Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 026 Is This A Concealed Danger?

On the other side, Feng Qingxiu quickly gained control of the scene.


“Thank you for your concern, senior sister, I will definitely be careful of them, but if you follow me back, I am afraid my family will not tell me anything even if something has happened back at home.” Feng Qingxiu stared at the white robed girl, already adjusting from the panic from earlier, his gaze gentle as water and conveying his sincerity.

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The girl in white couldn’t help but blush: “But if I don’t protect you, what if they bully you again?”

“They won’t, when they saw senior sister come just now, they were all startled away. Your prestige still remains, and they won’t dare to come back in such a short time.” Feng Qingxiu thanked her, “Thank you senior sister for helping me, and I have yet to know your name.”

“My name is Bai Yue, and I am the daughter of Qingdi Peak Master Bai Qi.” The girl in white sighed, “Senior sister Qingnu is always making it difficult for others for some reason. No matter how I persuade her it is still uneffective, and even senior brother You Jia has become influenced, becoming the same person as her…..”

“As long as senior sister is determined, you will surely make them change their minds. I will also avoid them carefully so senior sister does not need to worry.” Feng Qingxiu had encountered countless beauties in the lower gates before, and had long been familiar with how to deal with this kind of situation. “Senior sister, my family has been waiting for me for a long time. Why don’t we continue to talk and exchange advice on our studies when we meet next time?”

“Then I won’t bother you anymore, I’ll send you to the outer peaks.” The girl said enthusiastically, “This way they won’t find a chance to trouble you on the way.”

“There is already a mountain patrol guard waiting for me at the foot of the mountain and I need to report to them. You may have to wait for a while.” Feng Qingxiu nodded and agreed.

“Those people…..have always been unreasonable,” the girl frowned slightly, “Forget it, I won’t be going then. Be careful on your way. If you meet with trouble then come find me, I will not let you be bullied.”


And so Feng Qingxiu tidied up his clothes and left quickly.


The group of Kun-Lai elites only chatted for a while, when they found that Feng Qingxiu had already dealt with that woman, bidding a gentle goodbye to the other before successfully leaving Zhaoyue Peak.

There was silence for a while.

“What’s the situation?” The black robed boy was stunned for a while, and one could almost see the cowlick on his head that was currently waving in the air.

“Just now he first bit his tongue and said that Bai Yue had bumped into his wound, spitting out blood to scare her, and taking advantage of this he found a chance to speak.” Yimeng Qingnu had a complicated expression on her face, “Then he sent her away with just a few words.”

Everyone present looked at the handsome and domineering golden robed youth with unfathomable meaning in their eyes.

You Jia had no expression on his face.

“You Jia, why don’t you learn a little bit from the other.” The yellow robed girl finally couldn’t help covering her lips and laughing, “No matter what we say we still can’t convince her that we didn’t bully you, and you also don’t explain either, so whatever we say is useless.”

You Jia was from a spiritual demon, and it was normal to be targeted in all kinds of ways. Qingnu also liked to find fault with him. No matter what traps they set to drive her away, Bai Yue remained unrelenting, stubbornly believing that they were bullying You Jia and as a result, took to following him every day in the name of protection.

It was not that You Jia hadn’t opposed and given her the cold shoulder. Once, he even sent her flying using his sword, but the other only thought “Junior brother is untrusting of anyone because of being bullied so much. I can definitely touch him emotionally.” And then acted even more caring and sympathetic.

After all, her identity was different, and You Jia couldn’t really beat her to death.

Not only this, several times she also insisted on following him out to train but her reaction was always incredibly slow and exceptionally kind. One moment saying that this flower is too beautiful, don’t pick it, another moment saying that that grass is too pitiful, don’t step on it. And even when battling with a demonic beast she would insist on something ridiculous like not disturbing other birds and beasts…..causing everyone to not dare to team up with You Jia during training.

“Uh, although she was sent away by Feng Qingxiu, that woman is really no longer going to stick to You Jia…..right?” The black robed boy asked with uncertainty.

“…..” Everyone exchanged speechless glances.

“If she comes again,” You Jia said coldly, “I will show her my original form!”

“Ai, senior brother, don’t be impulsive…..”


When You Jia returned to Wenjian Peak, his home was finally peaceful and free of the noisy presence of another.

He took off his sword, his whole body melting like hot wax, and a big squid slowly crawled out of a pile of golden robes. Its body was white, its black eyes looked melancholy and lazy, and its crown was like a spear, though not very big. The tentacles were slender and long. They moved quickly into the pool in the corner of the room. Ten tentacles curled and stretched in the pool, feeling the beauty of life.

He was finally freed!

Recently, there had been no time for a relaxing bath because of that woman, and he had almost become a dehydrated squid.

One tentacle stretched out the pool, picked up a shrimp from the large tank on the side, a second tentacle picked up a book, two more tentacles began to brew spiritual tea, another two more began to play the erhu, a seventh one lifted the Net Seal, and the remaining three began to wiggle with the erhu music.

Now this was the life of the gods!

His father was a large squid of the sea spiritual demon clan. At one time he had picked up a seriously injured cultivator in the sea and was about to eat him. Only to be cut into an eight-tentacle squid with a sword and turned into a spiritual beast, forced to search for treasures to help that cultivator heal his injuries.

That cultivator was the Sect Leader.

His father was also smart, knowing that this must be a powerful character. He seized the opportunity to express loyalty and was taken to Kun-Lai Mountain as a guardian beast. Although his home was moved from the sea to a small pond, a few decades later the spiritual beast contract was lifted and the Sect Leader granted him a cultivation method suitable for a spiritual demon like him to practice as well as freedom to go back to the sea.

Only idiots would go back. His father and some other spiritual demon friends forcibly stayed behind, and in this way their family flourished.

Who knew that the small mountain sect back then would flourish and develop in a few hundred years?

Who didn’t envy their family now when visiting relatives with his father back at sea?

As for those fellow human sect members who were inferior to him, saying things like the spiritual demon races were inferior and second-class to humans?

Ridiculous, did they think there was any difference between the human race and the spiritual monkey demons in the eyes of the spiritual demon races?

They were just a kind of hairless monkey demon. Since everyone was a spiritual demon, what was there to feel inferior about?

After swallowing a shrimp and then taking a sip of tea, You Jia reached out to the pill rack to grab a vitality pill, only to freeze in a daze.

The pill rack that was originally full was now empty.

Forget it, in order to get rid of that woman, what was sacrificing a handful of pills…..


Halfway up Qingdi Peak, there was a beautiful small lake surrounded by lush flowers and plants and hundreds of trees, the scenery elegant and beautiful.

A section of a courtyard residence could be seen peeking out among the trees, only one water pavilion stretched out from the lake.

Bai Yue walked into a small house beside the water pavilion carrying a pouch full of pills.

The moment the door was opened, the faint smell of medicine emanated.

“Your injury hasn’t healed yet, why did you get up again?” Baiym Yue hurriedly walked over.

The young man with his upper body naked and wrapped in thick bandages was leaning against the window. He glanced at her lightly, and did not speak.

“These are alchemical pills I got from senior brother You Jia. Quickly see which one can relieve your sword injury.” Bai Yue opened the pouch and poured out a bunch of jade bottles containing pills of all kinds.

“Don’t you know?” The young man looked at her as if he was looking at a mentally retarded person.

“I…..I haven’t been recorded on the Dao Disc. I don’t know how to treat your injury.” Bai Yue was a little sad. When she was studying in the lower gates, she had poor grades and didn’t like to study. So by the second year she failed to pass. Her father helped her repeat the lower gates four times but every time she got failing marks. Elder Yan refused to even give her a chance to ascend to the inner peaks. As a result, her father could only keep her in Kun-Lai under the identity of an idler. Her Nascent Soul cultivation level was achieved with the intake of alchemical pills but that was about the limit.

And her cousin, Yimeng Qingnu, was simply her nightmare. She believed herself to not lose to the other in terms of beauty and talent, but unlike her, Qingnu entered the Nascent Soul stage without taking any pills. She was always number one in spells and cultivation level, and everyone always said Qingnu would be the next Qingdi Peak Master, and even her father asked her to spend more time with Qingnu and build a good relationship with her.

But she was the daughter of the Peak Master, Qingdi Peak should obviously belong to her!

“You can’t ask You Jia?” The young man hid his dislike and sighed, “My injury is from You Jia’s Heart-Reinforcing Sword and heart veins are damaged. If it can’t be healed I won’t be able to live long.”

“Senior Brother You Jia won’t speak to me. Why don’t I tell my father about you.”

“I’m afraid it won’t work. My grievances have not been washed away. Your father will arrest me when he sees me.” The young man smiled bitterly, “I will definitely fall into the hands of Qingnu then.”

“You are obviously wronged. The theft of the treasury is something Qingnu blamed on you. Just because you were inside did that mean you were the thief? It would have been better if you didn’t fight back…..” The girl sighed, “You accidentally killed two junior brothers, so Elder Yan has said that if you are found and still put up resistance, you will be rectified on the spot.”

“If I didn’t fight back at the time, I would have died. They are Qingnu’s people.” The young man lowered his head, his handsome face looking disappointed in the light of the sunset, “Don’t mention this anymore, why did you come back so late today?”

Bai Yue relayed how she helped the Sect Leader’s disciple today, and then after telling him to take care, she went back.

She couldn’t stay for too long, lest her father become suspicious.

After Bai Yue left, the slight smile on the young man’s face disappeared and he said in a deep voice, “Elder Li, did she lie just now?”

“No.” An elegant sounding voice came from the ring hanging on his neck, “The night of the full moon is coming. You have to go to the treasury again and get what you didn’t take the last time.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Bai Yue met the Sect Leader’s disciple, let me try if I can use him for our purpose.” The young man glanced coldly at the medicine bottles on the table, sharp murder intent in his eyes.

One day, he would level Kun-Lai, kill all the men, and let Qingnu, Huang Wei, and Ji Mingyu know what were the consequences of looking down on him.

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