The Cruel Tyrant CH 078 Peaches

A few days ago, Huang Xuan was released from prison to solve Su Mu’s poison and then thrown back to prison in the early morning. After half a month of tossing around, he was finally healed and Su Mu’s worries were also eased completely.

At this time, Sun Haoran, who had wiped out all three rebel factions, also came to bid his farewell. According to the agreement, Su Mu gave Sun Haoran the promised cowpox treatment technology and animal-drawn seed plough manufacturing for him to take back to the Wu Kingdom.

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But when Sun Haoran had just left the Qing Kingdom, new trouble came knocking at Su Mu’s door. In the majestic hall, Shen Wei reported to Su Mu with a cold face: “Your Highness, an urgent report came from the Southwest, Jin Kingdom sent 50,000 troops to approach our borders.”

Su Mu immediately sat up straight and asked seriously: “Why did the Jin Kingdom suddenly send troops out towards our Qing Kingdom?”

Shen Wei replied: “Your Highness this matter started because of a peach tree.”

“Peach tree?” Su Mu questioned: “What does this matter have to do with peach trees?”

“Your Highness, it is the peach ripening season. A peach tree grew on the border between Qing and Jin. Half a month ago, a group of children from Qing went to the border to pick peaches and met a group of children from Jin who were picking peaches. The two sides began with a verbal quarrel which escalated into a fist fight. A child from the Jin Kingdom fell from a peach tree and fractured a bone. Then the father of the child rushed to the village on the border of our Qing Kingdom for revenge, killing the father of one of the children involved in the dispute. As a result, the brothers of the child’s father rushed to the border village of Jin to kill the murderer. Afterwards, the entire border village of Jin rushed into our Qing Kingdom and killed all the people in our border village. This village is the ancestral home of a local county official so out of rage, he led troops to the border of Jin Kingdom to slaughter that village. In response, the county official of Jin Kingdom reported this to the Emperor of Jin who then sent fifty thousand troops to our borders.”

To put it simply, the children got injured so the adults went to avenge their children. But what started as a simple squabble among children escalated into the destruction of an entire village, and then further developing into a war between two countries.

The Qing Kingdom’s civil war had just been extinguished and it was really not advantageous to go to war so soon again, but the enemy had already come bullying. It was too late to settle the conflict peacefully. To put it bluntly, it was just that Jin Kingdom wanted to take advantage of this special period and swallow up the Qing Kingdom. Raking revenge was just a bonus.

Su Mu got a headache and asked, “How strong is the Jin Kingdom’s military?”

Shen Wei replied: “Answering Your Highness, the military strength of the two countries is equal, but the current emperor of the Jin Kingdom is very warlike, and the national power of Jin has become weak due to repeated wars against neighboring countries.”

“Repeated wars against neighboring countries.” Su Mu tapped on the armrest of the chair and asked, “How many countries are at war with Jin?”

“There is the Chen Kingdom, Zheng Kingdom, Wu Kingdom, and Yang Kingdom.” Shen Wei responded. (TN: the Wu in this Wu Kingdom is different from the Wu in the Wu Kingdom that lent troops to Su Mu in exchange for technology)

Su Mu asked: “How is the national strength of these four countries?”

Shen Wei: “Chen Kingdom and Wu Kingdom are stronger than our country, Zheng Kingdom’s national strength is equal to our’s, Yang Kingdom comes last.”

Su Mu nodded, having already made the calculations in his mind, and said to Shen Wei: “General Shen, Ben Gong orders you to set off immediately to the southwest to stop the foreign enemies.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

In the council chamber of the Crown Prince’s Hall, Su Mu informed Lin Siyuan and the others about the dispatch of troops from the Jin Kingdom, then glanced at Yun Feiyu, who had just been released from the prison, before asking everyone, “Any thoughts?”

A young man named Hu Yuan stepped forward and said: “Your Highness, it is not advantageous to go to war in the early stages of Qing Kingdom’s newfound peace.”

Another person refuted: “The enemy is already kicking at our door, how can we accept this humiliation?”

Hu Yuan frowned and said: “However, Jin’s military strength is equivalent to that of our country so a war with Jin will eventually lead to both sides suffering which will inevitably allow other countries to take advantage of the situation.”

Lin Siyuan blinked and said, “We can unite with the other countries to attack the Kingdom of Jin.”

Hu Yuan: “Yang is too weak, I am afraid that they will be counterattacked by Jin. Chen and Zheng are also too strong, so what to do if these two countries take the opportunity to destroy our army? The remaining Wu is equal to our country’s national strength but is too far away from our country. None of these countries are good choices for allies.”

Yun Feiyu, who had just been released from prison and only had time for a quick wash, appeared a little sorry-looking, but his elegant demeanor made people ignore any flaws. He quietly listened to the disputes among the people present, and then spoke when everyone finished. “The Emperor of Jin has a taste for beauties, and the Emperor of Zheng has a peerlessly beautiful concubine, whom he treats like a treasure.”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu and said, “Go on.”

Yun Feiyu smiled lightly and looked at Su Mu as he spoke: “The Emperor of Chen loves to collect beautiful jade, while the Emperor of Wu has a hobby of collecting famous or impressive weapons. As for the Emperor of Yang, he loves power.”

“Your meaning?” Su Mu asked.

“The Emperor Jin hides a divinely forged sword and beautiful jade in his palace, and covets Emperor Zheng’s treasured concubine.” Gentle eyes looked at Su Mu, “Chen, Zheng, Wu, Yang, and Jin. These five kingdoms have been coveting each other for a long time, and all that is needed to start a war is an excuse. Your Highness only needs to send people to form an alliance with Yang and Wu to defend against Chen and Zheng.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “Since this is the case, Ben Gong will leave the forming of alliance with Wu to you. If you succeed then Ben Gong will not hold you accountable for the previous matter. If you fail, you can prepare for a stay in prison, forever.”

Yun Feiyu gently said: “This official thanks Your Highness.”

Su Mu turned his head and said to Hu Yuan: “Hu Yuan, you go to the Kingdom of Yang to form an alliance with Emperor Yang. I will have guards protect you, remember, make sure not to leak the slightest news.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

It was protection as well as surveillance. One shouldn’t have the heart to harm others, but one must also be vigilant so as not to be harmed.

Su Mu was looking through the memorials in the evening, when suddenly a sweet fragrance drifted in. Su Mu raised his head and his eyes fell on a plate of tender and pink peaches. Ye Qingfeng picked up one and brought it up to Su Mu’s lips, saying with a smile: “Darling, try one.”

Su Mu looked at the sweet and plump peaches, and only felt dislike in his heart. He leaned a little bit back and stretched out his hand to take the offered peach before taking a bite. After all, it was not easy to eat fresh fruits during this part of the year in ancient times. If he wanted to eat more, he would have to wait for next year. It was difficult to transport fruit over long distances without refrigeration technology. The extreme east pole, west pole, south pole and north pole of this world were still unexplored and unknown regions. Many common things found on the market in the 21st century were not available here at all, such as peanuts, tomatoes and potatoes.

The sweet juice flowed down his throat. After finishing in a few bites, Su Mu threw away the peach pit in his hand, and asked Ye Qingfeng: “Where is Gu Yunzhou?”

The two had disappeared for more than half a month, and Su Mu was afraid that these two had really seriously fought each other.

After “suffering untold hardships” to bring his sweetheart such a gift, only to be met with his sweetheart asking about another man, Ye Qingfeng immediately asked in a heartbroken manner, “Darling, how come you don’t even ask about me?”

Su Mu glanced at him: “You are neither lacking an arm or a leg, do you think I am very idle.”

Ye Qingfeng gritted his teeth. He snatched the memorial in Su Mu’s hand and threw it on the table before pressing him on the chair: “Just because your husband does not show you my mightiness, you treat me as a sick cat. I will teach you a good lesson today and let you know just what it means to treat your husband as the sky.”

Su Mu’s expression became exasperated, turning his head to avoid the other’s kiss, and said angrily: “What craziness are you up to now?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Qingfeng pinched Su Mu’s face and replied just as angrily: “You dare to avoid me, see how I will deal with you.” As he spoke, he pulled off his belt and tied Su Mu’s hands behind his back.

In truth, the both of them knew very well that this piece of cloth would meet its end so long as Su Mu used his internal force.

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  1. Thank you for translating this novel. This novel has got to be my most favorite transmigration novel so far. Ye Qingfeng never fail to amuse me. I can’t decide which one is my favorite, either Ye Qingfeng or Gu Yunzhou. Both of them were the ones who openly and blatantly chasing Su Mu’s love, and our Su Mu really deserve all the love in this world 💞

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