The Cruel Tyrant CH 080 Frightened

In Fufeng Tower, Madam Zhao was taking a walk outside with Yuzhu. Although she had come to the Crown Prince’s Palace for more than half a month, she still felt like she was dreaming. Out of fear of the Crown Prince, she had stayed inside Fufeng Tower this whole time, not daring to take even one step out. If not for Yuzhu persuading her to take a walk for the sake of her unborn child, she would probably stay inside forever.

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Fufeng Tower, which had been left unlived in for a long time, had changed a lot. Not only had it been cleaned inside and out, but it had also been planted with many flowers. Madam Zhao looked at the large group of eunuchs and palace ladies who followed her, walking worryingly on the cobblestone path. She unconsciously touched her belly, unable to feel even a bit at ease.

Suddenly, a snake sprang out of the flowers. The terrible triangular head scared Madam Zhao into letting out a scream. On the side, Yuzhu also saw the snake the instant it sprang out and rushed to stand in front of Madam Zhao. She dared not to push Madam Zhao away for fear of hurting the child in her stomach. Fortunately, the snake was nailed to death by a sword when it was about to approach Yuzhu.

Han Yi hurriedly rushed to Yuzhu, clasped his fist and said, “Lady Yuzhu, are you unharmed?”

Yuzhu took a few breaths and shook her head. Then her eyes turned cold and she said to Han Yi: “Lord Han, please carefully search this courtyard. I’m afraid that when the yard was repaired a few days ago, some people with bad intentions brought in things they shouldn’t have.”

Han Yi said: “Yes, Lady Yuzhu, don’t worry, I will have my brothers turn over every inch of this land.”

After Yuzhu suppressed the fear in her eyes, and smiled, “I must trouble Lord Han.”

“Lady Yuzhu is too courteous.” Seeing the beauty smiling his way, Han Yi blushed and ran away.

After a while, more than a dozen snake corpses were thrown in front of Yuzhu, who covered her mouth and nose with her handkerchief and said: “Hurry up and clean this up, don’t let the madam see this, I will report this to His Highness.”

After listening to Yuzhu’s words, Su Mu, who was in the study, put down the pen in his hand and said to Yuzhu: “This matter will be handled by Ben Gong. You go comfort Madam Zhao and tell her to just take care of the baby. In addition, have Doctor Hu go and see her.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

After Yuzhu walked out, Su Mu’s face turned dark: “Shi Yan.”

A thin figure suddenly appeared, the handsome young man in black immediately kneeling down and saying, “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

“Go and check this matter, and every single one in the harem must be watched carefully.” There were actually still people who dared to make trouble under his nose. He really underestimated the courage of these people.

After a while, Shi Yan returned to Su Mu. Su Mu looked at him in surprise: “So quickly, have you already checked the matter?”

Shi Yan answered without expression: “Answering Your Highness, it is the craftsmen who repaired the Fufeng Tower a few days ago. They are all dead. Poisoned to death.”

“Crack.” Su Mu snapped the pen in his hand and said coldly: “Continue to check.”

In Fufeng Tower, Madam Zhao, who was still frightened, had a pale face. She was unable to eat or sleep well, and it was useless no matter how Yuzhu tried to console her.

Yuzhu looked at the food that was served again, and gently said to Madam Zhao who was shrinking in the corner of the bed: “Madam, it’s already late, you haven’t eaten lunch or dinner. You are not hungry, but the child should be hungry, so please quickly eat something otherwise if His Highness lays the blame on us, none of us would be able to take it.”

Madam Zhao had traces of tears on her face, and she refused to get up while biting on the quilt. Yuzhu had no choice but to go to the Crown Prince’s study to report the matter to Su Mu.

Su Mu slapped the memorial in his hand on the table, startling Yuzhu who stood on the side. Su Mu strode towards Fufeng Tower with an ugly expression, and Yuzhu followed behind fearfully for fear that the Crown Prince would tear Madam Zhao into pieces in a moment of impulsive rage.

“His Royal…..Royal Highness has…..has arrived…..” The old eunuch who was following Su Mu announced, out of breath from keeping up with Su Mu’s large strides.

The maid in the room hurriedly helped Madam Zhao down to kneel on the ground to greet the Crown Prince. Su Mu sat in the chair and did not let them get up, but said in a cold voice, “Why are you not eating?”

Madam Zhao stammered and said, “Answering…..Answering Your Highness…..I, I…..”

Su Mu glanced at the steaming food on the table, and said seriously: “Either eat right away, or be sent back to the harem now, you choose.”

Yuzhu looked at Su Mu’s cloudy face and hurriedly helped Madam Zhao to sit on a stool and began to serve her the food. Madam Zhao’s hands trembled fiercely and when she finally took a mouthful, she vomited in the next instant because of her pregnancy reaction. This time she almost fainted from the fear, sliding from the chair and back onto the ground begging for mercy: “Your Highness…..Your Highness, please spare me…..Your Highness…..I…..”

Su Mu’s expression became even more ugly. If it weren’t for the child in her belly, he would definitely shake his sleeves and leave immediately, but Su Mu observed that her condition did not seem to be leftover fright from the snake, but as if she was trapped by some terrifying memory. Su Mu had no choice but to patiently ask: “What’s the matter with you? If you have any concerns, tell Ben Gong, no one here dares to harm you.”

Madam Zhao hesitated: “Your Highness…..”


All the people present were startled into jumping slightly in place. Madam Zhao squeezed her hands tightly and plucked up her courage: “It’s…’s Concubine Zheng, Your Highness…..she once took a newly born prince and fed him to…..fed him to a snake…..this concubine dare not lie. This concubine saw it with my own eyes. Your Highness, I.….”

A sharp light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes, and he gentled his voice as he spoke to Madam Zhao: “Don’t worry, this is the Crown Prince’s Palace. Ben Gong will not let her act so presumptuous here. Just take care of the baby and I will send more staff over.”

“Yes, Yes…..”

Su Mu saw that she was still pale and didn’t know how to console her. Forget it, he’ll just leave it to fate, it would be good if this child could be born smoothly, if not… most, it would just be a little more troublesome.

Su Mu walked back under the moonlight and happened to meet Huang Xuan who had just been released from prison. Su Mu walked past him without even glancing his way, completely ignoring him.

Huang Xuan timidly looked at the Crown Prince’s nearly frozen face, and followed behind Su Mu. When Su Mu walked into the bedroom to wash up, he stood on the side nervously and did not speak.

Holding a branch dipped in salt to brush his teeth, he couldn’t help but frown at the saltiness, desperately missing the toothpaste and toothbrush back in the 21st century. Allowing the maid to tie his long hair into a style suitable for sleeping, Su Mu waved his hand and the group of servants retreated like running water.


The tall wooden door was closed, and Huang Xuan knelt on the ground, saying in a tiny voice: “Your Highness, I was wrong.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu coldly snorted, and said: “If you have the mind to use for striving for favor, why not learn some more skills instead? If you feel that I am not caring about you enough, you can leave the palace, and I won’t stop you. Whether you want to find a man or a woman, do whatever you want, so why be trapped in this little palace?”

Huang Xuan immediately admitted his wrongs and said: “Your Highness, I am wrong and I will never do something like this again. I don’t want to leave the palace.”

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