The Cruel Tyrant CH 079 Heavenly Justice Sect

Family destroyed by Shi Ran at the age of 8, returned to the Shi Kingdom at the age of 13, traveled to various countries to collect information for Shi Ran and contact the spies that Shi Ran had placed in various countries at the age of 15…..

Su Mu put down the information in his hand and muttered to himself: “Shi Qingshuang is now following Sun Haoran, don’t know if Sun Haoran can safely bring the technology back to Wu Kingdom.”

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Gu Yunzhou’s eyes flashed with warmth as they looked at Su Mu. Su Mu raised his head and looked at his iron cold expression, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Help me loosen my muscles and bones.”

The words hadn’t completely finished, but there was already no sign of the two people in the room.

Outside the imperial city, flashes of cold light crisscrossed on the top of Bailu Mountain. Su Mu’s eyes were sharp as knives and Gu Yunzhou’s attack was equally merciless. At this moment, these two completely did not look like lovers at all.

A delicate, slender palm met with a sharp iron sword and the screeching sound of metal clashing echoed. Su Mu’s eyes were sharp and fierce, his arms slid towards Gu Yunzhou’s throat like snakes. Gu Yunzhou, who quickly reacted, grasped Su Mu’s wrist, but was soon forced away by Su Mu’s strong internal force.

The two figures flickered out and back into sight from time to time on the mountain top, the giant trees and rocks splintering from the explosive attacks. The two of them were completely immersed in the exchange and did not notice the passage of time.

When the two finally stopped, the sun had completely set and the stars had already come out. Su Mu took Gu Yunzhou’s ordinary iron sword and looked it over left and right, asking with some puzzlement: “Does this sword have any special meaning to you?”

Gu Yunzhou walked over to Su Mu and looked at the iron sword in his hand: “There is no need to change it for another.”

Su Mu threw the iron sword back to him: “If you change to a better weapon, maybe I will lose to you.”

Gu Yunzhou: “I want an opponent, not victory.”

“You mean a training partner?” Su Mu flew down the mountain to a small lake and jumped into it. When he broke through the surface of the water, it was with an appearance that could incite nosebleeds. Su Mu leaned back on a boulder and said ambiguously towards Gu Yunzhou: “You aren’t going to come take a swim with me?”

Gu Yunzhou’s eyes darkened and threw his belt on the grass. Su Mu watched his muscled body approaching him step by step with fiery eyes, stretched out his hand to pinch the muscles of his chest and smiled devilishly: “If you live in the 21st century you will definitely be very popular.”

This face and figure were enough for the him back then to spend a large sum of money. Su Mu lowered his head and bit on that hard chest. Gu Yunzhou stiffened and then pushed Su Mu onto the boulder before pressing down onto him.

“Very hard.” Su Mu frowned as he felt the cold stone under him.

Gu Yunzhou immediately embraced Su Mu and rolled onto the side, then pressed Su Mu’s head down and kissed Su Mu’s moist lips. Su Mu put his arms around Gu Yunzhou’s neck and kissed back strongly. The cold lake water flowed underneath him but could not extinguish the flames of their lust at all.

Feeling Gu Yunzhou’s hands holding his waist pushing him down hard against himself, Su Mu’s brows furrowed slightly and said, “Slow down.” Su Mu stretched out his hand to hold his hot hardness, holding his breath he slowly pressed it inside. The tight, moist heat caused Gu Yunzhou, who had always had good self-control, to thrust hard inward.

Su Mu sat on him, glaring at him fiercely with moisture in his eyes. Recalling the last time that this person had fucked him so hard that he couldn’t get out of bed, Su Mu couldn’t help but to admonish: “Don’t move!”

Otherwise, he would have to attend tomorrow’s morning assembly standing.

Gu Yunzhou looked at him deeply with his eyes, as if he was about to eat him whole, his big hands tightly grasping Su Mu’s thin waist.

Feeling the hard and hot object in his body, Su Mu began to slowly move. Gu Yunzhou’s breathing gradually became heavier and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he endured Su Mu’s unhurried movements. Su Mu stopped his movements and bent down to lick Gu Yunzhou’s lips, asking in a tone full of temptation: “Do you feel good?”

“Ah! Gu Yunzhou…..” Su Mu, who was suddenly pressed back down onto the boulder, heard an alarm bell sound in his heart, and he said in panic, “Lighter…..Ah…..”

The large, thickness immediately penetrated the body, completely ignoring Su Mu’s exclamation and began to piston in and out fiercely.

Su Mu put his hands against Gu Yunzhou’s shoulders to stop him from moving forward, intermittently gasping: “You…..lighter…..”

After spending a night fooling around with Gu Yunzhou in the mountains, he was almost late for the next day’s morning assembly. Su Mu sat stiffly on the dragon chair and glanced at the crowd of ministers bowing at him. Feeling a little guilty, he adjusted his position while enduring the discomfort and said: “Rise.”

“Thanking Your Highness!”

Su Mu leaned back on the dragon chair and asked absent-mindedly: “Any matters to report?”

An old official walked out of the line and said to Su Mu: “Your Highness, this official has something to report. Yesterday there was news from Weiyang County that a group of people professed to be the Heavenly Justice Sect have been recruiting soldiers and spreading rumors under the banner of ‘Enforcing Justice on Behalf of Heaven’.”

Heavenly Justice Sect. They really had some daring to use such a name.

Su Mu’s face was cold, and he asked: “How many people do they have and who is the leader?”

The old official answered respectfully: “Answering Your Highness, there are probably more than 3,000 people according to the news. The leader is called Ji Xue, the left lawkeeper is called Lu Zhao and the right lawkeeper is called Fan Qiang.”

Fan Qiang!

A trace of killing intent flashed in Su Mu’s eyes, and he said: “The senior provincial official of Weiyang County’s governance is lacking, thus his post shall be removed. General Qin, you are sent to suppress the evil cult.”

Qin Kunyu immediately took the order and answered: “Yes.”

At this time, Wang Zhicheng, Shangshu of the Ministry of Justice, walked to the center of the hall with some nervousness: “Your Highness, Tian Guohai and the leaders of the southeast rebels have been executed, and the southwestern rebel leader Wu Ji and his subordinates have been escorted to the imperial city…..How shall they be dealt with?”

According to common sense, of course the rebels must face the criminal law, let alone the rebel leader. In fact, exterminating his nine clans would not be an over-serious punishment. However, who let him be the grandfather of the Crown Prince’s male favorite? If he executed him only for Yun Feiyu to make some pillowtalk in the ear of the Crown Prince afterwards, he would definitely be dead.

Wang Zhicheng waited for the Crown Prince to speak with unease.

Su Mu tapped the armrest of the chair with his fingers, frowning as he said: “Lock him in prison for now.” Yun Feiyu was currently one of the important figures in the implementation of his New Laws. Su Mu did not want to hinder the implementation of the New Laws because of other matters. Of course, he could also not deny that he had a trace of selfish motive.

After the end of the morning assembly, Su Mu went to the council chamber. A group of young scholars had already been waiting for a long time.

“Paying respects to Your Highness.” Liu Xi knelt down with everyone and secretly looked at the majestic looking Crown Prince secretly. Seeing the Crown Prince’s gaze shift to him, he did not forget to send an ambiguous look his way.

Su Mu glanced away as if nothing happened and sat down before saying, “Rise.”

“Thanking Your Highness.”

Lin Siyuan got up and said to Su Mu: “Your Highness, the initial publication of simplified characters has been hindered. Most scholars in the imperial city do not accept the simplified characters, and no one has enrolled in the newly-built public schools because of their required use of simplified characters.”

He had already thought of this situation a long time ago, and he had already figured out how to deal with it, but it was a bit crude. Su Mu asked the scholars present: “What solutions do you have to solve this problem?”

Hu Yuan stepped forward and said: “Your Highness, we only need to designate that the imperial examinations will only use simplified characters.”

Su Mu nodded. This was one of the methods he also thought of. If one want to be an official, one must learn simplified characters first.

Su Mu shifted his gaze to Yun Feiyu. Seeing that his face had lost his usual gentle expression and became more worried instead, Su Mu knew that he had received the news that Wu Ji and the others had been escorted into the city. Yun Feiyu met Su Mu’s expressionless eyes. He suppressed his worries and said, “Your Highness, Lord Hu’s method is very good, but it is a bit slow. There are two years before the next imperial examination and most people will be waiting to see whether the policy will be changed. It would be better to take the lead in popularizing simplified characters in the court to give people all over the kingdom a clear message.”

Su Mu thought it over seriously and rhen nodded.

When Yun Feiyu and Su Mu were talking, Liu Xi kept paying attention to the two of them the whole time. After seeing the exchange finish between the two, Liu Xi hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Your Highness, the construction of the Imperial Engineering Academy has been delayed. Taifu Lord Zheng’s eldest son said the location of the building has affected the fengshui of the ancestral tomb, and gathered a large group of people to prevent it from being built.”

Su Mu said: “Didn’t I say that those obstructing the handling of official duties shall be punished in accordance with the law? What are you asking me for?”

Liu Xi looked at Su Mu with aggrieved but alluring eyes and said: “Your Highness, the entire family of Taifu Lord Zheng and hundreds of villagers are guarding the construction site, threatening with their lives to prevent construction. The eldest son of the Zheng family also has the handwritten order from Concubine Zheng in hand, this official…..”

“Concubine Zheng?” Su Mu frowned, and said to Liu Xi: “I’ll solve this. You just oversee the construction. From now on, do not pay attention to orders other than those from Ben Gong, not even an imperial decree.”

Everyone’s heart jumped. Although they all knew that the Crown Prince was bold and daring, so openly declaring to ignore the imperial decree still scared everyone. Although Liu Xi was scared, he was also overjoyed in his heart.

So what if he was the emperor? He was still disregarded by the Crown Prince.

Su Mu glanced at the people in the room and said, “Just as the Jin Kingdom from the south has encroached on our borders, a cult called ‘Heavenly Justice Sect’ appeared. What do you think of this?”

Lin Siyuan pondered for a moment: “If this is not a coincidence, then someone is deliberately plotting to harm our Qing Kingdom.”

Hu Yuan was puzzled: “But who is so capable, not only instigating Jin to send troops, but also establishing an organization of thousands of people in such a short time.”

“Shi Kingdom.” Liu Xi, who had been peeking at Su Mu from the side, spoke up. Although Liu Xi, who was once a member of the Shi Kingdom spie, didn’t know how many spy networks the Shi Kingdom had laid out in various countries, both his reason and sixth sense tell him that only Shi Kingdom could have this ability. His answer caused everyone to fall silent. Shi Ran’s methods were obvious to all. Managing to develop a small country into a big country that could stand against Wu Kingdom and Wei Kingdom in just ten years. Who dared to underestimate him?

His eyes darkened as Su Mu remembered a name. He said: “The name of the leader of the Heavenly Justice Sect is called Ji Xue.”

“Ji, the Ji in ‘ji dian’?” Yun Feiyu asked. (TN: ji dian=offering sacrifices, usually to one’s own ancestors, or the dead)

Su Mu nodded, and slowly clenched his right hand: “It’s Shi Qingshuang, Jin sending their troops is likely related to her.”

The atmosphere was a little stuffy. Everyone present had worried expressions. They were not too worried about the Jin Kingdom sending troops, but if there was a Shi Kingdom behind them, the situation was different. The difference between the Qing Kingdom and the Shi Kingdom was the difference between that of an ant and an elephant. 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing Su Mu’s icy cold face, Yun Feiyu said: “Shi Kingdom is now almost expanding to the border of the Wu Kingdom, and the Wei Kingdom has always been on guard against the Shi Kingdom. These two countries will not allow the Shi Kingdom’s national strength to surpass them. If the Shi Kingdom plans to make obvious moves against the surrounding small border countries, they will not sit back and ignore this. It is just that the Emperor of Wei is seriously ill and the eldest prince died early so the remaining princes are fighting fiercely for the throne. I am afraid the Wei Kingdom will not be able to suppress the Shi Kingdom for long.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “If Shi Qingshuang is manipulating behind the scenes, the mission to gain an alliance with Wu and Yang this time will be dangerous, so be careful.”

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