After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 056 Publicity & Women’s Wear

“What the hell are you doing? Didn’t you say that Weibo will expose the black material of Tao Mu and FlyNews with Yuxiao Media? Why are you doing publicity stunts with FlyNews behind my back?”

Early in the morning, Yao Wenxiao broke into the CEO’s office at Weibo headquarters in anger, regardless of the secretary’s obstruction, and questioned loudly.

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“Mr. Gao, Manager Pei, I’m really sorry. Because Mr. Yao is the company’s future business partner, I don’t dare to stop…..” The newly recruited secretary girl looked at Gao Yonghuai and Pei Yirong with embarrassment, and tried to justify her dereliction of duty.

Gao Yonghuai, who was talking to the publicity director Pei Yirong about the success of yesterday’s publicity effect and preparing to continue with another wave, paused slightly before waving his hand to signal the secretary to leave first. Then, with a slightly curious look he focused on the young CEO of Yuxiao Media, who was in front of him.

Mr. Gao did not understand why Yao Wenxiao was so angry.

“Mr. Yao, I think you may have misunderstood.” In the face of Yao Wenxiao, who was more than a decade younger than himself, Mr. Gao behaved very patiently: “The Weibo platform is a service-oriented social networking site, not a gossip weekly. We need to promote ourselves. Only better publicity plans can let more netizens know about Weibo, use Weibo, and get used to Weibo. Therefore, all the publicity policies of the Weibo platform are carried out around this theme.”

Gao Yonghuai tactfully and firmly dismissed Yao Wenxiao’s ridiculous betrayal theory. Yao Wenxiao choked for a while, and his anger became more and more explosive: “But when we negotiated cooperation yesterday, you didn’t say that. Mr. Gao, one must stick to his words.”

Even though Gao Yonghuai’s self-possession was quite deep, he still almost laughed in amusement at Yao Wenxiao’s accusations. Pei Yirong, who stood on the side, was also quite speechless.

“Mr. Yao,” Pei Yirong’s temper was not as good as his boss, and he pointed out Yao Wenxiao’s impractical thoughts very straightforwardly: “Business is not fighting a war, even if it is a competitor, there is no need to go overboard. Not to mention that it is less than a month since FlyNews’ establishment and its founder is also just an 18-year-old college student who just entered college. You are deliberately looking for the black material of this kind of person but even if you find it, so what? This is the business field, and everyone only values ability. As long as the other party does not commit murder or arsonry, any black material on immoral behavior is irrelevant.”

What was more, based on Pei Yirong’s understanding of FlyNews and Tao Mu, the other might not actually even have any black material that could count as a career killing scandal. Could Yao Wenxiao have been in the entertainment and media business for too long of a time, so his mind had also become muddled and that was why he brought the same kind of method used against celebrities to the business field——what did he even think was market competition? Just a bunch of small stars discrediting each other in order to compete for roles and endorsements, therefore continuously exposing black materials and splashing dirty water?

“The nature of market competition depends on core competitiveness. If Weibo itself is not attractive, even if FlyNews can be discredited this time, FlyNews or other social platforms will continue to emerge in the future. As long as the market economy is in charge, there will always be many competitors like this.”

Pei Yirong also said a few more words of advice for Yao Wenxiao’s sake. Unfortunately, Yao Wenxiao’s response was very disappointing.

“I don’t care about other websites or other social platforms. I must destroy FlyNews, and destroy Tao Mu.” Yao Wenxiao said with certainty. However, he was also a person who had received nine years of compulsory education plus four years of university. As his anger value cooled slightly, he also slowly calmed down. He suddenly realized that he shouldn’t have broken into Gao Yonghuai’s office so recklessly.

“I’m very sorry, Mr. Gao.” Yao Wenxiao returned to his senses and quickly apologized to Gao Yonghuai: “I have some personal grievances with Tao Mu. This time I was too blinded by my own private grievances. Sorry to have made you laugh at this.”

“Young people, it is inevitable that they are reckless once in a while.” Gao Yonghuai smiled and waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t mind.

After Yao Wenxiao repeatedly apologized, he left with a grimace. It seemed that the interactive promotion of the Weibo platform and FlyNews still left a trace of grudge in Yao Wenxiao’s heart.

Watching Yao Wenxiao’s striding back, Pei Yirong suddenly laughed and shook his head: “It is said that this CEO Yao is actually a famous young talent in Shanghai. Now it seems that either there is no one in Shanghai or the talent of this young CEO of Yuxiao Media is questionable.”

“At any rate, he is still the favorite grandson of the chairman of Sheng’an Group. Even if it’s for the face of Chairman Yao, everyone has to treat him courteously.” Anyway, it was not like it cost money to praise him as a young talent.

Gao Yonghuai slowly picked up his chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea, and did not directly answer the words of his confidante, but his attitude was fully revealed in their discussion: “What are you going to do next?”

Pei Yirong returned to his senses in an instant, remembering the serious business interrupted by Yao Wenxiao, and immediately said: “Next, I am going to let all the employees of Weibo sign up at FlyNews, and then unify the copywriting to help Weibo advertise on FlyNews——didn’t that little CEO Tao say that FlyNews is a principled social platform and will never block netizens’ comments for no reason. We must give him a chance to prove himself.”

Gao Yonghuai was immediately amused by this strategic move from his confidante: “Not bad, young people really need more opportunities to prove themselves. Well, as a senior in this industry, I will give him this opportunity first.”

“Help me sign up for a FlyNews account. By the way, apply for a V as well. I will personally make this advertisement.” Then Gao Yonghuai also kindly expressed that he was just giving young people a chance to prove themselves——actually shamelessly posting this remark on FlyNews. He also changed the slogan of his website——Weibo, a social networking site willing to give young people opportunities.

Pei Yirong laughed loudly: “I wonder how this little CEO Tao will feel after seeing the response from our Weibo platform?”

Gao Yonghuai smiled and said, “You will know if you call and ask.”

* * * * * *

On the other side, the young CEO of FlyNews still had yet to know how two old, cunning foxes resolved his advertising slogan.

Because the production team of “National School Beauty and Hunk” was filming in the Beijing Film’s practice studio, Tao Mu went back to school with his three roommates after driving lessons in the morning. Wen Bao and the others also convinced him to visit the shooting team.

But they couldn’t go visit the set empty-handed. So after making some preparations, the young Mr. CEO and three roommates pushed open the door of one of the Beijing Film practice rooms. Seeing that everyone happened to be taking a break, he shouted: “Everyone has worked hard. Come over, I’ll treat you to the classic product launched by the world’s top 500 companies. Let everyone enjoy and relax a bit.”

The tone and words were so impressive that the instructors and contestants participating in the recording gathered around to take a look——Tao Mu and his three roommates held large buckets of fried chicken wings with french fries in their hands. The yellow paper bag was also printed with the classic logo of that amiable old man with a white beard.

The world’s top 500 companies——KFC; classic product——fries and fried chicken wings. Each word was particularly true, whether it was from data analysis or market research, there was nothing wrong with this statement.

But why did they want to punch a certain someone?

Originally, they had felt very moved, thinking that the benefits of FlyNews were particularly good. Of course, the benefits of FlyNews were indeed good. But with the boss Tao Mu being mischievous and playing pranks on them again and again, no one could stand it!

Entrusted by Tao Mu, Yun Yi, who had been following along with the filming, came over at this time. Looking at the takeaway bag in Tao Mu’s hand, he said helplessly, “Does being mischievous make you that happy?”

This remark was something Tao Mu often spoke. At this moment, the remark being used on himself, Tao Mu couldn’t help but chuckle. He put the takeaway on the table and clapped his hands: “Everyone has worked hard, come and eat.”

The handsome appearance with electrifying eyes was practically enough to shoot an ad for KFC.

Even though Tao Mu had already had a face-to-face meeting with everyone on the night of their reporting in, the contestants and some of the mentors present were still shocked by the attractive value and age of the CEO of FlyNews.

At such a young age, with such handsome looks, and even creating such an amazing social networking site as FlyNews which would always stir up a storm of attention and discussion on the Internet every time they did publicity. This kind of person who could just succeed with his appearance alone but just had to speak with talent was simply irresistible.

So Tao Mu only just appeared at the recording site and was immediately surrounded by a group of mentors and contestants. The four mentors mainly took into account Tao Mu’s friendship with their company’s senior management, and reflexively wanted to show goodwill to Tao Mu. The contestants’ mindset was much simpler. Everyone was a college student and around the same age. Back in school, they usually also liked to hang out with classmates who were good looking, playful and had good personalities. So coupled with Tao Mu’s cheerful and grounded personality every time he appeared, the contestants did not feel the gap between themselves and Tao Mu.

Tao Mu handed out Cokes to his senior brothers and sisters in a clockwise direction. Everyone thanked him politely, but it just had to happen that when it came to Shen Yu something would always go wrong.

Shen Yu took the chicken wings Tao Mu handed him and then threw an arm around Tao Mu’s shoulders and asked with a bright smile, “Why are you so free these days? When I came to find you the day before yesterday, you insisted m that you were not free. The day before yesterday when I asked you to accompany me on a campus tour you were also reluctant. But today you actually took the initiative to visit the set today. You wouldn’t be feeling guilty and want to be nice to me, would you?”

Before Shen Yu’s words even ended, some of the more sensitive contestants’ expressions immediately turned bad. Hesitating eyes looked back and forth between Tao Mu and Shen Yu. The atmosphere suddenly became a little strange.

In order to avoid suspicion, even the senior brother of the same school felt embarrassed to say a few words to Tao Mu in front of everyone, but at this time his face also changed. He still remembered that on the day Shen Yu came to report in, he said a lot of inexplicable things at the gate of Beijing Film. Fortunately, Tao Mu was not that kind of frivolous person, otherwise even he would develop an ill-feeling against Tao Mu. But now it was like this again——

The Beijing Film senior glanced at Shen Yu, then subtly pulled the subject back to before: “That’s right. Tao Mu, why don’t you tell us straight, there are so many beauties and hunks here, who do you really like? But as a hunk I must warn you. Even if you like a beauty here, you can’t use your power for personal gain during the competition, got it?”

“Senior brother, don’t worry.” Tao Mu also knew this senior’s kindness, and immediately warmed up the atmosphere, “Even if I find a girlfriend, I have to find a woman who is prettier than me in women’s wear. If I can’t find one, I would rather remain a bachelor.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Oh-ho, acting ratchet narcissistic there. You really think you are a daffodil!” Du Kang joked, “You have such confidence in your looks? Even if you are looking for a girlfriend, you just have to find one that is more beautiful than you in women’s wear. Then why don’t you crossdress and let us have a look.”

Du Kang’s words immediately attracted the attention of the contestants. All of a sudden, the practice room was full of wolf howling and heckling for Tao Mu to change into women’s wear for them to see.

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  1. Oh god Shen Yu, if i were your mother I would despair that I raised such a useless piece of porcelain. Like a cheap tchotchke with no function only good at looking pretty and wasting space.

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