The Cruel Tyrant CH 083 Kidnapping

Male pheromones hit Su Mu’s senses domineeringly. He stretched out his right hand and put two fingers on Shi Ran’s chest, warning: “If you don’t mind a few extra holes in your chest, you can continue to walk forward.”

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Realizing that this little guy in front of him was not that easy to get a handle on, Shi Ran took two steps back to the table and sat down. Looking at Su Mu he said, “If you are willing to submit to Zhen, Zhen can not only give you 1 million deniers of grain but also an army and territory. You will be the only king on this chaotic land.”

Su Mu seemed to half-smile. He walked to Shi Ran and sat down in front of him, saying, “Even as a king wouldn’t I still have to listen to you, the emperor’s orders? I’m not interested in being a slave-servant.”

“Zhen can make you the empress.” Shi Ran stared closely at Su Mu’s beautiful eyes.

“Tch…..” Su Mu looked at Shi Ran and said, “Ben Gong is the crown prince now and the emperor in the future, just a small insignificant empress, Your Majesty does not hold much regard for me in your eyes.”

Shi Ran nodded and said seriously: “Zhen holds you in my heart. Zhen has seen countless people in this life and only you are qualified to stand by Zhen’s side. Besides, it will be sooner or later that Wu Kingdom and Wei Kingdom will grow and reach their hands into this chaotic land. How can you alone resist two covetous tigers? Together with Zhen, the entire world will be ours. So what is a small insignificant Qing Kingdom in comparison.”

No wonder that he was able to trick the Princess of Wu into his hands back then with such honey sweet words. Su Mu felt a little amused. This trick used to play with little girls was actually used on him. Su Mu said: “The two kingdoms of Wu and Wei are fierce tigers. But is your Shi Kingdom a sheep instead? Your Majesty just wants to set up a target to act as a shield for Shi Kingdom. Moreover, Your Majesty coming to see Ben Gong in person, could it be that Wu Kingdom and Wei Kingdom intend to join forces to suppress the Shi Kingdom?”

Shi Ran straightened up and did not conceal the ambition in his eyes: “There are no two suns in the same sky, no two kings on the same earth, Wu and Wei are just Zhen’s stepping stones. One day, Zhen will become the only master of this world. Xiao Chi, are you willing to join hands with Zhen and sit on the throne overseeing these thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.”

Speaking in such a prideful manner. Since ancient times, countless people on this land had the same dreams Shi Ran had, but on this road of destruction, no one had yet to succeed since ancient times. Su Mu shook his head and said to Shi Ran:” You will not succeed.”

A cold light flashed in Shi Ran’s eyes and he asked: “Zhen ascended the throne at the age of seventeen. It took only fifteen years for the Shi Kingdom to transform from a country as small as the Qing Kingdom to a big country that can contend with Wu and Wei. Why can’t Zhen unify this world?”

Su Mu said: “Because you are just rewalking the path taken by the predecessors, so the result will be just the same as their’s.”

Being able to develop the Shi Kingdom from weak to strong in just a little over ten years, Shi Ran was not a person who couldn’t listen to other’s words. He looked fixedly at Su Mu and asked after a while: “Then what kind of path do you believe will lead to unifying the world.”

Su Mu raised his eyebrows and his smile caste brilliance over the room, “Why should I tell you?”

Shi Ran laughed and said: “Could it be that you want to conquer and rule the world as well?”

Su Mu asked back: “Why not?”

“Putting aside the three kingdoms of Shi, Wu and Wei, even just a small Jin Kingdom is enough to give you a headache. If you want to unify the world, little fellow, it’s more realistic to follow me.” Shi Ran looked at Su Mu in amusement, as if seeing something as unthinkable as a kitten pouncing on a tiger.

Su Mu was too lazy to talk nonsense with him any more, and turned the topic back to the grain exchange. He said, “We can discuss the affairs of the world later. Your Majesty should pay me the grain first. Currently, Wu Kingdom is watching covetously at the border of Shi Kingdom, so if Your Majesty does not want a fire in your backyard at this time, then deliver all the grain before winter.”

Small flames ignited in Shi Ran’s eyes as he looked at Su Mu’s white neck. He shook his head and said, “No grain, but Zhen can accompany you instead.”

Su Mu’s eyes iced over and the pressure rose sharply in the room: “Since Your Majesty has no sincerity, then there is no need for us to talk anymore. Ben Gong will go back and send people to pay a visit to the military headquarters of the Shi Kingdom.”

“Little fellow, don’t be so angry, Shi Kingdom’s military headquarters are not so easy to enter.” Shi Ran said to Su Mu: “The farming technology you provided to the Wu Kingdom has broken the balance of the three kingdoms, and the Wu Kingdom has already begun to make plans. Although this chaotic land of yours is barren, it is the only place through which the Wu Kingdom can fully expand to the east and south. If your Qing Kingdom does not want to be destroyed under the iron hooves of the Wu Kingdom, you should find another way out as soon as possible.”

Su Mu half-smiled: “Doesn’t Your Majesty also need to travel through my Qing Kingdom in order to expand your territory?”

“Zhen can confer you the title of king.” Shi Ran said.

Su Mu’s eyes flashed sharply and he spoke in a decisive tone: “Ben Gong will only settle for being the emperor in this life. My words have been said very clearly, since Your Majesty does not intend to pay the grains, then forgive Ben Gong for not keeping you company any longer.”

As soon as his voice fell, Su Mu’s figure had already disappeared from the boat. Shi Ran wiped away all expressions on his face, turning into a stone face again. Wu Kingdom was growing stronger and was able to make Shi Ran feel threatened. His brows furrowed and he held a hand behind his back as he paced inside the cabin, head lowered in thought. The best way at present was to foster a force on this chaotic land that could stop Wu Kingdom’s invasion from the south. Originally, Shi Ran had been optimistic about the Chen Kingdom, but that thing that was supported onto the throne with his help dared to struggle out of his control. He had already sent people to deal with it.

Suddenly a sense of crisis rang alarm bells in his head. Shi Ran’s eyes became sharp as knives, and he retreated quickly. With a “bang” sharp iron hooks pierced the bottom of the boat and clear lake water poured into the cabin. In an instant the whole boat fell apart, and Shi Ran hurriedly flew onto a floating wooden board. Shooting towards the shore like an arrow, Shi Ran saw that his guards who had been standing guard on the shore were being engaged in a fight by a group of people in black and were unable to pull out. Su Mu was standing on the shore watching the show with a surprised look, feeling regret to see Shi Ran appearing on the shore unscathed. Su Mu revealed a pleasant smile and said to Shi Ran: “Your Majesty’s qinggong is excellent. Ben Gong is impressed.”

There was no expression on Shi Ran’s face, no happiness or anger could be seen. He watched his guards be besieged and did not make any response. He walked up to Su Mu and looked at Su Mu as he said: “Daring to use force in front of the crown prince of this country, these people don’t hold any regard for you in their eyes.”

“Then is Your Majesty coming uninvited and breaking into the territory of the Qing Kingdom without authorization holding regard for Ben Gong?”

Su Mu suddenly snapped out his right hand and attacked Shi Ran’s vital point. Shi Ran, who had experienced a lot of battles and was skilled in qinggong was naturally not afraid of Su Mu. With a move, he slipped out of Su Mu’s attack range. It was a pity that he did not dare to make any further movements however. Su Mu walked up to Shi Ran with a smile on his face and stretched out his hand to seal his pressure points. Only then did Gu Yunzhou, who was standing behind Shi Ran, moved his iron sword from his neck, the expression on his face as cold as always.

Looking at the overpowered guards of Shi Ran in the woods, Su Mu walked to Gu Yunzhou in a good mood, and said with some joy: “Why are you here?”

Gu Yunzhou looked at Su Mu with no expression on his face, but there was a hint of warmth in his eyes: “Someone bought his head half a year ago.”

Naturally, he was referring to Shi Ran. There were many people who wanted Shi Ran’s life, but not many dared to take on this task. Even fewer could hire Gu Yunzhou. Su Mu was a little curious but now was not the time to ask. Instead he said to Gu Yunzhou: “Can you let me dispose of him, of course I may not be able to pay that much compensation.”

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After all, he was the emperor of the Shi Kingdom, and as the crown prince of a small kingdom he might not be able to pay the price.

Gu Yunzhou replied expressionlessly: “Yes.”

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