After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 055 Bullet Screen Launch & Interaction

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“…..Okay, okay, no problem, thank you very much, and I must trouble you to convey my gratitude to Mr. Gao. Thank you very much.” Tao Mu hung up the phone with a cloudy expression. He squinted his eyes slightly, his eyes dark and deep. Before he had time to plot and scheme, the next second, that chiseled and handsome face was squeezed into a bun with a sudden pair of hands.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Little pup is still young, so always put on a face full of bitterness and hatred!” Meng Qi stretched out his hands and rubbed the cheeks of their little pup hard. The skin texture was actually not bad, soft and smooth and with a particularly good elasticity.

Meng Qi couldn’t resist it, and stretched out his hands again.

“Brother Xiao Qi.” Tao Mu yelled helplessly.

“Ai~” Meng Qi answered very happily, the joy very obvious in his uplifted tone.

“Please don’t mess around anymore, I want to talk about business.” Though Tao Mu said so, he still sat still on the sofa, letting Meng Qi squeeze his cheeks. He was always like this. In front of his family and friends who were close to him, he was incredibly docile.

“Alright, go ahead.” Of course, Meng Qi knew of the particular trait of Tao Mu’s, so he stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair, replying with a smile.

“The person who just called me is from Weibo. Said that Yao Wenxiao had gone to Weibo headquarters to seek cooperation and wanted to break the news of my black material.” Tao Mu said with a cloudy face, adding without thinking, “I’m afraid he will implicate you.”

“Like I’ll be afraid of him?” Liu Yao, who was sitting on the sofa with legs propped up and watching the sports game on TV, raised his eyebrows, reached out and picked up the cup of wolfberry chrysanthemum tea that Meng Qi insisted on making for him, and took a sip: “Let him come if he wants. I won’t be happy if the methods are too gentle.”

“It’s not such a simple thing.” Tao Mu felt a little worried when he thought of the messy things in his previous life. He looked hesitatingly at brother Xiao Qi.

Yao Wenxiao was a person without a bottom line, and he did not care whether he involved innocent people. This time, if he wanted to deal with him and FlyNews, the easiest weakness was Night. It just so happened that brother Xiao Qi was the specific person in charge of FlyNews Entertainment. Tao Mu was really worried that the bastard Yao Wenxiao would start pouring dirty water with Meng Qi’s past experience.

Meng Qi keenly sensed Tao Mu’s worry, smiled slightly, and reached out and touched their little pup’s hair: “Don’t worry. Your brother Xiao Qi has a strong heart. What haven’t I seen these many years.”

Wasn’t it just making a commotion using his experience of being a popular male host at Night. Meng Qi had lived half a lifetime, and he indeed had a lot of regrets. But he had never regretted coming to work at Night.

——If he hadn’t come to work at Night back then, he would have no money to treat his mother’s illness. His mother wouldn’t have lived an extra ten years. If he hadn’t come to Night, he wouldn’t have known the big rascal Liu Yao, nor the little rascal Tao Mu. Then maybe now he might still be alone in some corner of the world, living the rest of his life like a walking corpse. How could there be such a happy life like now, having a family and a career, a husband and a son.

“Brother Yao, brother Xiao Qi, I’m sorry.” Tao Mu bowed his head and apologized: “It’s because of me that you are implicated.”

“Nonsense!” Liu Yao took another sip of his chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea: “You are just walking on the road and minding your own business, what does it have to do with you if a mad dog sees you and wants to take a bite at you?”

“Furthermore, there is a deep hatred between surnamed Yao and our family. Even if he didn’t make a move against us, we would still not let him off. Now he is going to deal with you, it is just something originally expected. What are you sorry for?”

“I’m just afraid that it might hurt you and Night.” Tao Mu still remembered the tricks Yao Wenxiao used in his previous life. Whenever he thought about it, it still hurt like his heart and lungs were being gouged out. Now, Yao Wenxiao’s actions reminded him once again how he was an ungrateful wretch. The more Liu Yao and Meng Qi consoled him, the more he felt ashamed. Because no one knew these things anymore. But those regrets and feelings of shame that have been precipitated over two lifetimes have already burrowed to the depths of his bone marrow.

“Don’t dawdle about!” Liu Yao frowned sharply, his thick eyebrows furrowed together, looking fierce: “I have discovered that you have become more and more timid? Is there such a thing as only allowing yourself to scheme against others and others can’t scheme against you? Look at your sorry self, do you plan to tear up as well? Are you so afraid of that bastard surnamed Yao? The other hasn’t even done anything, yet you yourself have already become so afraid?”


“If you are like this again, then don’t tell anyone that you are the cub raised by me, Liu Yao when you go outside. I can’t afford to lose this face!”

“Liu Yao!” Meng Qi pushed Liu Yao disapprovingly. Turning his head and comforting Tao Mu with a warm voice: “You don’t have to worry about Night. We run nightclubs, and the last thing we are afraid of is ordinary people’s prejudices. If Yao Wenxiao doesn’t make a fuss about Night, then whatever. But if he really dares to use Night to say ugly things, believe it or not, that bunch of shameless guys in our nightclub will immediately register for a Weibo account with V authentication, and directly recruit customers online!”

Tao Mu was successfully amused by the scene described by Meng Qi. He thought about the oddballs in the nightclub, especially Little Zero and the others, they really were capable of doing such a thing.

Liu Yao looked at their pup who finally showed a smile, and his heart was also relieved. His personality was naturally rough, and he didn’t know much on how to comfort people. He could only change the subject: “How is your national school beauty and hunk competition going?”

Hearing Liu Yao mention business affairs, Tao Mu settled his emotions and said: “Everything is ready and especially smooth going. Now I just have to wait for the first episode of the program to be recorded, and then put it online along with the video network.”

Liu Yao nodded: “Then do you want to go to the shooting site to see, we can drive you there.”

Tao Mu thought for a while: “Alright.”

* * * * * * *

All Chinese netizens unanimously felt that this National Day celebration was particularly lively. First, on the day of October 1st, the homepage of suddenly started a “Military Uniforms to Celebrate National Day” event. The background page of the entire website suddenly changed to a five-star red flag fluttering in the wind under the blue sky. A lot of celebrities suddenly uploaded photos of themselves in various military uniforms using their FlyNews accounts. These military uniforms included sea, land, and air forces, and the pictures were captioned with the sentence “Military uniforms to celebrate the National Day, we are grateful to our predecessors who shed tears and blood for New China. This prosperous time is as you have always wished for”. All of a sudden, the atmosphere of National Day was lit up.

Many psychologists have argued that “the vast majority of people will blindly follow the group and blindly follow authority.” After experiencing the Internet boom of the previous life, Tao Mu had a deeper understanding of netizens’ trend following attributes. So unsurprisingly, when the “Military Uniforms to Celebrate National Day” event was passed from the stars to the fans, from the minority to the majority, the deliberately planned publicity event finally began to show its power.

At first, celebrities and netizens began to post photos of their military uniforms, soon, many netizens began to upload photos of their parents and grandparents in military uniforms. These photos were all real experiences of their parents and grandparents. Looking at the old photos that have been yellowed and stained by the years, netizens seem as if they had witnessed with their own eyes how their predecessors established a new China step by step under difficult conditions.

Tao Mu also asked a professor of the Department of Choreography to personally write a few simple and emotional essays, and cooperated with the photos uploaded by netizens to organize a history of major events from the Republic of China to the present. The period also contained some photos that reflect social changes from before the founding of the People’s Republic of China to the present, allowing netizens to clearly understand how their motherland had developed from a time where many things were waiting to be done to a prosperous age.

The professor Tao Mu invited was a well-known writer and top screenwriter in the circle. His scripts on spy dramas and war dramas had won various awards many times. Needless to say, his writing skills were very excellent. Corresponding with the classic and sophisticated text of the professor, the photos documented a miserable country that could hardly claim sovereignty during the time of the Republic of China to the last one which was fixed at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, spanning nearly a hundred years in total. Looking at these photos with the accompanying emotional text, even hard-hearted people would inevitably let out sighs, let alone sentimental netizens.

And the climax of the photo event occurred when Luo Changzheng, the chairman and founder of the Luo Group, suddenly registered a FlyNews account and uploaded a photo of himself wearing a big red flower on his chest when he joined the army 30 years ago, sighing at the passage of time, feeling deeply moved by the changes in the country and expressing gratitude for the good days now.

After Luo Changzheng, other company bosses who have business cooperation with the Luo Group also successively registered on FlyNews to upload military uniform photos. These were all CEOs and chairmen who had joined the army. There were also some who had no army experience and were too embarrassed to follow the trend and take photos so they only shared the photos and clicked on likes to express their gratitude as well. After these company bosses, there were also even some officials from the Publicity Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who registered with FlyNews.

To be honest, Tao Mu hadn’t expected this.

However, things having developed to the present, this Internet event started by netizens suddenly became high-ended and sophisticated. Many netizens who only treated FlyNews as a recreational topic to chat about when idle, suddenly developed a touch of acknowledgement and emotion for FlyNews. So much so that on October 1st, many netizens even forgot the ongoing national school beauty and hunk competition. They were wholeheartedly invested in the Military Uniforms to Celebrate National Day event.

However, on October 2nd, with the sudden launch of the FlyNews Bullet Screen Network, the national school beauty and hunk selection contest that had been silent for a day once again demonstrated its existence.

Adhering to the principle that the mainstream must be promoted during the National Day. The first video on the top of the FlyNews video network that just went live was the video of the national flag raising on the National Day on October 1st. The shocking and touching scene of hundreds of thousands of people standing in the Tiananmen Square singing the national anthem instantly attracted netizens who had not been able to go to Beijing to personally watch the flag raising.

As the video progressed, the comments that kept floating on the video also caused some confusion. Many netizens went to the help area to check the strategy, and finally figured out the function of the so-called “bullet screen”. After knowing how to block the on-screen comments to watch videos, and how to register an account to upload their own on-screen comments, these super adaptive netizens immediately embarked on a path of no return of checking out the bullet screen when watching videos.

Then, many netizens who were not used to the bullet screen took the lead in blocking it to watch the flag raising video several times intently. Some netizens even called their parents and grandparents over to the computer to watch the video together. Some of these elders were affected by the atmosphere of the video and couldn’t help but stand up and sing the national anthem. These actions were recorded by netizens with their mobile phones, and then uploaded to the FlyNews Bullet Screen Network according to the operation steps prompted by FlyNews. This also aroused heated discussions among other netizens.

Many netizens lingered under this video for a long time before they left still feeling eager for more. So they then looked for the videos of the national school beauty and hunk competition.

In truth, there was nothing serious to be filmed on the first day. Tao Mu asked the filming team to record scenes of the candidates first reporting in and taken on a tour of the dormitories, the competition venue and the training rooms of Beijing Film. The contestants were also asked to introduce themselves in front of the camera and express their thoughts.

Tao Mu also provided each contestant with a home video recorder, allowing the contestants to record themselves as they walked around Beijing City, which they then gave to the team later to select interesting parts to be edited into the first day’s shooting video. By the way, these video recorders were also sponsors that Tao Mu personally went out and found, and he did not spend a single penny. In fact, he even pulled an advertisement fee worth 100,000 yuan_(:з」∠)_

In addition, Tao Mu also tried the same trick, using the traffic data and analysis report of FlyNews to find various clothing brands, cosmetics brands, styling studios, bus manufacturers, and various other sponsorships. In the end, he not only succeeded in convincing several major brands to sponsor and cooperate with FlyNews he also got himself several advertising fees with values ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. But such trivial matters need not be mentioned.

The name of the video about the national school beauty and hunk competition that went online on the first day was called Reporting In Vlog.

——In order to complete the vlog part of the work, Tao Mu almost pulled over all of Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment post-production staff that were in Beijing, paying each person 1,000 yuan a day for the hard work in helping to edit the video.

This group of post-production staff couldn’t help but mutter among themselves, puzzled why Tao Mu wanted them to edit such trivial and meaningless videos, feeling suspicious that no one would watch it at all. But the result was that the number of clicks after the videos came out was so many that these people began to doubt life.

At the time when FlyNews’ military uniform event activities and the launch of Bullet Screen Network attracted the attention of most of the netizens. The Weibk platform, which had also been working on a big move, also began its own publicity campaign.

Unexpectedly, the slogan of the Weibo platform during the promotion period turned out to be——Weibo, a social software used by the founder of FlyNews.

Tao Mu’s Weibo account and the Weibo photo uploaded by Tao Mu to advertise FlyNews that had been blocked by the Weibo platform were attached below.

There was a bit of humor in this alternative approach, and the very down-to-earth advertising method immediately attracted the attention of many netizens.

At the same time, Tao Mu also uploaded a comment on his FlyNews account to respond to the promotion of the Weibo platform. On his FlyNews account he advertised——

FlyNews, a social platform that will never block netizens from speaking for no reason. We may not agree with every word you type, but we absolutely defend your right to speak.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The promotion methods of these two major social platforms which mutually kicked and lifted up each other greatly amused the melon-eating netizens. Just when everyone was following with a train of hahaha, Yao Wenxiao, who had hired a private investigator and was currently working hard to search for Tao Mu’s black materials, noticed the interaction between the two platforms and was instantly furious!

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