The Cruel Tyrant CH 081 Burning Grain

Su Mu leaned back on the chair lazily, and the soft silk rubbed against Su Mu’s white and slender body. Huang Xuan, who was peeking at him, swallowed secretly. Su Mu looked at him with a half-smile. Huang Xuan’s heart jumped and he whispered with unease: “Your Highness, I really know that I was wrong.”

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“Really?” Su Mu pretended not to believe it. Seeing Huang Xuan nodding his head like a chicken pecking grain, he felt a little amused, but his face was still set in a cold expression. After all, he must give these people a lesson, let them know that they better not be like that group of women in the harem who did nothing all day long but fight for favor. Su Mu had always thought that feelings of love or lust were just life’s flavoring, and it would not be worth it if a life was lost because of this.

Su Mu earnestly said: “I will entrust you with a task to study various epidemics as well as prevention and treatment methods for various common diseases.”

Huang Xuan obediently nodded and said: “Your Highness, please rest assured, this official will do my best.”

Su Mu stepped forward and touched his head, his eyes deep as he said, “I do like you, but your capability is the key to determining how far you can walk with me.”

Huang Xuan’s eyes darkened and he clenched his fists, replying, “Yes.”

Waved his hand, Su Mu said with some tiredness: “You go back, I want to rest.”

Seeing the faint dark circles under Su Mu’s eyes, he couldn’t help but feel distressed. The Crown Prince was just a little older than him. But when the Crown Prince was dealing with state affairs, he was acting jealous and striving for favors with a group of men. Thinking of this, he really did feel too ashamed to see people. Huang Xuan exited the room noiselessly, glancing at Su Mu  fondly before carefully closing the door.

Managing to get a rare early bed rest, Su Mu, who had a good night’s sleep, got up and changed his clothes, feeling fully energized. But before Su Mu walked out of the room, he heard a hurried voice from outside the door: “Your Highness, this official has something to report.”

The black clothes on his body were already half wet with dew, and there was a layer of red flush on his face. Su Mu had never seen Shi Yan so anxious, and Su Mu, who had a foreboding feeling, became serious: “What happened?”

Shi Yan stepped into the door and bowed as he said: “There is news from the southwest that 70% of the unharvested grain in the six counties has been burned.”

“What!” Su Mu felt as if a bucket of icy water poured over his head, and even his heart felt cold.

The six southwestern counties were the main grain-producing areas of the Qing Kingdom. Burning 70%  of the grain supply in the southwest was equivalent to burning half of the country’s grain supply. Because of the several generations of incapable rulers in the Qing Kingdom, the Qing Kingdom did not have much grain supply. Even if all the grains were taken out, this gap could still not be filled, if there was no way to solve the problem this time, at least hundreds of thousands of people would starve to death.

There were more than a dozen people in the large, spacious room but still there was no sound to be heard. The curtain hanging down to the ground was lifted by a sudden wind. Su Mu appeared with eyes that had a terrible storm brewing within, his knuckles cracking from squeezing them so hard.

The sudden drop in temperature and the raging killing intent sweeping the room almost caused the eunuchs and palace ladies present to collapse to the ground.

“Shi Qingshuang!”

Su Mu gritted his teeth, wanting nothing more than to immediately cut Shi Qingshuang with a thousand swords. Other than her, Su Mu could not think of a second person behind this. Su Mu walked towards Taihe Hall with a dark and cloudy expression, and suppressed his impatience as he waited for the officials underneath to finish bowing before he flew into a fearsome rage: “You pile of useless trash, Ben Gong had you send troops to help collect the grain but what the fuck did you do instead! 70% of the grain has been burned in the southwest, what, are you planning to eat grass instead?! Yuan Fulu!”

Yuan Fulu, who had not received the news, was almost scared to death by the Crown Prince’s words. 70% of the grain was burned in the southwest! What bastard did such a thing! The Crown Prince was now going to burn him now! Yuan Fulu was drenched in a cold sweat, trembling madly as he walked to the center of the hall and fell to his knees with a thud: “This official…..this official has committed a crime…..Your Highness, please forgive me!”

Su Mu fiercely stood up from the dragon chair and kicked the golden pillar in front of him to pieces: “Forgive you! It’s not even enough for you to die a hundred times to make up for this! Come in! Take off Lord Yuan’s official uniform and drag him out to kneel under the sun! Having worked so hard to plant the crops for more than half a year only to go up in flames! Do you plan to have the people eat stones instead!”

“Your Highness…..Your Highness…..this official…..has committed a crime!”

Yuan Fulu’s heartbreaking voice came from outside the door and immediately had all the officials tremble in place. After having vented, Su Mu tried to calm his anger. Su Mu sat back on the dragon chair and swept the officials with cold eyes: ” All officials in charge of collecting grain from the southwest will be punished according to the law. If Ben Gong is notified of any overly tolerant treatment when carrying out the punishments, Ben Gong will have stones prepared for you to eat!”

In the southwest, the Heavenly Justice Sect headquarters, Shi Qingshuang was dressed in handsome and romantic male attire. She laughed happily after hearing the news of the Crown Prince’s anger from the spies.

“Hahahaha…..Why do I like to see you angry so much? Shall I make you even more angry?” The bright smile suddenly became clouded and Shi Qingshuang appeared beside a birdcage in a blink of an eye. She stared at the cheerfully chirping bird as if she was staring at a person: “After all, you made me so angry back then. Since I can’t kill you, I’ll use your people and your country to pay homage to Qingxue!”

As her coldy sinister words fell, the beautiful bird in the cage suddenly exploded, and the minced meat and blood splattered in all directions. Shi Qingshuang wiped the blood from her face expressionlessly, and called out without turning around: “Lu Zhao.”

A tall man opened the door and was not surprised to see the blood on Shi Qingshuang’s body. He looked forward expressionlessly, “What is the Princess’ order?”

Shi Qingshuang turned around and said with cold eyes: “Send someone to rob the granary of Qing Kingdom. If you can’t rob it, you will burn it. Inform Fan Qiang that after the start of winter to begin carrying out porridge relief. In addition, step up the recruitment of believers. By next year, I want 100,000 troops.”

“Yes.” Lu Zhao answered, “Princess, our mission in Ziyang County was hindered. The believers who went to preach there were arrested by Ye Qingfeng and other people from Jianghu. The believers near Lingxiao Peak were also dealt with by Gu Yunzhou’s subordinates.”

Shi Qingshuang snorted coldly, her eyes turning venomous, and she said, “Don’t deal with Gu Yunzhou for now, find a chance to kidnap Ye Qingfeng’s mother and sister.”


After Lu Zhao retreated with his orders, a figure suddenly appeared in Shi Qingshuang’s room without warning. Shi Qingshuang was not surprised, but there was a trace of precaution in her eyes: “What’s the matter?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The cold and harsh looking man handed a letter to Shi Qingshuang and said: “His Majesty has an order. For now the Shi Kingdom is slightly inferior to Wu and Wei in terms of military force. If there is chaos here, Wu and Wei will inevitably reach their hands into here. Shi Kingdom can’t compete with them for the time being, so don’t stir this pool of water too muddy.”

The person disappeared after speaking. Shi Qingshuang opened the letter and glanced over it before shredding it with internal force.

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