes time to count the voting, and then there is also the competition video cut, try to ensure that the number of frames for each player is the same.”

After experiencing the crazy star-chasing atmosphere in the previous life, Tao Mu knew that some fans would actuslly count the program frames one by one when watching TV series or reality shows in which idols participated. Although Tao Mu was not sure whether there was such a crazy person among the netizens who participated in the selection of national school beauty and hunk, he still habitually planned to take precautions.

After all, if any matter had Shen Yu involved in it, it was destined to have twists and turns. Tao Mu didn’t care about Shen Yu stirring up commotion himself, he just wanted to keep his FlyNews safe, and not let it be implicated by Shen Yu’s halo.

Hearing Tao Mu admitting his calculations so frankly, Yun Yi smiled: “Alright then. Since you believe in me this much, I won’t refuse anymore.”

Tao Mu smiled, and when he went back to face his brother Yao and brother Xiao Qi, he was also very open.

“Yao Wenxiao has come to Beijing.” Of course, Liu Yao and Meng Qi knew about the Yao family. Hearing Tao Mu’s words, Liu Yao’s eyes flashed.

Tao Mu continued: “Yao Wenxiao’s visit to Beijing this time, in addition to seeking cooperation with the Weibo platform, the main purpose is to accompany his little childhood friend Shen Yu to participate in the selection activities of the national school beauty and hunk. Shen Yu, this person, you’ll know when you see him. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to help but want to beat him up. So I asked another person to help supervise the competition. This person is Yun Yi, and he’s a collaborator I’ve tried hard to win over. This time he is participating in the management of FlyNews so that he can gain experience for the medical forum that we’ll launch in the future.”

Tao Mu always behaved very upright when facing his own people. No hiding, no concealing, but speaking straight to the point. Even if it was extremely likely to cause the other party’s misunderstanding, he would still confess, and then work hard to dispel the other party’s grudge.

Meng Qi was originally a suspicious and sensitive personality, and his gentle and considerate nature was only his protective layer. But when confronted with Tao Mu, who he had personally taught, he was too lazy to think so much, and spoke straightforwardly: “You kid, you are just afraid that brother Yao and I will act impulsively, and just directly deal with surnamed Yao, and also his little childhood friend, so you specially found someone to keep an eye on us, right?”

Tao Mu hesitated, and immediately poured the tea and behaved obediently: “Brother Xiao Qi, you are still so smart, and my little tricks can’t hide from your eyes at all.”

Meng Qi took the tea Tao Mu handed over, took a sip, and gave Tao Mu a slanted look, “But how come I feel that you seem to be more wary of his little childhood friend than that surnamed Yao himself? Could it be that his little childhood friend has some kind of powerful background?”

Tao Mu paused and had to admire the keen senses of his brother Xiao Qi: “Shen Yu is the youngest son of the Shen Group in Shanghai. He was doted on by his family since he was a child and grew up spoiled. The way he speaks and acts easily provokes unnecessary quarrels. The rest of the Shen family are even more troublesome.”

Liu Yao, who had not spoken much the whole time, raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice, “Has their family caused you any difficulty?”

Tao Mu shook his head and said frankly: “Not really. After all, Shen Yu wants to make friends with me for the time being so they won’t act too awful. It’s just that their arrogant attitude makes people really uncomfortable. As if I should just yield to Shen Yu and follow whatever Shen Yu says. Otherwise, I’m just an ignorant who doesn’t know what’s good for me. Anyway, I can’t stand it. If I can’t afford to provoke them then I can just avoid them. I’m only afraid that you will feel aggrieved on my behalf and decide to teach Shen Yu a lesson. At that time, the situation would become even more troublesome.”

As Tao Mu spoke, he looked at his brother Xiao Qi with pitiful eyes.

Liu Yao understood. It sounded like a group of overprotective family members and a troublemaking kid who never cared about other people’s thoughts and feelings and only cared about his own happiness. Indeed, one really couldn’t reason with this kind of person.

“But that shouldn’t make you worry to such an extent. Just what kind of people are brother Yao and I, don’t you already know? No matter what we wouldn’t squabble with an eighteen-year-old child who hasn’t even grown up yet.” Meng Qi frowned. He knew that Liu Yao’s personality was quite impulsive, but he had confidence in his own self-control ability. Tao Mu also knew this. So how come now, it seemed that he was more worried about him making a move than Liu Yao.

“Do you know that the auras between two people can be naturally disharmonious?” Tao Mu shook his head with a wry smile. He was not worried about brother Xiao Qi, but about the ubiquitous plot halo. He was afraid that brother Xiao Qi would be affected by plot halo. After all, according to Tao Mu’s memory in his previous life, there were many people who targeted Shen Yu without any logical reason, but for inexplicable emotions such as “jealousy”, “distaste for Shen Yu’s innocence and purity”, and “just plain dislike.” Because of such inexplicable emotions they would steadfastly oppose and make trouble for Shen Yu. Of course, in the end, these people would “as expected” end in tragic ruin.

Tao Mu therefore felt that according to the plot setting of the original book, Shen Yu’s protagonist halo might also have the function of automatically triggering cannon fodder characters. That was, whenever an original plot character who had the possibility of becoming a vicious cannon fodder meet Shen Yu, there would be a great chance that they would inexplicably target Shen Yu. In the end, it would just be explained away as “not seeing eye to eye”.

You couldn’t avoid it even if you wanted.

Tao Mu didn’t dare to bet on whether this possibility would really come true or not. He didn’t dare to bet on the lives of brother Yao and brother Xiao Qi. So he could only do everything possible to avoid it.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi really saw Tao Mu’s fear of Shen Yu this time.

Shen Yu just sounded like an annoying brat m who hadn’t experienced the ravages of society and had no shrewdness or sophistication. The couple didn’t know where Tao Mu’s deep grudge came from, and instantly felt very puzzled.

Tao Mu also knew that no matter how much he said it would not beat seeing the truth in person, so he said: “How about this. I promised Shen Yu that I will take him to tour Beijing Film’s school campus during the day. If you don’t believe me, you can see with your own eyes.”

——And then Liu Yao and Meng Qi finally personally experienced the kind of feeling Tao Mu described, “When you see him, you will get angry for no reason and want to slap him to death.”

Of course, Liu Yao and Meng Qi also developed this kind of feeling when they saw the mother and daughter pair of the Shen family as well as surnamed Yao.

The point was that this group of people didn’t really do anything, just that for some reason any casual remark from them was able to make them boiling mad.

Their Mu Mu really got it right, this was really fucking bizzare indeed!

After separating from the Shen family, Liu Yao, who got into the Grand Cherokee, felt like a man had just escaped from death. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of emotion and said: “I didn’t believe it when Mu Mu said it before. But today I saw it with my own eyes. How can there be such an annoying family in this world? I heard that the Shen Group is quite influential in Shanghai. Then just how high is the IQ of the men in the Shen family to be able to restrain those three idiots? Ai, I won’t follow the school beauty and school hunk competition. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself.”

Liu Yao accompanied Tao Mu on the tour of the campus today. During this period, he was nearly overcome with the urge to call Da Hui countless times. He, Liu Yao, was a man who had never targeted women and children before. Towards this bizarre oddity you couldn’t not be convinced even if you didn’t want to.

Meng Qi looked exasperatedly at Liu Yao, who was lying on the steering wheel, his tongue practically sticking out in exhaustion.

“Then how can you be sure that the business partner you found will not be affected by the Shen family?” Meng Qi turned his head and asked Tao Mu.

Tao Mu had been secretly observing the reactions of brother Yao and brother Xiao Qi. Seeing that the two did not show any signs of wanting to target Shen Yu, he became steadily relieved.

It seemed that things like the IQ lowering plot halo could be weakened so long as there was an early warning and precautions were taken, as well as a limiting the interaction.

What he was afraid of was unknowingly being bewitched by the plot halo and then inexplicably carrying out untimely and silly actions.

“Yun Yi won’t.” Tao Mu, in a very good mood, answered his brother Xiao Qi’s question very decisively.

Because Yun Yi also appeared in the plot in his previous life, including Li Xiaoheng, who was far away in country M. If they were also affected by the plot hall, then Luo Yang’s ending might have changed. Besides, based on the status of those two, if they were really affected by the plot, their scenes would not be so little.

So after Tao Mu’s repeated speculations, it was almost certain that the influence of the plot halo was indeed limited. The more outstanding industry leaders people were, the less likely they were to be influenced. The more rational people were, the less likely they were to be affected. Just like in the entertainment industry, most of the people affected by Shen Yu were on the level of celebrities and investors. As for the ones at higher levels, they would be less affected, and as a result their scenes were very little. If not, based on Tao Mu’s cannon fodder character in the plot, coupled with his reduced luck value from confronting Shen Yu all the time, he should not have been able to even win a single film award let alone become a film emperor.

It could be seen that Shen Yu’s protagonist halo was indeed not invincible. And the best way to avoid the halo, aside from limiting interactions with Shen Yu, was to get acquainted with talented and outstanding people! Ana at the same time he must also make himself more outstanding as well.

It was estimated that after he had achieved the industry influence of people like Li Xiaoheng or Yun Yi in his previous life, whether it was Shen Yu’s protagonist halo or the plot halo of the original book, he would no longer be able to be negatively influenced.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Thinking of all of this, Tao Mu was even more eager. After handing over the various undertakings of FlyNews’ national school beauty and hunk competition activities, Tao Mu immediately booked a plane ticket to country M to see Li Xiaoheng.

He felt that he might need to bathe in the halo of the future capitalist bigshot. Maybe it could offset the IQ lowering buff on him!

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