The Cruel Tyrant CH 082 Exchanging Grain

However, the letter paper ashes in Shi Qingshuang’s hand just fell to the ground when countless screams sounded from outside the door. A hostile light flashed in her eyes and Shi Qingshuang kicked the door open with a “bang”, coming face to face with Su Mu’s cold, murderous face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The iciness melted away from Shi Qingshuang’s face and those pair of lovely eyes flashed with lustre. She glanced at the people lying on the ground and then said to Su Mu: “It turns out that it is the Crown Prince’s arrival. Please forgive me for not coming out to welcome you in time.”

Su Mu threw away the blood-stained sword in his hand. He walked over to Shi Qingshuang and said, “Take tour people and get out of Qing Kingdom.”

Shi Qingshuang raised her eyebrows when she heard these words: “I am an envoy to the Qing Kingdom by His Majesty’s order. Being threatened just for seeing the sights in the Qing Kingdom, does Your Highness not hold any regard for the Shi Kingdom?”

Su Mu sneered and said: “If burning half of the grain of my Qing Kingdom and reducing hundreds of thousands of people to starvation is just considered seeing the sights, then I would like to go to Shi Kingdom to see some sights too.”

“Your Highness, don’t accuse others wrongly.” Shi Qingshuang said with a smile: “How can I do such an awful thing?”

Su Mu didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her any more, and directly reached out to grab Shi Qingshuang’s neck. But Shi Qingshuang’s martial arts was not weak and she quickly avoided Su Mu’s right hand when it was about to touch her neck. Still, after a few dozen exchanges, she was caught by Su Mu in the end. Lu Zhao and Fan Qiang who came after hearing the commotion immediately surrounded Su Mu.

Fan Qiang stared at Su Mu with a look of hatred, wishing nothing more than to eat his flesh and drink his blood. He shouted: “Su Mochi, you let her go!”

Su Mu recognized that this plain-looking man was the assassin he met that night in Qingyang County, and a coldness flashed in his eyes. Su Mu squeezed Shi Qingshuang’s neck and said: “If you want Shi Qingshuang, have Shi Ran hand over one million denier of grain in exchange.”

After speaking, he left with Shi Qingshuang. Fan Qiang and Lu Zhao wanted to chase after him but the difference in strength between the two sides was too large. After chasing for a while, there was not even a trace of Su Mu’s shadow left. Even worse was that their subordinates came to report that their headquarters had become surrounded with soldiers. The two had to rush back to preside over the overall situation.

Outside the Heavenly Justice Sect headquarters, Su Mu quickly arrived outside the Qin Kingdom’s barracks and threw Shi Qingshuang who had her pressure points sealed on the ground, and said to the soldiers behind him: “Keep a close watch on her.”

Shi Qingshuang, who was forcibly dragged up by the soldiers, didn’t have any look of fear on her face. Instead, she looked at Su Mu with a weird smile and said: “Why would Your Highness think that His Majesty will exchange a million denier of grain for this humble girl?”

Su Mu sneered and said: “Is the head of the shadow guards of Shi Kingdom not worth a million deniers of grain?”

Shi Qingshuang raised her eyebrows when she heard these words: “Since Your Highness knows that I am the leader of the shadow guards, then Your Highness should also know that His Majesty is not lacking in chess pieces like me.”

“Whether he is lacking or not, it is not for you to decide.” Su Mu walked into a tent without looking back, picked up pen and paper, and soon a letter was sent with a soldier to Shi Kingdom.

Under Su Mu’s intervention, the Heavenly Justice Sect headquarters was captured within two days, and all the diehard believers were directly executed on the spot by Su Mu’s order. After all, it was an organization that had only been established and not yet fully formed momentum. If delayed to a few years later, this would likely not be the case. Those brainwashed people would spread like a virus on the land of the Qing Kingdom.

Soon after, Su Mu’s “eye-blinding and headache splitting” letter was sent to the Shi Kingdom’s Palace. The black court robes on Shi Ran’s tall and muscular body emphasized his majestic and prestigious aura. Shi Ran opened the envelope with a slightly callused hand and looked at the letter. He was still unable to make sense of this familiar demonic looking scribble but it was this kind of three-year-old child’s handwriting that delighted him. Shi Ran laughed loudly: “This Qing Kingdom’s Crown Prince is truly interesting. Zhen has almost nearly forgotten this interesting little fellow and it’s rare that he still remembers Zhen. Since that’s the case, how can Zhen not make any response?”

The guard standing next to Shi Ran was shocked when he saw Shi Ran, who had always been solemn, suddenly laugh out loud. He reminded in a careful manner: “Your Majesty, Princess Qingshuang has been arrested by the Crown Prince of the Qing Kingdom. The ransom is one million deniers of grain, Your Majesty.”

Shi Ran stared at the letter paper happily, and said nonchalantly: “There is no need to exchange for Qingshuang, but Zhen can consider it if he used himself in exchange.”

The guard secretly glanced at the currently happy Shi Ran. Not daring to waste time, he answered: “Yes.”

When Su Mu, who had already returned to the imperial city, received the news from Shi Ran, he wanted nothing more than to squeeze this pair of uncle and niece to death. Soon after there was a second letter, asking Su Mu to bring Shi Qingshuang to the Shi Kingdom to talk to him in person. Qing Kingdom and Jin Kingdom were about to go to war at any moment so of course, Su Mu wouldn’t go to Shi Kingdom to meet the other in person. However, Su Mu didn’t expect that while he had decided not to meet Shi Ran, Shi Ran personally came knocking half a month later. Throwing away the invitation signed by Shi Ran in his hand, Su Mu strode out of the study and said, “Prepare the carriage.”

In the Yuping Lake, withered lotus leaves could be seen. A small boat floated gently on the water, and several guards dressed as civilians stood on the shores like sculptures.

Immediately after Su Mu lifted the curtain of the carriage, Shi Ran’s guard walked over and said to Su Mu: “His Majesty invites the Crown Prince on the boat.” After speaking, he stretched out his hand and gestured to the ordinary boat floating on the lake.

Su Mu circulated his inner energy and flew across the lake, appearing on the bow of the boat in the blink of an eye. The boat shook lightly and Shi Ran’s deep voice came from inside: “You have really made Zhen wait for a long time, Xiao Chi.”

When Su Mu heard that term of endearment he almost didn’t slip and fall into the lake. The corners of his mouth twitched as he walked inside the cabin. The cabin was covered with a soft carpet, and Shi Ran’s tall figure was leaning against the couch like a resting lion. Su Mu frowned and found a chair to sit down on, getting straight to the point: “Is Your Majesty here to pay me a million deniers of grain?”

Shi Ran, who was carefully examining his prey, laughed and deliberately distorted his meaning: “That’s right, I am here to accompany you.” He stretched out his hand to pinch Su Mu’s chin, only for Su Mu to avoid the other’s fingers with a frown.

Shi Ran retracted his hand, but those sharp eyes continued to scan Su Mu unscrupulously. Su Mu narrowed his eyes and said, “Your Majesty came all the way to Qing Kingdom to make fun of Ben Gong?” Su Mu was not stupid enough to think that Shi Ran would eagerly run over here to give him grain.

Shi Ran said: “Zhen heard that the common people in your country accidentally suffered a fire a few days ago and are unable to fill their stomachs. After Zhen heard this, Zhen truly felt heartbroken. Zhen really couldn’t bear the suffering of the people of the Qing Kingdom so Zhen purposely hurried overnight to Qing Kingdom to discuss with Xiao Chi and find a solution together. “

“Heh, the fire in Qing Kingdom is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster.” Su Mu stared at him closely and said: “Shi Qingshuang, as a princess of the Shi Kingdom, set fire in my Qing Kingdom, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Shi Ran propped up his body, his brown eyes reflecting Su Mu’s figure: “If you have evidence that she set the fire, then you can go ahead and execute her. To show sympathy, Zhen can give you one hundred taels of gold and ten thousand deniers of grain. “

“One hundred taels of gold? Ten thousand deniers of grain? Are you trying to dismiss a beggar?” Su Mu said in a bad tone: “Shi Qingshuang can set fire in my Qing Kingdom, and Ben Gong can do the same in your Shi Kingdom.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shi Ran stood up, so tall his figure was that he couldn’t even stand upright in the cabin. He walked towards Su Mu step by step and looked down at him as he spoke in an ambiguous tone: “Everything has a leeway, we can spend the whole night discussing to our satisfaction…..”

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