After Becoming The Tyrant CH 047 Greed And Ill-Gotten Gains

When the King stepped on the ground, the loud noise in his ears disappeared, and a strange music took its place.

“We’ve arrived, Your Majesty.”

The Devil said as he let go of the King, but he still stood very close to the King.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King clearly saw the appearance of the land of the Lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth”.

It seemed as if this place was built on the bones of some ancient giant whale monster. The place where they just sailed down was the mouth of the giant whale. And now they were in the abdomen of the giant whale, with white ribs propping up the area on top of their heads. The space was vast and huge and permeated with strange smells.

This style of using white bones to construct buildings…..The King subconsciously recalled the palace built by the Rose family in the heart of the dragon.

——Could the Rose family have some kind of connection with hell?

The air was humid and musty, but the surrounding area was not completely without light.

Countless gold, silver, and jewels were piled up everywhere, the gold and gems shining brilliantly. They emitted light that tempted people’s minds and illuminated the surrounding area splendidly and magnificently. The treasures here were piled up like mountains, and from time to time there would be gold coins falling from the void above their heads.

After the King stepped onto the ground, the Devil opened the black umbrella again.

The difference was that this time, he handed the black umbrella to the King: “Forgive me for my brief negligence. I will have to trouble Your Majesty to hold the umbrella for a while.”

The King took the umbrella and looked up at the gold coins that kept falling from the void. They were wet, as if they had just been fished out of the sea.

The Devil explained to the King in a low voice.

The Lord here was in charge of the authority of “greed and ill-gotten wealth”. It often used its own envoy ships to penetrate its power into the oceans of the mortal world. The envoy ships would collect the wealth of sunken ships that had sunk into the bottom of the sea, and then send it continuously here. Among the objects sent over included those human souls captured by the envoy ships.

The wealth that the King saw right now was what it had accumulated over a thousand years.

“The scope of salvage includes the Legrand waters, right?”

The King held the umbrella and raised his eyebrows.

The Devil understood the King’s meaning in an instant.

——The envoy ships had salvaged the sunken ships in the waters of Legrand, and according to Legrand’s law, that wealth belonged to the royal family.

The Devil was actually unable to answer the King’s words for a while.

“You are really a qualified monarch.”

He praised sincerely.

Not forgetting to uphold Legrand’s laws even in hell. Wasn’t this an extremely qualified——to a certain extent——monarch?

“Please keep silent later.”

The Devil told him, and then led the King forward.

The palace of the Lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth” was built not far in front of them. The palace was very tall, but the architectural style was completely different from that of the mortal world. It was more like a temple than a palace, lined with countless pillars and topped with many beams that look like the ridges of aquamarine creatures.

The top of the palace was too high from the ground, and the light emitted from the treasure was limited, so one could only faintly make out the shadows of what seemed to be many giant snakes coiled around the top of the pillars.

The King walked forward for a while and understood why the Devil had him continue to hold the black umbrella.

There was a continuous drip of viscous liquid from above, and the black umbrella seemed to have a certain power to block the mucus like it did with the rain of sulfur and fire.

As for the Devil himself…..the liquids disappeared before they even got close to him.

“Who dares to disturb the slumber of the great Manlisk?”

The King had just stepped into the palace, when a slow voice, as if countless mucus was stuck in the throat, sounded from the depths of the palace.

The palace was different from the outside. The inside of the palace was exceptionally dark and was surrounded by countless tides of dark green gas, causing everything to seem blurred. The King could only vaguely see an incomparably huge throne placed in the middle of the palace, and some kind of humongous existence coiled around that throne.

“It’s me.”

The Devil said. He seemed to be no stranger to this place.

“Ah…..” The voice was delayed for a moment, “An unwelcome guest…..Why have you come here? The great Manlisk doesn’t welcome you.”

That being said, the owner of the voice did not take any further action, and seemed to be a little wary of the Devil.

The dark green mist around him quickly rolled inward, and after the mist retracted the jewels in the palace sparkled brightly again. The King could now see clearly what the Lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth” looked like.

Its appearance was a huge sea monster beyond imagination.

It was somewhat like an octopus, with thousands of tentacles. The tentacles were full of suckers and they densely coiled around the surrounding area. The suckers on each tentacle were either sucking bright jewels or sucking white bones. It would seem that what the King had seen coiled on the top of the pillars and beams were not giant snakes, but its tentacles.

In addition, it had a huge skull covered with scales, and a dark red single eye grew in the middle of the skull.

“It’s great to see you, Manlisk.”

The Devil said with a smile.

Lord Manlisk snorted angrily, expressing its completely opposite emotions.

“Strange…..” The Lord turned its huge eye to the King standing under the black umbrella. “Who is this fellow you brought? Why can’t I feel his breath? Where did you pick up this dessert? “

“Be respectful, Manlisk. This is my master.”

Said the Devil.

“Your master…..” Lord Manlisk said slowly, and when it spoke, the tentacles around it squirmed together, “Oh…..the devils’ set of ways. Don’t you even think of getting any wealth from me.”

“Don’t worry.” The Devil said briskly, “Your gold is covered with your saliva, I don’t want it.”

“Then why have you come looking for me?”

“My dear master has a little problem that has something to do with you.” The Devil took a few steps forward. “His servants met your envoy ship at sea. I hope you can forgive those ants for daring to offend you…..He hopes that you can retrieve the contract imposed by the envoy ship.”

The King slightly lifted his umbrella and looked silently at the smiling Devil.

They hadn’t said anything about getting a contract back before they came here.

The Devil put a hand behind his back, and gestured subtly at the King.

“You know…..” The Lord’s scarlet single eye turned to the talking Devil, his eyes revealing a greedy and unkind light, “That would not be any benefit to me.”

“Please rest assured, my master is willing to exchange enough wealth. I have already brought them over.”

The Devil bowed slightly, and three crimson boxes suddenly appeared in front of him.

The Devil’s pale hands flicked at the boxes one by one, and the boxes opened with a “click” and bright light shone out of them. The first box was filled with gold, the second box was filled with gems, and the third box was filled with a dagger sheathed in a scabbard made of gold and inlaid with many precious stones.

“What is that?”

The Lord’s eye was firmly captivated by the dagger.

“The dragon bone dagger.”

The Devil answered.

Heavy breathing sounded in the palace, and the King saw that the dark red pupil of the Lord’s eye expanded in an instant as it stared fixedly at the dagger. There was an uncomfortable rubbing sound coming from above his head as the Lord’s tentacles squirmed and slid across the beams, some of the tentacles dropping down from the beams.

The King squeezed slightly at the handle of the umbrella.

The Devil stretched out his hand and closed the box with a “slap”: “What do you think? Are these enough to retrieve the contract from you?”

“Although it is not up to my standards, based on our friendship, I shall reluctantly agree .” The Lord said, several tentacles stretching out from behind its entrenched throne, and then some gems flew out from the pile of treasures on the left and right. Then the tentacles seem to draw a few times in mid-air.

As the tentacles drew in mid-air, black lines penetrated into those gems.

Then the tentacles extended in front of the Devil, the gems tightly attached to the suckers.

“I give this to you, and you give that to me.”

“No, no.” The Devil refused. He didn’t even look at the gems. “Do you take me for a fool? Mr. Manlisk? Please condense your seal of authority to completely remove the imprints on them, otherwise you don’t even need to think about taking away the treasures.”

The tentacles flexed abruptly, seeming like they might launch an attack at any time.

Suddenly, a rapid air current swirled around the surrounding area and the King heard the tentacles above his head moving as fast as vipers, sliding against the stone pillars and making an unbearable sound in the eardrums.

The atmosphere became tense.

The Devil and the Lord were in a stalemate. The King held the black umbrella and remained silent.

The Lord’s gaze stuck to the box with the dragon bone dagger in the hands of the Devil, and finally it slowly said: “Fine…..the great Manlisk will let go of their souls and forgive their sins.”


Its tone changed.

“You don’t have a thing like credibility, how can I believe that you will carry out the exchange according to the conditions? Will you really give me those things?”

“Hey!” The Devil protested loudly, “Please don’t slander me in front of my master, or discredit my reputation.”

The Lord replied with merciless ridicule: “The lies of all the fellows in the entirety of hell add up to less than yours!”

The King felt that on this point, he supported the Lord.

——Judging from the current situation, the Devil’s invitation to hell was more than just a simple “trip”.

“Alright, fine.” The Devil was a little embarrassed, “I will leave the dragon bone dagger in the possession of my master, while I go forward and take the contract from you. After you give the contract to me, my master will naturally give you it——He’s just a mortal, how about it? Will this do?”

The Lord fell into deep thought and seemed to have a great distrust of the Devil, but he thought for a long time and did not come up with a better way. The Devil indeed had what he wanted.

In the end it had to reluctantly agreed, but there was a condition:

The King must retreat to the palace gate alone.

“My dear master, please trust me.”

The Devil handed the box with the dragon bone dagger to the King, and at the same time quickly spoke in a lowered voice.

Believe in a devil who was full of lies and impure purposes?

The King’s face was expressionless, holding an umbrella in one hand and a box in the other as he backed out of the great hall.

As the King slowly retreated, many tentacles between the beams of the palace above his head moved along with him.

The Devil walked alone to the throne of the Lord: “Alright, now you can condense the seal of authority and lift the mark of contract.”

The Lord’s gaze was fixed on the King, and its tentacles coiled on the throne curled up, a thin tentacled protruding from under the throne. Dark green mist condensed over the tentacle, finally forming a small bone ring. After this bone ring was condensed, a completely different air current seemed to rise in the hall.

The King stood near the entrance of the main hall with the black umbrella.

At this moment, he seemed to hear countless solemn musical instruments, the musical sounds shattering in the wind, as if they were the relics of ancient times.

“Now, it’s your turn to let him give me the thing.”

The Lord used the ring face of the bone ring to stamp on the gemstones one by one before urging.

“Please allow me to check them over first.”

The Devil put the box of gold and the box of gems on the sucker of a tentacle to show that he did not plan to violate the deal.

The Lord took the bone ring back, tightly guarding it in a sucker, and then handed the first of those gems to the Devil.

The Devil picked it up and looked at it for a moment: “Well… looks alright.”

“The most unreliable guy in hell actually has the face to say this to others.” The Lord muttered with dissatisfaction.

“You are correct.”

The Devil held the gem and looked up with a smile.


The next second, a bone scepter suddenly appeared in his hand, and it pierced at the Lord’s dark red eye at the speed of lightning.

“I’m not here to do business.”

“You damn bastard!”

The tentacles around the throne rolled in an instant, and at that moment, before the Lord’s single eye was protected behind a swarm of tentacles, its angry voice resounded through the entire huge hall, shaking all the pillars and making them let out a frightful humming sound. The ground also shook, and golden bars and gems began to roll down the surrounding mountains of treasures.

“What are you intending to do!”

The Devil did not reply.

There was still a smile on his face, and that smile was like a mask that would never be taken off and fixed forever on his face. He held the white bone scepter that appeared out of thin air. The other end of the scepter was firmly curled by a dozen tentacles, and dark blood was rolling down the scepter.

The Devil slashed diagonally downward with the scepter like one with when wielding a sword.

Those tentacles were covered with a thick layer of mucus, and the tentacles themselves were extremely hard, but when the Devil cut down, deep wounds appeared on those tentacles.

“Do you remember? Who was the last person who died under this scepter?”

The Devil asked with a smile.

The Lord understood his intention now.

An angry voice sounded throughout the palace: “You want to destroy me?! This is my domain! You, a guy who has lost his domain, want to go to war with me in my own domain?! You are provoking the dignity of the great Manlisk!! You will pay for this!”

“Please hold the umbrella well.”

Against the Lord’s wrath, the Devil only turned his head and smiled at the King as always.

The King stood in the palace and watched the sudden outbreak of a fight.

This was a scene that was enough to make all ordinary people tremble in fear. The tentacles like giant snakes waved and slid around at high speeds, and each of the tentacles seemed to have its own awareness. At the same time, they attacked the Devil who suddenly turned hostile and revealed his fangs. The suckers of the tentacles sucked onto long swords and long daggers taken from the mountains of treasure.

Those swords and daggers were no ordinary weapons, and they made crisp metallic sounds in mid-air.

Tentacles, black mist, a sky full of flying blades, and countless raining gold and gems…..

All of this was not a scene that would appear in heroic legends, because the sides of the battle were both evil.

In front of this battle between the Devil and the Lord, the King was as small as all mortals who wandered into here by mistake.

Many snake-like tentacles dropped from the top of the beams. The suckers on those tentacles suddenly opened, revealing countless fangs within. Each sucker was as large as half the size of a grown man in diameter, and they swept toward the King, intent on ripping the King to pieces and devouring him whole.

——Please hold the umbrella well.

The King’s face was expressionless, so calm it was practically indifferent.

The wind was raging, the King was surrounded by countless tentacles coiled like giant pythons, and those tentacles continued to snake and spiral around him. The tentacles approached the King, threatening him, but once it attempted to make contact, they would be shocked away by the black umbrella, and the King under the umbrella remained completely unharmed. In the vortex formed by the tentacles, the King stood upright, holding the umbrella firmly.

He held the handle of the black umbrella, just like holding a sword.

The box containing the so-called “dragon bone dagger” was also held in his other hand, and he did not let go.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The tentacles’ tentative probing were continuously shaken off, and finally they dispersed slightly, just waiting for the opportunity to attack again.

The King’s field of vision was no longer blocked.

He raised his eyes and looked at the battle between the Devil and the Lord.


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