Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 025 Is This A Source Of Calamity?

Zhaoyue Peak was not the highest mountain in Kun-Lai, but it was an aloof and steep mountain. Moreover, it was also the residence of Kun-Lai Sect Leader, and few people came.

A wooden house was built halfway up the mountain, hidden among the forest trees. It was difficult to imagine that this was the celestial residence of the Human Immortal of the Western Continent.

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There was only one hall and one room inside, which was even smaller than the residence of many Kun-Lai disciples.

However, after his disciple arrived, Ji Yunlai just waved his hand and set up a room for his disciple to live in.

His abilities were close to omnipotent, but the modern style furnishing he made was unable to receive acceptance. So much so that Feng Qingxiu euphemistically expressed that he didn’t need such good living arrangements, just ordinary was fine.

So Ji Yunlai gave him a batch of wooden materials for him to build on his own. He also included the newly compiled “Rune Combinations”, encouraging him to use runes when constructing his residence, to be rewarded if he succeeded.

His disciple did not disappoint, learning very quickly and not afraid to ask if he came across something he didn’t understand.

After the runes were drawn, the difficult part became joining them together. There was the issue of connecting one part only for another part to disconnect.

He just couldn’t figure out that not only did he need to connect it with runes instead of using the mortise and tenon connection, but also to make sure the connection possesses the stability of a magic weapon.

When he asked, Ji Yunlai threw him two magnets.

Feng Qingxiu quickly set them up. After understanding the attraction and repulsion of Yin and Yang rune patterns, he tested both the eight-level rune patterns and the five element rune patterns, and finally summarized a conclusion.

Ji Yunlai was very satisfied, and then found that his heart to be a teacher was nearly swelling up in pride.

Xiao Qing was really too obedient and intelligent, and it was not boring to be with him at all. He understood everything with just a few pointers and he also treated his studies very seriously.

Kun-Lai Dao cultivation was divided into mental cultivation methods and spells, mental cultivation methods being internal magic and spells being external. If one needed a metaphor, then mental cultivation methods were like the principle of making all kinds of firearms, and spells were all kinds of firearms. If one’s Dao was brightly lit, then naturally all kinds of mental cultivation methods and spells could be learned super fast. If one just studied the spells and not the mental cultivation method, then it would always be a single gun, unable to make any other progress. But if one studied mental cultivation methods one would be able to upgrade and renew, from handgun to cannon.

Kun-Lai’s mental cultivation method “Taixu Supreme Motionless Sutra” had been revised many times and included insight and tips.

Ji Yunlai praised himself as he looked through the manual. That guy actually changed one of the chapters so that the disciples could use their strengths to make up for their shortcomings, such as one’s spiritual roots.

However, it would take some time for him to fully understand the principles written in this chapter.

This manual had been written up to the Synthesis cultivation base, and was currently still exploring the scope of Human Immortals. Because the former Ji Yunlai had not reached the peak of the Human Immortal stage, the content after the Synthesis stage was scattered and incomplete, or in other words, the former Ji Yunlai did not bother to update these hundred years.

As for having the current Sect Leader Ji make updates…..Ji Yunlai expressed that he would have to study for two more years.

So he decided to first examine Xiao Qing’s Foundation Establishment mental cultivation method, and at a glance he knew that Xiao Qing’s three spiritual roots were just ordinary talent. However, his comprehension was very good. In such cases, there was no need for the teacher to say too much, a few tips at key moments would lead to better results.

Two days later, he accidentally saw Xiao Qing browsing a piece of swordsmanship insight on the Net Seal.

“Xiao Qing wants to learn the sword?” Ji Yunlai leaned on the jade couch and asked casually.

“A little bit.” Feng Qingxiu’s hand holding the pen paused for a moment, but he still finished writing before putting down the talisman.

“Your sword technique has my style. There are countless Kun-Lai sword techniques. Just tell me which one you want to learn.” Ji Yunlai flipped on the spoiling disciple mode.

Feng Qingxiu sat by his side and looked at him with some nervousness: “Shizun, any sword technique is okay?”

“Of course.” Aiya, was this his disciple acting coquettish? What a rare experience! Ji Yunlai nodded in a restrained manner. Of course, he had to do his best to teach after accepting a disciple. If there was not even the awareness of passing on knowledge then what point was there to accept a disciple?

“I want to learn from the Supreme Nine Heavens Overcoming Suffering Sword.” His disciple said without hesitation.

As a diehard fan for many years, Feng Qingxiu had long admired the peerless swordsmanship that the Sect Leader had made countless contributions with.

Since he first heard the name, he had a feeling of fondness. Now that he had an opportunity to learn it, he certainly wouldn’t miss out.

“This is a bit troublesome.” Hearing this, Ji Yunlai frowned slightly.

“Is this disciple not qualified enough?” Feng Qingxiu asked curiously, “Should I learn other techniques first?”

“The Overcoming Suffering Sword is a cultivation method where the mind is tempered into a sword,” recalling that his former self had somehow obtained the technique before, Ji Yunlai was also a little curious about what had provoked him to take such a drastic move back then, “Supremity, means forgetting one’s emotions. Nine Heavens, means to use oneself as a mirror to see all things, to cut away the seven emotions and six desires. Every time one emotion is lost, it will become a sword, until reaching the extreme number nine. At the time of its accomplishment, the Supreme Nine Heavens, neither possessing emotions nor desires.”

Men had three immortal souls and seven mortal souls, the three immortal souls had dominion over wisdom, and the seven mortal souls had dominion over emotions. This sword technique was to draw out the seven mortal souls to construct a cage. The seven mortal souls each represented the emotions happiness, anger, sorrow, fear, love, evil, and desire. The him back then used his seven mortal souls to form a rune array in his sea of ​​consciousness, after killing countless celestial demons did the Overcoming Suffering Sword was born. As the price to be paid, it was normal for his temperament to have changed.

“But Shizun, you are very, um…..natural.” Feng Qingxiu thought of an adjective with difficulty.

“Do you think that the one you heard of is natural, or the one in front of you now is natural?” Ji Yunlai glanced at him sideways and then turned his gaze back to the jumping characters in midair that were currently being calculated. He had been cramming on various Dao cultivation methods recently.

Feng Qingxiu asked lowly: “Just which one is the healthy you?”

“In your heart, have you always been feeling that the current me is the one overtaken by a demon or the sick me?” Ji Yunlai glanced at him again. Just what disciple would ask his Shizun if he was sick? Was this kid looking for trouble?

“Then, Shizun, are you still practicing that sword technique?” Seeing his Shizun unhappy, Feng Qingxiu changed his questioning method.

“Don’t you already have an answer?” Ji Yunlai looked at his gentle and polite appearance and knocked him on his forehead, “Today’s lesson will end here, I’ll let you go for three days, so go back to deal with your private affairs.”

“Yes.” Feng Qingxiu bowed to his Shizun and retreated.

The youth’s figure was like a pine tree, gestures and movements like flowing water. It was very pleasing to the eye indeed.

Seeing that he was far away, Ji Yunlai then retracted his hand and looked at his slender fingertips.

No one knew better than him the power contained in this seemingly beautiful, slender hand, the ruthless equality when the sword was slashed out.

All beings were equal and no emotions could last. For everything, it was not sharpness, but time that destroyed and annihilated.

Everything was nothing.

Therefore, when he slashed out with that sword for the first time, he became startled by the horror of that sword, causing him a moment of hesitation which allowed the two spiritual demons a chance to escape.

Naturally, he hadn’t practiced the Overcoming Suffering Sword, otherwise he would still be the former Ji Yunlai. Just from the descriptions, he could imagine the boundless feeling of emptiness in his heart after practicing such a sword technique.

If he did not continue to temper the sword, no matter how powerful it was, it could not exist for too long.

But the Overcoming Suffering Sword was his strongest and most fierce killing method. If he lost it, he had to come up with a new offense quickly——in fact he couldn’t even let others know of his changes.

He was the guardian god of Kun-Lai, and there were too many people coveting Kun-Lai whether it was the Central Continent or the Outlands.

He knew better that no matter how much those people say they miss the original Ji Yunlai, what they needed was still the Xing Dao Master who wielded the heavenly sword and deterred all sentient beings.

Not the sixteen-year-old Ji Yunlai.


Feng Qingxiu seemed to have come across a big secret and was feeling a lot of pressure.

When he walked out of Zhaoyue Peak’s rune formation, the pressure he felt became even greater.

Ji Mingyu and Ye Han were waiting for him just outside.

Don’t know how long they had been waiting.

“Feng Qingxiu,” Ye Han took the initiative to greet him, “You’ve finally come out?”

A lot of the dark cloudiness on this young man’s face had dispersed, and under the sunlight he appeared to be a sunny and handsome young man.

After the two parties exchanged greetings, Ye Han said simply and decisively: “I decided to go down and start relearning from the lower gate. Of course, my cultivation level will not fall behind. Elder Yan has accepted my request. I hope you won’t mind the unpleasantness in the past.”

Feng Qingxiu was a bit surprised, and looked over at Ji Mingyu, wanting to know what had happened.

This was Ye Han? Not someone pretending to be Ye Han?

“I said I would accompany him down in the lower gate.” Ji Mingyu looked at him with a little envy, “I never went to the outer sect, and I won’t reveal my identity this time studying in the outer sect. Maybe after I go there, I will know why my father chose you and not me.”

So actually it was him accompanying you? Light a candle!

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you,” Feng Qingxiu actually also didn’t know why Shizun was interested in him either, “but I believe you will succeed.”

“Thank you, your family has been waiting outside for a long time.” After sending the message to Feng Qingxiu, Ji Mingyu smiled and said, “There are a lot of people, goodbye.”

Feng Qingxiu nodded and thanked her, knowing what was waiting for him.

Then he looked over at the other young group of elite cultivators who were waiting for him as well.

The elite cultivators exchanged looks with each other.

The lovely and graceful looking Yimeng Qingnu chuckled, her voice traveling hundreds of miles. Almost at the same time, using a finger as a whip a cracking sound snaked through the air sharply, and an invisible energy suddenly hit Feng Qingxiu.

A Nascent Soul against a Foundation Establishment, Feng Qingxiu had no ability to resist, and he also did not dodge either. Looking at this situation, it seems to be a show of power?

There were no wounds on his body, but the clothes on him were torn in several places, a faint red mark appearing on his chest.

“Eldest Senior Brother, forgive this little sister for being impudent.” Qingnu said casually then turned and left.

“Don’t talk nonsense, she’s here.” The girl in yellow robes frowned.

“Got it.” They left very quickly, leaving behind a somewhat confused Feng Qingxiu.

But he soon understood when a gentle and beautiful girl in white strided over in anger.

Even the beauty of a celestial fairy could not describe her looks, however the girl’s behavior was really something overwhelming.

In just an instant, she had already rushed to him: “Senior Brother Feng, how are you hurt? They are just too much! Let me see your injury…..I didn’t expect him to be this kind of person, and after how much I’ve taken care of Senior Brother You!”

Feng Qingxiu was shocked into a daze for a while, but soon instantly recovered, hugging his clothes to himself tight and pushing her away: “This lady, who are you, I don’t know you…..”

“Actually, you are younger than me, so I’ll just call you junior brother, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you…..”

“No, please let go first…..”


“You Jia, how will you thank us?” Qingnu watched from a distance, covering her mouth as she chuckled.

“Many thanks,” said the handsome young man in golden robes.

“That junior sister always feels that everyone is bullying you and as a result likes to protect you every day. Senior Brother is too heartless.” The girl in yellow robes couldn’t help but laugh.

“That junior sister has countless suitors. It is a pity that you refuse, Senior Brother You,” said the boy in black.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Shut up!” You Jia said angrily.

“Demolishing the bridge after crossing the river…..” (TN: to abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal)

“That’s right!”

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