Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 082 The Fight To Capture That Shou Part 6

After recuperating for a day or two, Nie Bufan was alive and kicking again. Emperor Ming almost suspected that he had cultivated an indestructible body, because in the subsequent poison testing, the few animals that ate the food laced with the poison all died within half a stick of incense without exception. The deadliness of the poison was very frightening.

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So it was very incredible that Nie Bufan could detoxify this kind of poison on his own.

For this reason, Fan Luo specially took some of his blood for experimentation, hoping to find a reasonable explanation.

After holding court with his officials, Emperor Ming was feeling quite tired and depressed.

It was late at night when he returned to his personal residence. The palace maids stepped forward to undress him, and the eunuch said lowly on the side: “Your Majesty, Wei Book Attendant is now sleeping on your dragon bed.”

“Really?” Emperor Ming’s tone was neither cold nor warm, and after changing into casual clothes, he stepped inside. Looking past the gauze bed curtains, he saw a figure sleeping soundly while holding a pillow. He had a peaceful look and a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Fan Luo had told him that those who were poisoned with this poison would suffer severe pain before death, the feeling like having one’s body being burned in a raging fire. Although this guy had a special physique, he must still be in pain before fully breaking down the poison inside his body. Ordinary people couldn’t even bear the short time before death, but he persisted for a whole day, smiling and vexing others without any change from the usual. Had it not been for his pale face and the constant cold sweating, he would probably have completely ignored the pain he was currently enduring.

Emperor Ming reached out his hand and touched his face, his eyes soft. Without him this time, he was afraid he would have been poisoned and died painfully. The murderer’s heart to kill the emperor was very determined, and there would be a second time now that the first time failed. This person was vicious and meticulous, and did not leave any clues after committing the crime. In this kind of situation, he was afraid that he would probably not even be able to sleep at ease in the future.

“Huh? You’re back?” Nie Bufan rubbed his eyes and looked at the person next standing to the bed in a daze.

“Yes, Zhen is back.”

Nie Bufan scooched further into the bed, making space before patting beside him: “Go to bed early. Don’t say that I selfishly occupied your bed. The weather being so cold, I am just kindly helping you warm it up. “

Emperor Ming laughed, lying sideways under the quilt, and immediately felt a warmth enveloping his whole body. The light scent of the person next to him also surrounded him, soothing both body and mind.

“Xiaobao will warm up the bed for Zhen in the future.” Emperor Ming hooked him into his arms and sniffed affectionately around his neck.

“That won’t work.” Nie Bufan shrank his neck and mumbled, “I have a lot to do, I don’t have time.”

“Oh? What do you have to do?” Emperor Ming asked with interest.

Nie Bufan opened his eyes and said seriously: “A lot, a lot, so much that it is uncountable.”

“Haha.” Emperor Ming touched his head, “Could it be more busy than the emperor’s business?”

“That’s different.” Nie Bufan smiled, “You are busy with exhausting national affairs, and I am busy with enjoying life happily. You carry a heavy responsibility, while I am free and unrestrained.”

“Hearing it like this, it seems Zhen’s life is worse off than yours.”

“Of course it’s not as good as my life.” Nie Bufan raised his eyebrows proudly, and then said in a gleeful tone, “Accept your fate, who let you be the emperor?”


Seeing his beating inducing manner, Emperor Ming couldn’t help but squeeze his face, and said viciously: “Zhen has decided. Zhen will keep you by my side in the future, so that you will accompany Zhen in being exhausted, getting up early and going to sleep late everyday.”

Nie Bufan rubbed his sore face, and said contemptuously: “And you’re the emperor! Actually being so stingy, unable to bear seeing other people have a better life than you.”

“You are really getting bolder and bolder, you actually dare to criticize Zhen like this?” Emperor Ming feigned anger, pressing him under his body and taking a bite of his shoulder.

“It hurts.” Nie Bufan wrinkled his nose, using his hands and feet to try and get away from the behemoth on him.

Emperor Ming’s gaze deepened, looking at the little wildcat struggling in his arms. Thinking back to the lovemaking that day, he couldn’t help but become aroused.

He was about to make a move when the person in his arms suddenly stopped.

Nie Bufan stared at him strangely. He obviously felt a hard object pressing up against his waist, the heat of which almost burning into his skin. Clearly, someone had gone into heat.

“Your Majesty, you aren’t going to violently attack a weak and feeble person who has just recovered from illness, are you?”

“How can Zhen be willing to be violent towards you?” Emperor Ming thrusted lightly with wicked intentions and said sinisterly, “You should know of Zhen’s skills, it will bring you rapturous pleasure.”

“No.” Nie Bufan pulled a pillow over to block in between them, and said strangely, “Looking at your complexion, you are obviously very tired. Why must you force yourself to show your vigorous male ability? Listen to my advice, just go to sleep.”

Emperor Ming was angry, gritting his teeth and saying: “Zhen will let you know just whether Zhen is ‘forcing’ myself or not!”

As he spoke, he launched his ever successful flirtatious offense, kneading and biting a certain someone, opening up new territory and expanding ground.

Nie Bufan’s body softened all over, and in a moment of carelessness, he let a certain someone drive straight in, occupying ground and beginning to plunder without any restraint. 

Emperor Ming continuously changed positions to launch his charges. His movements were rough and wild. The half-translucent bed curtains could not hide the spring scenery inside. The entire bedroom echoed with blush inducing and heartbeat increasing slapping of flesh on flesh and broken moans.

Emperor Ming possessed a more aggressive character than the others, superior in physical strength and bedroom skills. Even Nie Bufan could barely hold up against him, wishing nothing more than to use a rope to tie up this beast. Wearing the imperial dragon robe, he at least could still appear like a man, but as soon as he got onto the bed he completely turned into an animal, not even bothering to conceal his boundless desire at all.

“The poison is going to be triggered!” Nie Bufan yelled.

“With Zhen here, your life will be guaranteed.” Emperor Ming continued to thrust in and out without wavering.

Nie Bufan bent his legs with difficulty, and taking advantage of Emperor Ming’s preoccupation, he stepped directly on the other’s face.

Emperor Ming’s movement paused. He pulled his leg to the side, and said in discontent: “I have never seen such a boorish fellow like you.”

“I’m boorish?” Nie Bufan asked incredulously, “You don’t feel embarrassed saying that to me?”

“Are you not enjoying this?” Emperor Ming laid them down on the side and entered sideways, his tone quite self-satisfied.

Nie Bufan grunted, his cheeks flushed. Gripping onto a pillow, his body swayed involuntarily with the movements coming from behind.

He was unwilling to show weakness and shouted: “If you have the ability then come already, what’s the great deal about holding it back?”

Emperor Ming said in a low voice in his ear: “It’s not called ability to come in just a few thrusts.”

“Then how many will it take for you to come?” Nie Bufan asked, narrowing his eyes.

“At least three hundred rounds.” Emperor Ming replied in an imposing manner.

“Hmph.” Nie Bufan snorted coldly, pinched his legs, and then his entrance immediately contracted.

Emperor Ming inhaled sharply and cursed lowly: “You little fellow!”

Forcefully spreading his legs apart, he pulled out and then entered again. After pistoning in and out several times, there was a sudden tremor, and then a hot current gushed out…..

“Hahahaha.” Nie Bufan thumped the pillow and laughed.

Emperor Ming propped himself up with his hands on either side of him, his desire still buried inside his body, his eyes fiery.

“Can I sleep now?” Nie Bufan wiped away his smile and asked seriously.

Emperor Ming didn’t say a word, but stared at him deeply.

Nie Bufan ignored his aggressive eyes and pulled himself off. Disregarding the liquid flowing out of his body, he got out from under the other’s arms, grabbed the quilt and rolled aside.

“You don’t sleep, I’ll sleep.”

Emperor Ming suddenly felt a sense of defeat when he saw his unaffected countenance. Has his skills regressed? Actually not being able to make this fellow yield! 

At this time, Nie Bufan turned his head over and asked again: “Sleep?”

Emperor Ming looked at the sweat stains on his body in disgust, frowned and said, “After washing then we go to sleep.”

As he spoke, he directly hugged and lifted Nie Bufan with the quilt still wrapped around him, and walked towards the bath naked.

During the bath, they naturally battled another round, but Emperor Ming was indeed too tired. After finishing, he leaned on Nie Bufan’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Nie Bufan had to ask the eunuch to help carry him to the newly rearranged dragon bed before lying down with him.

He’ll let today pass, but tomorrow night it was best not to sleep with this emperor.

The next day, Emperor Ming woke up at the eunuch’s call. He was still sleepy and feeling the warmth in his arms, he was tempted to be lazy for the first time.

After struggling for a while, he ordered: “Notify all the officials that today’s morning assembly will be cancelled.”

“Your Majesty, this…..” The eunuch looked at the person in the emperor’s arms and hesitated.

Emperor Ming’s cold and sharp gaze swept over, and the eunuch immediately shut his mouth and walked away.

“You have brought disaster onto me this time.” Emperor Ming squeezed Nie Bufan’s nose and whispered softly.

Closing his eyes again, he embraced the other and quietly enjoyed this moment of relaxation and comfort. In just a brief while, he fell asleep again.

It was a good rest and Emperor Ming did not get up until midday, which had never happened since he ascended the throne.

Stretching out his muscles and bones, he felt his whole body feel relaxed, and all the depression disappeared.

After he finished freshening up under the service of the palace maids, he walked out of the bedroom and saw Nie Bufan sitting at the table drinking porridge. The sunlight coming through the window shone down on him, enveloping him with a layer of gold gauze. He smiled and it was as dazzling as the rainbow.

Emperor Ming’s eyes could not turn away, but his tone pretended to be unhappy as he said: “You won’t even wait for Zhen to eat?”

Nie Bufan curled his lips: “My body is recovering, so I can only eat some light foods. Your Majesty doesn’t need to be a vegetarian with me.”

Though he said that, he was very satisfied with the porridge and even his eyebrows curved in a contented manner

Emperor Ming’s appetite was aroused. He stepped forward to grab his wrist, and took a sip from the spoon in his hand.

“En, it’s alright.” Emperor Ming said calmly.

Nie Bufan glared at him, and the surrounding palace maids and eunuchs also showed surprise.

“Swrve Zhen a bowl of white porridge.” Emperor Ming ordered. 

In just a moment, the dishes were served one by one.

“It looks really good.” Nie Bufan raised his chopsticks and said with a smile, “Do you mind if I try it first?”

Emperor Ming had yet to express anything but he had already started to move his chopsticks unceremoniously.

The eunuch was about to reprimand, but Emperor Ming waved his hand, letting him take a taste of the dishes.

Nie Bufan tried every one of them. The original exquisite dishes were all left in a mess by him. In the end, he said with regret: “It tastes good, but it’s a pity that there is too much oil and can’t be eaten too much. Please have some, Your Majesty.”


The eunuch on the side finally couldn’t resist it anymore, and said angrily: “How can His Majesty eat this now that you have left such a mess? Your Majesty, this slave will bring over new dishes.”

“No need.” Emperor Ming looked at the dishes on the table and frowned slightly.

“Please take your time, Your Majesty. Xiaobao will retire first.” Nie Bufan got up and gave an incongruous bow before leaving under the acquiescence of the emperor and the angry eyes of the eunuch.

“Your Majesty, you are too lenient towards him!” The eunuch said with dissatisfaction.

Emperor Ming smiled without saying a word. He raised his chopsticks to prepare to eat when suddenly, the chopsticks stopped in the air and his expression became uncertain.

“Your Majesty, what is it?” The eunuch asked.

“It’s nothing.” Emperor Ming lowered his eyes and slowly put a bite into his mouth, chewing carefully.

It turned out that he was helping him test the food for poison?

Emperor Ming’s heart began to beat inexplicably faster.

On the other side, Nie Bufan said angrily: “From now on, every meal I will come up with ways to make him lose his appetite. See if he still has so much physical strength to do evil!”

The next day, Emperor Ming officially received the envoys of the Xitu Kingdom, and the whole palace could hear a deafening tiger roar. It caused the onlooking palace maids and eunuchs to tremble with fright, and even some of the officials could not help but feel fear.

The envoy proudly requested a public performance of the tiger pouncing on prey to show its ferocious and untamable wildness. While it was under the name of entertainment, in fact it was also to show off their kingdom’s prestige.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Emperor Ming did not reveal anything on his face, and after a little thought, he agreed, his eyes showing a sign of interest.

The Teacher of the State, Fan Luo was in charge of this event. The location was set in the temporary imperial residence outside the western part of Yan Shun City. Three days later, the nobles and affluent families of the capital would be invited to watch.

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