After Becoming The Tyrant CH 048 Wresting Back Authority

There was a smile on the Devil’s face.

The King had never believed that the smile of the Devil was sincere.

His smile was just as unbreakable as his clever words and expressions. At this moment, something crazy, bloody, and evil seeped from that smiling mask——maybe that was the true nature of the Devil.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Devil’s black clothes were like the wings of a crow in the air, and the bone scepter he held in his hand was the weapon he used to kill everything.

This battle could perhaps also be regarded as a performance.

The viewer was the King.

The King watched as the Devil used the bone scepter to cut off one tentacle after another, watched the black butterflies fluttering around the Devil, watched the dark green mist intertwine with the black mist.

The Lord was angered by the Devil, and its tentacles pulled back from the pillars and beams above its head, pulling up an inescapable net in the path of the Devil’s retreat.


The rumbling voice of the Lord echoed throughout the spacious hall.

The King felt an invisible pressure, even if he was holding the black umbrella handed to him by the Devil, he could still feel the pressure which was as great as the deep ocean.

The Devil’s phantom-like speed slowed down.

Those tentacles with many weapons attached swept towards him, flinging out those swords and daggers of extraordinary origin like a shower of meteors to rain down on the Devil.

The Devil landed on the ground kneeling down on one knee, the bone scepter in his hand deeply inserted into the hard stone surface of the palace. Countless black butterflies flew up around his body, gathering together and swirling up a cutting whirlwind that swept the swords and daggers that flew his way.


The Lord spoke again.

The Devil jumped up from the ground, dragging the bone scepter with its tip still on the ground, and sprinted towards the Lord who was coiled on the throne. Sparks flew everywhere where the scepter was in contact with the ground.

The black butterflies around him had not dispersed yet, and the tentacles blocking the way were cut apart by the butterflies one by one. In an instant, the Devil had approached the throne once again. The Lord’s words were interrupted by the Devil who held the scepter horizontally and stabbed towards the Lord once again

The sound of scales rubbing together echoed as the scales on Lord Manlisk’s head moved in an instant, overlapping and gathering together, forming a huge shield in front——its weakness being its head section. If it weren’t for the Devil launching such a sudden attack in the first place, it would not be stabbed in the eye by the Devil.

“Your Majesty!”

The Devil’s scepter left a deep cut on the scale armor before immediately pulling away and avoiding dozens of tentacles. In mid-air the Devil suddenly raised his voice.

“Please allow me to use your power.”

“Can I completely equate your solicitous behavior with harboring malicious intentions!”

The King was holding the black umbrella, his clothes flapping audibly in the wind.

“Oh! Your Majesty! I am doing this for you!”

The Devil again nimbly avoided several sweeping tentacles. His scepter cut a long twisted crack in the air, and those tentacles were cut neatly by the crack.

“Please use your ring, now!”


The King did not stay in place, he directly stepped onto a pile of treasure. The Lord seemed to have fallen into madness, its tentacles attacking aimlessly and indiscriminately. The King leaped across the piles of gold and gems, avoiding the tentacles that whipped around.

“Please order in your own name——”

The Devil flipped in mid-air, his black formal suit spreading out like crow feathers and black butterflies flying in all directions from him. He held the scepter up and cut through the air, several strong winds sweeping out in an instant to cut several tentacles attacking the King into pieces.

“——Please strip the rebellious traitor of all the authority they possess!”

“In my name I order——”

A huge stone pillar fell sideways, and the King leaped up on the stone pillar, using it as a stepping stone to land on the pile of gold on the other side, the black umbrella slipping out from his grip. The King didn’t bother about the fallen black umbrella, and instead stretched out a hand to push himself into a standing position. He saw that the Rose family ring on his finger was beginning to shine and flicker brightly.

“The rebellious traitor to be stripped——”

As if sensing something, the Lord’s tentacles abandoned the Devil in front of him, and turned towards the King, stirring up a strong wind in their wake.

The Devil let out a deep and cold chuckle.

His figure suddenly dispersed, transforming into a black mist that covered half the surroundings, countless black butterflies dancing wildly within. Those tentacles were all blocked by the black mist.

The King’s icy voice resounded throughout the palace.

“——Of all the authority possessed.”

The surroundings fell into a moment of silence. The moment the King’s words were spoken, it seemed that an ancient power and glory was resurrecting and shaking itself awake, the intangible majesty crossing over time and space. The huge throne in the middle of the palace let out a series of crisp sounds and countless cracks appeared on it.

All the tentacles in the surrounding area suffered a serious blow.

They curled up and shuddered, as if some kind of power was quickly being extracted from them.

The Lord on the throne shouted out in disbelief: “Who is that person you brought!!”

Its scales began peeling off one by one.

The black mist suddenly dissipated, and the Devil’s figure reappeared in mid-air. The black umbrella that the King had just let go of was held once again in his hand. He twisted the umbrella handle and drew a thin long sword from within.

“No comment, Mr. Manlisk.”

The corners of the Devil’s lips lifted upwards, revealing a cold smile.

He held the hilt of the sword with both hands, leaped high, and slashed the sword through the tremoring air.

Blood splattered.

The Devil half kneeled on the throne, the sword in his hand penetrating straight through the Lord’s head.

The King stood on a pile of gold and gems with the box containing the dragon bone dagger still in his hand. He panted slightly, the ring on his finger was hot and burning, as if he was wearing a piece of magma instead of a ring.

When that sentence left his mouth, the King felt that some kind of power was also stripped from himself and from the ring.

What was it?


Cold aircurrents hovered in the messy palace.

The owner of the palace had already died on its throne.

Those tentacles hung down lifelessly.

The Devil let go of his grip on the sword, and staggered to his feet.

As Manlisk had said, this battle was definitely not easy for him, which was why in hell there was rarely a direct battle in a domain——under the backing of “authority”, the power of the Lord was not to be underestimated. A Lord was almost immortal and invincible in the domain of authority they held.

The Devil retreated from the throne, his back hitting against the cold stone pillar behind him.

He leaned on the stone pillar and slid down slowly.

He heard the footsteps coming from behind: “Your assistance was very exquisite, Your Majesty.”

The sound of footsteps came close.

There was a loud sound.

The Devil raised his head and saw that the King had opened the box at some point. He drew the pale dragon bone dagger from its golden scabbard.

“Hey hey hey! Your Majesty!”

The Devil’s voice suddenly rose, because the King sent the dagger forward and pressed it to his neck.

“The deeds you did tonight were also very exquisite, Mr. Devil.”

The King said unhurriedly.

His voice was surprisingly soft, but the speed at which the hand holding the dagger thrusted forward was also surprisingly steady.

“I’m only serving you…..Didn’t you want to pardon those pirates?”

The Devil saw the dagger was pressed a little more forward, and he wisely did not speak nonsensically again.

“For you, Your Majesty.”

The dagger stopped.

The Devil raised his hand up and unfurled his fingers.

The bone ring that symbolized the authority of “greed and ill-gotten wealth” lay quietly on the palm of the Devil’s hand.

“You are given an opportunity to explain.”

The King did not press the dagger forward again, but he did not take it back either.

“Your skill at backstabbing is also very outstanding.” The Devil muttered, “I really hope that next time you accuse me of always throwing stones at you when you are down, you will also think about how you treat your loyal knight.”

“My loyal hell knight? Alright then, please explain.”

The King’s dagger was still held steadily against his neck.


“It’s like this…..” The Devil leaned helplessly on the stone pillar, “As your loyal knight, I must do my best to fulfill your every wish. Since you want to pardon the cursed pirates, what could be more thorough than having direct control of the authority over greed and ill-gotten gains?”

“Why was it I who had to strip it of its authority?”

“Of course it is because you are now the head of the Rose family.” The Devil’s tone was very sincere.

“What do you mean by the rebellious traitor?”

“No need to care about a little rhetoric. A reason must be found to kill someone, yes?” The Devil spread his hands and spoke sincere——nonsense.

“What it said was very much the truth. The entirety of hell’s lies should not even add up to yours, right? Mr. Devil.”

“Well…..shall I say thank you for the compliment?” The corner of the Devil’s mouth turned up slightly, and he smiled at the King, “Of course…..”

Suddenly his voice became faint and drifting, like a poisonous snake meandering pass and flicking out its forked tongue.

“If you really want to know, then I can tell you, my dear Majesty.”

“Do you want to know now?”

The pale face of the Devil was half hidden in the darkness.

The King looked at him steadily and took the dagger back with a cold face, but did not take the bone ring. The Devil solicitously offering a gift waa not a good thing, who knew if it would be a trap like tonight? Who knew if he took the ring that symbolizes authority, his soul would immediately depart to hell?

“Do you need me to help put it on?”

The Devil was full of energy again, and he seemed to be very eager for the King to put on the bone ring immediately.

“Thank you, no need.”

The King politely and ruthlessly refused.


The Devil sighed regretfully, and could only hold onto the bone ring for the King for now. He looked at the King’s bone dagger and reminded tactfully.

“The Black Death is coming, Your Majesty.”

“Can these things here be brought back to the mortal world?”

The King reinserted the dagger into the scabbard. He looked around, his eyes falling on the treasures scattered on the ground.

The Devil understood what the King meant.

He couldn’t help but feel a bit aggrieved…..The bone ring of authority was actually not comparable to a pile of mortal wealth in the eyes of the King? This news would cause all the Lords of hell to go crazy!

Seeing that the King seemed to have the intention of drawing the dagger again, he hurriedly explained: “You can, but it is impossible to carry too many out at once. After all, they have been branded by hell. Taking them out in large quantities at one time will attract attention. Of course, if you are willing to accept this bone ring then that is another matter.”

“Can you come and go here freely?” The King pondered before asking.

The Devil understood what the King wanted to do.

Alright, after coachman, he now had a new identity——

His Majesty’s porter.


The next day.

The treasury of the Rose Palace.

The Duke of Buckingham looked blankly at the piles of gold and jewels in front of him…..Who could tell him where these gold coins and precious gems came from? Why was there some kind of suspicious green slime on them——it didn’t seem to be something that the Holy Court could tolerate.

“We need some tight-lipped servants.”

The King stood beside the Duke of Buckingham with a calm expression.

“It looks a little dirty.”

The Duke of Buckingham was speechless.

Your Majesty, does it really just look a little dirty…..?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: Achievement of mutual backstabbing √

Devil: full of lies

King: cruel and ruthless

One commits murder and one commits robbery, it seems that the partnership is going smoothly…..[deep thought]

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